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SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 1999) AND (setname = 'UD Choice Homerun Heroes');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 1999) AND (setname = 'UD Choice Homerun Heroes');
===Mini Bobbing Head===
===Mini Bobbing Head===
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SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 1999) AND (setname = 'UD Choice Superstars Cans');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 1999) AND (setname = 'UD Choice Superstars Cans');
===Grand Slam Record Breakers===
===Grand Slam Record Breakers===
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ORDER BY num +0 ASC;
ORDER BY num +0 ASC;
===Rookie Class===
===Rookie Class===

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1999 UD Choice is a 155-card, single-series, set. Even though it is labeled as "Series One" on the packaging, this was the only series as Series Two was never released. This would be the final Collector's Choice/UD Choice set released by Upper Deck as it was replaced by MVP as their low-price brand.


Wax: 36 packs per box, 12 cards per pack.

Cans: five cards per can.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 155 - 11:1
Prime Choice Reserve 155 100 ?
StarQuest Blue 30 - one-per-pack
StarQuest Green 30 - 1:8
StarQuest Red 30 - 1:23
StarQuest Gold 30 100 ?
Mini Bobbing Head 30 - 1:5
Yard Work 30 - 1:13
Eddie Murray A Piece of History 500 HR Club 1 350 ?



See 1999 UD Choice Preview.

Base Set

1 Gabe Kapler R CLASS

2 Jin Ho Cho R CLASS

3 Matt Anderson R CLASS

4 Ricky Ledee R CLASS

5 Bruce Chen R CLASS

6 Alex Gonzalez R CLASS

7 Ryan Minor R CLASS

8 Michael Barrett R CLASS

9 Carlos Beltran R CLASS

10 Ramon E. Martinez R CLASS RC

11 Dermal Brown R CLASS

12 Robert Fick R CLASS

13 Preston Wilson R CLASS

14 Orlando Hernandez R CLASS

15 Troy Glaus R CLASS

16 Calvin Pickering R CLASS

17 Corey Koskie R CLASS

18 Fernando Seguignol R CLASS

19 Carlos Guillen R CLASS

20 Kevin Witt R CLASS

21 Mike Kinkade R CLASS

22 Eric Chavez R CLASS

23 Mike Lowell R CLASS

24 Adrian Beltre R CLASS

25 George Lombard R CLASS

26 Jeremy Giambi R CLASS

27 J.D. Drew R CLASS

28 Mark McGwire CG

29 Kerry Wood CG

30 David Wells CG

31 Juan Gonzalez CG

32 Randy Johnson CG

33 Derek Jeter CG

34 Tony Gwynn CG

35 Greg Maddux CG

36 Cal Ripken, Jr. CG

37 Ken Griffey, Jr. CG

38 Bartolo Colon CG

39 Troy Glaus CG

40 Ben Grieve CG

41 Roger Clemens CG

42 Chipper Jones CG

43 Scott Rolen CG

44 Nomar Garciaparra CG

45 Sammy Sosa CG

46 Tim Salmon

47 Darin Erstad

48 Chuck Finley

49 Garret Anderson

50 Matt Williams

51 Jay Bell

52 Travis Lee

53 Andruw Jones

54 Andres Galarraga

55 Chipper Jones

56 Greg Maddux

57 Javy Lopez

58 Cal Ripken, Jr.

59 Brady Anderson

60 Rafael Palmeiro

61 B.J. Surhoff

62 Nomar Garciaparra

63 Troy O'Leary

64 Pedro Martinez

65 Jason Varitek

66 Kerry Wood

67 Sammy Sosa

68 Mark Grace

69 Mickey Morandini

70 Albert Belle

71 Mike Caruso

72 Frank Thomas

73 Sean Casey

74 Pete Harnisch

75 Dmitri Young

76 Manny Ramirez

77 Omar Vizquel

78 Travis Fryman

79 Jim Thome

80 Kenny Lofton

81 Todd Helton

82 Larry Walker

83 Vinny Castilla

84 Gabe Alvarez

85 Tony Clark

86 Damion Easley

87 Livan Hernandez

88 Mark Kotsay

89 Cliff Floyd

90 Jeff Bagwell

91 Moises Alou

92 Randy Johnson

93 Craig Biggio

94 Larry Sutton

95 Dean Palmer

96 Johnny Damon

97 Charles Johnson

98 Gary Sheffield

99 Raul Mondesi

100 Mark Grudzielanek

101 Jeromy Burnitz

102 Jeff Cirillo

103 Jose Valentin

104 Mark Loretta

105 Todd Walker

106 David Ortiz

107 Brad Radke

108 Brad Fullmer

109 Rondell White

110 Vladimir Guerrero

111 Mike Piazza

112 Brian McRae

113 John Olerud

114 Rey Ordonez

115 Derek Jeter

116 Bernie Williams

117 David Wells

118 Paul O'Neill

119 Tino Martinez

120 A.J. Hinch

121 Jason Giambi

122 Miguel Tejada

123 Ben Grieve

124 Scott Rolen

125 Desi Relaford

126 Bob Abreu

127 Jose Guillen

128 Jason Kendall

129 Aramis Ramirez

130 Mark McGwire

131 Ray Lankford

132 Eli Marrero

133 Wally Joyner

134 Greg Vaughn

135 Trevor Hoffman

136 Kevin Brown

137 Tony Gwynn

138 Bill Mueller

139 Ellis Burks

140 Barry Bonds

141 Robb Nen

142 Ken Griffey, Jr.

143 Alex Rodriguez

144 Jay Buhner

145 Edgar Martinez

146 Rolando Arrojo

147 Robert Smith

148 Quinton McCracken

149 Ivan Rodriguez

150 Will Clark

151 Mark McLemore

152 Juan Gonzalez

153 Jose Cruz, Jr.

154 Carlos Delgado

155 Roger Clemens


Each of the 155 base cards are available in a Prime Choice Reserve parallel, which is serial-numbered to 100 copies.

Blow Ups

There are two separate ten-card 5" X 7" over-sized partial-parallels, each was available via a wrapper redemption offer.


1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

2 Sammy Sosa

3 Mark McGwire

4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

5 Roger Clemens

6 Derek Jeter

7 Kerry Wood

8 Alex Rodriguez

9 Nomar Garciaparra

10 Greg Maddux

Cover Glory

1 Mark McGwire

2 Kerry Wood

3 Juan Gonzalez

4 Derek Jeter

5 Tony Gwynn

6 Cal Ripken, Jr.

7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

8 Roger Clemens

9 Nomar Garciaparra

10 Sammy Sosa


Draw Your Own Card

DY Ken Griffey Jr.

Homerun Heroes

This ten-card set was exclusive to specially marked retail packs.

H1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

H2 Mark McGwire

H3 Sammy Sosa

H4 Troy Glaus

H5 Mike Piazza

H6 Chipper Jones

H7 Vladimir Guerrero

H8 Frank Thomas

H9 Juan Gonzalez

H10 Alex Rodriguez

Mini Bobbing Head

1 Randy Johnson

2 Troy Glaus

3 Chipper Jones

4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

5 Nomar Garciaparra

6 Pedro Martinez

7 Kerry Wood

8 Sammy Sosa

9 Frank Thomas

10 Paul Konerko

11 Omar Vizquel

12 Kenny Lofton

13 Gabe Kapler

14 Adrian Beltre

15 Orlando Hernandez

16 Derek Jeter

17 Mike Piazza

18 Tino Martinez

19 Ben Grieve

20 Rickey Henderson

21 Scott Rolen

22 Aramis Ramirez

23 Greg Vaughn

24 Tony Gwynn

25 Barry Bonds

26 Alex Rodriguez

27 Ken Griffey, Jr.

28 Mark McGwire

29 J.D. Drew

30 Juan Gonzalez


Parallels include:

  • Green (1:8)
  • Red (1:23)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 100 copies).

SQ1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

SQ2 Sammy Sosa

SQ3 Alex Rodriguez

SQ4 Derek Jeter

SQ5 Troy Glaus

SQ6 Mike Piazza

SQ7 Barry Bonds

SQ8 Tony Gwynn

SQ9 Juan Gonzalez

SQ10 Chipper Jones

SQ11 Greg Maddux

SQ12 Randy Johnson

SQ13 Roger Clemens

SQ14 Ben Grieve

SQ15 Nomar Garciaparra

SQ16 Travis Lee

SQ17 Frank Thomas

SQ18 Vladimir Guerrero

SQ19 Scott Rolen

SQ20 Ivan Rodriguez

SQ21 Cal Ripken, Jr.

SQ22 Mark McGwire

SQ23 Jeff Bagwell

SQ24 Tony Clark

SQ25 Kerry Wood

SQ26 Kenny Lofton

SQ27 Adrian Beltre

SQ28 Larry Walker

SQ29 Curt Schilling

SQ30 Jim Thome

Yard Work

Y1 Andres Galarraga

Y2 Chipper Jones

Y3 Rafael Palmeiro

Y4 Nomar Garciaparra

Y5 Sammy Sosa

Y6 Frank Thomas

Y7 J.D. Drew

Y8 Albert Belle

Y9 Jim Thome

Y10 Manny Ramirez

Y11 Larry Walker

Y12 Vinny Castilla

Y13 Tony Clark

Y14 Jeff Bagwell

Y15 Moises Alou

Y16 Dean Palmer

Y17 Gary Sheffield

Y18 Vladimir Guerrero

Y19 Mike Piazza

Y20 Tino Martinez

Y21 Ben Grieve

Y22 Greg Vaughn

Y23 Ken Caminiti

Y24 Barry Bonds

Y25 Ken Griffey, Jr.

Y26 Alex Rodriguez

Y27 Mark McGwire

Y28 Juan Gonzalez

Y29 Jose Canseco

Y30 Jose Cruz, Jr.

Opening Season Superstars

One card was inserted into each Superstar can.

S1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

S2 Mark McGwire

S3 Sammy Sosa

S4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

S5 Nomar Garciaparra

S6 Alex Rodriguez

S7 Kerry Wood

S8 Juan Gonzalez

S9 Derek Jeter

S10 Greg Maddux

Superstars Cans

1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

2 Mark McGwire

3 Sammy Sosa

4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

5 Nomar Garciaparra

6 Alex Rodriguez

Grand Slam Record Breakers

One card was inserted into each Record Breakers can.

G4 Roger Clemens

G5 Kerry Wood

G7 Barry Bonds

G8 David Wells

G1 Mark McGwire

G2 Sammy Sosa

G3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

G6 Cal Ripken, Jr.

G9 Sammy Sosa

G10 Mark McGwire

Record Breakers Cans

1 Mark McGwire

2 Sammy Sosa

3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

4 Roger Clemens

5 Kerry Wood

6 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Rookie Class

One card was inserted into each Rookie Class can.

R1 J.D. Drew

R2 Gabe Kapler

R3 Eric Chavez

R4 Troy Glaus

R5 Ryan Minor

R6 Corey Koskie

R7 Jeremy Giambi

R8 Carlos Beltran

R9 Carlos Guillen

R10 Mike Kinkade

Rookie Class Cans

1 J.D. Drew

2 Gabe Kapler

3 Eric Chavez

4 Troy Glaus

5 Ryan Minor

6 Corey Koskie

Autographs & Game-Used

Eddie Murray A Piece of History 500 HR Club

See Upper Deck A Piece of History 500 HR Club.