2001 Fleer Season Pass

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Randomly inserted into packs of various 2001 Fleer baseball products were exchange cards that entitled the holder to receive every single copy of that particular player's card Fleer would produce in 2001. This included all base cards, all parallels (with the exception of ones-of-one), all inserts, all autographs, and all game-used memorabilia cards. Each card had an expiration date of December 1st, 2001.

Products that included Season Pass cards included.

Season Pass cards may have also been inserted into packs of 2001 Fleer Genuine.


  • Magglio Ordonez E-X
  • Nolan Ryan E-X
  • Scott Rolen E-X
  • Greg Maddux E-X
  • Randy Johnson E-X
  • Cal Ripken, Jr. E-X
  • Pat Burrell FOC
  • Rick Ankiel FOC
  • Babe Ruth FOC
  • Juan Gonzalez FOC
  • Andruw Jones FOC
  • Mark McGwire FOC
  • Pedro Martinez PREM
  • Nomar Garciaparra PREM
  • Roy Campanella PREM
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. PREM
  • Gary Sheffield PREM
  • Darin Erstad PREM
  • Tony Gwynn TRAD
  • Alex Rodriguez TRAD
  • Todd Helton TRAD
  • Roger Clemens TRAD
  • Jackie Robinson TRAD
  • Manny Ramirez TRAD
  • Jeff Bagwell ULT
  • Barry Bonds ULT
  • Jim Edmonds ULT
  • Jason Giambi ULT
  • Troy Glaus ULT
  • Carlos Delgado ULT