2002 Donruss Playoff ALCS/NLCS Program

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For the 2002 ALCS and NLCS playoffs, Donruss-Playoff created two, 32-card, promo sets that were randomly inserted into each series' respective program. Each card is perforated for ease of detachment from the magazine and are reprints of base cards and inserts from previously released 2002 Donruss-Playoff baseball card sets..


Eight cards per program.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
ALCS 32 - 8:1
NLCS 32 - 8:1



  • ALCS-1 Cal Ripken, Jr. DK
  • ALCS-2 Nomar Garciaparra DK
  • ALCS-3 Roger Clemens DK
  • ALCS-4 Alex Rodriguez DK
  • ALCS-5 Troy Glaus DK
  • ALCS-6 Miguel Tejada DK
  • ALCS-7 Alfonso Soriano DK
  • ALCS-8 Ted Williams DK
  • ALCS-9 Manny Ramirez Originals
  • ALCS-10 Nolan Ryan Originals
  • ALCS-11 Roger Clemens Originals
  • ALCS-12 Alex Rodriguez Originals
  • ALCS-13 Paul Konerko Originals
  • ALCS-14 Don Mattingly Originals
  • ALCS-15 Miguel Tejada Originals
  • ALCS-16 Rickey Henderson Originals
  • ALCS-17 Jim Thome Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-18 Garret Anderson Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-19 Alfonso Soriano Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-20 Nomar Garciaparra Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-21 Eric Chavez Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-22 Magglio Ordonez Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-23 Roger Clemens Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-24 Torii Hunter Piece of the Game
  • ALCS-25 Eric Hinske Studio
  • ALCS-26 Edgar Martinez Studio
  • ALCS-27 Pedro Martinez Studio
  • ALCS-28 Roger Clemens Studio
  • ALCS-29 Alex Rodriguez Studio
  • ALCS-30 George Brett Studio
  • ALCS-31 Dewon Brazelton Studio
  • ALCS-32 Barry Zito Studio


  • NLCS-1 Randy Johnson DK
  • NLCS-2 Josh Beckett DK
  • NLCS-3 Mike Piazza DK
  • NLCS-4 Greg Maddux DK
  • NLCS-5 Lance Berkman DK
  • NLCS-6 Mark Prior DK
  • NLCS-7 Adam Dunn DK
  • NLCS-8 Tony Gwynn DK
  • NLCS-9 Jeff Bagwell Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-10 Shawn Green Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-11 Vladimir Guerrero Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-12 Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-13 Luis Gonzalez Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-14 Todd Helton Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-15 Richie Sexson Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-16 Chipper Jones Piece of the Game
  • NLCS-17 J.D. Drew Studio
  • NLCS-18 Randy Johnson Studio
  • NLCS-19 Mike Piazza Studio
  • NLCS-20 Ozzie Smith Studio
  • NLCS-21 Jeff Kent Studio
  • NLCS-22 Roy Oswalt Studio
  • NLCS-23 Pat Burrell Studio
  • NLCS-24 Todd Helton Studio
  • NLCS-25 Mike Schmidt Originals
  • NLCS-26 Andruw Jones Originals
  • NLCS-27 Lance Berkman Originals
  • NLCS-28 Vladimir Guerrero Originals
  • NLCS-29 Roberto Clemente Originals
  • NLCS-30 Austin Kearns Originals
  • NLCS-31 Curt Schilling Originals
  • NLCS-32 Kazuhisa Ishii Originals