1998 Pinnacle Performers

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1998 Pinnacle Performers was a 150 card set, that like most Pinnacle Brands releases of the era, following the same formula. The set contains 120 veterans, 17 "Rookies," a ten-card Far and Away subset and three Checklists.

Performers replaced the similarly structured Pinnacle X-Press, and like '97 X-Press, each pack contained a "Swing for the Fences" game card.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 150 - 8:1 ?
Swing for the Fences 50 - 1:2 ?
Peak Performers Parallel 150 - 1:7 ?
Launching Pad 20 - 1:9 ?
Power Trip 10 - 1:21 ?
Big Bang 20 - 1:45 ?
Big Bang Seasonal Outburst 20 - ? ?


Base Set



Big Bang

Each card is serial-numbered to 2500 copies.

Seasonal Outburst

Seasonal Outburst is a red-foiled parallel of the Big Bang set. Each card is serial-numbered to the player's 1997 home run total (noted below); however, a number of non-numbered cards have emerged on the market. These cards may have been "backdoored" after Pinnacle Brands' 1998 bankruptcy. It is believed that there are more non-numbered cards in circulation than there are serial-numbered ones.

Launching Pad

Power Trip

Swing for the Fences

Similar to the promotion in 1997 Pinnacle X-Press, Swing for the Fences was a 75-card game, consisting of 50 players and 25 "point" cards. Collectors who found the player cards of the 1998 AL and NL home run champs, and collected enough point cards to match their respective players league-leading HR total could then exchange their cards and receive a special 10-pack of "upgraded" Swing for the Fences cards. The first 1000 entries would also receive a special autograph of Texas Rangers star Juan Gonzalez. All winners would also be entered into a drawing for a trip for two to the 1999 All-Star Game in Boston.

Pinnacle Brands' bankruptcy in the Fall of 1998, however, wiped away the Upgrade redemption program. None of these cards were ever exchanged due to Pinnacle's bankruptcy.

Swing for the Fences All-Star Game

This 12-card set was created as a promotional tie-in for hobby shop owners, and was released at the 1998 All-Star Game FanFest (which was sponsored by Pinnacle). Cards were subsequently distributed to shop owners, nationwide, in 10-card packs.

Collectors could then exchange three 1998 Pinnacle Performers wrappers for one card or purchase an entire box and receive a 10-card cello pack. The cards parallel the standard Swing for the Fences inserts found in packs, except for the upgraded 20 pt. stock, silver foil-board background and lack of numbering on the card back.

Autographs & Game-Used