2004 Topps Originals Signature

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2004 Topps Originals Signature was released in July 2004. Each pack contained one previously released Topps card that was bought back by the company, autographed by the player, and placed in a sealed plastic "slab." Each player signed multiple cards and all are hand-numbered to various quantities. Each player's autographed rookie card is a one-of-one.


Six packs per box, one sealed buyback autograph per pack (MSRP: $50). Four boxes per case. Hobby only.



AD1 Andre Dawson

AD2 Andre Dawson

AD3 Andre Dawson

AD4 Andre Dawson

AD5 Andre Dawson

AD6 Andre Dawson

AD7 Andre Dawson

AD8 Andre Dawson

AD9 Andre Dawson

AD10 Andre Dawson

AH1 Al Hrabosky

AH2 Al Hrabosky

AH3 Al Hrabosky

AH4 Al Hrabosky

AH5 Al Hrabosky

AH6 Al Hrabosky

AH7 Al Hrabosky

AH8 Al Hrabosky

AH9 Al Hrabosky

AH10 Al Hrabosky

AH11 Al Hrabosky

AK1 Al Kaline

AK2 Al Kaline

AK3 Al Kaline

AK4 All-Star - Al Kaline

AK5 Al Kaline

AK6 Al Kaline

AK7 All-Star - Al Kaline

AK8 Al Kaline

AK9 Al Kaline

AK10 Al Kaline

AK11 Al Kaline

AK12 Al Kaline

AK13 Al Kaline

AK14 Al Kaline

AK15 Al Kaline

AK16 Al Kaline

AK17 Al Kaline

AO1 Al Oliver

AO2 Al Oliver

AO3 Al Oliver

AO4 Al Oliver

AO5 Al Oliver

AO6 Al Oliver

AO7 Al Oliver

AO8 Al Oliver

AO9 Al Oliver

AO10 Al Oliver

AO11 Al Oliver

AO12 Al Oliver

AO13 Al Oliver

AT1 Alan Trammell

AT2 Alan Trammell

AT3 Alan Trammell

AT4 Alan Trammell

AT5 Alan Trammell

AT6 Alan Trammell

AT7 Alan Trammell

AT8 Alan Trammell

AT9 Alan Trammell

AV1 Andy Van Slyke

AV2 Andy Van Slyke

AV3 Andy Van Slyke

AV4 Andy Van Slyke

AV5 Andy Van Slyke

BB1 Buddy Bell

BB2 Buddy Bell

BB3 Buddy Bell

BB4 Buddy Bell

BB5 Buddy Bell

BB6 Buddy Bell

BB7 Buddy Bell

BB8 Buddy Bell

BB9 Buddy Bell

BB10 Buddy Bell

BB11 Buddy Bell

BB12 Buddy Bell

BBL1 Bert Blyleven

BBL2 Bert Blyleven

BBL3 Bert Blyleven

BBL4 Bert Blyleven

BBL5 Bert Blyleven

BBL6 Bert Blyleven

BBL7 Bert Blyleven

BBL8 Bert Blyleven

BBL9 Bert Blyleven

BBL10 Bert Blyleven

BBL11 Bert Blyleven

BBL12 Bert Blyleven

BC1 Bert Campaneris

BC2 Bert Campaneris

BC3 Bert Campaneris

BC4 Bert Campaneris

BC5 Bert Campaneris

BC6 Bert Campaneris

BC7 Bert Campaneris

BD1 Bucky Dent

BD2 Bucky Dent

BD3 Bucky Dent

BD4 Bucky Dent

BD5 Bucky Dent

BD6 Bucky Dent

BD7 Bucky Dent

BD8 Bucky Dent

BD9 Bucky Dent

BG1 Bob Grich

BG2 Bob Grich

BG3 Bob Grich

BG4 Bob Grich

BG5 Bob Grich

BG6 Bob Grich

BG7 Bob Grich

BG8 Bob Grich

BG9 Bob Grich

BH1 Bob Horner

BH2 Bob Horner

BH3 Bob Horner

BH4 Bob Horner

BH5 Bob Horner

BH6 Bob Horner

BH7 Bob Horner

BH8 Bob Horner

BH9 Bob Horner

BJ1 Bo Jackson

BJ2 Bo Jackson

BJA1 Brook Jacoby

BJA2 Brook Jacoby

BJA3 Brook Jacoby

BJA4 Brook Jacoby

BM1 Bill Madlock

BM2 Bill Madlock

BM3 Bill Madlock

BM4 Bill Madlock

BM5 Bill Madlock

BM6 Bill Madlock

BM7 Bill Madlock

BM8 Bill Madlock

BM9 Bill Madlock

BM10 Bill Madlock

BM11 Bill Madlock

BM12 Bill Madlock

BP1 Boog Powell

BP2 Boog Powell

BP3 Boog Powell

BP4 Boog Powell

BP5 Boog Powell

BP6 Boog Powell

BP7 Boog Powell

BP8 Boog Powell

BP9 Boog Powell

BP10 Boog Powell

BP11 Boog Powell

BP12 Boog Powell

BP13 Boog Powell

BR1 Brooks Robinson

BR2 Brooks Robinson

BR3 Brooks Robinson

BR4 Brooks Robinson

BR5 Brooks Robinson

BR6 All-Star - Brooks Robinson

BR7 Brooks Robinson

BR8 All-Star - Brooks Robinson

BR9 Brooks Robinson

BR10 Brooks Robinson

BR11 Brooks Robinson

BR12 Brooks Robinson

BR13 Brooks Robinson

BR14 Brooks Robinson

BS1 Bret Saberhagen

BS2 Bret Saberhagen

BS3 Bret Saberhagen

BSU1 Bruce Sutter

BSU2 Bruce Sutter

BSU3 Bruce Sutter

BSU4 Bruce Sutter

BSU5 Bruce Sutter

BSU6 Bruce Sutter

BSU7 Bruce Sutter

BSU8 Bruce Sutter

BSU9 Bruce Sutter

BSU10 Bruce Sutter

BSU11 Bruce Sutter

BU1 Bill Buckner

BU2 Bill Buckner

BU3 Bill Buckner

BU4 Bill Buckner

BU5 Bill Buckner

BU6 Bill Buckner

BU7 Bill Buckner

BU8 Bill Buckner

BU9 Bill Buckner

BU10 Bill Buckner

BU11 Bill Buckner

BU12 Bill Buckner

BU13 Bill Buckner

BU14 Bill Buckner

BW1 Bob Watson

BW2 Bob Watson

BW3 Bob Watson

BW4 Bob Watson

BW5 Bob Watson

BW6 Bob Watson

BW7 Bob Watson

BW8 Bob Watson

BW9 Bob Watson

CF1 Cecil Fielder

CF2 Cecil Fielder

CF3 Cecil Fielder

CF4 Cecil Fielder

CFI1 Carlton Fisk

CFI2 Carlton Fisk

CFI3 Carlton Fisk

CFI4 Carlton Fisk

CFI5 Carlton Fisk

CFI6 Carlton Fisk

CG1 Cesar Geronimo

CG2 Cesar Geronimo

CG3 Cesar Geronimo

CG4 Cesar Geronimo

CG5 Cesar Geronimo

CG6 Cesar Geronimo

CG7 Cesar Geronimo

CG8 Cesar Geronimo

CH1 Charlie Hough

CH2 Charlie Hough

CH3 Charlie Hough

CH4 Charlie Hough

CH5 Charlie Hough

CH6 Charlie Hough

CH7 Charlie Hough

CH8 Charlie Hough

CH9 Charlie Hough

CH10 Charlie Hough

CL1 Carney Lansford

CL2 Carney Lansford

CL3 Carney Lansford

CL4 Carney Lansford

CL5 Carney Lansford

CL6 Carney Lansford

CL7 Carney Lansford

CLE1 Chet Lemon

CLE2 Chet Lemon

CLE3 Chet Lemon

CLE4 Chet Lemon

CLE5 Chet Lemon

CLE6 Chet Lemon

CLE7 Chet Lemon

CLE8 Chet Lemon

CLE9 Chet Lemon

CLE10 Chet Lemon

CLE11 Chet Lemon

CR1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CR2 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CR3 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CR4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CS1 Olympic Team Card - Cory Snyder

CS2 Cory Snyder

CS3 Cory Snyder

CS4 Cory Snyder

CS5 Cory Snyder

CS6 Cory Snyder

CS7 Cory Snyder

CY1 Carl Yastrzemski

CY2 Carl Yastrzemski

CY3 Carl Yastrzemski

CY4 Carl Yastrzemski

CY5 Carl Yastrzemski

DC1 Dave Concepcion

DC2 Dave Concepcion

DC3 Dave Concepcion

DC4 Dave Concepcion

DC5 Dave Concepcion

DC6 Dave Concepcion

DC7 Dave Concepcion

DC8 Dave Concepcion

DC9 Dave Concepcion

DC10 Dave Concepcion

DC11 Dave Concepcion

DC12 Dave Concepcion

DD1 Darren Daulton

DD2 Darren Daulton

DD3 Darren Daulton

DD4 Darren Daulton

DD5 Darren Daulton

DD6 Darren Daulton

DDE1 Doug DeCinces

DDE2 Doug DeCinces

DDE3 Doug DeCinces

DDE4 Doug DeCinces

DDE5 Doug DeCinces

DDE6 Doug DeCinces

DDE7 Doug DeCinces

DDE8 Doug DeCinces

DDE9 Doug DeCinces

DE1 Dennis Eckersley

DE2 Dennis Eckersley

DE3 Dennis Eckersley

DE4 Dennis Eckersley

DE5 Dennis Eckersley

DEV1 Darrell Evans

DEV2 Darrell Evans

DEV3 Darrell Evans

DEV4 Darrell Evans

DEV5 Darrell Evans

DEV6 Darrell Evans

DEV7 Darrell Evans

DEV8 Darrell Evans

DEV9 Darrell Evans

DEV10 Darrell Evans

DEV11 Darrell Evans

DEV12 Darrell Evans

DG1 Dwight Gooden

DG2 Dwight Gooden

DG3 Dwight Gooden

DG4 Dwight Gooden

DJ1 David Justice

DJ2 David Justice

DJ3 David Justice

DK1 Dave Kingman

DK2 Dave Kingman

DK3 Dave Kingman

DK4 Dave Kingman

DK5 Dave Kingman

DK6 Dave Kingman

DK7 Dave Kingman

DL1 Davey Lopes

DL2 Davey Lopes

DL3 Davey Lopes

DL4 Davey Lopes

DL5 Davey Lopes

DL6 Davey Lopes

DL7 Davey Lopes

DL8 Davey Lopes

DL9 Davey Lopes

DL10 Davey Lopes

DL11 Davey Lopes

DL12 Davey Lopes

DL13 Davey Lopes

DM1 Don Mattingly

DM2 Don Mattingly

DM3 Don Mattingly

DMU1 Dale Murphy

DMU2 Dale Murphy

DMU3 Dale Murphy

DMU4 Dale Murphy

DMU5 Dale Murphy

DMU6 Dale Murphy

DMU7 Dale Murphy

DMU8 Dale Murphy

DMU9 Dale Murphy

DMU10 Dale Murphy

DMU11 Dale Murphy

DP1 Dave Parker

DP2 Dave Parker

DP3 Dave Parker

DP4 Dave Parker

DP5 Dave Parker

DP6 Dave Parker

DP7 Dave Parker

DP8 Dave Parker

DP9 Dave Parker

DP10 Dave Parker

DP11 Dave Parker

DP12 Dave Parker

DS1 Duke Snider

DS2 Duke Snider

DS3 Duke Snider

DS4 Duke Snider

DS5 Duke Snider

DS6 Duke Snider

DS7 Duke Snider

DS8 Duke Snider

DSE1 Dave Stieb

DSE2 Dave Stieb

DSE3 Dave Stieb

DSE4 Dave Stieb

DSE5 Dave Stieb

DSE6 Dave Stieb

DSE7 Dave Stieb

DSE8 Dave Stieb

DSE9 Dave Stieb

DSR1 Darryl Strawberry

DSR2 Darryl Strawberry

DSR3 Darryl Strawberry

DSR4 Darryl Strawberry

DSR5 All-Star - Darryl Strawberry

DSW1 Dave Stewart

DSW2 Dave Stewart

DSW3 Dave Stewart

DSW4 Dave Stewart

DSW5 Dave Stewart

DSW6 Dave Stewart

EB1 Ernie Banks

EB2 All-Star - Ernie Banks

EB3 Ernie Banks

EB4 All-Star - Ernie Banks

EB5 Ernie Banks

EB6 Ernie Banks

EB7 Ernie Banks

EB8 Ernie Banks

EB9 Ernie Banks

EB10 Ernie Banks

EB11 Ernie Banks

EB12 Ernie Banks

EB13 Ernie Banks

EB14 Ernie Banks

ED1 Eric Davis

ED2 Eric Davis

ED3 Eric Davis

EW1 Earl Weaver

EW2 Earl Weaver

EW3 Earl Weaver

EW4 Earl Weaver

EW5 Earl Weaver

EW6 Earl Weaver

EW7 Earl Weaver

EW8 Earl Weaver

FJ1 Fergie Jenkins

FJ2 Fergie Jenkins

FJ3 Fergie Jenkins

FJ4 Fergie Jenkins

FJ5 Fergie Jenkins

FJ6 Fergie Jenkins

FJ7 Fergie Jenkins

FJ8 Fergie Jenkins

FJ9 Fergie Jenkins

FJ10 Fergie Jenkins

FJ11 Fergie Jenkins

FJ12 Fergie Jenkins

FJ13 Fergie Jenkins

FJ14 Fergie Jenkins

FR1 Frank Robinson

FR2 Frank Robinson

FR3 Frank Robinson

FR4 Frank Robinson

FR5 Frank Robinson

FR6 Frank Robinson

FR7 Frank Robinson

FR8 Frank Robinson

FR9 Frank Robinson

FR10 Frank Robinson

FR11 Frank Robinson

FV1 Frank Viola

FV2 Frank Viola

FV3 Frank Viola

FV4 Frank Viola

FV5 Frank Viola

FV6 Frank Viola

GB1 George Bell

GB2 George Bell

GB3 George Bell

GB4 George Bell

GB5 George Bell

GBR1 George Brett

GBR2 George Brett

GBR3 George Brett

GBR4 George Brett

GBR5 George Brett

GC1 Gary Carter

GC2 Gary Carter

GC3 Gary Carter

GC4 Gary Carter

GC5 Gary Carter

GC6 Gary Carter

GC7 Gary Carter

GC8 Gary Carter

GF1 George Foster

GF2 George Foster

GF3 George Foster

GF4 George Foster

GF5 George Foster

GF6 George Foster

GF7 George Foster

GF8 George Foster

GF9 George Foster

GF10 George Foster

GF11 George Foster

GF12 George Foster

GF13 George Foster

GL1 Greg Luzinski

GL2 Greg Luzinski

GL3 Greg Luzinski

GL4 Greg Luzinski

GL5 Greg Luzinski

GL6 Greg Luzinski

GL7 Greg Luzinski

GL8 Greg Luzinski

GL9 Greg Luzinski

GL10 Greg Luzinski

GL11 Greg Luzinski

GL12 Greg Luzinski

GM1 Gary Matthews

GM2 Gary Matthews

GM3 Gary Matthews

GM4 Gary Matthews

GM5 Gary Matthews

GM6 Gary Matthews

GM7 Gary Matthews

GM8 Gary Matthews

HA1 Hank Aaron

HA2 All-Star - Hank Aaron

HA3 Hank Aaron

HA4 All-Star - Hank Aaron

HA5 Hank Aaron

HA6 Hank Aaron

HA7 All-Star - Hank Aaron

HA8 Hank Aaron

HA9 Hank Aaron

HA10 Hank Aaron

HA11 Hank Aaron

HA12 All-Star - Hank Aaron

HA13 Hank Aaron

HA14 Hank Aaron

HA15 Hank Aaron

HA16 Hank Aaron

HA18 Hank Aaron

HB1 Harold Baines

HB2 Harold Baines

HB3 Harold Baines

HB4 Harold Baines

HB5 Harold Baines

HB6 Harold Baines

HB7 Harold Baines

HK1 Harmon Killebrew

HK2 Harmon Killebrew

HK3 Harmon Killebrew

HK4 Harmon Killebrew

HK5 Harmon Killebrew

HK6 Harmon Killebrew

HK7 Harmon Killebrew

HK9 Harmon Killebrew

HK10 Harmon Killebrew

HK11 Harmon Killebrew

HK12 Harmon Killebrew

HK13 Harmon Killebrew

HK14 Harmon Killebrew

HK15 Harmon Killebrew

HR1 Harold Reynolds

HR2 Harold Reynolds

JA1 Jim Abbott

JA2 Jim Abbott

JA3 Jim Abbott

JB1 Jesse Barfield

JB2 Jesse Barfield

JB3 Jesse Barfield

JB4 Jesse Barfield

JB5 Jesse Barfield

JB6 Jesse Barfield

JB7 Jesse Barfield

JBE1 Johnny Bench

JBE2 Johnny Bench

JBE3 Johnny Bench

JBE4 Johnny Bench

JBE5 Johnny Bench

JBE6 Johnny Bench

JC1 John Candelaria

JC2 John Candelaria

JC3 John Candelaria

JC4 John Candelaria

JC5 John Candelaria

JC6 John Candelaria

JC7 John Candelaria

JC8 John Candelaria

JC9 John Candelaria

JC10 John Candelaria

JCA1 Jose Canseco

JCA2 Jose Canseco

JCR1 Joe Carter

JCR2 Joe Carter

JCR3 Joe Carter

JCR4 Joe Carter

JCU1 Jose Cruz

JCU2 Jose Cruz

JCU3 Jose Cruz

JCU4 Jose Cruz

JCU5 Jose Cruz

JCU6 Jose Cruz

JCU7 Jose Cruz

JCU8 Jose Cruz

JCU9 Jose Cruz

JCU10 Jose Cruz

JCU11 Jose Cruz

JCU12 Jose Cruz

JK1 Jimmy Key

JK2 Jimmy Key

JK3 Jimmy Key

JK4 Jimmy Key

JK5 Jimmy Key

JK6 Jimmy Key

JKR1 John Kruk

JKR2 John Kruk

JKR3 John Kruk

JKR4 John Kruk

JL1 Jim Leyritz

JL2 Jim Leyritz

JL3 Jim Leyritz

JL4 Jim Leyritz

JL5 Jim Leyritz

JL6 Jim Leyritz

JL7 Jim Leyritz

JL8 Jim Leyritz

JL9 Jim Leyritz

JM1 Jack McDowell

JM2 Jack McDowell

JM3 Jack McDowell

JM4 Jack McDowell

JM5 Jack McDowell

JM6 Jack McDowell

JM7 Jack McDowell

JM8 Jack McDowell

JM9 Jack McDowell

JM10 Jack McDowell

JMO1 Joe Morgan

JMO2 Joe Morgan

JMO3 Joe Morgan

JMO4 Joe Morgan

JMO5 Joe Morgan

JMO6 Joe Morgan

JMO7 Joe Morgan

JMO8 Joe Morgan

JMO9 Joe Morgan

JMO10 Joe Morgan

JMO11 Joe Morgan

JMO12 Joe Morgan

JMO13 Joe Morgan

JMO14 Joe Morgan

JP1 Jim Palmer

JP2 Jim Palmer

JP3 Jim Palmer

JP4 Jim Palmer

JP5 Jim Palmer

JP6 Jim Palmer

JP7 Jim Palmer

JR1 Jim Rice

JR2 Jim Rice

JR3 Jim Rice

JR4 Jim Rice

JR5 Jim Rice

JR6 Jim Rice

JR7 Jim Rice

JR8 Jim Rice

JR9 Jim Rice

JR10 Jim Rice

JRU1 Joe Rudi

JRU2 Joe Rudi

JRU3 Joe Rudi

JRU4 Joe Rudi

JRU5 Joe Rudi

JRU6 Joe Rudi

JRU7 Joe Rudi

JRU8 Joe Rudi

JRU9 Joe Rudi

JRU10 Joe Rudi

JRU11 Joe Rudi

JRU12 Joe Rudi

KB1 Kevin Bass

KB2 Kevin Bass

KB3 Kevin Bass

KB4 Kevin Bass

KB5 Kevin Bass

KB6 Kevin Bass

KG1 Ken Griffey, Sr. 74 1

KG2 Ken Griffey, Sr. 75 2

KG3 Ken Griffey, Sr. 76 2

KG4 Ken Griffey, Sr. 79 3

KG5 Ken Griffey, Sr. 80 15

KG6 Ken Griffey, Sr. 81 11

KG7 Ken Griffey, Sr. 82 18

KG8 Ken Griffey, Sr. 83 70

KG9 Ken Griffey, Sr. 84 64

KG10 Ken Griffey, Sr. 85 32

KG11 Ken Griffey, Sr. 86T 32

KGI1 Kirk Gibson

KGI2 Kirk Gibson

KGI3 Kirk Gibson

KGI4 Kirk Gibson

KGI5 Kirk Gibson

KGI6 Kirk Gibson

KGI7 Kirk Gibson

KGI8 Kirk Gibson

KGI9 Kirk Gibson

KGU1 Kelly Gruber

KGU2 Kelly Gruber

KGU3 Kelly Gruber

KGU4 Kelly Gruber

KGU5 Kelly Gruber

KGU6 Kelly Gruber

KGU7 Kelly Gruber

KGU8 Kelly Gruber

KH1 Keith Hernandez

KH2 Keith Hernandez

KH3 Keith Hernandez

KH4 Keith Hernandez

KH5 Keith Hernandez

KH6 Keith Hernandez

KH7 Keith Hernandez

KH8 Keith Hernandez

KS1 Kevin Seitzer

KS2 Kevin Seitzer

KS3 Kevin Seitzer

KS4 Kevin Seitzer

KS5 Kevin Seitzer

KS6 Kevin Seitzer

KS7 Kevin Seitzer

KS8 Kevin Seitzer

KS9 Kevin Seitzer

KS10 Kevin Seitzer

KS11 Kevin Seitzer

KS12 Kevin Seitzer

KS13 Kevin Seitzer

KT1 Kent Tekulve

KT2 Kent Tekulve

KT3 Kent Tekulve

KT4 Kent Tekulve

KT5 Kent Tekulve

KT6 Kent Tekulve

KT7 Kent Tekulve

KT8 Kent Tekulve

KT9 Kent Tekulve

KT10 Kent Tekulve

KT11 Kent Tekulve

KT12 Kent Tekulve

LA1 Luis Aparicio

LA2 Luis Aparicio

LA3 Luis Aparicio

LA4 Luis Aparicio

LA5 Luis Aparicio

LA6 Luis Aparicio

LA7 Luis Aparicio

LA8 Luis Aparicio

LA9 Luis Aparicio

LA10 Luis Aparicio

LA11 Luis Aparicio

LA12 Luis Aparicio

LA13 Luis Aparicio

LA14 Luis Aparicio

LB1 Lou Brock

LB2 Lou Brock

LB3 Lou Brock

LB4 Lou Brock

LB5 Lou Brock

LB6 Lou Brock

LB7 Lou Brock

LB8 Lou Brock

LB9 Lou Brock

LB10 Lou Brock

LB11 Lou Brock

LB12 Lou Brock

LB13 Lou Brock

LD1 Leon Durham

LD2 Leon Durham

LD3 Leon Durham

LD4 Leon Durham

LD5 Leon Durham

LD6 Leon Durham

LD7 Leon Durham

LDY1 Len Dykstra

LDY2 Len Dykstra

LDY3 Len Dykstra

LDY4 Len Dykstra

LDY5 Len Dykstra

LS1 Lee Smith

LS2 Lee Smith

LS3 Lee Smith

LS4 Lee Smith

LS5 Lee Smith

LS6 Lee Smith

LS7 Lee Smith

LS8 Lee Smith

LT1 Luis Tiant

LT2 Luis Tiant

LT3 Luis Tiant

LT4 Luis Tiant

LT5 Luis Tiant

LT6 Luis Tiant

LT7 Luis Tiant

LT8 Luis Tiant

LT9 Luis Tiant

LT10 Luis Tiant

LT11 Luis Tiant

LT12 Luis Tiant

LT13 Luis Tiant

LT14 Luis Tiant

LT15 Luis Tiant

MB1 Mike Boddicker

MB2 Mike Boddicker

MB3 Mike Boddicker

MB4 Mike Boddicker

MB5 Mike Boddicker

MF1 Mark Fidrych

MF2 Mark Fidrych

MF3 Mark Fidrych

MF4 Mark Fidrych

MF5 Mark Fidrych

MR1 Mickey Rivers

MR2 Mickey Rivers

MR3 Mickey Rivers

MR4 Mickey Rivers

MR5 Mickey Rivers

MR6 Mickey Rivers

MR7 Mickey Rivers

MR8 Mickey Rivers

MS1 Mike Schmidt

MS2 Mike Schmidt

MSC1 Mike Scott

MSC2 Mike Scott

MSC3 Mike Scott

MSC4 Mike Scott

MSC5 Mike Scott

MSC6 Mike Scott

MSC7 Mike Scott

MSC8 Mike Scott

MW1 Mookie Wilson

MW2 Mookie Wilson

MW3 Mookie Wilson

MW4 Mookie Wilson

MW5 Mookie Wilson

MW6 Mookie Wilson

MW7 Mookie Wilson

MW8 Mookie Wilson

NR1 Nolan Ryan

NR2 Nolan Ryan

NR3 Nolan Ryan

NR4 Nolan Ryan

NR5 Nolan Ryan

NR6 Nolan Ryan

NR7 Nolan Ryan

NR8 Nolan Ryan

OH1 Orel Hershiser

OH2 Orel Hershiser

OH3 Orel Hershiser

OH4 Orel Hershiser

OS1 Ozzie Smith

OS2 Ozzie Smith

OS3 Ozzie Smith

OS4 Ozzie Smith

OS5 Ozzie Smith

OS6 Ozzie Smith

OS7 Ozzie Smith

PI1 Pete Incaviglia

PI2 Pete Incaviglia

PM1 Paul Molitor

PM2 Paul Molitor

PM3 Paul Molitor

PM4 Paul Molitor

PM5 Paul Molitor

PO1 Paul O'Neill

PO2 Paul O'Neill

PO3 Paul O'Neill

PO4 Paul O'Neill

PO5 Paul O'Neill

RC1 Rod Carew

RC2 Rod Carew

RC3 Rod Carew

RC4 Rod Carew

RC5 Rod Carew

RC6 Rod Carew

RC7 Rod Carew

RC8 Rod Carew

RCE1 Ron Cey

RCE2 Ron Cey

RCE3 Ron Cey

RCE4 Ron Cey

RCE5 Ron Cey

RCE6 Ron Cey

RCE7 Ron Cey

RCE8 Ron Cey

RCE9 Ron Cey

RCE10 Ron Cey

RCE11 Ron Cey

RD1 Ron Darling

RD2 Ron Darling

RD3 Ron Darling

RD4 Ron Darling

RDI1 Rob Dibble

RDI2 Rob Dibble

RDI3 Rob Dibble

RDI4 Rob Dibble

RDI5 Rob Dibble

RDI6 Rob Dibble

RDI7 Rob Dibble

RF1 Rollie Fingers

RF2 Rollie Fingers

RF3 Rollie Fingers

RF4 Rollie Fingers

RF5 Rollie Fingers

RF6 Rollie Fingers

RG1 Rich Gossage

RG2 Rich Gossage

RG3 Rich Gossage

RG4 Rich Gossage

RG5 Rich Gossage

RG6 Rich Gossage

RG7 Rich Gossage

RG8 Rich Gossage

RG9 Rich Gossage

RG10 Rich Gossage

RG11 Rich Gossage

RG12 Rich Gossage

RGU1 Ron Guidry

RGU2 Ron Guidry

RGU3 Ron Guidry

RGU4 Ron Guidry

RGU5 Ron Guidry

RGU6 Ron Guidry

RGU7 Ron Guidry

RGU8 Ron Guidry

RGU9 Ron Guidry

RGU10 Ron Guidry

RJ1 Reggie Jackson

RJ2 Reggie Jackson

RJ3 Reggie Jackson

RJ4 Reggie Jackson

RJ5 Reggie Jackson

RJ6 Reggie Jackson

RJ7 Reggie Jackson

RJ8 Reggie Jackson

RJ9 Reggie Jackson

RJ10 Reggie Jackson

RJ11 Reggie Jackson

RJ12 Reggie Jackson

RK1 Ron Kittle

RK2 Ron Kittle

RK3 Ron Kittle

RK4 Ron Kittle

RKN1 Ray Knight

RKN2 Ray Knight

RKN3 Ray Knight

RKN4 Ray Knight

RKN5 Ray Knight

RKN6 Ray Knight

RKN7 Ray Knight

RKN8 Ray Knight

RKN9 Ray Knight

RKN10 Ray Knight

RM1 Reggie Smith

RM2 Reggie Smith

RM3 Reggie Smith

RM4 Reggie Smith

RM5 Reggie Smith

RM6 Reggie Smith

RM7 Reggie Smith

RM8 Reggie Smith

RM9 Reggie Smith

RM10 Reggie Smith

RM11 Reggie Smith

RM12 Reggie Smith

RS1 Ryne Sandberg

RS2 Ryne Sandberg

RS3 Ryne Sandberg

RS4 Ryne Sandberg

RS5 Ryne Sandberg

RS6 Ryne Sandberg

RS7 Ryne Sandberg

RS8 Ryne Sandberg

RSA1 Ron Santo

RSA2 Ron Santo

RSA3 Ron Santo

RSA4 Ron Santo

RSA5 Ron Santo

RSA6 All-Star - Ron Santo

RSA7 Ron Santo

RSA8 Ron Santo

RSA9 Ron Santo

RSA10 Ron Santo

RSA11 Ron Santo

RSA12 Ron Santo

RSA13 Ron Santo

RU1 Rick Sutcliffe

RU2 Rick Sutcliffe

RU3 Rick Sutcliffe

RU4 Rick Sutcliffe

RU5 Rick Sutcliffe

RU6 Rick Sutcliffe

RU7 Rick Sutcliffe

RU8 Rick Sutcliffe

RY1 Robin Yount

RY2 Robin Yount

RY3 Robin Yount

RY4 Robin Yount

RY5 Robin Yount

RY6 Robin Yount

RY7 Robin Yount

RY8 Robin Yount

RY9 Robin Yount

RY10 Robin Yount

RY11 Robin Yount

SA1 Sparky Anderson

SA2 Sparky Anderson

SA3 Sparky Anderson

SA4 Sparky Anderson

SA5 Sparky Anderson

SA6 Sparky Anderson

SA7 Sparky Anderson

SA8 Sparky Anderson

SF1 Sid Fernandez

SF2 Sid Fernandez

SF3 Sid Fernandez

SF4 Sid Fernandez

SG1 Steve Garvey

SG2 Steve Garvey

SG3 Steve Garvey

SG4 Steve Garvey

SG5 Steve Garvey

SG6 Steve Garvey

SG7 Steve Garvey

SG8 Steve Garvey

SG9 Steve Garvey

SG10 Steve Garvey

SM1 All-Star - Stan Musial

SM2 Stan Musial

SM3 Stan Musial

SM4 Stan Musial

SM5 Stan Musial

SM6 Stan Musial

SS1 Steve Sax

SS2 Steve Sax

SS3 Steve Sax

SS4 Steve Sax

SS5 Steve Sax

SS6 Steve Sax

SS7 Steve Sax

SY1 Steve Yeager

SY2 Steve Yeager

SY3 Steve Yeager

SY4 Steve Yeager

SY5 Steve Yeager

SY6 Steve Yeager

SY7 Steve Yeager

SY8 Steve Yeager

SY9 Steve Yeager

SY10 Steve Yeager

SY11 Steve Yeager

SY12 Steve Yeager

SY13 Steve Yeager

TB1 Tom Brunansky

TB2 Tom Brunansky

TB3 Tom Brunansky

TB4 Tom Brunansky

TB5 Tom Brunansky

TB6 Tom Brunansky

TB7 Tom Brunansky

TB8 Tom Brunansky

TF1 Tony Fernandez

TF2 Tony Fernandez

TF3 Tony Fernandez

TF4 Tony Fernandez

TF5 Tony Fernandez

TG1 Tony Gwynn

TG2 Tony Gwynn

TG3 Tony Gwynn

TH1 Tom Herr

TH2 Tom Herr

TH3 Tom Herr

TH4 Tom Herr

TH5 Tom Herr

TH6 Tom Herr

TH7 Tom Herr

TH8 Tom Herr

TM1 Tim McCarver

TM2 Tim McCarver

TM3 Tim McCarver

TM4 Tim McCarver

TM5 Tim McCarver

TM6 Tim McCarver

TO1 Tony Oliva

TO2 Tony Oliva

TO3 Tony Oliva

TO5 Tony Oliva

TO6 Tony Oliva

TO7 Tony Oliva

TO8 Tony Oliva

TO9 Tony Oliva

TO10 Tony Oliva

TO11 Tony Oliva

TR1 Tim Raines

TR2 Tim Raines

TR3 Tim Raines

TR4 Tim Raines

TR5 Tim Raines

TR6 Tim Raines

TR7 Tim Raines

TS1 Tom Seaver

TS2 Tom Seaver

TS3 Tom Seaver

TS4 Tom Seaver

TS5 Tom Seaver

TS6 Tom Seaver

TS7 Tom Seaver

TW1 Tim Wallach

TW2 Tim Wallach

TW3 Tim Wallach

TW4 Tim Wallach

TW5 Tim Wallach

TW6 Tim Wallach

VB1 Vida Blue

VB2 Vida Blue

VB3 Vida Blue

VB4 Vida Blue

VB5 Vida Blue

VB6 Vida Blue

VB7 Vida Blue

VB8 Vida Blue

VB9 Vida Blue

VC1 Vince Coleman

VC2 Vince Coleman

VC3 Vince Coleman

VC4 Vince Coleman

WB1 Wade Boggs

WB2 Wade Boggs

WB3 Wade Boggs

WB4 Wade Boggs

WB5 Wade Boggs

WF1 Whitey Ford

WF2 Whitey Ford

WF3 Whitey Ford

WF4 Whitey Ford

WF5 Whitey Ford

WF6 Whitey Ford

WF7 All-Star - Whitey Ford

WF8 Whitey Ford

WF9 Whitey Ford

WF10 Whitey Ford

WF11 Whitey Ford

WF12 Whitey Ford

WH1 Whitey Herzog

WH2 Whitey Herzog

WH3 Whitey Herzog

WH4 Whitey Herzog

WH5 Whitey Herzog

WH6 Whitey Herzog

WH7 Whitey Herzog

WH8 Whitey Herzog

WH9 Whitey Herzog

WJ1 Wally Joyner

WJ2 Wally Joyner

WJ3 Wally Joyner

WM1 Willie Mays

WM2 Willie Mays

WM3 Willie Mays

WM4 Willie Mays

WM5 Willie Mays

WM6 All-Star - Willie Mays

WM7 Willie Mays

WM8 Willie Mays

WM9 Willie Mays

WM10 Willie Mays

WM11 Willie Mays

WMC1 Willie McGee

WMC2 Willie McGee

WMC3 Willie McGee

WMC4 Willie McGee

WMC5 Willie McGee

WW1 Walt Weiss

WW2 Walt Weiss

WW3 Walt Weiss

WW4 Walt Weiss

WW5 Walt Weiss

WW6 Walt Weiss

WW7 Walt Weiss

WW8 Walt Weiss

WW9 Walt Weiss

WW10 Walt Weiss

WW11 Walt Weiss

YB1 Yogi Berra

YB2 Yogi Berra

YB3 Yogi Berra

YB4 Yogi Berra

YB5 Yogi Berra

YB6 Yogi Berra

YB7 Yogi Berra

YB8 Yogi Berra

YB9 Yogi Berra

YB10 Yogi Berra

MT1 Paul Molitor / Alan Trammell

TO4 Tony Oliva AS

HK8 Harmon Killebrew AS

HA17 Hank Aaron HL

AK18 Al Kaline HL