2005 Topps Updates & Highlights

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2005 Topps Updates & Highlights is a 330-card released in November, 2005. Updates & Highlights is the new name for the revamped Traded & Rookies brand -- and in fact, Topps announced early in 2005 that Traded & Rookies would be rebranded as "Series Three." Like Traded & Rookies, the base set still had players who were traded or signed as free agents after the original 2005 Topps set was released; managers with their new teams; and the usual batch of rookies, prospects, and 2005 MLB Draft Picks. New for 2005 were season highlights, record breakers, league leaders, award winners, and participants in the 2005 MLB All-Star Game.

It should also be noted that, after four years of Topps Chrome Traded being "bundled" together with Topps Traded, 2005 Topps Chrome Updates & Highlights was given its own separate release.


Hobby/retail: 36 packs per box, ten cards per pack (MSRP: $1.50). Eight boxes per case.

HTA Jumbo: 12 packs per box, 35 cards per pack.

Factory sets.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds HTA Odds
Base 330 - 10:1 10:1 33:1
Gold 330 2005 1:4 1:4 one-per-pack
Blue 330 one-of-one 1:8035 1:8035 1:2341
Printing Plates 330 four for each 1:2009 N/A 1:582
Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup 10 - 1:10 1:10 1:4
Barry Bonds Home Run History 26 - 1:4 1:4 one-per-pack
All-Star Stitches 50 - varies varies varies
All-Star Patches 50 varies 1:910 1:910 1:268
Touch 'Em All Base Relic 10 1000 1:238 1:238 1:77
Legendary Sacks Relics 9 300 1:965 1:965 1:281
Midsummer Covers Ball Relic 10 150 1:524 N/A 1:512
Derby Digs Relics 7 100 1:3320 1:3320 1:637
Hall of Fame Bat Relics 2 - varies varies varies
Hall of Fame Dual Bat Relics 1 200 1:13,392 1:13,392 1:3815
Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup Relics 10 5 1:49,104 1:49,104 1:14,715
Signature Moves 18 varies varies varies varies
Signature Moves Red Foil 18 25 1:6676 1:6676 1:1908
Team Topps Blue Chips ? ? 1:1,537 ? ?


Base Set

Base Set

UH1 Sammy Sosa

UH2 Jeff Francoeur

UH3 Tony Clark

UH4 Michael Tucker

UH5 Mike Matheny

UH6 Eric Young

UH7 Jose Valentin

UH8 Matt Lawton

UH9 Juan Rivera

UH10 Shawn Green

UH11 Aaron Boone

UH12 Woody Williams

UH13 Brad Wilkerson

UH14 Anthony Reyes RC

UH15 Russ Adams

UH16 Gustavo Chacin

UH17 Michael Restovich

UH18 Humberto Quintero

UH19 Matt Ginter

UH20 Scott Podsednik

UH21 Byung-Hyun Kim

UH22 Orlando Hernandez

UH23 Mark Grudzielanek

UH24 Jody Gerut

UH25 Adrian Beltre

UH26 Scott Schoeneweis

UH27 Marlon Anderson

UH28 Jason Vargas

UH29 Claudio Vargas

UH30 Jason Kendall

UH31 Aaron Small

UH32 Juan Cruz

UH33 Placido Polanco

UH34 Jorge Sosa

UH35 John Olerud

UH36 Ryan Langerhans

UH37 Randy Winn

UH38 Zach Duke

UH39 Garrett Atkins

UH40 Al Leiter

UH41 Shawn Chacon

UH42 Mark DeRosa

UH43 Miguel Ojeda

UH44 A.J. Pierzynski

UH45 Carlos Lee

UH46 LaTroy Hawkins

UH47 Nick Green

UH48 Shawn Estes

UH49 Eli Marrero

UH50 Jeff Kent

UH51 Joe Randa

UH52 Jose Hernandez

UH53 Joe Blanton

UH54 Huston Street

UH55 Marlon Byrd

UH56 Alex Sanchez

UH57 Livan Hernandez

UH58 Chris Young

UH59 Brad Eldred

UH60 Terrence Long

UH61 Phil Nevin

UH62 Kyle Farnsworth

UH63 Jon Lieber

UH64 Antonio Alfonseca

UH65 Tony Graffanino

UH66 Tadahito Iguchi RC

UH67 Brad Thompson

UH68 Jose Vidro

UH69 Jason Phillips

UH70 Carl Pavano

UH71 Pokey Reese

UH72 Jerome Williams

UH73 Kazuhisa Ishii

UH74 Zach Day

UH75 Edgar Renteria

UH76 Mike Myers

UH77 Jeff Cirillo

UH78 Endy Chavez

UH79 Jose Guillen

UH80 Ugueth Urbina

UH81 Vinny Castilla

UH82 Javier Vazquez

UH83 Willy Taveras

UH84 Mark Mulder

UH85 Mike Hargrove MG

UH86 Buddy Bell MG

UH87 Charlie Manuel MG

UH88 Willie Randolph MG

UH89 Bob Melvin MG

UH90 Chris Lambert PROS

UH91 Homer Bailey PROS

UH92 Ervin Santana PROS

UH93 Bill Bray PROS

UH94 Thomas Diamond PROS

UH95 Trevor Plouffe PROS

UH96 James Houser PROS

UH97 Jake Stevens PROS

UH98 Anthony Whittington PROS

UH99 Philip Hughes PROS

UH100 Greg Golson PROS

UH101 Paul Maholm PROS

UH102 Carlos Quentin PROS

UH103 Dan Johnson PROS

UH104 Mark Rogers PROS

UH105 Neil Walker PROS

UH106 Omar Quintanilla PROS

UH107 Blake DeWitt PROS

UH108 Taylor Tankersley PROS

UH109 David Murphy PROS

UH110 Felix Hernandez PROS

UH111 Craig Biggio HL

UH112 Greg Maddux HL

UH113 Bobby Abreu HL

UH114 Alex Rodriguez HL

UH115 Trevor Hoffman HL

UH116 AJ Pierzynski/Iguchi ALDS

UH117 Reggie Sanders NLDS

UH118 B.Molina/E.Santana ALDS

UH119 Burke/Berkman/LaR NLDS

UH120 Garret Anderson ALCS

UH121 A.J. Pierzynski ALCS

UH122 Paul Konerko ALCS

UH123 Joe Crede ALCS

UH124 M.Buehrle/J.Garland ALCS

UH125 F.Garcia/J.Contreras ALCS

UH126 Reggie Sanders NLCS

UH127 Roy Oswalt NLCS

UH128 Roger Clemens NLCS

UH129 Albert Pujols NLCS

UH130 Roy Oswalt NLCS

UH131 J.Crede/B.Jenks WS

UH132 P.Konerko/S.Podsed WS

UH133 Geoff Blum WS

UH134 White Sox Sweep WS

UH135 ARod/Ortiz/Manny AL HR

UH136 Young/ARod/Vlad AL BA

UH137 Ortiz/Teix/Manny AL RBI

UH138 Colon/Garland/Lee AL W

UH139 Mill/Johan/Buehrle AL ERA

UH140 Johan/Randy/Lackey AL K

UH141 Jones/Lee/Pujols NL HR

UH142 Lee/Pujols/Cabrera NL BA

UH143 Andruw/Pujols/Burr NL RBI

UH144 Willis/Carp/Oswalt NL W

UH145 Roger/Andy/Willis NL ERA

UH146 Peavy/Carpr/Martinez NL K

UH147 Mark Teixeira AS

UH148 Brian Roberts AS

UH149 Michael Young AS

UH150 Alex Rodriguez AS

UH151 Johnny Damon AS

UH152 Vladimir Guerrero AS

UH153 Manny Ramirez AS

UH154 David Ortiz AS

UH155 Mariano Rivera AS

UH156 Joe Nathan AS

UH157 Albert Pujols AS

UH158 Jeff Kent AS

UH159 Felipe Lopez AS

UH160 Morgan Ensberg AS

UH161 Miguel Cabrera AS

UH162 Ken Griffey Jr. AS

UH163 Andruw Jones AS

UH164 Paul Lo Duca AS

UH165 Chad Cordero AS

UH166 Ken Griffey Jr. Comeback

UH167 Jason Giambi Comeback

UH168 Willy Taveras ROY

UH169 Huston Street ROY

UH170 Chris Carpenter AS

UH171 Bartolo Colon AS

UH172 Bobby Cox AS MG

UH173 Ozzie Guillen AS MG

UH174 Andruw Jones POY

UH175 Johnny Damon AS

UH176 Alex Rodriguez AS

UH177 David Ortiz AS

UH178 Manny Ramirez AS

UH179 Miguel Tejada AS

UH180 Vladimir Guerrero AS

UH181 Mark Teixeira AS

UH182 Ivan Rodriguez AS

UH183 Brian Roberts AS

UH184 Mark Buehrle AS

UH185 Bobby Abreu AS

UH186 Carlos Beltran AS

UH187 Albert Pujols AS

UH188 Derrek Lee AS

UH189 Jim Edmonds AS

UH190 Aramis Ramirez AS

UH191 Mike Piazza AS

UH192 Jeff Kent AS

UH193 David Eckstein

UH194 Chris Carpenter AS

UH195 Bobby Abreu HRD

UH196 Ivan Rodriguez HRD

UH197 Carlos Lee HRD

UH198 David Ortiz HRD

UH199 Hee-Seop Choi HRD

UH200 Andruw Jones HRD

UH201 Mark Teixeira HRD

UH202 Jason Bay HRD

UH203 Hanley Ramirez HRD

UH204 Shin-Soo Choo HRD

UH205 Justin Huber FUT

UH206 Nelson Cruz FUT RC

UH207 Edwin Encarnacion FUT

UH208 Miguel Montero FUT RC

UH209 William Bergolla FUT

UH210 Luis Montanez FUT

UH211 Francisco Liriano FUT

UH212 Kevin Thompson FUT

UH213 B.J. Upton FUT

UH214 Conor Jackson FUT

UH215 Delmon Young FUT

UH216 Andy LaRoche FUT

UH217 Ryan Garko FUT

UH218 Josh Barfield FUT

UH219 Chris B.Young FUT

UH220 Justin Verlander FUT

UH221 Drew Anderson FY RC

UH222 Luis Hernandez FY RC

UH223 Jim Burt FY RC

UH224 Mike Morse FY RC

UH225 Elliot Johnson FY RC

UH226 C.J. Smith FY RC

UH227 Casey McGehee FY RC

UH228 Brian Miller FY RC

UH229 Chris Vines FY RC

UH230 D.J. Houlton FY RC

UH231 Chuck Tiffany FY RC

UH232 Humberto Sanchez FY RC

UH233 Baltazar Lopez FY RC

UH234 Russ Martin FY RC

UH235 Dana Eveland FY RC

UH236 Johan Silva FY RC

UH237 Adam Harben FY RC

UH238 Brian Bannister FY RC

UH239 Adam Boeve FY RC

UH240 Thomas Oldham FY RC

UH241 Cody Haerther FY RC

UH242 Dan Santin FY RC

UH243 Daniel Haigwood FY RC

UH244 Craig Tatum FY RC

UH245 Martin Prado FY RC

UH246 Errol Simonitsch FY RC

UH247 Lorenzo Scott FY RC

UH248 Hayden Penn FY RC

UH249 Heath Totten FY RC

UH250 Nick Masset FY RC

UH251 Pedro Lopez FY RC

UH252 Ben Harrison FY

UH253 Mike Spidale FY RC

UH254 Jeremy Harts FY RC

UH255 Danny Zell FY RC

UH256 Kevin Collins FY RC

UH257 Tony Arnerich FY RC

UH258 Matt Albers FY RC

UH259 Ricky Barrett FY RC

UH260 Hernan Iribarren FY RC

UH261 Sean Tracey FY RC

UH262 Jerry Owens FY RC

UH263 Steve Nelson FY RC

UH264 Brandon McCarthy FY RC

UH265 David Shepard FY RC

UH266 Steven Bondurant FY RC

UH267 Billy Sadler FY RC

UH268 Ryan Feierabend FY RC

UH269 Stuart Pomeranz FY RC

UH270 Shaun Marcum FY

UH271 Erik Schindewolf FY RC

UH272 Stefan Bailie FY RC

UH273 Mike Esposito FY RC

UH274 Buck Coats FY RC

UH275 Andy Sides FY RC

UH276 Micah Schnurstein FY RC

UH277 Jesse Gutierrez FY RC

UH278 Jake Postlewait FY RC

UH279 Willy Mota FY RC

UH280 Ryan Speier FY RC

UH281 Frank Mata FY RC

UH282 Jair Jurrjens FY RC

UH283 Nick Touchstone FY RC

UH284 Matthew Kemp FY RC

UH285 Vinny Rottino FY RC

UH286 J.B. Thurmond FY RC

UH287 Kelvin Pichardo FY RC

UH288 Scott Mitchinson FY RC

UH289 Darwinson Salazar FY RC

UH290 George Kottaras FY RC

UH291 Kenny Durost FY RC

UH292 Jonathan Sanchez FY RC

UH293 Brandon Moorhead FY RC

UH294 Kennard Bibbs FY RC

UH295 David Gassner FY RC

UH296 Micah Furtado FY RC

UH297 Ismael Ramirez FY RC

UH298 Carlos Gonzalez FY RC

UH299 Brandon Sing FY RC

UH300 Jason Motte FY RC

UH301 Chuck James FY RC

UH302 Andy Santana FY RC

UH303 Manny Parra FY RC

UH304 Chris B.Young FY RC

UH305 Juan Senreiso FY RC

UH306 Franklin Morales FY RC

UH307 Jared Gothreaux FY RC

UH308 Jayce Tingler FY FY RC

UH309 Matt Brown FY RC

UH310 Frank Diaz FY RC

UH311 Stephen Drew DP RC

UH312 Jered Weaver DP RC

UH313 Ryan Braun DP RC

UH314 John Mayberry Jr. DP RC

UH315 Aaron Thompson DP RC

UH316 Cesar Carrillo DP RC

UH317 Jacoby Ellsbury DP RC

UH318 Matt Garza DP RC

UH319 Cliff Pennington DP RC

UH320 Colby Rasmus DP RC

UH321 Chris Volstad DP RC

UH322 Ricky Romero DP RC

UH323 Ryan Zimmerman DP RC

UH324 C.J. Henry DP RC

UH325 Jay Bruce DP RC

UH326 Beau Jones DP RC

UH327 Mark McCormick DP RC

UH328 Eli Iorg DP RC

UH329 Andrew McCutchen DP RC

UH330 Mike Costanzo DP RC


All 330 base cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Gold (serial-numbered to 2005 copies)
  • Blue (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card; Hobby and HTA packs only)


Barry Bonds Home Run History

See 2005 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History.

Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup

  • NI-BS Brian Schneider
  • NI-BW Brad Wilkerson
  • NI-CG Cristian Guzman
  • NI-JG Jose Guillen
  • NI-JV Jose Vidro
  • NI-LH Livan Hernandez
  • NI-NJ Nick Johnson
  • NI-TS Terrmel Sledge
  • NI-VC Vinny Castilla
  • NI-TEAM Team Photo

Box Bottoms

A four-"card" panel was printed on the bottom of each HTA Jumbo box.

  • 1 Sammy Sosa
  • 10 Shawn Green
  • 20 Scott Podsednik
  • 22 Orlando Hernandez
  • 25 Adrian Beltre
  • 45 Carlos Lee
  • 50 Jeff Kent
  • 57 Livan Hernandez
  • 70 Carl Pavano
  • 84 Mark Mulder
  • 110 Felix Hernandez
  • 224 Mike Morse
  • UH264 Brandon McCarthy
  • 311 Stephen Drew
  • UH312 Jered Weaver
  • UH313 Ryan Braun

Autographs & Game-Used

All-Star Stitches

  • ASR-AJ Andruw Jones C
  • ASR-AP Albert Pujols E
  • ASR-AR Alex Rodriguez D
  • ASR-ARA Aramis Ramirez E
  • ASR-BA Bobby Abreu B
  • ASR-BC Bartolo Colon D
  • ASR-BL Brad Lidge D
  • ASR-BR Brian Roberts C
  • ASR-BW Billy Wagner C
  • ASR-CB Carlos Beltran D
  • ASR-CC Chris Carpenter E
  • ASR-CCO Chad Cordero D
  • ASR-CL Carlos Lee E
  • ASR-DE David Eckstein B
  • ASR-DL Derrek Lee F
  • ASR-DO David Ortiz E
  • ASR-DW Dontrelle Willis F
  • ASR-FL Felipe Lopez B
  • ASR-GS Gary Sheffield D
  • ASR-IR Ivan Rodriguez A
  • ASR-IS Ichiro A
  • ASR-JB Jason Bay C
  • ASR-JD Johnny Damon B
  • ASR-JE Jim Edmonds A
  • ASR-JG Jon Garland E
  • ASR-JI Jason Isringhausen E
  • ASR-JK Jeff Kent C
  • ASR-JN Joe Nathan D
  • ASR-JP Jake Peavy D
  • ASR-JS Johan Santana C
  • ASR-JSM John Smoltz D
  • ASR-KR Kenny Rogers A
  • ASR-LC Luis Castillo B
  • ASR-LG Luis Gonzalez C
  • ASR-LH Livan Hernandez F
  • ASR-MA Moises Alou C
  • ASR-MB Mark Buehrle B
  • ASR-MC Miguel Cabrera E
  • ASR-MCL Matt Clement B
  • ASR-ME Morgan Ensberg B
  • ASR-MM Melvin Mora B
  • ASR-MP Mike Piazza E
  • ASR-MR Manny Ramirez E
  • ASR-MRI Mariano Rivera B
  • ASR-MT Miguel Tejada B
  • ASR-MTE Mark Teixeira C
  • ASR-MY Michael Young A
  • ASR-PK Paul Konerko A
  • ASR-RO Roy Oswalt A
  • ASR-SP Scott Podsednik A


Each All-Star Patch is serial-numbered to the production figures below.

  • ASP-AJ Andruw Jones 70
  • ASP-AP Albert Pujols 35
  • ASP-AR Alex Rodriguez 50
  • ASP-ARA Aramis Ramirez 60
  • ASP-BA Bobby Abreu 65
  • ASP-BC Bartolo Colon 60
  • ASP-BL Brad Lidge 65
  • ASP-BR Brian Roberts 25
  • ASP-BW Billy Wagner 50
  • ASP-CB Carlos Beltran 60
  • ASP-CC Chris Carpenter 70
  • ASP-CCO Chad Cordero 65
  • ASP-CL Carlos Lee 65
  • ASP-DE David Eckstein 65
  • ASP-DL Derrek Lee 65
  • ASP-DO David Ortiz 70
  • ASP-DW Dontrelle Willis 60
  • ASP-FL Felipe Lopez 35
  • ASP-GS Gary Sheffield 50
  • ASP-IR Ivan Rodriguez 25
  • ASP-IS Ichiro 50
  • ASP-JB Jason Bay 50
  • ASP-JD Johnny Damon 60
  • ASP-JE Jim Edmonds 50
  • ASP-JG Jon Garland 70
  • ASP-JI Jason Isringhausen 65
  • ASP-JK Jeff Kent 65
  • ASP-JN Joe Nathan 65
  • ASP-JP Jake Peavy 60
  • ASP-JS Johan Santana 60
  • ASP-JSM John Smoltz 65
  • ASP-KR Kenny Rogers 50
  • ASP-LC Luis Castillo 20
  • ASP-LG Luis Gonzalez 70
  • ASP-LH Livan Hernandez 50
  • ASP-MA Moises Alou 65
  • ASP-MB Mark Buehrle 60
  • ASP-MC Miguel Cabrera 70
  • ASP-MCL Matt Clement 70
  • ASP-ME Morgan Ensberg 60
  • ASP-MM Melvin Mora 30
  • ASP-MP Mike Piazza 50
  • ASP-MR Manny Ramirez 65
  • ASP-MRI Mariano Rivera 65
  • ASP-MT Miguel Tejada 60
  • ASP-MTE Mark Teixeira 60
  • ASP-MY Michael Young 50
  • ASP-PK Paul Konerko 70
  • ASP-RO Roy Oswalt 60
  • ASP-SP Scott Podsednik 65

Touch Em All Base Relics

Each Touch Em All Base Relic is serial-numbered to 1000 copies and features pieces of the bases used in the 2005 All-Star Game.

  • TEA-AP Albert Pujols 1000
  • TEA-AR Alex Rodriguez 1000
  • TEA-DL Derrek Lee 1000
  • TEA-DO David Ortiz 1000
  • TEA-GS Gary Sheffield 1000
  • TEA-IR Ivan Rodriguez 1000
  • TEA-IS Ichiro 1000
  • TEA-MR Manny Ramirez 1000
  • TEA-MT Miguel Tejada 1000
  • TEA-VG Vladimir Guerrero 1000

Legendary Sacks Relics

Each Legendary Sacks Relic is serial-numbered to 300 copies and features jerseys worn during the 2005 All-Star Game Celebrity game; although it should be noted, that pieces of base were also used in this set.

  • LSR-AD Andre Dawson 300
  • LSR-BJ Bo Jackson 300
  • LSR-DW Dave Winfield 300
  • LSR-HR Harold Reynolds 300
  • LSR-JA Jim Abbott 300
  • LSR-LW Lou Whitaker 300
  • LSR-MF Mark Fidrych 300
  • LSR-OS Ozzie Smith 300
  • LSR-RF Rollie Fingers 300

Midsummer Covers Ball Relics

Each Midsummer Covers Ball Relic is serial-numbered to 150 copies.

  • MCR-AP Albert Pujols 150
  • MCR-AR Alex Rodriguez 150
  • MCR-BR Brian Roberts 150
  • MCR-CB Carlos Beltran 150
  • MCR-CL Derrek Lee 150
  • MCR-DW Dontrelle Willis 150
  • MCR-IS Ichiro 150
  • MCR-MT Miguel Tejada 150
  • MCR-RC Roger Clemens 150
  • MCR-VG Vladimir Guerrero 150

Derby Digs Jersey Relics

Each Derby Digs Relic is serial-numbered to 100 copies and features swatches of the jerseys worn by the participants in the 2005 MLB All-Star Home Run Derby.

  • DDR-AJ Andruw Jones 100
  • DDR-BA Bobby Abreu 100
  • DDR-CL Carlos Lee 100
  • DDR-DO David Ortiz 100
  • DDR-IR Ivan Rodriguez 100
  • DDR-JB Jason Bay 100
  • DDR-MT Mark Teixeira 100

Hall of Fame Bat Relics

  • HF-RS Ryne Sandberg
  • HF-WB Wade Boggs


The Hall of Fame Dual Bat Relic card is serial-numbered to 200 copies.

  • HFD-BS Wade Boggs / Ryne Sandberg

Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup Ball Relics

Each Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup Ball Relic is serial-numbered to five copies and features pieces of balls used in the first Washington Nationals regular season game. The set is a de facto parallel of the insert (see above).

  • NIR-BS Brian Schneider 5
  • NIR-BW Brad Wilkerson 5
  • NIR-CG Cristian Guzman 5
  • NIR-JG Jose Guillen 5
  • NIR-JV Jose Vidro 5
  • NIR-LH Livan Hernandez 5
  • NIR-NJ Nick Johnson 5
  • NIR-TS Terrmel Sledge 5
  • NIR-VC Vinny Castilla 5
  • NIR-TEAM Team Photo 5

Signature Moves Auto

Each Signature Moves card is also available in a Red Foil parallel, which is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

  • SM-BB Barry Bonds 15
  • SM-BL Bobby Livingston 475
  • SM-BS Benito Santiago
  • SM-CJS C.J. Smith 475
  • SM-GK George Kottaras 475
  • SM-GP Glen Perkins 275
  • SM-HS Humberto Sanchez
  • SM-JP Jake Postlewait 275
  • SM-JV Justin Verlander 275
  • SM-KI Kazuhisa Ishii 275
  • SM-MA Matt Albers 475
  • SM-MM Mark Mulder 275
  • SM-PM Pedro Martinez 25
  • SM-RS Richie Sexson 275
  • SM-TC Travis Chick 475
  • SM-TG Troy Glaus 275
  • SM-TH Tim Hudson 275
  • SM-TW Tony Womack