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2007 Topps Moments & Milestones

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This article is about a set that is scheduled to be released in the near-future.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2007 Topps Moments & Milestones is a 193-card set, released exclusively to Hobby outlets, in April, 2007. The set consists of 169 veteran and retired players and 24 autographed cards of eight different rookies.

One of the most bizarrely structured card sets ever produced, each of the 169 veterans has multiple variations based on the player's statistical accomplishments, similar to a mirror insert. For example, Alex Rodriguez's 2003 AL MVP-winning season is celebrated with 47 different variations (one for each home run he hit that season) of card #27. Like a mirror, each of the 47 cards is identical to each other, with the exception of a large numeral on the front side of the card. Each individual card is serial-numbered to 150 copies, but when all the different variations of each card are factored in, the production runs are much higher -- there are a total of 7050 copies of the aforementioned card #27.

The final 24 cards make up an autographed rookie subset. Eight selected 2007 rookies appear on three different cards, each serial-numbered to 150 copies, and each with a sticker autograph affixed to the card. Unlike the veterans, the three cards of each player are sequentially-numbered separately (i.e. Kevin Kouzmanoff's three cards are sequentially-numbered #191, #192, and #193 in the set) and there is only one version of each card.

Each 18-pack box should yield two autographs, and each six-card pack contains a serial-numbered parallel.


18 packs per box, six cards per pack (MSRP: ) Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 193* varies ?
short set 169 150 5:1
Autographed Rookies 24 150 #
Black 193* 29 one-per-pack
Red 193* one-of-one 1:30
Printing Plates 193 four-for-each
Rookie Autographs 10 - #
Rookie Autographs Black 10 40 #
Rookie Autographs Red 10 one-of-one #
Rookie Autographs Printing Plates 10
Milestone Autographs 29 - #
Milestone Autographs Black 29 40 #
Milestone Autographs Red 29 one-of-one #
Milestone Autographs Printing Plates 29

* Including all variations, the complete number of unique base cards is 12,475. # Stated odds of finding an autograph (of any variety): 1:9 packs.


Base Set


With the exception of the Printing Plates, all 193 base cards and all their variations are available in the following parallels. Only one set of printing plates is available for each base card.

  • Black (serial-numbered to 29 copies, one-per-pack)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each)

Autographs & Game-Used

Rookie Autographs

Each Rookie Autograph (not to be confused with the base set's Autographed Rookies) is also available in the following parallels.

  • Black (serial-numbered to 40 copies)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each)
  • AL Adam Lind
  • AM Andrew Miller
  • DM David Murphy
  • HG Hector Gimenez
  • JA Joaquin Arias
  • KK Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • MB Michael Bourn
  • MM Miguel Montero
  • SR Shawn Riggans
  • TT Troy Tulowitzki

Milestone Autographs

Each Milestone Autograph is also available in the following parallels.

  • Black (serial-numbered to 40 copies)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each)
  • AJ Andruw Jones
  • AR Alex Rodriguez
  • BP Brandon Phillips
  • BR Brian Roberts
  • CJ Conor Jackson
  • DO David Ortiz
  • DW David Wright
  • GA Garrett Atkins
  • GS Gary Sheffield
  • HS Huston Street
  • JF Jeff Francoeur
  • JG Jason Giambi
  • JJG Jonny Gomes
  • JL Julio Lugo
  • JP Jonathan Papelbon
  • JR Jose Reyes
  • JS Jeremy Sowers
  • KJ Kenji Johjima
  • KM Kendry Morales
  • LM Lastings Milledge
  • MK Matt Kemp
  • MN Mike Napoli
  • MP Martin Prado
  • NS Nick Swisher
  • RH Ryan Howard
  • RP Ronny Paulino
  • TH Travis Hafner
  • VG Vladimir Guerrero
  • WP Wily Mo Pena