2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends Factory Sealed Baseball Hobby Box
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2000 Upper Deck Yankee's Legends Factory Sealed Baseball Hobby Box
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2000 Upper Deck Yankee Legends Baseball Hobby Box
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2000 Upper Deck Yankee's Legends Factory Sealed Baseball Hobby Box 24 Packs
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2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends

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2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends is a 90-card set released in October, 2000. As the name suggests, the product features all retired New York Yankees players. This product does not have any current New York Yankee players, and as such, is not licensed by the MLB Player's Association.

Each Hobby box should yield one Legendary Lumber game used bat card.


24 packs per box, five cards per pack. Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 90 - ?
The Golden Years 10 - 1:11
Murder's Row 10 - 1:11
The New Dynasty 10 - 1:11
Monument Park 6 - 1:23
Pride of the Pinstripes 6 - 1:23
Legendary Lumber 30 - 1:47
Legendary Lumber Gold 30 - 1:47
Legendary Lumber Signature Cut 5 varies ?
Legendary Pinstripes 20 - 1:144
Legendary Pinstripes Autograph 10 - 1:287
DiMaggio Memorabilia 3 varies ?



Sample---Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=e789bba0-abd7-44c9-8177-e10762e0dde1&size=original&side=front&.jpg Sample---Mickey-Mantle.jpg?id=e789bba0-abd7-44c9-8177-e10762e0dde1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NY7 Mickey Mantle

Base Set

Babe-Ruth.jpg?id=684d6d9d-7359-429f-a090-139a59b52f80&size=original&side=front&.jpg Babe-Ruth.jpg?id=684d6d9d-7359-429f-a090-139a59b52f80&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Babe Ruth

2 Mickey Mantle

3 Lou Gehrig

4 Joe DiMaggio

5 Yogi Berra

6 Don Mattingly

7 Reggie Jackson

8 Dave Winfield

9 Bill Skowron

10 Willie Randolph

11 Phil Rizzuto

12 Tony Kubek

13 Thurman Munson

14 Roger Maris

15 Billy Martin

16 Elston Howard

17 Graig Nettles

18 Whitey Ford

19 Earle Combs

20 Tony Lazzeri

21 Bob Meusel

22 Joe Gordon

23 Jerry Coleman

24 Joe Torre

25 Bucky Dent

26 Don Larsen

27 Bobby Richardson

28 Ron Guidry

29 Bobby Murcer

30 Tommy Henrich

31 Hank Bauer

32 Joe Pepitone

33 Clete Boyer

34 Chris Chambliss

35 Tommy John

36 Goose Gossage

37 Red Ruffing

38 Charlie Keller

39 Billy Gardner

40 Hector Lopez

41 Cliff Johnson

42 Oscar Gamble

43 Allie Reynolds

44 Mickey Rivers

45 Bill Dickey

46 Dave Righetti

47 Mel Stottlemyre

48 Waite Hoyt

49 Lefty Gomez

50 Wade Boggs

51 Billy Martin MN

52 Babe Ruth MN

53 Lou Gehrig MN

54 Joe DiMaggio MN

55 Mickey Mantle MN

56 Yogi Berra MN

57 Bill Dickey MN

58 Roger Maris MN

59 Phil Rizzuto MN

60 Thurman Munson MN

61 Whitey Ford MN

62 Don Mattingly MN

63 Elston Howard MN

64 Casey Stengel MN

65 Reggie Jackson MN

66 Babe Ruth TCY

67 Lou Gehrig TCY

68 Tony Lazzeri TCY

69 Babe Ruth TCY

70 Lou Gehrig TCY

71 Lefty Gomez TCY

72 Bill Dickey TCY

73 Tommy Henrich TCY

74 Joe DiMaggio TCY

75 Spud Chandler TCY

76 Tommy Henrich TCY

77 Phil Rizzuto TCY

78 Whitey Ford TCY

79 Yogi Berra TCY

80 Casey Stengel TCY

81 Billy Martin TCY

82 Don Larsen TCY

83 Elston Howard TCY

84 Roger Maris TCY

85 Mickey Mantle TCY

86 Reggie Jackson TCY

87 Bucky Dent TCY

88 Wade Boggs TCY

89 Joe Torre TCY

90 Joe Torre TCY


The Golden Years

Billy-Martin.jpg?id=b8d0d6d6-e7de-4463-93df-f38780c18f1e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Billy-Martin.jpg?id=b8d0d6d6-e7de-4463-93df-f38780c18f1e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

GY1 Joe DiMaggio

GY2 Phil Rizzuto

GY3 Yogi Berra

GY4 Billy Martin

GY5 Whitey Ford

GY6 Roger Maris

GY7 Mickey Mantle

GY8 Elston Howard

GY9 Tommy Henrich

GY10 Joe Gordon

Murderer's Row

Earle-Combs.jpg?id=71367738-3d60-4d12-9a91-fc3e4c6c10c4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Earle-Combs.jpg?id=71367738-3d60-4d12-9a91-fc3e4c6c10c4&size=original&side=back&.jpg

MR1 Tony Lazzeri

MR2 Babe Ruth

MR3 Bob Meusel

MR4 Lou Gehrig

MR5 Joe Dugan

MR6 Bill Dickey

MR7 Waite Hoyt

MR8 Red Ruffing

MR9 Earle Combs

MR10 Lefty Gomez

The New Dynasty

Graig-Nettles.jpg?id=28250364-0eff-4f8e-8a60-283dda5255fd&size=original&side=front&.jpg Graig-Nettles.jpg?id=28250364-0eff-4f8e-8a60-283dda5255fd&size=original&side=back&.jpg

ND1 Reggie Jackson

ND2 Graig Nettles

ND3 Don Mattingly

ND4 Goose Gossage

ND5 Dave Winfield

ND6 Chris Chambliss

ND7 Thurman Munson

ND8 Willie Randolph

ND9 Ron Guidry

ND10 Bucky Dent

Monument Park

Joe-DiMaggio.jpg?id=40611a6d-601a-4f4e-a0c9-8004ea290b0a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Joe-DiMaggio.jpg?id=40611a6d-601a-4f4e-a0c9-8004ea290b0a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

MP1 Lou Gehrig

MP2 Babe Ruth

MP3 Mickey Mantle

MP4 Joe DiMaggio

MP5 Thurman Munson

MP6 Elston Howard

Pride of the Pinstripes

Yogi-Berra.jpg?id=4398f0c7-4d5c-4285-ad94-1f57d38b8c56&size=original&side=front&.jpg Yogi-Berra.jpg?id=4398f0c7-4d5c-4285-ad94-1f57d38b8c56&size=original&side=back&.jpg

PP1 Babe Ruth

PP2 Mickey Mantle

PP3 Joe DiMaggio

PP4 Lou Gehrig

PP5 Reggie Jackson

PP6 Yogi Berra

Autographs & Game-Used

Legendary Lumber

Chris-Chambliss.jpg?id=3492400e-57e8-4e59-8348-7f18ea3e4788&size=original&side=front&.jpg Chris-Chambliss.jpg?id=3492400e-57e8-4e59-8348-7f18ea3e4788&size=original&side=back&.jpg
Chris-Chambliss.jpg?id=fb415b49-f9e6-4bc3-ae33-b7af5d04e2c6&size=original&side=front&.jpg Chris-Chambliss.jpg?id=fb415b49-f9e6-4bc3-ae33-b7af5d04e2c6&size=original&side=back&.jpg

There are two different versions of each Legendary Lumber card. The Silver version has a bat chip in the shape of the Yankees' "NY" logo and a silver hologram on the back. The Gold version has a square bat chip with the "NY" logo cut out and a gold hologram on the back. Both were produced in roughly equal quantities.

BD-LL Bucky Dent

BG-LL Billy Gardner

BL-LL Billy Martin

BM-LL Bobby Murcer

BR-LL Babe Ruth

CB-LL Clete Boyer

CC-LL Chris Chambliss

CJ-LL Cliff Johnson

CK-LL Charlie Keller

DM-LL Don Mattingly

DW-LL Dave Winfield

EH-LL Elston Howard

GN-LL Graig Nettles

HB-LL Hank Bauer

HL-LL Hector Lopez

JC-LL Joe Collins

JG-LL Joe Gordon

JP-LL Joe Pepitone

MM-LL Mickey Mantle

MR-LL Mickey Rivers

MS-LL Moose Skowron

OG-LL Oscar Gamble

PB-LL Paul Blair

PR-LL Phil Rizzuto

RH-LL Ralph Houk

RJ-LL Reggie Jackson

RM-LL Roger Maris

RW-LL Roy White

TH-LL Tommy Henrich

TJ-LL Tommy John

TK-LL Tony Kubek

TM-LL Thurman Munson

WF-LL Whitey Ford

WR-LL Willie Randolph

YB-LL Yogi Berra

Signature Cut

Each Legendary Lumber Signature Cut is serial-numbered to the player's uniform jersey number (listed below).

BM-LC Billy Martin 1

BR-LC Babe Ruth 3

MM-LC Mickey Mantle 7

RM-LC Roger Maris 9

TM-LC Thurman Munson 15

Legendary Pinstripes

Roger-Maris.jpg?id=51b5b5ef-3f06-4b67-b499-6702326f00bb&size=original&side=front&.jpg Roger-Maris.jpg?id=51b5b5ef-3f06-4b67-b499-6702326f00bb&size=original&side=back&.jpg

AR-LP Allie Reynolds

BD-LP Bucky Dent

BM-LP Billy Martin

BR-LP Bobby Richardson

DM-LP Don Mattingly

DW-LP Dave Winfield

EH-LP Elston Howard

GG-LP Goose Gossage

GM-LP Gil McDougald

HL-LP Hector Lopez

JP-LP Joe Pepitone

LG-LP Lou Gehrig PANTS

MM-LP Mickey Mantle

PR-LP Phil Rizzuto

RG-LP Ron Guidry

RJ-LP Reggie Jackson

RM-LP Roger Maris

TH-LP Tommy Henrich

TM-LP Thurman Munson

WF-LP Whitey Ford


Ron-Guidry.jpg?id=69a3c585-deb3-4821-a1dc-30540db19aa5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ron-Guidry.jpg?id=69a3c585-deb3-4821-a1dc-30540db19aa5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Ron Guidry's card packed out as a redemption which expired July 18th, 2001. Unfortunately, Guidry signed his cards directly on the jersey fabric.

BD-A Bucky Dent

BR-A Bobby Richardson

DM-A Don Mattingly

DW-A Dave Winfield

GG-A Goose Gossage

GM-A Gil McDougald

HL-A Hector Lopez

JP-A Joe Pepitone

PR-A Phil Rizzuto

RG-A Ron Guidry EXCH

RJ-A Reggie Jackson

TH-A Tommy Henrich

WF-A Whitey Ford

DiMaggio Memorabilia

YLB-JD Joe DiMaggio BAT

YLC-JD1 Joe DiMaggio BAT-CUT 5

YLG-JD Joe DiMaggio GOLD BAT 56

Dave Winfield A Piece of History 3000 Hit Club

See 2000 Upper Deck A Piece of History 3000 Hit Club.