2000 Upper Deck A Piece of History 3000 Hit Club

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2000 Upper Deck A Piece of History 3000 Hit Club is a multi-brand, game-used set featuring all members (except Pete Rose) of the 3000 Hit Club. Upper Deck inserted into various 2000 baseball products cards featuring a piece of a game-used bat and/or game-used jersey.

A Piece of History cards were released in the following products:

2000 SP Authentic: Tris Speaker and Paul Waner

2000 SPx: Ty Cobb

2000 UD Ionix: Roberto Clemente

2000 Upper Deck Series Two: Hank Aaron

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve: Al Kaline

2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club: Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn

2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX: George Brett and Robin Yount

2000 Upper Deck Legends: Paul Molitor and Carl Yastrzemski

2000 Upper Deck MVP: Stan Musial

2000 Upper Deck Ovation: Willie Mays

2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects: Lou Brock and Rod Carew

2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends: Dave Winfield

2001 Upper Deck Series One: Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken, Jr.


AKB Al Kaline BAT 400

BGB Wade Boggs / Tony Gywnn BAT 99

BYB George Brett / Robin Yount BAT 99

BYJ George Brett / Robin Yount JSY 99

CRB Cal Ripken, Jr. BAT 350

CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr. JSY 350

CRJB Cal Ripken, Jr. BAT/JSY 100

CYB Carl Yastrzemski BAT 350

CYJ Carl Yastrzemski JSY 350

CYJB Carl Yastrzemski BAT/JSY 100

DWB Dave Winfield BAT 350

DWJ Dave Winfield JSY 350

DWJB Dave Winfield BAT/JSY 100

EMB Eddie Murray BAT 350

EMJ Eddie Murray JSY 350

EMJB Eddie Murray BAT/JSY 100

GBB George Brett BAT 350

GBJ George Brett JSY 350

HAB Hank Aaron BAT 350

HAJ Hank Aaron JSY 350

HAJB Hank Aaron BAT/JSY 100

LBB Lou Brock BAT 350

LBJ Lou Brock JSY 350

LBJB Lou Brock BAT/JSY 100

PMB Paul Molitor BAT 350

PWB Paul Waner BAT 250

RCAB Rod Carew BAT 350

RCABJ Rod Carew BAT/JSY 100

RCAJ Rod Carew JSY 350

RCLB Roberto Clemente BAT 350

RYB Robin Yount BAT 350

RYJ Robin Yount JSY 350

SMB Stan Musial BAT 350

SMJ Stan Musial JSY 350

SMJB Stan Musial BAT/JSY 100

TCB Ty Cobb BAT 350

TGB Tony Gwynn BAT 350

TGBC Tony Gwynn BAT/HAT 50

TSB Tris Speaker BAT 350

WBB Wade Boggs BAT 350

WBBC Wade Boggs BAT/HAT 50

WMB Willie Mays BAT 300

WMJ Willie Mays JSY 350

WMJB Willie Mays BAT/JSY 50


As part of the Upper Deck A Piece of History 3000 Hit Club Club series, Upper Deck had most of the living members of the 500 homer club sign a number of their bat cards. Each player's autographed card was inserted into the same product as the un-autographed versions listed above.

In most cases, each autographed version is serial-numbered to the player's uniform number. Unlike the non-autographed version, each autographed card is hand-numbered.

For deceased players, cut signatures were used.

Card #AKBS packed out as a redemption card, which expired April 10, 2001. Cards #CRJBS and EMJBS also packed out as redemptions which expired August 22, 2001.


BYBJ George Brett / Robin Yount JSY 10

BYBS George Brett / Robin Yount BAT 10

CRJBS Cal Ripken, Jr. BAT/JSY EXCH 8

CYJBS Carl Yastrzemski BAT/JSY 8

DWJBS Dave Winfield BAT/JSY 31

EMJBS Eddie Murray BAT/JSY EXCH 33

RCAJS Rod Carew BAT/JSY 30

RCLBC Roberto Clemente CUT/BAT 5

RCLC Roberto Clemente CUT 4

SMJBS Stan Musial BAT/JSY 6


TCC Ty Cobb CUT 3

TGBS Tony Gwynn BAT 19

TSBC Tris Speaker CUT/BAT 5

WBBS Wade Boggs BAT 12

WMJBS Willie Mays BAT/JSY 24