2017 Topps New Era

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2017 Topps New Era is a 32-card set that was exclusively distributed at Major League ballparks as a premium with the purchase of a New Era hat. Collectors who bought a New Era hat (at full stadium prices) and a Topps team set would receive an eight-card pack from this set.


One eight-card pack with the purchase of a New Era hat and a Topps team set.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 32 -
1987 18 - ?
Hat Relics 11 99 1:217
Hat Relics Team Logo Patch 11 3 1:7137
Hat Relics New Era Logo Patch 11 one-of-one 1:21,409
Hat Relics MLB Logo Patch 11 one-of-one 1:21,409


Base Set

NOTE: The design of the New Era set is the same as the 2017 Topps flagship, albeit with different photography and a different sequential-numbering. Each card has the New Era logo on the reverse side for identification purposes.

1 Mike Trout

2 Jose Altuve

3 Khris Davis

4 Josh Donaldson

5 Dansby Swanson

6 Eric Thames

7 Dexter Fowler

8 Kris Bryant

9 Kyle Schwarber

10 Paul Goldschmidt

11 Corey Seager

12 Buster Posey

13 Francisco Lindor

14 Robinson Cano

15 Giancarlo Stanton

16 Noah Syndergaard

17 Bryce Harper

18 Manny Machado

19 Wil Myers

20 Odubel Herrera

21 Andrew McCutchen

22 Adrian Beltre

23 Evan Longoria

24 Rick Porcello

25 Mookie Betts

26 Joey Votto

27 Carlos Gonzalez

28 Eric Hosmer

29 Miguel Cabrera

30 Joe Mauer

31 Todd Frazier

32 Dellin Betances


NOTE: The design of the New Era 1987 set is the same as the already beaten to death 2017 Topps 1987 insert, albeit with different photography and different sequential-numbering. All players in this set are retired. Unfortunately, unlike the New Era base set, there is no New Era logo identifier anywhere on the card. THANKS TOPPS! The only way to spot cards from this particular set is to read the production code on the reverse side. Cards from the Series One and Series Two sets have production codes ending in "661" or "595", respectively. If it ends in "380," it's from this set. THANKS TOPPS!

87T-1 Cal Ripken, Jr.

87T-2 Reggie Jackson

87T-3 Bo Jackson

87T-4 Ryne Sandberg

87T-5 Barry Larkin

87T-6 Don Mattingly

87T-7 Ozzie Smith

87T-8 Jose Canseco

87T-9 Darryl Strawberry

87T-10 Roger Clemens

87T-11 Greg Maddux

87T-12 Nolan Ryan

87T-13 Mark McGwire

87T-14 Rickey Henderson

87T-15 Tom Glavine

87T-16 Fernando Valenzuela

87T-17 Dave Winfield

87T-18 George Brett


Hat Relics

Each Hat Relic is serial-numbered to 99 copies and also available in the following parallels.

  • Team Logo Patch (serial-numbered to three)
  • New Era Logo Patch (one-of-one)
  • MLB Logo Patch (one-of-one)

Jose Altuve

Corey Seager

Noah Syndergaard

Dellin Betances

Dansby Swanson

Mookie Betts

Josh Donaldson

Bryce Harper

Rick Porcello

Buster Posey

Kyle Schwarber