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6 Kenny Lofton
6 Kenny Lofton
==Autographs & Game-Used==

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1995 Topps Dimension III pack


Released by Topps in October 1995, this "three-dimensional" lenticular set consists of 59 cards. "D3," as it has come to be known, is considered one of Topps' worst flops of the era.

Originally timed to coincide with the 1995 All-Star Game and buttressed by a massive (by Topps standards) marketing campaign that included a two-full-page advertisement in Beckett Baseball Card Monthly, D3 suffered from delays, a high price tag ($5 for a five-card Hobby pack), the lack of any rookies and few inserts, and the release by Pinnacle Brands of UC3 a similar (and about $2/pack cheaper) product.

A second series of D3 was planned for December, but was canceled almost as soon as the first was released.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack. $5 MSRP

Retail: Three cards per pack. $3 MSRP


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 59 - ? ?
Zone 6 - one-per-pack 1:3


Base Set

1 David Justice

2 Cal Ripken

3 Ruben Sierra

4 Roberto Alomar

5 Denny Martinez

6 Todd Zeile

7 Albert Belle

8 Chuck Knoblauch

9 Roger Clemens

10 Cal Eldred

11 Dennis Eckersley

12 Andy Benes

13 Moises Alou

14 Andres Galarraga

15 Jim Thome

16 Tim Salmon

17 Carlos Garcia

18 Scott Leius

19 Jeff Montgomery

20 Brian Anderson

21 Will Clark

22 Bobby Bonilla

23 Mike Stanley

24 Barry Bonds

25 Jeff Conine

26 Paul O'Neill

27 Mike Piazza

28 Tom Glavine

29 Jim Edmonds

30 Lou Whitaker

31 Jeff Frye

32 Ivan Rodriguez

33 Bret Boone

34 Mike Greenwell

35 Mark Grace

36 Darren Lewis

37 Don Mattingly

38 Jose Rijo

39 Robin Ventura

40 Bob Hamelin

41 Tim Wallach

42 Tony Gwynn

43 Ken Griffey Jr.

44 Doug Drabek

45 Rafael Palmeiro

46 Dean Palmer

47 Bip Roberts

48 Barry Larkin

49 Dave Nilsson

50 Wil Cordero

51 Travis Fryman

52 Chuck Carr

53 Rey Sanchez

54 Walt Weiss

55 Joe Carter

56 Len Dykstra

57 Orlando Merced

58 Ozzie Smith

59 Chris Gomez



None of the players in this set appear in the base set. It is assumed that these six would have been included in the Series Two base set, and six players from the Series One base set would have been in the Series Two Zone set.

1 Frank Thomas

2 Kirby Puckett

3 Jeff Bagwell

4 Fred McGriff

5 Raul Mondesi

6 Kenny Lofton