1998 Upper Deck Retro Ken Griffey Jr Tin Lunch Box
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1998 Upper Deck Retro

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1998 Upper Deck Retro Ken Griffey Jr. tin


1998 Upper Deck Retro is a 129 card set that was the company's first nostalgia-based card set. All packs were distributed, not in a traditional waxbox, but in one of six collectible lunchboxes. All cards are printed on super-thick, un-coated 24-pt stock card and has a distinct "retro" feel.

Card number 82 (originally slated to be Stan Musial) does not exist due to licensing issues. Rookie Cards include Troy Glaus.


Lunchbox: 24 packs per lunchbox, six-cards per pack (MSRP $4.99)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 129 - ?
Time Capsule 50 - 1:2
Groovy Kind of Glove 30 - 1:7
New Frontier 30 1000 ?
Big Boppers 30 500 ?
Quantum Leap 30 50 ?
Sign of the Times 31 varies 1:36
Babe Ruth Legendary Cuts 1 3 ?


Base Set

1 Jim Edmonds

2 Darin Erstad

3 Tim Salmon

4 Jay Bell

5 Matt Williams

6 Andres Galarraga

7 Andruw Jones

8 Chipper Jones

9 Greg Maddux

10 Rafael Palmeiro

11 Cal Ripken Jr.

12 Brooks Robinson

13 Nomar Garciaparra

14 Pedro Martinez

15 Mo Vaughn

16 Ernie Banks

17 Mark Grace

18 Gary Matthews Sr.

19 Sammy Sosa

20 Albert Belle

21 Carlton Fisk

22 Frank Thomas

23 Ken Griffey Sr.

24 Paul Konerko

25 Barry Larkin

26 Sean Casey

27 Tony Perez

28 Bob Feller

29 Kenny Lofton

30 Manny Ramirez

31 Jim Thome

32 Omar Vizquel

33 Dante Bichette

34 Larry Walker

35 Tony Clark

36 Damion Easley

37 Cliff Floyd

38 Livan Hernandez

39 Jeff Bagwell

40 Craig Biggio

41 Al Kaline

42 Johnny Damon

43 Dean Palmer

44 Charles Johnson

45 Eric Karros

46 Gaylord Perry

47 Raul Mondesi

48 Gary Sheffield

49 Eddie Mathews

50 Warren Spahn

51 Jeromy Burnitz

52 Jeff Cirillo

53 Marquis Grissom

54 Paul Molitor

55 Kirby Puckett

56 Brad Radke

57 Todd Walker

58 Vladimir Guerrero

59 Brad Fullmer

60 Rondell White

61 Bobby Jones

62 Hideo Nomo

63 Mike Piazza

64 Tom Seaver

65 Frank Thomas

66 Yogi Berra

67 Derek Jeter

68 Tino Martinez

69 Paul O'Neill

70 Andy Pettitte

71 Rollie Fingers

72 Rickey Henderson

73 Matt Stairs

74 Scott Rolen

75 Curt Schilling

76 Jose Guillen

77 Jason Kendall

78 Lou Brock

79 Bob Gibson

80 Ray Lankford

81 Mark McGwire

83 Kevin Brown

84 Ken Caminiti

85 Tony Gwynn

86 Greg Vaughn

87 Barry Bonds

88 Willie Stargell

89 Willie McCovey

90 Ken Griffey Jr.

91 Randy Johnson

92 Alex Rodriguez

93 Quinton McCracken

94 Fred McGriff

95 Juan Gonzalez

96 Ivan Rodriguez

97 Nolan Ryan

98 Jose Canseco

99 Roger Clemens

100 Jose Cruz Jr.


101 Justin Baughman RC

102 David Dellucci RC

103 Travis Lee

104 Troy Glaus RC

105 Kerry Wood

106 Mike Caruso

107 Jim Parque RC

108 Brett Tomko

109 Russell Branyan

110 Jaret Wright

111 Todd Helton

112 Gabe Alvarez

113 Matt Anderson RC

114 Alex Gonzalez

115 Mark Kotsay

116 Derrek Lee

117 Richard Hidalgo

118 Adrian Beltre

119 Geoff Jenkins

120 Eric Milton

121 Brad Fullmer

122 Vladimir Guerrero

123 Carl Pavano

124 Orlando Hernandez RC

125 Ben Grieve

126 A.J. Hinch

127 Matt Clement

128 Gary Matthews Jr. RC

129 Aramis Ramirez

130 Rolando Arrojo RC


Big Boppers

Each card is serial-numbered to 500 copies.

BB1 Darin Erstad

BB2 Rafael Palmeiro

BB3 Cal Ripken

BB4 Nomar Garciaparra

BB5 Mo Vaughn

BB6 Frank Thomas

BB7 Albert Belle

BB8 Jim Thome

BB9 Manny Ramirez

BB10 Tony Clark

BB11 Tino Martinez

BB12 Ben Grieve

BB13 Ken Griffey Jr.

BB14 Alex Rodriguez

BB15 Jay Buhner

BB16 Juan Gonzalez

BB17 Jose Cruz Jr.

BB18 Jose Canseco

BB19 Travis Lee

BB20 Chipper Jones

BB21 Andres Galarraga

BB22 Andruw Jones

BB23 Sammy Sosa

BB24 Vinny Castilla

BB25 Larry Walker

BB26 Jeff Bagwell

BB27 Gary Sheffield

BB28 Mike Piazza

BB29 Mark McGwire

BB30 Barry Bonds

Groovy Kind of Glove

G1 Roberto Alomar

G2 Cal Ripken

G3 Nomar Garciaparra

G4 Frank Thomas

G5 Robin Ventura

G6 Omar Vizquel

G7 Kenny Lofton

G8 Ben Grieve

G9 Alex Rodriguez

G10 Ken Griffey Jr.

G11 Ivan Rodriguez

G12 Travis Lee

G13 Matt Williams

G14 Greg Maddux

G15 Andres Galarraga

G16 Andruw Jones

G17 Kerry Wood

G18 Mark Grace

G19 Craig Biggio

G20 Charles Johnson

G21 Raul Mondesi

G22 Mike Piazza

G23 Rey Ordonez

G24 Derek Jeter

G25 Scott Rolen

New Frontier

Each card is serial-numbered to 1000 copies

NF1 Justin Baughman

NF2 David Dellucci

NF3 Travis Lee

NF4 Troy Glaus

NF5 Mike Caruso

NF6 Jim Parque

NF7 Kerry Wood

NF8 Brett Tomko

NF9 Russell Branyan

NF10 Jaret Wright

NF11 Todd Helton

NF12 Gabe Alvarez

NF13 Matt Anderson

NF14 Alex Gonzalez

NF15 Mark Kotsay

NF16 Derrek Lee

NF17 Richard Hidalgo

NF18 Adrian Beltre

NF19 Geoff Jenkins

NF20 Eric Milton

NF21 Brad Fullmer

NF22 Vladimir Guerrero

NF23 Carl Pavano

NF24 Orlando Hernandez

NF25 Ben Grieve

NF26 A.J. Hinch

NF27 Matt Clement

NF28 Gary Matthews Jr.

NF29 Aramis Ramirez

NF30 Rolando Arrojo

Quantum Leap

Each card is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

Q1 Darin Erstad

Q2 Cal Ripken

Q3 Nomar Garciaparra

Q4 Frank Thomas

Q5 Kenny Lofton

Q6 Ben Grieve

Q7 Ken Griffey Jr.

Q8 Alex Rodriguez

Q9 Juan Gonzalez

Q10 Jose Cruz Jr.

Q11 Roger Clemens

Q12 Travis Lee

Q13 Chipper Jones

Q14 Greg Maddux

Q15 Kerry Wood

Q16 Jeff Bagwell

Q17 Mike Piazza

Q18 Scott Rolen

Q19 Mark McGwire

Q20 Tony Gwynn

Q21 Larry Walker

Q22 Derek Jeter

Q23 Sammy Sosa

Q24 Barry Bonds

Q25 Mo Vaughn

Q26 Roberto Alomar

Q27 Todd Helton

Q28 Ivan Rodriguez

Q29 Vladimir Guerrero

Q30 Albert Belle

Time Capsule

TC1 Mike Mussina

TC2 Rafael Palmeiro

TC3 Cal Ripken

TC4 Nomar Garciaparra

TC5 Pedro Martinez

TC6 Mo Vaughn

TC7 Albert Belle

TC8 Frank Thomas

TC9 David Justice

TC10 Kenny Lofton

TC11 Manny Ramirez

TC12 Jim Thome

TC13 Derek Jeter

TC14 Tino Martinez

TC15 Ben Grieve

TC16 Rickey Henderson

TC17 Ken Griffey Jr.

TC18 Randy Johnson

TC19 Alex Rodriguez

TC20 Wade Boggs

TC21 Fred McGriff

TC22 Juan Gonzalez

TC23 Ivan Rodriguez

TC24 Nolan Ryan

TC25 Jose Canseco

TC26 Roger Clemens

TC27 Jose Cruz Jr.

TC28 Travis Lee

TC29 Matt Williams

TC30 Andres Galarraga

TC31 Andruw Jones

TC32 Chipper Jones

TC33 Greg Maddux

TC34 Kerry Wood

TC35 Barry Larkin

TC36 Dante Bichette

TC37 Larry Walker

TC38 Livan Hernandez

TC39 Jeff Bagwell

TC40 Craig Biggio

TC41 Charles Johnson

TC42 Gary Sheffield

TC43 Marquis Grissom

TC44 Mike Piazza

TC45 Scott Rolen

TC46 Curt Schilling

TC47 Mark McGwire

TC48 Ken Caminiti

TC49 Tony Gwynn

TC50 Barry Bonds


These six collectible lunchboxes doubled as packaging for the 24 packs of Retro trading cards inside and were meant to be a collectible it's own right.

1 Nomar Garciaparra

2 Ken Griffey Jr.

3 Chipper Jones

4 Travis Lee

5 Mark McGwire

6 Cal Ripken


Sign of the Times

AK Al Kaline /600

BF Bob Feller /600

BGI Bob Gibson /300

BGR Ben Grieve /300

BR Brooks Robinson /300

CF Carlton Fisk /600

EB Ernie Banks /300

EM Eddie Mathews /600

FT Frank Thomas /600

GMJ Gary Matthews Jr. /750

GMS Gary Matthews Sr. /600

GP Gaylord Perry /1000

JC Jose Cruz Jr. /300

KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. /100

KGS Ken Griffey Sr. /600

KP Kirby Puckett /450

KW Kerry Wood /200

LB Lou Brock /300

NR Nolan Ryan /500

PK Paul Konerko /750

RB Russell Branyan /750

RF Rollie Fingers /600

SR Scott Rolen /300

TG Tony Gwynn /200

TLE Travis Lee /300

TP Tony Perez /600

TS Tom Seaver /300

WIS Willie Stargell /600

WM Willie McCovey /600

WS Warren Spahn /600

YB Yogi Berra /150

Legendary Cuts

Considered to be one of the first examples of a "cut" signature trading card, Upper Deck acquired an autograph album that included three Babe Ruth signatures. UD carefully cut out the Ruth's to create these cards.

LC Babe Ruth /3