2006 Phillies Topps Fan Appreciation Day

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2006 Phillies Topps Fan Appreciation Day is a 27-card team set that was given away to all attendees of the September 24th, 2006 Phillies home game (dubbed "Fan Appreciation Day"). The set uses the same design as the 2006 Topps flagship, however the foil-stamped accents are replaced with yellow ink. A special "Fan Appreciation Day" logo is on the reverse side, and each card is sequentially-numbered "X of 26."


One full set given away to attendees.



Base Set

1 Fabio Castro

2 Aaron Fultz

3 Geoff Geary

4 Tom Gordon

5 Cole Hamels

6 Jon Lieber

7 Ryan Madson

8 Scott Mathieson

9 Brett Myers

10 Arthur Rhodes

11 Brian Sanches

12 Rick White

13 Randy Wolf

14 Chris Coste

15 Mike Lieberthal

16 Ryan Howard

17 Abraham Nunez

18 Jimmy Rollins

19 Danny Sandoval

20 Chase Utley

21 Pat Burrell

22 David Dellucci

23 Chris Roberson

24 Aaron Rowand

25 Shane Victorino

26 Charlie Manuel MGR

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