1999 Cardinals Upper Deck McDonald's

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1999 Cardinals Upper Deck McDonald's is a fifteen-card food issue that was distributed in the greater St. Louis area in the summer of 1999. The design of the base set is similar to the 1999 Upper Deck MVP set, but with the McDonald's logo on the back.


Food issue, distributed at McDonald's restaurants in the St. Louis area.



Base Set

1 J.D. Drew

2 Jose Jiminez

3 Mark McGwire

4 Fernando Tatis

5 Edgar Renteria

6 Ray Lankford

7 Willie McGee

8 Ricky Bottalico

9 Eli Marrero

10 Kent Bottenfield

11 Eric Davis

12 Darren Bragg

13 Joe McEwing

14 Shawon Dunston

15 Darren Oliver


McGwire Milestones

This ten-card set features highlights of Mark McGwire's 1998 season and were randomly inserted into packs. Like the base set, the design is identical to the Power Surge inserts in MVP.

M1 Mark McGwire

M2 Mark McGwire

M3 Mark McGwire

M4 Mark McGwire

M5 Mark McGwire

M6 Mark McGwire

M7 Mark McGwire

M8 Mark McGwire

M9 Mark McGwire