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2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

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Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects is a 165-card set released by Topps in December, 2002. Much like it's sister-product Topps Traded & Rookies the year before "BDP&P" was distributed exclusively in pack form and bundled together with a Chrome edition for the first time. Each seven-card pack contained four BDP&P cards, one Gold parallel, and two Bowman Chrome parallels.

The Chrome set contains ten additional cards which all came autographed.


24 packs per box, seven cards per pack (MSRP: $2.99). 10 boxes per case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 165 - 4:1
Gold 165 - one-per-pack
Chrome 165 - two-per-pack
Chrome Autographs 10 - 1:45
Chrome Refractors 165 300 1:11
Chrome Autographs Refractors 10 - 1:154
Chrome X-Fractors 165 150 1:22
Chrome Autographs Refractors 10 - 1:309
Chrome Gold Refractors 165 50 1:67
Chrome Autographs Gold Refractors 10 - 1:1546
Freshman Fiber 13 - varies
Fabric of the Future 28 - 1:55
Signs of the Future 21 - varies


Base Set

  • BDP1 Clint Everts RC*
  • BDP2 Fred Lewis RC
  • BDP3 Jonathan Broxton RC
  • BDP4 Jason Anderson RC*
  • BDP5 Mike Eusebio RC*
  • BDP6 Zack Greinke RC
  • BDP7 Joe Blanton RC
  • BDP8 Sergio Santos RC
  • BDP9 Jason Cooper RC*
  • BDP10 Delwyn Young RC
  • BDP11 Jeremy Hermida RC
  • BDP12 Dan Ortmeier RC
  • BDP13 Kevin Jepsen RC
  • BDP14 Russ Adams RC*
  • BDP15 Mike Nixon RC*
  • BDP16 Nick Swisher RC
  • BDP17 Cole Hamels RC
  • BDP18 Brian Dopirak RC*
  • BDP19 James Loney RC
  • BDP20 Denard Span RC
  • BDP21 Billy Petrick RC
  • BDP22 Jared Doyle RC
  • BDP23 Jeff Francoeur RC
  • BDP24 Nick Bourgeois RC*
  • BDP25 Matt Cain RC
  • BDP26 John McCurdy RC*
  • BDP27 Mark Kiger RC
  • BDP28 Bill Murphy RC*
  • BDP29 Matt Craig RC*
  • BDP30 Mike Megrew RC*
  • BDP31 Ben Crockett RC*
  • BDP32 Luke Hagerty RC*
  • BDP33 Matt Whitney RC*
  • BDP34 Dan Meyer RC*
  • BDP35 Jeremy Brown RC
  • BDP36 Doug Johnson RC*
  • BDP37 Steve Obenchain RC*
  • BDP38 Matt Clanton RC*
  • BDP39 Mark Teahen RC
  • BDP40 Tom Carrow RC*
  • BDP41 Micah Schilling RC*
  • BDP42 Blair Johnson RC*
  • BDP43 Jason Pridie RC
  • BDP44 Joey Votto RC
  • BDP45 Taber Lee RC*
  • BDP46 Adam Peterson RC
  • BDP47 Adam Donachie RC*
  • BDP48 Josh Murray RC*
  • BDP49 Brent Clevlen RC
  • BDP50 Chad Pleiness RC*
  • BDP51 Zach Hammes RC*
  • BDP52 Chris Snyder RC
  • BDP53 Chris Smith RC
  • BDP54 Justin Maureau RC*
  • BDP55 David Bush RC
  • BDP56 Tim Gilhooly RC*
  • BDP57 Blair Barbier RC*
  • BDP58 Zach Segovia RC
  • BDP59 Jeremy Reed RC
  • BDP60 Matt Pender RC*
  • BDP61 Eric Thomas RC*
  • BDP62 Justin Jones RC*
  • BDP63 Brian Slocum RC
  • BDP64 Larry Broadway RC*
  • BDP65 Bo Flowers RC*
  • BDP66 Scott White RC*
  • BDP67 Steve Stanley RC*
  • BDP68 Alex Merricks RC*
  • BDP69 Josh Womack RC*
  • BDP70 Dave Jensen RC*
  • BDP71 Curtis Granderson RC
  • BDP72 Pat Osborn RC*
  • BDP73 Nic Carter RC*
  • BDP74 Mitch Talbot RC
  • BDP75 Don Murphy RC
  • BDP76 Val Majewski RC
  • BDP77 Javy Rodriguez RC*
  • BDP78 Fernando Pacheco RC*
  • BDP79 Steve Russell RC*
  • BDP80 Jon Slack RC*
  • BDP81 John Baker RC
  • BDP82 Aaron Coonrod RC*
  • BDP83 Josh Johnson RC
  • BDP84 Jake Blalock RC*
  • BDP85 Alex Hart RC*
  • BDP86 Wes Bankston RC
  • BDP87 Josh Rupe RC
  • BDP88 Dan Cevette RC*
  • BDP89 Kiel Fisher RC*
  • BDP90 Alan Rick RC*
  • BDP91 Charlie Morton RC
  • BDP92 Chad Spann RC*
  • BDP93 Kyle Boyer RC*
  • BDP94 Bob Malek RC*
  • BDP95 Ryan Rodriguez RC*
  • BDP96 Jordan Renz RC*
  • BDP97 Randy Frye RC*
  • BDP98 Rich Hill RC
  • BDP99 B.J. Upton RC
  • BDP100 Dan Christensen RC*
  • BDP101 Casey Kotchman RC
  • BDP102 Eric Good RC*
  • BDP103 Mike Fontenot RC
  • BDP104 John Webb RC
  • BDP105 Jason Dubois RC
  • BDP106 Ryan Kibler RC*
  • BDP107 Jhonny Peralta RC
  • BDP108 Kirk Saarloos RC
  • BDP109 Rhett Parrott RC*
  • BDP110 Jason Grove RC*
  • BDP111 Colt Griffin RC*
  • BDP112 Dallas McPherson RC
  • BDP113 Oliver Perez RC
  • BDP114 Marshall McDougall RC
  • BDP115 Mike Wood RC
  • BDP116 Scott Hairston RC
  • BDP117 Jason Simontacchi RC
  • BDP118 Taggert Bozied RC*
  • BDP119 Shelley Duncan RC
  • BDP120 Dontrelle Willis RC
  • BDP121 Sean Burnett
  • BDP122 Aaron Cook RC
  • BDP123 Brett Evert
  • BDP124 Jimmy Journell
  • BDP125 Brett Myers
  • BDP126 Brad Baker
  • BDP127 Billy Traber RC
  • BDP128 Adam Wainwright
  • BDP129 Jason Young RC
  • BDP130 John Buck
  • BDP131 Kevin Cash
  • BDP132 Jason Stokes RC*
  • BDP133 Drew Henson
  • BDP134 Chad Tracy RC
  • BDP135 Orlando Hudson
  • BDP136 Brandon Phillips
  • BDP137 Joe Borchard
  • BDP138 Marlon Byrd
  • BDP139 Carl Crawford
  • BDP140 Michael Restovich
  • BDP141 Corey Hart RC
  • BDP142 Edwin Almonte
  • BDP143 Francis Beltran RC
  • BDP144 Jorge De La Rosa RC
  • BDP145 Gerardo Garcia RC*
  • BDP146 Franklyn German RC
  • BDP147 Francisco Liriano
  • BDP148 Francisco Rodriguez
  • BDP149 Ricardo Rodriguez
  • BDP150 Seung Song
  • BDP151 John Stephens
  • BDP152 Justin Huber RC
  • BDP153 Victor Martinez
  • BDP154 Hee Seop Choi
  • BDP155 Justin Morneau
  • BDP156 Miguel Cabrera
  • BDP157 Victor Diaz RC
  • BDP158 Jose Reyes
  • BDP159 Omar Infante
  • BDP160 Angel Berroa
  • BDP161 Tony Alvarez
  • BDP162 Shin-Soo Choo RC
  • BDP163 Wily Mo Pena
  • BDP164 Andres Torres
  • BDP165 Jose Lopez RC


All 165 cards are available in a one-per-pack Gold parallel.


Just like with 2001 Topps Traded & Rookies, Topps decided to "bundle" the Chrome version in with the standard edition of BDP&P. Each pack contained two Bowman Chrome DP&P cards.

Each of the 165 Chrome base cards are also available in the following Refractor parallels.

  • Refractor (serial-numbered to 300 copies)
  • X-Fractor (serial-numbered to 150 copies)
  • Gold Refractor (serial-numbered to 50 copies)

Chrome Autographs

Ten additional autographed cards were added as an extension to the Chrome version of the product and were seeded into packs at the rate of 1:45. These ten cards are NOT available in the standard BDP&P set and NOT available unautographed.

    Each of the ten Chrome Autographs are also available in the following Refractor parallels.

    • Refractor
    • X-Fractor
    • Gold Refractor

    NOTE: Unlike the Chrome base Refractors, the Chrome Autographed Refractors are NOT serial-numbered.

    Autographs & Game-Used

    Freshman Fiber

    • FF-AH Aubrey Huff JSY
    • FF-AK Austin Kearns BAT
    • FF-BA Brent Abernathy JSY
    • FF-DB Dewon Brazelton JSY
    • FF-JH Josh Hamilton JSY
    • FF-JK Joe Kennedy JSY
    • FF-JS Jared Sandberg JSY
    • FF-JV John VanBenschoten JSY
    • FF-JWS Jason Standridge JSY
    • FF-MB Marlon Byrd BAT
    • FF-MT Mark Teixeira BAT
    • FF-NB Nick Bierbrodt JSY
    • FF-TH Toby Hall JSY

    Fabric of the Future

      Signs of the Future

      • SOF-BI Brandon Inge E
      • SOF-BK Bob Keppel C
      • SOF-BP Brandon Phillips B
      • SOF-BS Bud Smith E
      • SOF-CP Christian Parra D
      • SOF-CT Chad Tracy A
      • SOF-DD Dan Denham A
      • SOF-EB Erik Bedard A
      • SOF-JEM Justin Morneau B
      • SOF-JM Jake Mauer B
      • SOF-JR Juan Rivera B
      • SOF-JW Jerome Williams F
      • SOF-KH Kris Honel A
      • SOF-LB Larry Bigbie E
      • SOF-LN Lance Niekro A
      • SOF-ME Morgan Ensberg E
      • SOF-MF Mike Fontenot A
      • SOF-MJ Mitch Jones A
      • SOF-NJ Nic Jackson B
      • SOF-TB Taylor Buchholz B
      • SOF-TL Todd Linden B