1992 Classic Cardshow Promos

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This 20-card set was issued one card at a time at the various cardshows throughout the year where Classic maintained a presence or booth. Typically the cards were given out free to attendees while supplies lasted. The cards all read "Promo Card x of 20" prominently on the card back. The cards are done in several different styles depending on the Classic issue that was being promoted by that particular card.

Cards #2 and #3 were given away at the 1992 SportsNet National show in Orlando, FL. Cards #1 and #4 at the San Francisco Sports Spectacular. Cards #5 and #6 at the July Marcus show in Arlington, TX. Cards #7-#12 at the 1992 National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlanta. Cards #13 and #14 at the 1992 East Coast National in White Plains, NY. Cards #15-#17 at the Tri-Star show in St. Louis. Cards #18-#20 at the Tri-Star show in Houston.




National-Convention---Frankie-Rodriguez-1992-Classic-Best-Minor-League.jpg?id=2ea27afa-a663-4660-88d1-2c0e60860fab&size=original&side=front&.jpg National-Convention---Frankie-Rodriguez-1992-Classic-Best-Minor-League.jpg?id=2ea27afa-a663-4660-88d1-2c0e60860fab&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 3 Brien Taylor
  • 7 Brien Taylor
  • 8 Frankie Rodriguez
  • 9 Jimmy Jackson
  • 10 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • 14 Nolan Ryan
  • 16 Phil Nevin
  • 19 Phil Nevin
  • 20 Harold Miner