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(Autographs & Game-Used)
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===A Cut Above Relics===
===A Cut Above Relics===
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===Mound Dominance Relics===
===Mound Dominance Relics===
===Gold Standard Relics===
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==Gold Standard Relics===
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===Career Day Relics===
===Career Day Relics===
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===Gold Futures Relics===
===Gold Futures Relics===
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===Golden Moments Relics===
===Golden Moments Relics===
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===Golden Moments Dual Relics===
===Golden Moments Dual Relics===
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===Golden Moments Jumbo Relics===
===Golden Moments Jumbo Relics===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps Golden Moments Jumbo Relics') AND (info = 'S2');
===Own the Name Relics===
===Own the Name Relics===
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===1968 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic===
===1968 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic===
===A Cut Above Autographs===
===A Cut Above Autographs===
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===Mound Dominance Autographs===
===Mound Dominance Autographs===
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===Gold Standard Autographs===
===Gold Standard Autographs===
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===Career Day Autographs===
===Career Day Autographs===
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===Gold Futures Autographs===
===Gold Futures Autographs===
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===Golden Moments Autographs===
===Golden Moments Autographs===
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===Bryce Harper Autograph===
===Bryce Harper Autograph===
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===A Cut Above Autographed Relics===
===A Cut Above Autographed Relics===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps A Cut Above Autographed Relics') AND (info = 'S2');
===Mound Dominance Autographed Relics===
===Mound Dominance Autographed Relics===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps Mound Dominance Autographed Relics') AND (info = 'S2');
===Gold Standard Autographed Relics===
===Gold Standard Autographed Relics===
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===Career Day Autographed Relics===
===Career Day Autographed Relics===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps Career Day Autographed Relics') AND (info = 'S2');
===Gold Futures Autographed Relics===
===Gold Futures Autographed Relics===
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===Golden Greats Autographed Relics===
===Golden Greats Autographed Relics===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps Golden Greats Autographed Relics') AND (info = 'S2');
===Golden Moments Cut Signatures===
===Golden Moments Cut Signatures===
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SELECT num,player FROM cards WHERE (year = 2012) AND (setname = 'Topps Golden Moments Cut Signatures') AND (info = 'S2');

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2012 Topps Series Two was released to mass-market retail outlets June 2, 2012 and to The Hobby on June 6, 2012. The base set will consist of 330 cards (#331-#660) and each Hobby box will yield either an autograph or a game-used Relic.


Hobby: 36 packs per box, ten cards per pack (MSRP: $1.99). 12 boxes per case.

HTA: Ten packs per box, 50 cards per pack (MSRP: $10). Six boxes per case.

Retail: 12 cards per pack, 8 packs per blaster, 24 packs per box. Rack packs and hanger boxes are also available.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds HTA Odds
Base 330 - ? 11:1 ?
Gold 330 - 1:4 1:4 1:1
1987 Topps Minis 50 - 1:4 1:4 1:1
Blue 330 ? ? 1:4 ?
Golden Moments 50 - 1:4 1:4 1:1
A Cut Above 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Career Day 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Gold Futures 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Gold Standard 25 - 1:6 1:6 ?
Golden Giveaway Code Card ? - ? 1:6 ?
Mound Dominance 15 - 1:8 1:8 ?
Golden Moments Relics 60 - ? 1:103 ?
Golden Moments Autographs 40 - ? 1:710 ?
Golden Moments Relics Gold 60 99 ? 1:2,150 ?
A Cut Above Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Career Day Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Gold Futures Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Gold Standard Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Golden Moments Dual Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Mound Dominance Relics 15 50 ? 1:7,875 ?
Platinum 330 one-of-one ? 1:20,500 ?
Wood 330 one-of-one ? 1:20,500 ?
Golden Moments Autographs Gold 40 10 ? 1:26,660 ?
Gold Futures Autographs 15 15 ? 1:26,700 ?
A Cut Above Autographs 10 15 ? 1:38,670 ?
Gold Standard Autographs 10 15 ? 1:38,670 ?
Mound Dominance Autographs 10 15 ? 1:38,670 ?
Career Day Autographs 10 10 ? 1:59,300 ?
1968 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic 1 68 ? 1:91,220 ?
Golden Moments Cut Signatures 20 one-of-one ? 1:234,000 ?
Short-print Variations 26 - ? ? 1:21*
Printing Plates 330 four-for-each ? N/A ?
Golden Silk 100 50 ? N/A ?
Golden Moments Jumbo Relics 20 20 ? N/A ?
Black 330 61 ? N/A ?
Team Rings 30 - ? N/A ?
Gold World Series Champions Pin Cards 20 - ? N/A ?
Gold Futures Coin Cards 15 varies ? N/A ?
Solid Gold Futures 15 one-of-one ? N/A ?
Own the Name Relics 500 one-of-one ? N/A ?
Golden Moments Autographed Relics 15 10 ? N/A ?
A Cut Above Autographed Relics 10 10 ? N/A ?
Mound Dominance Autographed Relics 10 10 ? N/A ?
Gold Standard Autographed Relics 10 10 ? N/A ?
Gold Futures Autographed Relics 15 10 ? N/A ?
Career Day Autographed Relics 10 5 ? N/A ?

* estimated


Base Set

NOTE: Card #661 is a late addition to the checklist. There will be two different versions of #661; one for Series Two packs and the other in factory sets. The pack version will be printed in smaller quantities than the other 330 base cards and because of this BCP will not be recognizing this as a true rookie card.

331 Albert Pujols

332 Jose Reyes

333 Roger Bernadina

334 Anthony Rizzo

335 Josh Satin RC

336 Gavin Floyd

337 Glen Perkins

338 Jose Constanza RC

339 Clayton Richard

340 Adam LaRoche

341 Edwin Encarnacion

342 Kosuke Fukudome

343 Salvador Perez

344 Nelson Cruz

345 Jonathan Papelbon

346 Dillon Gee

347 Craig Gentry

348 Alfonso Soriano

349 Tim Lincecum

350 Evan Longoria

351 Corey Hart

352 Julio Teheran

353 John Mayberry, Jr.

354 Jeremy Hellickson

355 Mark Buehrle

356 Endy Chavez

357 Aaron Harang

358 Jacob Turner

359 Danny Espinosa

360 Nelson Cruz RB

361 Chase Utley

362 Dayan Viciedo

363 Fernando Salas

364 Brandon Beachy

365 Aramis Ramirez

366 Jose Molina

367 Chris Volstad

368 Carl Crawford

369 Huston Street

370 Lyle Overbay

371 Jim Thome

372 Daniel Descalso

373 Carlos Gonzalez

374 Coco Crisp

375 Drew Stubbs

376 Carlos Quentin

377 Brandon Inge

378 Brandon League

379 Sergio Romo

380 Daniel Murphy

381 David DeJesus

382 Wandy Rodriguez

383 Andre Ethier

384 Sean Marshall

385 David Murphy

386 Ryan Zimmerman

387 Joakim Soria

388 Chase Headley

389 Alexi Casilla

390 Taylor Green RC

391 Rod Barajas COR

392 Cliff Lee

393 Manny Ramirez

394 Bryan LaHair

395 Johathan Lucroy

395b Rod Barajas ERR

396 Yoenis Cespedes RC

397 Hector Noesi

398 Buster Posey

399 Brian McCann

400 Robinson Cano

401 Kenley Jansen

402 Allen Craig

403 Bronson Arroyo

404 Jonathan Sanchez

405 Nathan Eovaldi

406 Juan Rivera

407 Torii Hunter

408 Jonny Venters

409 Greg Holland

410 Jeff Locke RC

411 Tsuyoshi Nishioka

412 Don Kelly

413 Frank Francisco

414 Ryan Vogelsong

415 Rafael Furcal

416 Todd Helton

417 Carlos Pena

418 Jarrod Parker RC

419 Cameron Maybin

420 Barry Zito

421 Heath Bell

422 Austin Jackson

423 Colby Rasmus

424 Vladimir Guerrero RB

425 Carlos Zambrano

426 Eric Hinske

427 Rafael Dolis

428 Jordan Schafer

429 Michael Bourn

430 Felix Hernandez

431 Guillermo Moscoso

432 Wei Yen Chen RC

433 Nate McLouth

434 Jason Motte

435 Jeff Baker

436 Chris Perez

437 Yoshinori Tateyama RC

438 Juan Uribe

439 Elvis Andrus

440 Chien-Ming Wang

441 Mike Aviles

442 Johnny Giavotella

443 B.J. Upton

444 Rafael Betancourt

445 Ramon Santiago

446 Mike Trout

447 Jair Jurrjens

448 Dustin Moseley

449 Shane Victorino

450 Justin Upton

451 Jeff Francoeur

452 Robert Andino

453 Garrett Jones

454 Michael Cuddyer

455 Jed Lowrie

456 Omar Infante

457 J.D. Martinez

458 Kyle Kendrick

459 Eric Surkamp RC

460 Thomas Field RC

461 Victor Martinez

462 Brett Lawrie RC

463 Francisco Cordero

464 Joe Savery RC

465 Michael Schwimer RC

466 Lance Berkman

467 Juan Francisco

468 Nick Markakis

469 Vinnie Pestano

470 Howie Kendrick

471 James Shields

472 Mat Gamel

473 Evan Meek

474 Mitch Maier

475 Chris Dickerson

476 Ramon Hernandez

477 Edinson Volquez

478 Rajai Davis

479 Johan Santana

480 J.J. Putz

481 Matt Harrison

482 Chris Capuano

483 Alex Gordon

484 Hisashi Iwakuma RC

485 Carlos Marmol

486 Jerry Sands

487 Eric Sogard

488 Nick Swisher

489 Andres Torres

490 Chris Carpenter

491 Jose Valverde RB

492 Rickie Weeks

493 Ryan Madson

494 Darwin Barney

495 Adam Wainwright

496 Jorge De La Rosa

497 Andrew McCutchen

498 Joey Votto

499 Francisco Rodriguez

500 Alex Rodriguez

501 Matt Capps

502 Collin Cowgill RC

503 Tyler Clippard

504 Ryan Dempster

505 Fautino de los Santos

506 David Ortiz

507 Norichika Aoki RC

508 Brandon Phillips

509 Travis Snider

510 Randall Delgado

511 Ervin Santana

512 Josh Willingham

513 Gaby Sanchez

514 Brian Roberts

515 Willie Bloomquist

516 Charlie Morton

517 Francisco Liriano

518 Jake Peavy

519 Gio Gonzalez

520 Ryan Adams

521 Ruben Tejada

522 Matt Downs

523 Jim Johnson

524 Martin Prado

525 Paul Maholm

526 Casper Wells

527 Aaron Hill

528 Bryan Petersen

529 Luke Hughes

530 Cliff Pennington

531 Joel Hanrahan

532 Tim Stauffer

533 Ian Stewart

534 Hector Gomez RC

535 Joe Mauer

536 Kendrys Morales

537 Ichiro

538 Wilson Betemit

540 Dustin Pedroia

541 Jack Hannahan

542 Jeff Samardzija

543 Josh Johnson

544 Josh Collmenter

545 Randy Wolf

546 Matt Thornton

547 Jason Giambi

548 Charlie Furbush

549 Kelly Johnson

550 Ian Kinsler

551 Joe Blanton

552 Kyle Drabek

553 James Darnell RC

554 Raul Ibanez

555 Alex Presley

556 Stephen Strasburg

557 Zack Cozart

558 Wade Miley RC

559 Brandon Dickson RC

560 J.A. Happ

561 Freddy Sanchez

562 Henderson Alvarez

563 Alex White

564 Jose Valverde

565 Dan Uggla

566 Jason Donald

567 Mike Stanton (Giancarlo)

568 Jason Castro

569 Travis Hafner

570 Zach McAllister RC

571 J.J. Hardy

572 Hiroki Kuroda

573 Kyle Farnsworth

574 Kerry Wood

575 Garrett Richards RC

576 Jonathan Herrera

577 Dallas Braden

578 Wade Davis

579 Dan Uggla RB

580 Tony Campana

581 Jason Kubel

582 Shin-Soo Choo

583 Josh Tomlin

584 Daric Barton

585 Jimmy Paredes

586 Diasuke Matsuzaka

587 Chris Johnson

588 Mark Ellis

589 Alex Gonzalez

590 Humberto Quintero

591 Aubrey Huff

592 Carlos Lee

593 Marco Scutaro

594 Ricky Romero

595 David Carpenter RC

596 Freddy Garcia

597 Hank Conger

598 Reid Brignac

599 Zach Britton

600 Clayton Kershaw

601 Dan Haren

602 Alejandro De Aza

603 Lonnie Chisenhall

604 Juan Abreu RC

605 Jason Bartlett

606 Mike Carp

607 CC Sabathia

608 Paul Goldschmidt

609 Lorenzo Cain

610 Cody Ross

611 Neftali Feliz

612 Carlos Beltran

613 C.J. Wilson

614 Andruw Jones

615 Luis Marte RC

616 Tyler Pastornicky RC

617 Jimmy Rollins

618 Eric Chavez

619 Tyler Greene

620 Trayvon Robinson

621 Scott Hairston

622 Daniel Hudson

623 Clint Barmes

624 Gerardo Parra

625 Tommy Hunter

626 Alexei Ramirez

627 Justin Smoak

628 Sean Rodriguez

629 Gordon Beckham

630 Logan Morrison

631 Ryan Kalish

632 Joe Nathan

633 Chris Narveson

634 Jose Contreras

635 Brett Gardner

636 Chris Heisey

637 Brad Brach RC

638 Derek Lowe

639 Justin Verlander

640 Jemile Weeks

641 Derek Jeter RB

642 Mike Moustakas

643 Chris Young

644 Andy Dirks

645 Kyle Seager

646 Francisco Cervelli

647 Bruce Chen

648 Josh Beckett

649 Brandon Crawford

650 Prince Fielder

651 Ryan Sweeney

652 Grant Balfour

653 Jordan Walden

654 Yovani Gallardo

655 Ryan Doumit

656 Carlos Santana

657 Dave Sappelt RC

658 Juan Pierre

659 Homer Bailey

660 Yu Darvish RC

661 Bryce Harper SP RC

Variations, Gimmicks and Errors

Legends Variations

30 Joe DiMaggio

273 Stan Musial

330 Willie Mays

331 Babe Ruth

497 Roberto Clemente


30 Derek Jeter (w/ Teammates)

80 David Price (Pointing to Trophy)

85 Jason Heyward (Throwback Jersey)

158 Josh Redddick (OAK uniform w/RCup)

207 J.P. Arencibia (Fielding Pop-Up w/RCup)

273 David Freese (w/Stuffed Squirrel)

280 Ryan Howard (On Deck)

330 Matt Kemp ("Beast Mode" T-Shirt)

331 Albert Pujols (Press Conference)

350 Evan Longoria (Signing Autographs)

398 Buster Posey (On S.F. Cable Car)

430 Felix Hernandez (Glasses)

462 Brett Lawrie (Pie in the Face)

497 Andrew McCutchen (w/Pirate Parrot)

537 Ichiro (Sitting on Bench)

540 Dustin Pedroia (American Flag)

600 Clayton Kershaw (Brooklyn jersey)

639 Justin Verlander (Holding 2 "No-Hit" Baseballs)

650 Prince Fielder (Signing Autographs)

660 Yu Darvish (Throwing Left Handed)


Rod Barajas is card number 391 but some cards are numbered 395. Card number 395 is of Jonathan Lucroy.

395 Rod Barajas


All 330 base cards are available in these parallels:

Red/Blue (exclusive to packs sold at Target (Red) and Wal-Mart (Blue))

Black (serial numbered to 61)

Platinum (one-of-one)

Wood (one-of-one)

Printing Plates (four of each)


SC-2 Jaime Garcia

SC-11 Derek Jeter

SC-12 Eric Hosmer

SC-13 Mike Napoli

SC-14 Jhoulys Chacin

SC-15 Adrian Gonzalez

SC-16 Michael Young

SC-17 Geovany Soto

SC-18 Hanley Ramirez

SC-19 Jordan Zimmermann

SC-20 Ian Kennedy

SC-168 Mike Moustakas

SC-200 Alfonso Soriano

SC-135 Logan Morrison

SC-172 Jair Jurrjens

SC-131 Ichiro

SC-167 Alexei Ramirez

SC-165 Andre Ethier

SC-129 Chris Young

SC-115 J.J. Hardy

SC-105 Victor Martinez

SC-114 Dustin Pedroia

SC-173 Robinson Cano

SC-118 Dayan Viciedo

SC-188 Jim Thome

SC-144 Joe Mauer

SC-176 Tsuyoshi Nishioka

SC-161 Adam Wainwright

SC-123 James Shields

SC-177 Mike Stanton

SC-128 Carlos Santana

SC-157 Jimmy Rollins

SC-183 Shane Victorino

SC-140 Felix Hernandez

SC-159 Jeremy Hellickson

SC-191 Paul Goldschmidt

SC-141 Brandon Phillips

SC-125 Shin-Soo Choo

SC-149 Jose Valverde

SC-111 Rickie Weeks

SC-120 Cameron Maybin

SC-195 Carlos Gonzalez

SC-179 Jemile Weeks

SC-147 Stephen Strasburg

SC-156 Nick Markakis

SC-109 Joey Votto

SC-190 Mike Trout

SC-185 Tim Lincecum

SC-108 Chris Carpenter

SC-169 Chase Utley

SC-122 Carlos Quentin

SC-158 Brian McCann

SC-148 Justin Verlander

SC-121 Cliff Lee

SC-184 Nick Swisher

SC-186 Ryan Zimmerman

SC-170 C.J. Wilson

SC-198 Neftali Feliz

SC-162 Ricky Romero

SC-182 Carlos Marmol

SC-107 Elvis Andrus

SC-130 Travis Hafner

SC-124 Yovani Gallardo

SC-133 Corey Hart

SC-187 Aramis Ramirez

SC-103 Martin Prado

SC-174 Clayton Kershaw

SC-150 CC Sabathia

SC-106 Michael Bourn

SC-199 Buster Posey

SC-139 Dan Haren

SC-155 Howie Kendrick

SC-178 Drew Stubbs

SC-136 Josh Beckett

SC-197 J.J. Putz

SC-112 Todd Helton

SC-116 Brett Gardner

SC-142 Evan Longoria

SC-175 Jose Reyes

SC-143 Nelson Cruz

SC-196 Prince Fielder

SC-164 Wandy Rodriguez

SC-160 Dan Uggla

SC-151 Kerry Wood

SC-154 Alex Gordon

SC-145 Andrew McCutchen

SC-153 Andrew Bailey

SC-117 Gio Gonzalez

SC-189 Torii Hunter

SC-180 Justin Upton

SC-110 Carlos Lee

SC-163 Daniel Hudson

SC-119 Albert Pujols

SC-166 Lance Berkman

SC-126 Darwin Barney

SC-181 Carlos Beltran

SC-102 Michael Cuddyer

SC-132 David Ortiz

SC-194 Johan Santana

SC-152 Jeff Francoeur

SC-127 Alex Rodriguez

SC-101 Brett Lawrie

SC-137 Brandon Beachy

SC-171 Ervin Santana

SC-134 Carl Crawford

SC-138 Ian Kinsler

SC-192 Yu Darvish

SC-193 Hiroki Kuroda

SC-113 Josh Johnson

SC-104 Anthony Rizzo

SC-146 Carlos Zambrano


1987 Topps Minis

TM-6 Dustin Ackley

TM-7 Joey Votto

TM-8 Ian Kinsler

TM-9 Jason Heyward

TM-51 Albert Pujols

TM-52 Miguel Cabrera

TM-53 Matt Kemp

TM-54 Justin Upton

TM-56 Jose Bautista

TM-57 Jacoby Ellsbury

TM-58 Prince Fielder

TM-59 Cliff Lee

TM-60 Clayton Kershaw

TM-61 Carlos Gonzalez

TM-62 Tim Lincecum

TM-63 Felix Hernandez

TM-64 Jose Reyes

TM-65 Mark Teixeira

TM-66 Cole Hamels

TM-67 Adrian Beltre

TM-68 Dan Haren

TM-69 Ryan Zimmerman

TM-70 Jon Lester

TM-71 Carlos Santana

TM-72 Hunter Pence

TM-73 Alex Gordon

TM-74 Nelson Cruz

TM-75 Alex Rodriguez

TM-76 Rickie Weeks

TM-77 Mike Napoli

TM-78 Brian McCann

TM-79 Brian Wilson

TM-80 Pablo Sandoval

TM-81 David Price

TM-82 Josh Beckett

TM-83 Joe Mauer

TM-84 Stephen Strasburg

TM-85 Michael Pineda

TM-86 Bob Gibson

TM-87 Stan Musial

TM-88 Brooks Robinson

TM-89 Frank Robinson

TM-90 Babe Ruth

TM-91 Tom Seaver

TM-92 Sandy Koufax

TM-93 Warren Spahn

TM-94 Jim Palmer

TM-95 Roger Maris

TM-96 Mickey Mantle

TM-97 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TM-98 Joe DiMaggio

TM-99 Roberto Clemente

TM-55 Justin Verlander

Golden Moments

GM-6 Red Schoendienst

GM-7 Clayton Kershaw

GM-8 Andre Dawson

GM-9 Justin Verlander

GM-7 Pablo Sandoval

GM-9 Ryan Howard

GM-6 Jose Bautista

GM-8 Paul Molitor

Gold Standard

GS-3 Paul Molitor

GS-4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

GS-5 Bob Gibson

GS-6 Mike Schmidt

GS-7 Frank Robinson

GS-8 Ernie Banks

GS-9 Willie McCovey

GS-26 Andre Dawson

GS-27 Jim Thome

GS-28 Stan Musial

GS-29 Cal Ripken, Jr.

GS-30 Willie Mays

GS-31 Hank Aaron

GS-32 Ernie Banks

GS-33 Bob Gibson

GS-34 Reggie Jackson

GS-35 Chipper Jones

GS-36 Al Kaline

GS-37 Willie McCovey

GS-38 Paul Molitor

GS-39 Frank Robinson

GS-40 Nolan Ryan

GS-41 Mike Schmidt

GS-42 John Smoltz

GS-43 Tom Seaver

GS-44 Alex Rodriguez

GS-45 Derek Jeter

GS-46 Joe DiMaggio

GS-47 Mickey Mantle

GS-48 Lou Gehrig

GS-49 Roberto Clemente

GS-50 Ty Cobb

Gold Futures

GF-3 Brandon Belt

GF-4 Freddie Freeman

GF-5 Eric Hosmer

GF-6 Dustin Ackley

GF-7 Starlin Castro

GF-8 Aroldis Chapman

GF-9 Jeremy Hellickson

GF-26 Jesus Montero

GF-27 Matt Moore

GF-28 Buster Posey

GF-29 Chris Sale

GF-30 Carlos Santana

GF-31 Desmond Jennings

GF-32 Drew Storen

GF-33 Madison Bumgarner

GF-34 Brandon Beachy

GF-35 Randall Delgado

GF-36 Brad Peacock

GF-37 Jordan Walden

GF-38 Domonic Brown

GF-39 Drew Pomeranz

GF-40 Jason Heyward

GF-41 Neftali Feliz

GF-42 Yonder Alonso

GF-43 Stephen Strasburg

GF-44 Matt Dominguez

GF-45 Lonnie Chisenhall

GF-46 Jemile Weeks

GF-47 Jacob Turner

GF-48 Dellin Betances

GF-49 Liam Hendriks

GF-50 Corey Luebke

A Cut Above

ACA-1 Prince Fielder

ACA-2 Albert Pujols

ACA-3 Justin Verlander

ACA-4 Ken Griffey, Jr.

ACA-5 Ryan Braun

ACA-6 Evan Longoria

ACA-7 Dustin Pedroia

ACA-8 Hanley Ramirez

ACA-9 Cal Ripken, Jr.

ACA-10 Miguel Cabrera

ACA-11 Nolan Ryan

ACA-12 Stan Musial

ACA-13 Mike Schmidt

ACA-14 Willie Mays

ACA-15 Jose Bautista

ACA-16 Sandy Koufax

ACA-17 Tim Lincecum

ACA-18 Roy Halladay

ACA-19 Robinson Cano

ACA-20 Johnny Bench

ACA-21 Hank Aaron

ACA-22 Jackie Robinson

ACA-23 Matt Kemp

ACA-24 Mickey Mantle

ACA-25 Troy Tulowitzki

Mound Dominance

MD-1 Tom Seaver

MD-2 Justin Verlander

MD-3 Sandy Koufax

MD-4 Jim Palmer

MD-5 Dennis Eckersley

MD-6 Bob Gibson

MD-7 Roy Halladay

MD-8 Nolan Ryan

MD-9 Phil Niekro

MD-10 Armando Galarraga

MD-11 Warren Spahn

MD-12 Bob Feller

MD-13 Jon Lester

MD-14 John Smoltz

MD-15 Dwight Gooden

Career Day

CD-1 Albert Pujols

CD-2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

CD-3 Al Kaline

CD-4 Stan Musial

CD-5 Sandy Koufax

CD-6 Joe DiMaggio

CD-7 Frank Robinson

CD-8 Mike Schmidt

CD-9 Johnny Bench

CD-10 Ryan Braun

CD-11 Miguel Cabrera

CD-12 Reggie Jackson

CD-13 Evan Longoria

CD-14 Dustin Pedroia

CD-15 Willie Mays

CD-16 Ryan Howard

CD-17 Joey Votto

CD-18 Robinson Cano

CD-19 Jackie Robinson

CD-20 Josh Hamilton

CD-21 Matt Kemp

CD-22 Mickey Mantle

CD-23 Roberto Clemente

CD-24 Troy Tulowitzki

CD-25 Yogi Berra

Manufactured Relics

Team Rings

GTR-RC Rod Carew

GTR-JU Justin Upton

GTR-CJ Chipper Jones

GTR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GTR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

GTR-EB Ernie Banks

GTR-FT Frank Thomas

GTR-JB Johnny Bench

GTR-BF Bob Feller

GTR-TH Todd Helton

GTR-TC Ty Cobb

GTR-NR Nolan Ryan

GTR-GB George Brett

GTR-SK Sandy Koufax

GTR-HR Hanley Ramirez

GTR-RY Robin Yount

GTR-HK Harmon Killebrew

GTR-TS Tom Seaver

GTR-MM Mickey Mantle

GTR-RH Rickey Henderson

GTR-MS Mike Schmidt

GTR-RCL Roberto Clemente

GTR-TG Tony Gwynn

GTR-WM Willie Mays

GTR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

GTR-SM Stan Musial

GTR-EL Evan Longoria

GTR-JH Josh Hamilton

GTR-JBA Jose Bautista

GTR-SS Stephen Strasburg

Gold World Series Pins

GWSP-BR Babe Ruth

GWSP-JD Joe DiMaggio

GWSP-YB Yogi Berra

GWSP-JR Jackie Robinson

GWSP-MM Mickey Mantle

GWSP-HA Hank Aaron

GWSP-BM Bill Mazeroski

GWSP-SK Sandy Koufax

GWSP-RJ Reggie Jackson

GWSP-SG Steve Garvey

GWSP-OS Ozzie Smith

GWSP-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GWSP-DS Darryl Strawberry

GWSP-RH Rickey Henderson

GWSP-BL Barry Larkin

GWSP-RA Roberto Alomar

GWSP-WB Wade Boggs

GWSP-MC Miguel Cabrera

GWSP-MR Mariano Rivera

GWSP-AP Albert Pujols

Gold Futures Coins

GFC-MP Michael Pineda

GFC-FF Freddie Freeman

GFC-EH Eric Hosmer

GFC-JH Jeremy Hellickson

GFC-MT Mike Trout

GFC-MM Matt Moore

GFC-SS Stephen Strasburg

Golden Greats Coins

GGC-LG Lou Gehrig

GGC-MM Mickey Mantle

GGC-JD Joe DiMaggio

GGC-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GGC-WM Willie Mays

GGC-TC Ty Cobb

GGC-DJ Derek Jeter

GGC-RC Roberto Clemente

GGC-NR Nolan Ryan

GGC-SK Sandy Koufax

GGC-HA Hank Aaron

GGC-JR Jackie Robinson

GGC-AP Albert Pujols

GGC-TS Tom Seaver

GGC-BR Babe Ruth

GGC-MS Mike Schmidt

GGC-RJ Reggie Jackson

GGC-SM Stan Musial

GGC-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

GGC-DM Don Mattingly

GGC-CY Carl Yastrzemski

GGC-YB Yogi Berra

GGC-GB George Brett

Solid Gold


SGF-MP Michael Pineda

SGF-FF Freddie Freeman

SGF-EH Eric Hosmer

SGF-JH Jeremy Hellickson

SGF-MT Mike Trout

SGF-MM Matt Moore

SGF-SS Stephen Strasburg

SGF-YD Yu Darvish


SGG-MS Mike Schmidt

SGG-RJ Reggie Jackson

SGG-SM Stan Musial

SGG-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

SGG-DM Don Mattingly

SGG-CY Carl Yastrzemski

SGG-YB Yogi Berra

SGG-GB George Brett

Historical Stitches

HS-AD Andre Dawson

HS-AP Albert Pujols

HS-AB Albert Belle

HS-AR Alex Rodriguez

HS-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

HS-CJ Chipper Jones

HS-GC Gary Carter

HS-DJ Derek Jeter

HS-HK Harmon Killebrew

HS-IS Ichiro

HS-IR Ivan Rodriguez

HS-JR Jim Rice

HS-JS John Smoltz

HS-JH Josh Hamilton

HS-JV Justin Verlander

HS-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

HS-NR Nolan Ryan

HS-MR Mariano Rivera

HS-PM Paul Molitor

HS-PN Phil Niekro

HS-RM Roger Maris

HS-WS Warren Spahn

HS-YB Yogi Berra

Retired Number Patch

RN-RH Rickey Henderson

RN-RY Robin Yount

RN-RC Rod Carew

RN-RS Ryne Sandberg

RN-SA Sparky Anderson

RN-TL Tommy Lasorda

RN-TG Tony Gwynn

RN-WB Wade Boggs

RN-WS Willie Stargell

RN-YB Yogi Berra

RN-BF Bob Feller

RN-BR Brooks Robinson

RN-CF Carlton Fisk

RN-CH Jim "Catfish" Hunter

RN-DW Dave Winfield

RN-EB Ernie Banks

RN-HA Hank Aaron

RN-JP Jim Palmer

RN-GB George Brett

RN-LB Lou Boudreau

RN-NR Nolan Ryan

RN-PN Phil Niekro

RN-PR Phil Rizzuto

RN-RJ Reggie Jackson

Autographs & Game-Used

A Cut Above Relics

Mound Dominance Relics

Gold Standard Relics=

GSR-AD Andre Dawson

GSR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GSR-DJ Derek Jeter

GSR-FR Frank Robinson

GSR-HA Hank Aaron

GSR-JD Joe DiMaggio

GSR-LG Lou Gehrig

GSR-MM Mickey Mantle

GSR-MS Mike Schmidt

GSR-NR Nolan Ryan

GSR-PM Paul Molitor

GSR-RC Roberto Clemente

GSR-TC Ty Cobb

GSR-TS Tom Seaver

GSR-WM Willie Mays

Career Day Relics

Gold Futures Relics

GFR-JM Jesus Montero

GFR-MM Matt Moore

GFR-BP Buster Posey

GFR-CS Chris Sale

GFR-CSA Carlos Santana

GFR-DJ Desmond Jennings

GFR-DS Drew Storen

GFR-MB Madison Bumgarner

GFR-BB Brandon Beachy

GFR-RD Randall Delgado

GFR-BPE Brad Peacock

GFR-JW Jordan Walden

GFR-DB Domonic Brown

GFR-DP Drew Pomeranz

GFR-LH Liam Hendriks

Golden Moments Relics

GMR-CZA Carlos Zambrano

GMR-RM Roger Maris

GMR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

GMR-RA Roberto Alomar

GMR-DM Don Mattingly

GMR-JPO Jorge Posada

GMR-PO Paul O'Neill

GMR-SS Stephen Strasburg

GMR-PF Prince Fielder

GMR-AP Albert Pujols

GMR-BW Brian Wilson

GMR-BL Barry Larkin

GMR-BM Bengie Molina

GMR-DD David DeJesus

GMR-DME Devin Mesoraco

GMR-DS Drew Stubbs

GMR-FT Frank Thomas

GMR-ID Ian Desmond

GMR-I Ichiro

GMR-JB Jay Bruce

GMR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

GMR-JJ Josh Johnson

GMR-PM Paul Molitor

GMR-RAL Roberto Alomar

GMR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

GMR-WB Wade Boggs

GMR-YG Yovani Gallardo

GMR-ZG Zack Greinke

GMR-CP Carlos Pena

GMR-EL Evan Longoria

GMR-IDA Ike Davis

GMR-AA Alex Avila

GMR-APA Angel Pagan

GMR-BU B.J. Upton

GMR-BB Billy Butler

GMR-BA Bobby Abreu

GMR-BP Brandon Phillips

GMR-CL Carlos Lee

GMR-CZ Carlos Zambrano

GMR-CM Casey McGehee

GMR-CI Chris Iannetta

GMR-CB Clay Buchholz

GMR-CH Corey Hart

GMR-DDE David DeJesus

GMR-DO David Ortiz

GMR-DG Dillon Gee

GMR-DST Drew Stubbs

GMR-EM Evan Meek

GMR-HB Heath Bell

GMR-JG Jaime Garcia

GMR-JPE Jake Peavy

GMR-JL James Loney

GMR-JW Jayson Werth

GMR-JLO Jed Lowrie

GMR-JH Jeremy Hellickson

GMR-JP Jhonny Peralta

GMR-JD Johnny Damon


GMR-JPA Jonathan Papelbon

GMR-JWA Jordan Walden

GMR-JZI Jordan Zimmermann

GMR-JA J.P. Arencibia

GMR-MR Mark Reynolds

GMR-ML Mat Latos

GMR-MC Melky Cabrera

GMR-MM Mitch Moreland

GMR-NM Nick Markakis

GMR-RP Rick Porcello

GMR-RR Ricky Romero

GMR-RMA Russell Martin

GMR-SC Shin-Soo Choo

GMR-TH Torii Hunter

GMR-UJI Ubaldo Jimenez

GMR-VM Victor Martinez

GMR-ZGR Zack Greinke

GMR-AB A.J. Burnett

GMR-AL Adam Lind

GMR-HC Hank Conger

GMR-JC Johnny Cueto

GMR-MB Marlon Byrd

GMR-MS Max Scherzer

GMR-MCA Melky Cabrera

GMR-MBO Michael Bourn

GMR-MCB Miguel Cabrera

GMR-VW Vernon Wells

GMR-RB Ryan Braun

GMR-JU Justin Upton

GMR-IK Ian Kinsler

GMR-BMC Brian McCann

GMR-SCA Starlin Castro

GMR-DW David Wright

GMR-AM Andrew McCutchen

GMR-DU Dan Uggla

GMR-CJ Chipper Jones

GMR-ELO Evan Longoria

GMR-GB Gordon Beckham

GMR-HCO Hank Conger

GMR-VWE Vernon Wells

GMR-GS Geovany Soto

GMR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

Golden Moments Dual Relics

GMDR-IG Ichiro / Ken Griffey, Jr.

GMDR-KV Sandy Koufax / Justin Verlander

GMDR-DB Andre Dawson / Ernie Banks

GMDR-HL Jeremy Hellickson / Evan Longoria

GMDR-BM Johnny Bench / Devin Mesoraco

GMDR-ML Paul Molitor / Adam Lind

GMDR-PF Dustin Pedroia / Carlton Fisk

GMDR-MP Willie McCovey / Buster Posey

GMDR-YE Carl Yastrzemski / Jacoby Ellsbury

GMDR-JS Chipper Jones / Mike Schmidt

GMDR-MM Mickey Mantle / Roger Maris

GMDR-BP Johnny Bench / Buster Posey

GMDR-CM Roberto Clemente / Andrew McCutchen

GMDR-BG Jay Bruce / Ken Griffey, Jr.

GMDR-PM Albert Pujols / Stan Musial

Golden Moments Jumbo Relics

GMJR-RA Roberto Alomar

GMJR-CB Clay Buchholz

GMJR-MC Melky Cabrera

GMJR-MCA Miguel Cabrera

GMJR-JD Johnny Damon

GMJR-TH Todd Helton

GMJR-TL Tim Lincecum

GMJR-EL Evan Longoria

GMJR-NM Nick Markakis

GMJR-RM Russell Martin

GMJR-VM Victor Martinez

GMJR-DM Don Mattingly

GMJR-PO Paul O'Neill

GMJR-DO David Ortiz

GMJR-JP Jonathan Papelbon

GMJR-RP Rick Porcello

GMJR-JPO Jorge Posada

GMJR-SS Stephen Strasburg

GMJR-BU B.J. Upton

GMJR-VW Vernon Wells

Own the Name Relics

1968 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic

A Cut Above Autographs

Mound Dominance Autographs

Gold Standard Autographs

GSA-AD Andre Dawson

GSA-SM Stan Musial

GSA-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GSA-WM Willie Mays

GSA-HA Hank Aaron

GSA-EB Ernie Banks

GSA-BG Bob Gibson

GSA-RJ Reggie Jackson

GSA-CJ Chipper Jones

GSA-AK Al Kaline

Career Day Autographs

Gold Futures Autographs

GFA-JM Jesus Montero

GFA-MM Matt Moore

GFA-BP Buster Posey

GFA-CS Chris Sale

GFA-CSA Carlos Santana

GFA-DS Drew Storen

GFA-MB Madison Bumgarner

GFA-RD Randall Delgado

GFA-BPE Brad Peacock

GFA-JW Jordan Walden

GFA-DB Domonic Brown

GFA-DP Drew Pomeranz

GFA-LH Liam Hendriks

GFA-JH Jason Heyward

GFA-YD Yu Darvish

Golden Moments Autographs

GMA-AJ Adam Jones

GMA-AG Adrian Gonzalez

GMA-AB Albert Belle

GMA-AC Alex Cobb

GMA-AD Andre Dawson

GMA-AE Andre Ethier

GMA-AP Andy Pettitte

GMA-AR Aramis Ramirez

GMA-AJA Austin Jackson

GMA-BU B.J. Upton

GMA-BG Bob Gibson

GMA-BP Brad Peacock

GMA-BPO Buster Posey

GMA-CS Carlos Santana

GMA-CU Chase Utley

GMA-CC Chris Coghlan

GMA-CY Chris Young

GMA-CB Clay Buchholz

GMA-CR Cody Ross

GMA-DS Darryl Strawberry

GMA-DJ David Justice

GMA-DG Dee Gordon

GMA-DB Domonic Brown

GMA-DP Drew Pomeranz

GMA-DST Drew Storen

GMA-DSN Duke Snider

GMA-DGO Dwight Gooden

GMA-EA Elvis Andrus

GMA-EH Eric Hosmer

GMA-EL Evan Longoria

GMA-FF Freddie Freeman

GMA-GC Gary Carter

GMA-GS Gary Sheffield

GMA-GG Gio Gonzalez

GMA-GB Gordon Beckham

GMA-IK Ian Kennedy

GMA-JP Jarrod Parker

GMA-JH Jason Heyward

GMA-JM Jason Motte

GMA-JMO Jesus Montero

GMA-JS John Smoltz

GMA-JB Johnny Bench

GMA-JPO Johnny Podres

GMA-JW Jordan Walden

GMA-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

GMA-JBA Jose Bautista

GMA-JTA Jose Tabata

GMA-JHA Josh Hamilton

GMA-LH Liam Hendriks

GMA-MB Madison Bumgarner

GMA-MM Matt Moore

GMA-MC Miguel Cabrera

GMA-MMI Mike Minor

GMA-MMO Mike Morse

GMA-MS Mike Schmidt

GMA-MT Mike Trout

GMA-NF Neftali Feliz

GMA-OC Orlando Cepeda

GMA-PS Pablo Sandoval

GMA-PM Paul Molitor

GMA-PO Paul O'Neill

GMA-PF Prince Fielder

GMA-RK Ralph Kiner

GMA-RD Randall Delgado

GMA-RP Rick Porcello

GMA-RH Ryan Howard

GMA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

GMA-RS Ryne Sandberg

GMA-SV Shane Victorino

GMA-SM Stan Musial

GMA-SG Steve Garvey

GMA-TC Trevor Cahill

GMA-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

GMA-WR Wilin Rosario

GMA-WM Willie McCovey

GMA-YD Yu Darvish

GMA-JA Jose Altuve

GMA-ACA Andrew Carignan

Bryce Harper Autograph

661 Bryce Harper

Golden Moments Die-Cut Autographs

Topps had the four players listed below autograph 25 copies of their Golden Moments Die-Cut card. Unlike the regular Die-Cuts, which are exclusive to the Golden Giveaway website, these four cards were randomly inserted into Series Two packs.

Nolan Ryan

Al Kaline

Jay Bruce

Nelson Cruz

A Cut Above Autographed Relics

Mound Dominance Autographed Relics

Gold Standard Autographed Relics

GSAR-AD Andre Dawson

GSAR-SM Stan Musial

GSAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

GSAR-WM Willie Mays

GSAR-HA Hank Aaron

GSAR-EB Ernie Banks

GSAR-BG Bob Gibson

GSAR-RJ Reggie Jackson

GSAR-CJ Chipper Jones

GSAR-AK Al Kaline

Career Day Autographed Relics

Gold Futures Autographed Relics

GFAR-JM Jesus Montero

GFAR-MM Matt Moore

GFAR-BP Buster Posey

GFAR-CS Chris Sale

GFAR-CSA Carlos Santana

GFAR-DS Drew Storen

GFAR-MB Madison Bumgarner

GFAR-BB Brandon Beachy

GFAR-RD Randall Delgado

GFAR-BPE Brad Peacock

GFAR-JW Jordan Walden

GFAR-DB Domonic Brown

GFAR-DP Drew Pomeranz

GFAR-LH Liam Hendriks

GFAR-JH Jason Heyward

Golden Greats Autographed Relics

Golden Moments Cut Signatures

GMCS-MF Mark Fidrych

GMCS-PR Phil Rizzuto

GMCS-CG Charlie Gehringer

GMCS-BH Billy Herman

GMCS-HS Hank Sauer

GMCS-FF Ferris Fain

GMCS-BT Bobby Thomson

GMCS-LB Lou Boudreau

GMCS-GK George Kell

GMCS-GKE George Kelly

GMCS-JM Joe McCarthy

GMCS-BL Buck Leonard

GMCS-SC Stan Coveleski

GMCS-RM Rube Marquard

GMCS-LW Lloyd Waner

GMCS-PRU Pete Runnels

GMCS-BO Buck O'Neil

GMCS-GH Gabby Hartnett

GMCS-MC Max Carey

GMCS-ER Edd Roush