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Upper Deck created two team sets for the Seattle Mariners in 1997 in association with Pepsi. One set of 19 cards were inserted into specially-marked 12-packs of Pepsi Cola products in the Pacific Northwest. The other set is a 21-card set that was given away at a Mariners game.

Both sets look nearly identical, as they both take the 1997 Upper Deck design and replace the copper-foil "strip" on the front and replace it with blue. The checklists are nearly the same.

Cards given away at the game are sequentially-numbered with a "P" prefix; while those inserted into Pepsi 12-packs have a "M" prefix.



Game Set

P1 Joey Cora

P2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

P3 Jay Buhner

P4 Alex Rodriguez

P5 Norm Charlton

P6 Edgar Martinez

P7 Paul Sorrento

P8 Randy Johnson

P9 Rich Amaral

P10 Russ Davis

P11 Greg McCarthy

P12 Jamie Moyer

P13 Jeff Fassero

P14 Scott Sanders

P15 Dan Wilson

P16 Mike Blowers

P17 Bobby Ayala

P18 Brent Gates

P19 John Marzano

P20 Lou Piniella

NNO Coupon Sponsor Card

NNO Pepsi-Cola Co. Sponsor Card

12-Pack Inserts

M1 Joey Cora

M2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

M3 Jay Buhner

M4 Alex Rodriguez

M5 Norm Charlton

M6 Edgar Martinez

M7 Paul Sorrento

M8 Randy Johnson

M9 Rich Amaral

M10 Russ Davis

M11 Bob Wolcott

M12 Jamie Moyer

M13 Bob Wells

M14 Mac Suzuki

M15 Dan Wilson

M16 Tim Davis

M17 Bobby Ayala

M18 Salomon Torres

M19 Raul Ibanez