1993 Stadium Club Ultra-Pro

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1993 Stadium Club Ultra-Pro is a ten-card set featuring Barry Bonds, his father Bobby Bonds, and his godfather Willie Mays. The set was made available in specially-marked Ultra-Pro premium card storage products. The first six cards were exclusive to 100-packs of Ultra-Pro Platinum 9-pocket pages, while the last four cards were in boxes of 200-count Ultra-Pro semi-rigid lip sleeves. Reportedly no more than 150,000 sets were produced.

Despite the fact that this card set was produced by Topps, it is not licensed by MLB Properties and therefore, all MLB logos have been airbrushed out.




Barry-Bonds.jpg?id=3a1cc058-d57a-44de-a42d-ae362e2fa00d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Barry-Bonds.jpg?id=3a1cc058-d57a-44de-a42d-ae362e2fa00d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1 Barry Bonds / Willie Mays / Bobby Bonds
  • 2 Willie Mays
  • 3 Bobby Bonds
  • 4 Barry Bonds
  • 5 Barry Bonds / Bobby Bonds
  • 6 Willie Mays
  • 7 Barry Bonds
  • 8 Bobby Bonds / Willie Mays
  • 9 Willie Mays
  • 10 Barry Bonds