1997 Pinnacle FanFest

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1997 Pinnacle FanFest is a 21-card set distributed at the All-Star Game's FanFest held in Cleveland, Ohio, July 4-8, 1997 at the Convention Center. Each attendee received a three-card pack with each admission.

Card #FF21 (a Dufex card) packed out as a redemption. The card itself could only be obtained at the locations listed on the card's back.

Randomly inserted into the packs were 12 other cards of various Cleveland celebrities.

NOTE: This set is not to be confused with a similar-looking FanFest set that was produced by Pinnacle under their Score brand name.


Three cards per FanFest Admission.



Pinnacle created this seven-card set to promote the All-Star Game FanFest set. The cards were distributed to Hobby dealers throughout the Cleveland area.

NNO Roger Clemens

NNO Larry Doby

NNO Greg Maddux

NNO Hideo Nomo

NNO Andy Pettitte

NNO Mike Piazza

NNO Ivan Rodriguez

Base Set

FF1 Frank Thomas

FF2 Jeff Bagwell

FF3 Chuck Knoblauch

FF4 Craig Biggio

FF5 Alex Rodriguez

FF6 Chipper Jones

FF7 Cal Ripken, Jr.

FF8 Ken Caminiti

FF9 Juan Gonzalez

FF10 Barry Bonds

FF11 Ken Griffey, Jr.

FF12 Andruw Jones

FF13 Manny Ramirez

FF14 Tony Gwynn

FF15 Ivan Rodriguez

FF16 Mike Piazza

FF17 Andy Pettitte

FF18 Hideo Nomo

FF19 Roger Clemens

FF20 Greg Maddux

FF21 Sandy Alomar, Jr. EXCH SP


Playing Cards

The entire 21-card FanFest set as well as the 12 inserts (listed below), is also available in a "playing card" parallel. Each card has rounded corners (like a playing card) and has the Pinnacle logo on the reverse side. These cards were part of a "house of cards" display at FanFest.


PC1 Macie McInnis

PC2 Bill Martin

PC3 Dick Goddard

PC4 Jack Corrigan

PC5 Mike Hegan

PC6 Rick Manning

PC7 John Sanders

PC8 Michael White

PC9 Wilma Smith

PC10 Tim Taylor

PC11 Robin Swoboda

PC12 Slider