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|Emerald Foil||330||-||1:6||?||1:6||?||1:1
|Emerald Foil||330||-||1:6||?||1:6||?||1:1
|Desert Camouflage||330||99||1:286||1:57||1:357||?||1:40
|Desert Camouflage||330||99||1:286||1:57||1:357||?||1:40
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|Printing Plates||330||1 (Four different colors)||1:2300||?||N/A||?||N/A
|Printing Plates||330||1 (Four different colors)||1:2323||?||N/A||?||N/A
|Chasing History||50||-||?||?||1:4||?||1:1
|Chasing History||50||-||1:4||?||1:4||?||1:1
|Chasing the Dream||25||-||?||?||1:6||?||1:1
|Chasing the Dream||25||-||1:6||?||1:6||?||1:1
|Cut to the Chase||25||-||1:14||?||1:14||?||1:4
|Cut to the Chase||23||-||1:14||?||1:14||?||1:4
|The Greats||30||-||?||?||N/A||?||?
|The Greats||30||-||1:18||?||N/A||?||?
|The Greats Red Parallel||30||-||?||?||1:5,271||?||1:583
|The Greats Gold||30||99||1:1034||?||?||?||?
|Calling Cards||15||-||?||?||1:8||?||?
|The Greats Red||30||50||?||?||1:5,271||?||1:583
|1972 Minis||50||-||?||?||1:4||?||?
|Calling Cards||15||-||1:8||?||1:8||?||?
|MVP Award Winners||?||-||?||?||N/A||?||?
|1972 Minis||50||-||1:4||?||1:4||?||?
|Cy Young Award Winners||?||-||?||?||N/A||?||?
|MVP Award Winners||30||-||1:1396||?||N/A||?||?
|Proven Mettle Copper||25||99|||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Cy Young Award Winners||29||-||1:1396||?||N/A||?||?
|Proven Mettle Wrought Iron||25||50||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Silver Slugger Award Winners||25||-||1:1674||?||N/A||N/A||N/A
|Proven Mettle Steel||25||10||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Proven Mettle Copper||25||99|||1:5622||?||N/A||?||?
|Chasing History Relics||40||-||?||?||?||?||1:24
|Proven Mettle Wrought Iron||25||50||1:11,126||?||N/A||?||?
|Chasing the Dream Relics||20||-||?||?||?||?||1:71
|Proven Mettle Steel||25||10||1:56,422||?||N/A||?||?
|Cut to the Chase Relics|||10||25||?||?||?||?||1:5368
|Chasing History Relics||58||-||1:70||?||?||?||1:24
|The Greats Relics||25||25||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Chasing the Dream Relics||39||-||1:210||?||?||?||1:71
|Calling Cards Relics||15||25||?||?||?||?||?
|Cut to the Chase Relics||11||25||1:23,579||?||?||?||1:5368
|1972 Topps Mini Relics||15||25||?||?||?||?||1:3578
|The Greats Relics||25||25||1:4906||?||N/A||?||?
|Calling Cards Relics||15||25||1:23,233||?||?||?||?
|1972 Topps Mini Relics||15||25||1:15,798||?||?||?||1:3578
|World Series Champions Relics||15||100||1:3940||?||?||?||1:895
|World Series Champions Relics||15||100||1:3940||?||?||?||1:895
|In The Name||?||varies||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Triple Crown Relics||10||-||1:432||?||?||?||?
|In The Name||65||varies||1:7899||?||N/A||?||?
|Chasing History Autographs||30||-||?||?||?||1:380||1:188
|Chasing History Cut Signatures||?||one-of-one||?||?||?||?||1:26,838
|Chasing History Autographs||39||-||1:498||?||?||1:380||1:188
|Chasing the Dream Autographs||20||-||?||?||?||1:760||1:376
|Chasing History Cut Signatures||50||one-of-one||1:112,845||?||?||?||1:26,838
|Cut to the Chase Autographs||5||10||?||?||?||?||1:26,838
|Chasing the Dream Autographs||20||-||1:996||?||?||1:760||1:376
|The Greats Autographs||15||10||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Cut to the Chase Autographs||5||10||1:114,048||?||?||?||1:26,838
|Calling Cards Autographs||5||10||?||?||?||?||?
|The Greats Autographs||15||15||1:20,517||?||N/A||?||?
|1972 Topps Mini Autographs||10||10||?||?||?||?||1:13,419
|Calling Cards Autographs||5||10||1:114,048||?||?||?||?
|1972 Topps Mini Autographs||10||10||1:54,024||?||?||?||1:13,419
|World Series Champions Autographs||5||50||1:23,579||?||?||?||1:5368
|World Series Champions Autographs||5||50||1:23,579||?||?||?||1:5368
|Chasing History Autographed Relics||15||25||?||1:1639||N/A||?||?
|Chasing History Autographed Relics||15||25||1:8186||1:1639||N/A||?||?
|Chasing the Dream Autographed Relics||10||25||?||1:2478||N/A||?||?
|Chasing the Dream Autographed Relics||10||25||1:12,247||1:2478||N/A||?||?
|Cut to the Chase Autographed Relics||5||5||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Cut to the Chase Autographed Relics||5||5||1:121,525||?||N/A||?||?
|The Greats Autographed Relics||10||5||?||?||N/A||?||?
|The Greats Autographed Relics||10||5||1:60,762||?||N/A||?||?
|Calling Cards Autographed Relics||10||5||?||?||N/A||?||?
|Calling Cards Autographed Relics||10||5||1:121,525||?||N/A||?||?
|World Series Champions Autographed Relics||5||50||1:12,247||?||N/A||?||?
|World Series Champions Autographed Relics||5||50||1:12,247||?||N/A||?||?
|The Ultimate Chase||30||one-of-one||?||?||?||?||1:51,904
|Triple Crown Autographed Relics||10||-||1:157,982||?||?||?||?
|The Ultimate Chase||30||one-of-one||varies||?||?||?||1:51,904
|The Chase Online Promo Card||?||?||?||?||1:6||?||?
|The Chase Online Promo Card||?||?||?||?||1:6||?||?
|Pennant Chase Code Card||?||?||?||?||1:15,055||?||1:1789
|Pennant Chase Code Card||30||-||1:10,776||?||1:15,055||?||1:1789
Line 219: Line 229:
===The Greats===
===The Greats===
This set is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs.
This set is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs and available in the following parallels.
* Red (serial-numbered to 99 copies, retail only)
* Gold (serial-numbered to 50 copies, Hobby and HTA only)
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps The Greats');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps The Greats');
===Calling Cards===
===Calling Cards===
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Each Calling Cards Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Relics');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Relics');
Each Calling Cards Autograph is serial-numbered to ten copies.
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Autographs');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Autographs');
====Autograph Relics====
====Autograph Relics====
Each Calling Cards Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to five copies.
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Autograph Relics');
SELECT num,player,info FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Calling Cards Autograph Relics');
===1972 Mini===
===1972 Mini===
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Each Autograph features a base card with a [[Sticker Autograph|sticker autograph]].  Each is limited to only five copies.
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
<sql2wiki database="carddb">
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Autographs');
SELECT num,player,info,serial FROM cards WHERE (year = 2013) AND (setname = 'Topps Autographs');
===Chasing History Cut Autographs===
===Chasing History Cut Autographs===

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This article is about a set that was just released.
Some information may change as more facts become known.


2013 Topps Series One, which was released on Monday, January 28, 2013, is a 330-card set. As with previous year's Topps Flagship sets, each Hobby box will yield either an autograph or a Relic card, while HTA boxes will contain an autograph, a Relic, and a manufactured "Relic."

For 2013, Topps recently released information about their online contest called "Million Dollar Chase".





hanger boxes: 72 cards per box. Eight boxes per case.

rack packs

Hobby: 10 cards per pack, 36 packs per box. 12 boxes a case.

Hobby Jumbo: 50 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 6 boxes a case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Jumbo Odds Retail Odds Retail Rack Retail Hanger
Base 330 - ? ? ? ? ?
Red/Blue/Purple* 330 - N/A N/A 1:4 3:1 5:1
Emerald Foil 330 - 1:6 ? 1:6 ? 1:1
Gold 330 2013 1:9 1:2 1:22 ? 1:2
Desert Camouflage 330 99 1:286 1:57 1:357 ? 1:40
Black 330 62 1:150 1:30 N/A ? N/A
Pink 330 50 1:566 1:113 1:708 ? 1:79
Platinum 330 1 1:17,361 ? 1:44,160 ? 1:5120
Printing Plates 330 1 (Four different colors) 1:2323 ? N/A ? N/A
Silk 100 50 1:614 1:123 N/A ? N/A
Chasing History 50 - 1:4 ? 1:4 ? 1:1
Chasing the Dream 25 - 1:6 ? 1:6 ? 1:1
Cut to the Chase 23 - 1:14 ? 1:14 ? 1:4
The Greats 30 - 1:18 ? N/A ? ?
The Greats Gold 30 99 1:1034 ? ? ? ?
The Greats Red 30 50 ? ? 1:5,271 ? 1:583
Calling Cards 15 - 1:8 ? 1:8 ? ?
1972 Minis 50 - 1:4 ? 1:4 ? ?
MVP Award Winners 30 - 1:1396 ? N/A ? ?
Cy Young Award Winners 29 - 1:1396 ? N/A ? ?
Silver Slugger Award Winners 25 - 1:1674 ? N/A N/A N/A
Proven Mettle Copper 25 99 1:5622 ? N/A ? ?
Proven Mettle Wrought Iron 25 50 1:11,126 ? N/A ? ?
Proven Mettle Steel 25 10 1:56,422 ? N/A ? ?
Chasing History Relics 58 - 1:70 ? ? ? 1:24
Chasing the Dream Relics 39 - 1:210 ? ? ? 1:71
Cut to the Chase Relics 11 25 1:23,579 ? ? ? 1:5368
The Greats Relics 25 25 1:4906 ? N/A ? ?
Calling Cards Relics 15 25 1:23,233 ? ? ? ?
1972 Topps Mini Relics 15 25 1:15,798 ? ? ? 1:3578
World Series Champions Relics 15 100 1:3940 ? ? ? 1:895
Triple Crown Relics 10 - 1:432 ? ? ? ?
In The Name 65 varies 1:7899 ? N/A ? ?
Autographs 5 5 ? ? ? ? ?
Chasing History Autographs 39 - 1:498 ? ? 1:380 1:188
Chasing History Cut Signatures 50 one-of-one 1:112,845 ? ? ? 1:26,838
Chasing the Dream Autographs 20 - 1:996 ? ? 1:760 1:376
Cut to the Chase Autographs 5 10 1:114,048 ? ? ? 1:26,838
The Greats Autographs 15 15 1:20,517 ? N/A ? ?
Calling Cards Autographs 5 10 1:114,048 ? ? ? ?
1972 Topps Mini Autographs 10 10 1:54,024 ? ? ? 1:13,419
World Series Champions Autographs 5 50 1:23,579 ? ? ? 1:5368
Chasing History Autographed Relics 15 25 1:8186 1:1639 N/A ? ?
Chasing the Dream Autographed Relics 10 25 1:12,247 1:2478 N/A ? ?
Cut to the Chase Autographed Relics 5 5 1:121,525 ? N/A ? ?
The Greats Autographed Relics 10 5 1:60,762 ? N/A ? ?
Calling Cards Autographed Relics 10 5 1:121,525 ? N/A ? ?
World Series Champions Autographed Relics 5 50 1:12,247 ? N/A ? ?
Triple Crown Autographed Relics 10 - 1:157,982 ? ? ? ?
The Ultimate Chase 30 one-of-one varies ? ? ? 1:51,904
The Chase Online Promo Card ? ? ? ? 1:6 ? ?
Pennant Chase Code Card 30 - 1:10,776 ? 1:15,055 ? 1:1789

* Red, Blue, and Purple parallels are exclusive to packs sold at Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us stores, respectively.


Base Set


  • For the first time since 2005, there is no card #7. Topps let its contract with Mickey Mantle's estate expire without renewal.
  • Card #331 is NOT short-printed.

1 Bryce Harper RCup

2 Derek Jeter

3 Hunter Pence

4 Yadier Molina

5 Carlos Gonzalez

6 Ryan Howard

8 Ryan Braun

9 Dee Gordon

10 Adam Jones

11 Yu Darvish RCup

12 A.J. Pierzynski

13 Brett Lawrie

14 Paul Konerko

15 Dustin Pedroia

16 Andre Ethier

17 Shin-Soo Choo

18 Mitch Moreland

19 Joey Votto

20 Kevin Youkilis

21 Lucas Duda

22 Clayton Kershaw

23 Jemile Weeks

24 Dan Haren

25 Mark Teixeira

26 Chase Utley

27 Mike Trout RCup

28 Prince Fielder

29 Adrian Beltre

30 Neftali Feliz

31 Jose Tabata

32 Craig Breslow

33 Cliff Lee

34 Felix Hernandez

35 Justin Verlander

36 Jered Weaver

37 Max Scherzer

38 Brian Wilson

39 Scott Feldman

40 Chien-Ming Wang

41 Daniel Hudson

42 Detroit Tigers ALDS

43 R.A. Dickey

44 Anthony Rizzo RCup

45 Travis Ishikawa

46 Craig Kimbrel

47 Howie Kendrick

48 Ryan Cook

49 Chris Sale

50 Adam Wainwright

51 Jonathan Broxton

52 CC Sabathia

53 Alex Cobb

54 Jaime Garcia

55 Tim Lincecum

56 Joe Blanton

57 Mark Lowe

58 Jeremy Hellickson

59 John Axford

60 Jon Rauch

61 Trevor Bauer

62 Tommy Hunter

63 Justin Masterson

64 Will Middlebrooks

65 J.P. Howell

66 Daniel Nava

67 San Francisco Giants WS

68 Colby Rasmus

69 Marco Scutaro NLCS

70 Todd Frazier RCup

71 Kyle Kendrick

72 Gerardo Parra

73 Brandon Crawford

74 Kenley Jansen

75 Barry Zito

76 Brandon Inge

77 Dustin Moseley

78 Dylan Bundy RC

79 Adam Eaton RC

80 Ryan Zimmerman

81 Clayton Kershaw / Johnny Cueto / R.A. Dickey LL

82 Jason Vargas

83 Darin Ruf RC

84 Adeiny Hechavarria RC

85 Sean Doolittle

86 Henry Rodriguez

87 Mike Olt RC

88 Jamey Carroll

89 Johan Santana CL

90 Andy Pettitte CL

91 Alfredo Aceves

92 Clint Barmes

93 Austin Kearns

94 Justin Verlander / David Price / Jered Weaver LL

95 Matt Harrison / David Price / Jered Weaver LL

96 Edward Mujica

97 Danny Espinosa

98 Gaby Sanchez

99 Paco Rodriguez RC

100 Mike Moustakas

101 Bryan Shaw

102 Denard Span

103 Evan Longoria

104 Jed Lowrie

105 Freddie Freeman

106 Drew Stubbs

107 Joe Mauer

108 Kendrys Morales

109 Kirk Nieuwenhuis

110 Justin Upton

111 Casey Kelly

112 Mark Reynolds

113 Starlin Castro

114 Casey McGehee

115 Tim Hudson

116 Brian McCann

117 Aubrey Huff

118 Daisuke Matsuzaka

119 Chris Davis

120 Ian Desmond

121 Delmon Young

122 Andrew McCutchen

123 Rickie Weeks

124 Ricky Romero

125 Matt Holliday WC

126 Dan Uggla

127 Giancarlo Stanton

128 Buster Posey

129 Ike Davis

130 Jason Motte

131 Ian Kennedy

132 Ryan Vogelsong

133 James Shields

134 Jake Arrieta

135 Eric Hosmer

136 Tyler Clippard

137 Edinson Volquez

138 Michael Morse

139 Bobby Parnell

140 Wade Davis

141 Carlos Santana

142 Tony Cingrani RC

143 Jim Johnson

144 Jason Bay

145 Anthony Bass

146 Kyle McClellan

147 Ivan Nova

148 L.J. Hoes RC

149 Yovani Gallardo

150 John Danks

151 Alex Rios

152 Jose Contreras

153 Miguel Cabrera / Josh Hamilton / Curtis Granderson LL

154 Sergio Romo

155 Mat Latos

156 Dillon Gee

157 Carter Capps RC

158 Chad Billingsley

159 Felipe Paulino

160 Stephen Drew

161 Bronson Arroyo

162 Kyle Seager

163 J.A. Happ

164 Lucas Harrell

165 Ramon Hernandez

166 Logan Ondrusek

167 Luke Hochevar

168 Kyle Farnsworth

169 Brad Ziegler

170 Eury Perez RC

171 Brock Holt RC

172 Nyjer Morgan

173 Tyler Skaggs RC

174 Jason Grilli

175 A.J. Ramos RC

176 Robert Andino

177 Elliot Johnson

178 Justin Maxwell

179 Detroit Tigers ALCS

180 Casey Kotchman

181 Jeff Keppinger

182 Randy Choate

183 Drew Hutchison

184 Geovany Soto

185 Rob Scahill RC

186 Jordan Pacheco

187 Nick Maronde RC

188 Brian Fuentes

189 Buster Posey / Andrew McCutchen / Ryan Braun LL

190 Daniel Descalso

191 Chris Capuano

192 Javier Lopez

193 Matt Carpenter

194 Edwin Encarnacion / Miguel Cabrera / Josh Hamilton LL

195 Chris Heisey

196 Ryan Vogelsong

197 Tyler Cloyd RC

198 Chris Coghlan

199 Avisail Garcia RC

200 Scott Downs

201 Jonny Venters

202 Zack Cozart RCup

203 Wilson Ramos

204 Alex Gordon

205 Ryan Theriot

206 Jimmy Rollins

207 Matt Holliday

208 Kurt Suzuki

209 David DeJesus

210 Vernon Wells

211 Jarrod Parker

212 Eric Chavez

213 Alex Rodriguez

214 Curtis Granderson

215 Gordon Beckham

216 Josh Willingham

217 Brian Matusz

218 Ben Zobrist

219 Josh Beckett

220 Octavio Dotel

221 Heath Bell

222 Jason Heyward

223 Yonder Alonso

224 Jon Jay

225 Will Venable

226 Derek Lowe

227 Jose Altuve

228 Adrian Gonzalez

229 Jeff Samardzija

230 David Robertson

231 Melky Mesa RC

232 Jake Odorizzi RC

233 Edwin Jackson

234 A.J. Burnett

235 Jake Westbrook

236 Joe Nathan

237 Brandon Lyon

238 Carlos Zambrano

239 Ramon Santiago

240 J.J. Putz

241 Jacoby Ellsbury

242 Matt Kemp

243 Aaron Crow

244 Lucas Luetge

245 Jason Isringhausen

246 Ryan Braun / Giamcarlo Stanton / Jay Bruce LL

247 Luis Perez

248 Colby Lewis

249 Vance Worley

250 Jonathon Niese

251 Sean Marshall

252 Dustin Ackley

253 Adam Greenberg (RC)

254 Sean Burnett

255 Josh Johnson

256 Madison Bumgarner

257 Mike Minor

258 Doug Fister

259 Bartolo Colon

260 San Francisco Giants NLDS

261 Trevor Rosenthal RC

262 Kevin Correia

263 Ted Lilly

264 Roy Halladay CL

265 Tyler Colvin

266 Albert Pujols CL

267 Jason Kipnis

268 David Lough RC

269 St. Louis Cardinals NLDS

270 Manny Machado RC

271 Jeurys Familia RC

272 Ryan Braun / Alfonso Soriano / Chase Headley LL

273 Dexter Fowler

274 Miguel Montero

275 Johnny Cueto

276 Luis Ayala

277 Brendan Ryan

278 Christian Garcia RC

279 Vicente Padilla

280 Rafael Dolis

281 David Hernandez

282 Russell Martin

283 CC Sabathia ALDS

284 Angel Pagan

285 Addison Reed RCup

286 Jurickson Profar RC

287 Johnny Cueto / Gio Gonzalez / R.A. Dickey LL

288 Starling Marte

289 Jeremy Guthrie

290 Tom Layne RC

291 Ryan Sweeney

292 Matt Thornton

293 Jeff Karstens

294 Mike Trout / Adrian Beltre / Miguel Cabrera LL

295 Brandon League

296 Didi Gregorius RC

297 Michael Saunders

298 Pablo Sandoval

299 Darwin Barney

300 Daniel Murphy

301 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

302 Aaron Hill

303 Alex Rodriguez CL

304 Kyle Drabek

305 Shelby Miller RC

306 Jerry Hairston, Jr.

307 Norichika Aoki

308 Desmond Jennings

309 Endy Chavez

310 Edwin Encarnacion

311 Rajai Davis

312 Scott Hairston

313 Maicer Izturis

314 A.J. Ellis

315 Rafael Furcal

316 Josh Reddick

317 Baltimore Orioles WC

318 Hiroki Kuroda

319 Brian Bogusevic

320 Michael Young

321 Allen Craig

322 Alex Gonzalez

323 Michael Brantley

324 Cameron Maybin

325 Kevin Millwood

326 Andruw Jones

327 Jhonny Peralta

328 Jayson Werth

329 Rafael Soriano

330 Ryan Raburn

331 Jose Reyes

Gimmicks, Variations, and Errors

Out of Bounds

The Out of Bounds variations all revolve around a theme: players making catches while up against a wall. The back of these variations contains the numerical code that ends in 3022, while the codes for non-variation base cards end in 2820.

NOTES: Cards #350, #400, and #450 were all inserted into Series One packs.

1 Bryce Harper

13 Brett Lawrie

14 Paul Konerko

16 Andre Ethier

20 Kevin Youkilis

27 Mike Trout

44 Anthony Rizzo

70 Todd Frazier

100 Mike Moustakas

105 Freddie Freeman

107 Joe Mauer

112 Mark Reynolds

122 Andrew McCutchen

128 Buster Posey

135 Eric Hosmer

204 Alex Gordon

213 Alex Rodriguez

216 Josh Willingham

242 Matt Kemp

282 Russell Martin

311 Rajai Davis

324 Cameron Maybin

350 Albert Pujols

400 David Wright

450 Jay Bruce


All 330 base cards are available in the following parallels.

  • Red (exclusive to Target packs)
  • Blue (exclusive to Wal-Mart packs)
  • Purple (exclusive to Toys-R-Us packs)
  • Emerald Foil
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 2013 copies)
  • Desert Camouflage (serial-numbered to 99 copies)
  • Black (serial-numbered to 62 copies, Hobby and HTA only)
  • Pink (serial-numbered to 50 copies)
  • Platinum (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (set of four for each card, Hobby and HTA only)

Silver Slate

This 330-card parallel is available exclusively as a wrapper redemption. The first 10,000 collectors to send in 50 Series One Hobby or retail or ten HTA wrappers will receive a five-card pack of Silver Slate parallels. Randomly inserted into these packs will be autographs.

Although these cards will not be serial-numbered, we estimate that only 150 copies of each player's Silver Slate card will be produced.

Silk Collection

Each Silk Collection "card" is framed and serial-numbered to 50 copies.

SC-1 Mike Trout

SC-2 Jose Altuve

SC-3 Giancarlo Stanton

SC-4 Delmon Young

SC-5 Rafael Soriano

SC-6 Buster Posey

SC-7 Cliff Lee

SC-8 Jim Johnson

SC-9 Jaime Garcia

SC-10 Yu Darvish

SC-11 Jeremy Hellickson

SC-12 Dan Haren

SC-13 Chase Utley

SC-14 Adam Jones

SC-15 Starlin Castro

SC-16 Mark Teixeira

SC-17 Desmond Jennings

SC-18 Rickie Weeks

SC-19 Carlos Gonzalez

SC-20 Brian McCann

SC-21 Tim Lincecum

SC-22 Trevor Bauer

SC-23 Neftali Feliz

SC-24 John Axford

SC-25 CC Sabathia

SC-26 Edinson Volquez

SC-27 Hiroki Kuroda

SC-28 Chris Sale

SC-29 Jered Weaver

SC-30 Prince Fielder

SC-31 Dustin Pedroia

SC-32 Jason Heyward

SC-33 Paul Konerko

SC-34 Ryan Zimmerman

SC-35 Mark Reynolds

SC-36 Justin Masterson

SC-37 Adam Wainwright

SC-38 Matt Holliday

SC-39 Alex Rodriguez

SC-40 Chad Billingsley

SC-41 Edwin Encarnacion

SC-42 Eric Hosmer

SC-43 Rafael Furcal

SC-44 Johnny Cueto

SC-45 Josh Beckett

SC-46 Jacoby Ellsbury

SC-47 Craig Kimbrel

SC-48 Mike Moustakas

SC-49 Ryan Braun

SC-50 Justin Verlander

SC-51 Colby Rasmus

SC-52 Alex Gordon

SC-53 Edwin Jackson

SC-54 Tim Hudson

SC-55 Ian Kennedy

SC-56 Yadier Molina

SC-57 R.A. Dickey

SC-58 Joey Votto

SC-59 Kendrys Morales

SC-60 Bryce Harper

SC-61 Evan Longoria

SC-62 Josh Reddick

SC-63 Brian Wilson

SC-64 Jimmy Rollins

SC-65 Shin-Soo Choo

SC-66 Carlos Santana

SC-67 Will Middlebrooks

SC-68 Adrian Gonzalez

SC-69 James Shields

SC-70 Barry Zito

SC-71 Ryan Cook

SC-72 Ivan Nova

SC-73 Freddie Freeman

SC-74 Jose Reyes

SC-75 Ian Desmond

SC-76 Dan Uggla

SC-77 Mat Latos

SC-78 Andrew McCutchen

SC-79 Jeff Samardzija

SC-80 Curtis Granderson

SC-81 Yonder Alonso

SC-82 Dustin Ackley

SC-83 Andre Ethier

SC-84 Joe Nathan

SC-85 Ben Zobrist

SC-86 Felix Hernandez

SC-87 Ryan Howard

SC-88 Jayson Werth

SC-89 Yovani Gallardo

SC-90 Kevin Youkilis

SC-91 Anthony Rizzo

SC-92 Michael Young

SC-93 Tyler Clippard

SC-94 Brett Lawrie

SC-95 Adrian Beltre

SC-96 Hunter Pence

SC-97 Josh Johnson

SC-98 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

SC-99 Justin Upton

SC-100 Clayton Kershaw

SC-201 Jason Bay

SC-202 Endy Chavez

SC-203 Robert Andino

SC-204 Russell Martin

SC-205 Francisco Liriano

SC-206 Kendrys Morales

SC-207 Michael Morse

SC-208 Rafael Soriano

SC-209 Dan Haren

SC-210 Maicer Izturis

SC-211 A.J. Pierzynski

SC-212 Michael Young

SC-213 Delmon Young

SC-214 Shaun Marcum

SC-215 Vance Worley

SC-216 Kevin Correia

SC-217 Kyle Lohse

SC-218 Travis Hafner

SC-219 Vernon Wells

SC-220 Laynce Nix

SC-221 Jed Lowrie

SC-222 Joba Chamberlain

SC-223 Kevin Youkilis

SC-224 Denard Span

SC-225 Stephen Drew

SC-226 Nolan Arenado

SC-227 Marcell Ozuna

SC-228 Matt Adams

SC-229 Anthony Rendon

SC-230 Kevin Gregg

SC-231 Carlos Martinez

SC-232 Jim Henderson

SC-233 Yasiel Puig

SC-234 Nick Franklin

SC-235 Kevin Gausman

SC-236 Justin Grimm

SC-237 Scott Kazmir

SC-238 Bruce Rondon

SC-239 Jonathan Sanchez

SC-240 Charlie Morton

SC-241 Mike Adams

SC-242 Eric Sogard

SC-243 Kyle Blanks

SC-244 Mitchell Boggs

SC-245 Brandon Morrow

SC-246 Luke Scott

SC-247 Ryan Roberts

SC-248 Ty Wigginton

SC-249 Mat Gamel

SC-250 Alex Sanabia

SC-251 Edwin Jackson

SC-252 James Russell

SC-253 Scott Hairston

SC-254 Scott Feldman

SC-255 Ryan Kalish

SC-256 Dylan Axelrod

SC-257 Dewayne Wise

SC-258 Daisuke Matsuzaka

SC-259 Jason Giambi

SC-260 Trevor Bauer

SC-261 Shin-Soo Choo

SC-262 Daniel Bard

SC-263 Andrew Bailey

SC-264 Didi Gregorius

SC-265 Eric Chavez

SC-266 Willie Bloomquist

SC-267 Jason Vargas

SC-268 Cliff Pennington

SC-269 Chris Johnson

SC-270 Chris Tillman

SC-271 Zach Britton

SC-272 Wilson Betemit

SC-273 Justin Upton

SC-274 Ryan Raburn

SC-275 Drew Stubbs

SC-276 Miguel Tejada

SC-277 Nick Punto

SC-278 James Shields

SC-279 Elliot Johnson

SC-280 Greg Holland

SC-281 Skip Schumaker

SC-282 Juan Uribe

SC-283 Jon Rauch

SC-284 Miguel Olivo

SC-285 Casey Kotchman

SC-286 Adeiny Hechavarria

SC-287 Kelvin Herrera

SC-288 Danny Duffy

SC-289 Quintin Berry

SC-290 Al Alburquerque

SC-291 Aaron Harang

SC-292 Christian Friedrich

SC-293 Don Kelly

SC-294 Erik Bedard

SC-295 Wade Davis

SC-296 Tim Collins

SC-297 Jose Veras

SC-298 Chris Carter

SC-299 Joe Blanton

SC-300 Randy Choate


Chasing History

NOTE: There are four different versions of each Chasing History insert, each specific to a particular pack-type.

  • Silver non-foil (Hobby packs)
  • Silver foil (retail packs)
  • Gold foil (Hanger boxes)
  • Holographic Foil (retail rack packs)

CH-1 Roy Halladay

CH-2 Roberto Clemente

CH-3 Ian Kinsler

CH-4 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CH-5 Yogi Berra

CH-6 Rod Carew

CH-7 Carlos Santana

CH-8 Rickey Henderson

CH-9 Mariano Rivera

CH-10 Lou Gehrig

CH-11 Babe Ruth

CH-12 Evan Longoria

CH-13 Don Mattingly

CH-14 Lou Brock

CH-15 Willie McCovey

CH-16 Lance Berkman

CH-17 R.A. Dickey

CH-18 Ken Griffey, Jr.

CH-19 Harmon Killebrew

CH-20 Reggie Jackson

CH-21 Frank Robinson

CH-22 Matt Kemp

CH-23 George Brett

CH-24 David Wright

CH-25 Frank Thomas

CH-26 Chipper Jones

CH-27 Nolan Ryan

CH-28 Tony Gwynn

CH-29 Stan Musial

CH-30 Adam Dunn

CH-31 Warren Spahn

CH-32 Brian Wilson

CH-33 Ted Williams

CH-34 Robin Yount

CH-35 Hank Aaron

CH-36 Kerry Wood

CH-37 Derek Jeter

CH-38 Tom Seaver

CH-39 Jim Thome

CH-40 Mike Schmidt

CH-41 Johan Santana

CH-42 Alex Rodriguez

CH-43 CC Sabathia

CH-44 Mark Buehrle

CH-45 Bob Feller

CH-46 Hanley Ramirez

CH-47 Willie Mays

CH-48 Paul Konerko

CH-49 Jackie Robinson

CH-50 Sandy Koufax

CH-51 Jason Kipnis

CH-52 Gary Sheffield

CH-53 Jered Weaver

CH-54 Anthony Rizzo

CH-55 Ken Griffey, Jr.

CH-56 Matt Holliday

CH-57 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CH-58 Rickey Henderson

CH-59 Fred Lynn

CH-60 Derek Jeter

CH-61 David Price

CH-62 Willie McCovey

CH-63 Jordan Zimmermann

CH-64 Mike Trout

CH-65 Gary Carter

CH-66 Adrian Gonzalez

CH-67 Stephen Strasburg

CH-68 John Smoltz

CH-69 Sandy Koufax

CH-70 Miguel Cabrera

CH-71 Buster Posey

CH-72 Carlos Gonzalez

CH-73 Robinson Cano

CH-74 Stan Musial

CH-75 Dustin Pedroia

CH-76 Tony Gwynn

CH-77 Roberto Clemente

CH-78 Mark Trumbo

CH-79 Hank Aaron

CH-80 Yu Darvish

CH-81 Cliff Lee

CH-82 Felix Hernandez

CH-83 Willie Mays

CH-84 Mariano Rivera

CH-85 Tim Lincecum

CH-86 Roy Halladay

CH-87 Lance Lynn

CH-88 Justin Verlander

CH-89 Darryl Strawberry

CH-90 Prince Fielder

CH-91 Joey Votto

CH-92 Mike Schmidt

CH-93 Manny Machado

CH-94 Ty Cobb

CH-95 Matt Cain

CH-96 Dylan Bundy

CH-97 Troy Tulowitzki

CH-98 Carl Crawford

CH-99 David Wright

CH-100 Phil Niekro

CH-101 Jackie Bradley, Jr.

CH-102 Reggie Jackson

CH-103 Anthony Rizzo

CH-104 Nomar Garciaparra

CH-105 Carlos Santana

CH-106 Edwin Encarnacion

CH-107 Babe Ruth

CH-108 Shelby Miller

CH-109 Jurickson Profar

CH-110 Ted Williams

CH-111 Bo Jackson

CH-112 Johnny Podres

CH-113 Ozzie Smith

CH-114 Tom Seaver

CH-115 Paul Goldschmidt

CH-116 Mike Zunino

CH-117 Anthony Rendon

CH-118 Mike Mussina

CH-119 Pedro Martinez

CH-120 Miguel Cabrera

CH-121 Mike Trout

CH-122 Roberto Clemente

CH-123 Robinson Cano

CH-124 Joey Votto

CH-125 Justin Upton

CH-126 Andrew McCutchen

CH-127 Prince Fielder

CH-128 Troy Tulowitzki

CH-129 Clayton Kershaw

CH-130 Jackie Robinson

CH-131 Hyun-Jin Ryu

CH-132 Justin Verlander

CH-133 Dustin Pedroia

CH-134 Tony Cingrani

CH-135 Bret Saberhagen

CH-136 Zack Wheeler

CH-137 Wade Boggs

CH-138 David Ortiz

CH-139 Buster Posey

CH-140 Wil Myers

CH-141 Marcell Ozuna

CH-142 Matt Harvey

CH-143 Craig Biggio

CH-144 Yasiel Puig

CH-145 Jim Palmer

CH-146 Joe Morgan

CH-147 Bob Feller

CH-148 Manny Machado

CH-149 Tony Gwynn

CH-150 Jose Fernandez

Chasing The Dream

CD-1 Bryce Harper

CD-2 Mike Trout

CD-3 Will Middlebrooks

CD-4 Trevor Bauer

CD-5 Matt Moore

CD-6 Anthony Rizzo

CD-7 Jesus Montero

CD-8 Josh Reddick

CD-9 Devin Mesoraco

CD-10 Giancarlo Stanton

CD-11 Jacob Turner

CD-12 Casey Kelly

CD-13 Drew Hutchison

CD-14 Drew Pomeranz

CD-15 Jonathon Niese

CD-16 Yonder Alonso

CD-17 Addison Reed

CD-18 Chris Sale

CD-19 Yu Darvish

CD-20 Tommy Milone

CD-21 Jarrod Parker

CD-22 Drew Smyly

CD-23 Jose Altuve

CD-24 Brett Lawrie

CD-25 Mike Moustakas

Cut to the Chase

NOTE: This set is skip-numbered. Cards #CTC-1 and #CTC-24 will be included in Series Two.

CTC-2 Ken Griffey, Jr. S1

CTC-3 Derek Jeter S1

CTC-4 Babe Ruth S1

CTC-5 Paul Molitor S1

CTC-6 Carlos Gonzalez S1

CTC-7 Stan Musial S1

CTC-8 Ryan Braun S1

CTC-9 Ted Williams S1

CTC-10 Adam Jones S1

CTC-11 Yu Darvish S1

CTC-12 Lance Berkman S1

CTC-13 Brett Lawrie S1

CTC-14 David Price S1

CTC-15 Dustin Pedroia S1

CTC-16 Nelson Cruz S1

CTC-17 Matt Cain S1

CTC-18 Tony Gwynn S1

CTC-19 Mike Schmidt S1

CTC-20 Roberto Clemente S1

CTC-21 Andrew McCutchen S1

CTC-22 Ryne Sandberg S1

CTC-23 Willie Mays S1

CTC-25 Josh Hamilton S1

CTC-1 Mike Trout S2

CTC-24 Buster Posey S2

CTC-26 Albert Belle S2

CTC-27 Ralph Kiner S2

CTC-28 Al Kaline S2

CTC-29 Tom Seaver S2

CTC-30 Rickey Henderson S2

CTC-31 Matt Holliday S2

CTC-32 Harmon Killebrew S2

CTC-33 Jered Weaver S2

CTC-34 Ernie Banks S2

CTC-35 Chris Sale S2

CTC-36 Joe Morgan S2

CTC-37 Albert Pujols S2

CTC-38 Prince Fielder S2

CTC-39 Yoenis Cespedes S2

CTC-40 Cal Ripken, Jr. S2

CTC-41 Stephen Strasburg S2

CTC-42 R.A. Dickey S2

CTC-43 Miguel Cabrera S2

CTC-44 Manny Machado S2

CTC-45 Bryce Harper S2

CTC-46 Duke Snider S2

CTC-47 Alex Rodriguez S2

CTC-48 Sandy Koufax S2

The Greats

This set is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs and available in the following parallels.

  • Red (serial-numbered to 99 copies, retail only)
  • Gold (serial-numbered to 50 copies, Hobby and HTA only)

TG-1 Roberto Clemente

TG-2 Willie Mays

TG-3 Babe Ruth

TG-4 Ernie Banks

TG-5 Ted Williams

TG-6 Jimmie Foxx

TG-7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TG-8 Mike Schmidt

TG-9 Rickey Henderson

TG-10 Nolan Ryan

TG-11 John Smoltz

TG-12 Johnny Bench

TG-13 Reggie Jackson

TG-14 Stan Musial

TG-15 Bob Gibson

TG-16 Tom Seaver

TG-17 Chipper Jones

TG-18 Tony Gwynn

TG-19 Willie McCovey

TG-20 Tom Glavine

TG-21 Joe Morgan

TG-22 Hank Aaron

TG-23 Yogi Berra

TG-24 Sandy Koufax

TG-25 Albert Pujols

TG-26 Derek Jeter

TG-27 Alex Rodriguez

TG-28 Roy Halladay

TG-29 Mariano Rivera

TG-30 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Calling Cards

CC-1 Prince Fielder

CC-2 Brandon Phillips

CC-3 Felix Hernandez

CC-4 David Ortiz

CC-5 Jonathan Papelbon

CC-6 Willie Stargell

CC-7 Mark Teixeira

CC-8 CC Sabathia

CC-9 R.A. Dickey

CC-10 Tim Lincecum

CC-11 Reggie Jackson

CC-12 Kevin Youkilis

CC-13 Aroldis Chapman

CC-14 Pablo Sandoval

CC-15 Albert Pujols

1972 Topps Mini

This set is done in the style of the 1972 Topps set and measures 2 1/4" X 3 1/8".

TM-1 Buster Posey

TM-2 Dan Haren

TM-3 Jered Weaver

TM-4 Mike Trout

TM-5 Ian Kennedy

TM-6 Trevor Bauer

TM-7 Craig Kimbrel

TM-8 Dan Uggla

TM-9 Adam Jones

TM-10 Adrian Gonzalez

TM-11 Dustin Pedroia

TM-12 Anthony Rizzo

TM-13 Starlin Castro

TM-14 Chris Sale

TM-15 Paul Konerko

TM-16 Joey Votto

TM-17 Johnny Cueto

TM-18 Carlos Santana

TM-19 Carlos Gonzalez

TM-20 Justin Verlander

TM-21 Prince Fielder

TM-22 Andre Ethier

TM-23 Clayton Kershaw

TM-24 Giancarlo Stanton

TM-25 Jose Reyes

TM-26 Ryan Braun

TM-27 R.A. Dickey

TM-28 Alex Rodriguez

TM-29 CC Sabathia

TM-30 Curtis Granderson

TM-31 Mark Teixeira

TM-32 Josh Reddick

TM-33 Cliff Lee

TM-34 Andrew McCutchen

TM-35 Felix Hernandez

TM-36 Matt Holliday

TM-37 Evan Longoria

TM-38 Adrian Beltre

TM-39 Yu Darvish

TM-40 Colby Rasmus

TM-41 Bryce Harper

TM-42 Willie Mays

TM-43 Tony Gwynn

TM-44 Nolan Ryan

TM-45 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TM-46 Jim Rice

TM-47 Roberto Clemente

TM-48 Lou Gehrig

TM-49 Matt Kemp

TM-50 Ted Williams

TM-51 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TM-52 David Freese

TM-53 Gio Gonzalez

TM-54 Roy Halladay

TM-55 Miguel Cabrera

TM-56 David Wright

TM-57 Albert Pujols

TM-58 James Shields

TM-59 Shelby Miller

TM-60 Yoenis Cespedes

TM-61 Brooks Robinson

TM-62 Paul O'Neill

TM-63 Yogi Berra

TM-64 David Price

TM-65 Manny Machado

TM-66 Troy Tulowitzki

TM-67 Tim Lincecum

TM-68 Matt Cain

TM-69 Robin Yount

TM-70 Justin Upton

TM-71 Reggie Jackson

TM-72 Brandon Phillips

TM-73 Dylan Bundy

TM-74 Johan Santana

TM-75 Willie Stargell

TM-76 Jose Altuve

TM-77 Fred Lynn

TM-78 R.A. Dickey

TM-79 Josh Hamilton

TM-80 Johnny Bench

TM-81 Eric Davis

TM-82 Gary Sheffield

TM-83 Don Mattingly

TM-84 Ryan Howard

TM-85 Matt Williams

TM-86 George Brett

TM-87 Jurickson Profar

TM-88 Jose Bautista

TM-89 Will Middlebrooks

TM-90 Joe Morgan

TM-91 Stephen Strasburg

TM-92 Cole Hamels

TM-93 Robinson Cano

TM-94 David Ortiz

TM-95 B.J. Upton

TM-96 Jason Heyward

TM-97 Josh Johnson

TM-98 Ernie Banks

TM-99 Ozzie Smith

TM-100 Eddie Mathews

Manufactured Relics

Award Winners

All three Award Winners Manu-Relic sets are exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs.

Cy Young

CY-BC Bartolo Colon

CY-BG Bob Gibson

CY-BW Brandon Webb

CY-BZ Barry Zito

CY-CC Chris Carpenter

CY-CH Catfish Hunter

CY-CK Clayton Kershaw

CY-CL Cliff Lee

CY-CS CC Sabathia

CY-DE Dennis Eckersley

CY-DG Dwight Gooden

CY-FH Felix Hernandez

CY-FJ Fergie Jenkins

CY-JP Jim Palmer

CY-JPE Jake Peavy

CY-JS Johan Santana

CY-JSM John Smoltz

CY-JV Justin Verlander

CY-PM1 Pedro Martinez

CY-PM2 Pedro Martinez

CY-RH1 Roy Halladay

CY-RH2 Roy Halladay

CY-SK Sandy Koufax

CY-TL Tim Lincecum

CY-TS Tom Seaver

CY-VB Vida Blue

CY-WF Whitey Ford

CY-WS Warren Spahn

CY-ZG Zack Greinke


MVP-AP Albert Pujols

MVP-AR Alex Rodriguez

MVP-BR Babe Ruth

MVP-CJ Chipper Jones

MVP-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

MVP-DE Dennis Eckersley

MVP-DM Dale Murphy

MVP-DMA Don Mattingly

MVP-DP Dustin Pedroia

MVP-FT Frank Thomas

MVP-GB George Brett

MVP-HK Harmon Killebrew

MVP-JB Johnny Bench

MVP-JH Josh Hamilton

MVP-JR Jackie Robinson

MVP-JRO Jimmy Rollins

MVP-JV Justin Verlander

MVP-JVO Joey Votto

MVP-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

MVP-MS Mike Schmidt

MVP-RB Ryan Braun

MVP-RC Roberto Clemente

MVP-RH Ryan Howard

MVP-RJ Reggie Jackson

MVP-SK Sandy Koufax

MVP-SM Stan Musial

MVP-VG Vladimir Guerrero

MVP-WM Willie Mays

MVP-WS Willie Stargell

MVP-YB Yogi Berra

MVP-BP Buster Posey

MVP-EB Ernie Banks

MVP-JR Jackie Robinson

MVP-JV Joey Votto

MVP-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

MVP-LB Lou Boudreau

MVP-MC Miguel Cabrera

MVP-SM Stan Musial

MVP-TW Ted Williams

MVP-YB Yogi Berra

Silver Sluggers

SS-AB Adrian Beltre

SS-ABE Albert Belle

SS-AD Andre Dawson

SS-AR Alex Rodriguez

SS-CF Carlton Fisk

SS-CG Curtis Granderson

SS-CGO Carlos Gonzalez

SS-DM Dale Murphy

SS-DMA Don Mattingly

SS-DO David Ortiz

SS-DS Darryl Strawberry

SS-EM Eddie Murray

SS-JB Jose Bautista

SS-JR Jim Rice

SS-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

SS-MK Matt Kemp

SS-MR Manny Ramirez

SS-MS Mike Schmidt

SS-PF Prince Fielder

SS-RH Ryan Howard

SS-RY Robin Yount

SS-TG Tony Gwynn

SS-TH Todd Helton

SS-TT Troy Tulowitzki

SS-WB Wade Boggs

Proven Mettle

Proven Mettle is exclusive to Hobby and HTA packs.

Each card is available in the following parallels.

  • Copper (serial-numbered to 99)
  • Wrought Iron (serial-numbered to 50)
  • Steel (serial-numbered to ten)

PMC-AP Albert Pujols

PMC-BR Babe Ruth

PMC-CK Clayton Kershaw

PMC-CL Cliff Lee

PMC-DJ Derek Jeter

PMC-EL Evan Longoria

PMC-HA Hank Aaron

PMC-JH Josh Hamilton

PMC-JM Joe Morgan

PMC-JR Jackie Robinson

PMC-JV Justin Verlander

PMC-JVO Joey Votto

PMC-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.

PMC-LG Lou Gehrig

PMC-MC Miguel Cabrera

PMC-MK Matt Kemp

PMC-RB Ryan Braun

PMC-RC Roberto Clemente

PMC-RIH Rickey Henderson

PMC-ROC Robinson Cano

PMC-ROH Roy Halladay

PMC-SK Sandy Koufax

PMC-SM Stan Musial

PMC-TC Ty Cobb

PMC-WM Willie Mays

PMC-AG Adrian Gonzalez

PMC-AM Andrew McCutchen

PMC-BH Bryce Harper

PMC-BR Babe Ruth

PMC-BRO Brooks Robinson

PMC-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

PMC-CS CC Sabathia

PMC-DW David Wright

PMC-GB George Brett

PMC-HK Harmon Killebrew

PMC-JB Johnny Bench

PMC-JF Jimmie Foxx

PMC-JH Josh Hamilton

PMC-JV Joey Votto

PMC-MM Manny Machado

PMC-MT Mike Trout

PMC-NR Nolan Ryan

PMC-OS Ozzie Smith

PMC-PF Prince Fielder

PMC-RJ Reggie Jackson

PMC-TS Tom Seaver

PMC-TW Ted Williams

PMC-WS Willie Stargell

PMC-WSP Warren Spahn

PMC-YD Yu Darvish

Commemorative Patch

This set is exclusive to retail Blaster boxes.

CP-1 Adam Jones

CP-2 Dustin Pedroia

CP-3 Mike Trout

CP-4 Felix Hernandez

CP-5 Yu Darvish

CP-6 Jose Bautista

CP-7 Trevor Bauer

CP-8 Jason Heyward

CP-9 Nolan Ryan

CP-10 Adrian Gonzalez

CP-11 Giancarlo Stanton

CP-12 David Wright

CP-13 Yonder Alonso

CP-14 Matt Holliday

CP-15 Bryce Harper

CP-16 Billy Butler

CP-17 Ryan Braun

CP-18 Yoenis Cespedes

CP-19 Will Clark

CP-20 Chipper Jones

CP-21 Anthony Rizzo

CP-22 Chris Sale

CP-23 Mike Schmidt

CP-24 Stephen Strasburg

CP-25 Joey Votto

CP-26 Cal Ripken, Jr.

CP-27 Babe Ruth

CP-28 Frank Thomas

CP-29 Bob Feller

CP-30 Miguel Cabrera

CP-31 Josh Hamilton

CP-32 Joe Mauer

CP-33 Yogi Berra

CP-34 Rickey Henderson

CP-35 Ken Griffey, Jr.

CP-36 Evan Longoria

CP-37 Ian Kinsler

CP-38 Jose Reyes

CP-39 Justin Upton

CP-40 Ernie Banks

CP-41 Johnny Bench

CP-42 Carlos Gonzalez

CP-43 Sandy Koufax

CP-44 Jackie Robinson

CP-45 Tom Seaver

CP-46 Ryan Howard

CP-47 Roberto Clemente

CP-48 Andrew McCutchen

CP-49 Buster Posey

CP-50 Stan Musial

CP-1 Chris Davis

Rookie Card Patch

This set is exclusive to retail Blaster boxes. Each features a reprint of the player's respective Topps rookie card.

RCP-1 Willie Mays

RCP-2 Ernie Banks

RCP-3 Roberto Clemente

RCP-4 Sandy Koufax

RCP-5 Bob Gibson

RCP-6 Willie McCovey

RCP-7 Reggie Jackson

RCP-8 Ryne Sandberg

RCP-9 George Brett

RCP-10 Eddie Murray

RCP-11 Ozzie Smith

RCP-12 Rickey Henderson

RCP-13 Jim Palmer

RCP-14 Tony Gwynn

RCP-15 Wade Boggs

RCP-16 Don Mattingly

RCP-17 Darryl Strawberry

RCP-18 Dwight Gooden

RCP-19 Ken Griffey, Jr.

RCP-20 Chipper Jones

RCP-21 Derek Jeter

RCP-22 Albert Pujols

RCP-23 Mike Trout

RCP-24 Bryce Harper

RCP-25 Yu Darvish

Autographs & Game-Used

NOTE: There are NO Autographed or Game-Used cards in Blaster boxes.

Chasing History


CHR-AB Albert Belle S1

CHR-AC Aroldis Chapman S1

CHR-AD Adam Dunn S1

CHR-AE Andre Ethier S1

CHR-AJ Adam Jones S1

CHR-AJA Austin Jackson S1

CHR-AM Andrew McCutchen S1

CHR-AR Anthony Rizzo S1

CHR-BS Bruce Sutter S1

CHR-BW Brian Wilson S1

CHR-CG Curtis Granderson S1

CHR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez S1

CHR-CJW C.J. Wilson S1

CHR-CK Clayton Kershaw S1

CHR-CL Cliff Lee S1

CHR-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr. S1

CHR-CS Carlos Santana S1

CHR-CSA Chris Sale S1

CHR-DG Dwight Gooden S1

CHR-DO David Ortiz S1

CHR-DW David Wright S1

CHR-EL Evan Longoria S1

CHR-FT Frank Thomas S1

CHR-GB George Brett S1

CHR-HK Harmon Killebrew S1

CHR-HP Hunter Pence S1

CHR-HR Hanley Ramirez S1

CHR-IK Ian Kinsler S1

CHR-IKE Ian Kennedy S1

CHR-JAH Jason Heyward S1

CHR-JB Jose Bautista S1

CHR-JC Johnny Cueto S1

CHR-JH Joel Hanrahan S1

CHR-JHA Josh Hamilton S1

CHR-JOV Joey Votto S1

CHR-JS Johan Santana S1

CHR-JUV Justin Verlander S1

CHR-JW Jered Weaver S1

CHR-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr. S1

CHR-LB Lance Berkman S1

CHR-MAM Matt Moore S1

CHR-MAT Mark Trumbo S1

CHR-MEC Melky Cabrera S1

CHR-MIC Miguel Cabrera S1

CHR-MIM Mike Moustakas S1

CHR-MIT Mike Trout S1

CHR-MK Matt Kemp S1

CHR-MS Mike Schmidt S1

CHR-NR Nolan Ryan S1

CHR-PK Paul Konerko S1

CHR-RH Rickey Henderson S1

CHR-RHA Roy Halladay S1

CHR-RJ Reggie Jackson S1

CHR-SC Starlin Castro S1

CHR-SM Stan Musial S1

CHR-TG Tony Gwynn S1

CHR-TT Troy Tulowitzki S1

CHR-YG Yovani Gallardo S1

CHR-AB Adrian Beltre S2

CHR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera S2

CHR-AG Alex Gordon S2

CHR-AGO Adrian Gonzalez S2

CHR-AP Andy Pettitte S2

CHR-AR Alex Rodriguez S2

CHR-AS Alfonso Soriano S2

CHR-BB Billy Butler S2

CHR-BM Brian McCann S2

CHR-BP Brandon Phillips S2

CHR-BPO Buster Posey S2

CHR-CB Chad Billingsley S2

CHR-CC Carl Crawford S2

CHR-CF Carlton Fisk S2

CHR-CG Carlos Gonzalez S2

CHR-CL Cliff Lee S2

CHR-CR Colby Rasmus S2

CHR-DJ Derek Jeter S2

CHR-DM Don Mattingly S2

CHR-DP David Price S2

CHR-DW David Wright S2

CHR-EA Elvis Andrus S2

CHR-FH Felix Hernandez S2

CHR-FJ Fergie Jenkins S2

CHR-GS Gary Sheffield S2

CHR-HP Hunter Pence S2

CHR-JA John Axford S2

CHR-JH Josh Hamilton S2

CHR-JK Jason Kipnis S2

CHR-JS James Shields S2

CHR-JSM John Smoltz S2

CHR-JV Justin Verlander S2

CHR-JVO Joey Votto S2

CHR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann S2

CHR-LL Lance Lynn S2

CHR-MC Matt Cain S2

CHR-MH Matt Holliday S2

CHR-MR Mariano Rivera S2

CHR-MS Max Scherzer S2

CHR-NC Nelson Cruz S2

CHR-OC Orlando Cepeda S2

CHR-PF Prince Fielder S2

CHR-PK Paul Konerko S2

CHR-PN Phil Niekro S2

CHR-PS Pablo Sandoval S2

CHR-RC Roberto Clemente S2

CHR-RHA Roy Halladay S2

CHR-RHO Ryan Howard S2

CHR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman S2

CHR-SC Starlin Castro S2

CHR-SM Stan Musial S2

CHR-SR Scott Rolen S2

CHR-SS Stephen Strasburg S2

CHR-TC Ty Cobb S2

CHR-TL Tim Lincecum S2

CHR-TT Troy Tulowitzki S2

CHR-VW Vernon Wells S2

CHR-WM Willie McCovey S2

CHR-WMA Willie Mays S2

CHR-YB Yogi Berra S2


CHA-AR Anthony Rizzo S1

CHA-CCS CC Sabathia S1

CHA-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr. S1

CHA-CSA Chris Sale S1

CHA-CST Carlos Santana S1

CHA-DG Dwight Gooden S1

CHA-DGO Dee Gordon S1

CHA-DJ David Justice S1

CHA-DM Don Mattingly S1

CHA-DS Duke Snider S1

CHA-DW David Wright S1

CHA-EL Evan Longoria S1

CHA-FR Fernando Rodney S1

CHA-FT Frank Thomas S1

CHA-GC Gary Carter S1

CHA-GS Gary Sheffield S1

CHA-GST Giancarlo Stanton S1

CHA-HA Hank Aaron S1

CHA-HR Hanley Ramirez S1

CHA-IN Ivan Nova S1

CHA-JA Jose Altuve S1

CHA-JB Jose Bautista S1

CHA-JH Joel Hanrahan S1

CHA-JP Jarrod Parker S1

CHA-JPO Johnny Podres S1

CHA-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr. S1

CHA-MAM Matt Moore S1

CHA-MAT Mark Trumbo S1

CHA-MIT Mike Trout S1

CHA-MS Mike Schmidt S1

CHA-NR Nolan Ryan S1

CHA-OC Orlando Cepeda S1

CHA-RH Rickey Henderson S1

CHA-RJ Reggie Jackson S1

CHA-SC Starlin Castro S1

CHA-SK Sandy Koufax S1

CHA-SM Stan Musial S1

CHA-TG Tony Gwynn S1

CHA-WF Whitey Ford S1

CHA-AC Alex Cobb S2

CHA-AE Adam Eaton S2

CHA-AG Adrian Gonzalez S2

CHA-BH Brock Holt S2

CHA-CA Chris Archer S2

CHA-CC Collin Cowgill S2

CHA-CD Cole De Vries S2

CHA-DB Dylan Bundy S2

CHA-DC David Cooper S2

CHA-DG Didi Gregorius S2

CHA-DM Don Mattingly S2

CHA-FL Fred Lynn S2

CHA-GC Gary Carter S2

CHA-GS Gary Sheffield S2

CHA-JB Jay Bruce S2

CHA-JBA Jose Bautista S2

CHA-JG Jason Grilli S2

CHA-JK Jason Kipnis S2

CHA-JP Jim Palmer S2

CHA-JPO Johnny Podres S2

CHA-JPR Jurickson Profar S2

CHA-JS James Shields S2

CHA-JW Jered Weaver S2

CHA-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

CHA-MM Manny Machado S2

CHA-MS Mike Schmidt S2

CHA-MT Mark Trumbo S2

CHA-MTR Mike Trout S2

CHA-NM Nick Maronde S2

CHA-PF Prince Fielder S2

CHA-PR Paco Rodriguez S2

CHA-SD Scott Diamond S2

CHA-SG Steve Garvey S2

CHA-SM Starling Marte S2

CHA-SMA Shaun Marcum S2

CHA-TG Tony Gwynn S2

CHA-TS Tyler Skaggs S2

CHA-WB Wade Boggs S2

CHA-WP Wily Peralta S2

CHA-WR Wilin Rosario S2

CHA-ZC Zack Cozart S2

CHA-AE Adam Eaton US

CHA-BH Brock Holt US

CHA-BJ Bo Jackson US

CHA-BM Brandon Maurer US

CHA-BR Bruce Rondon US

CHA-BS Bret Sabherhagen US

CHA-BT Bob Tewksbury US

CHA-CA Chris Archer US

CHA-CB Craig Biggio US

CHA-CC Collin Cowgill US

CHA-DBA Don Baylor US

CHA-DG Didi Gregorius US

CHA-GC Gerrit Cole US

CHA-GR Garrett Richards US

CHA-HJ Howard Johnson US

CHA-KH Kelvin Herrera US

CHA-LB Larry Bowa US

CHA-MA Matt Adams US

CHA-MM Mike Mussina US

CHA-MM Matt Magill US

CHA-MZ Mike Zunino US

CHA-NM Nick Maronde US

CHA-PM Pedro Martinez US

CHA-RD Rafael Dolis US

CHA-RP Ryan Pressly US

CHA-RS Ruben Sierra US

CHA-TC Tony Cingrani US

CHA-YG Yan Gomes US

CHA-ZW Zack Wheeler US

Autograph Relics

Each Chasing History Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CHAR-AR Anthony Rizzo S1

CHAR-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr. S1

CHAR-DG Dwight Gooden S1

CHAR-DW David Wright S1

CHAR-EL Evan Longoria S1

CHAR-HR Hanley Ramirez S1

CHAR-JB Jose Bautista S1

CHAR-JW Jered Weaver S1

CHAR-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr. S1

CHAR-MK Matt Kemp S1

CHAR-MT Mike Trout S1

CHAR-NR Nolan Ryan S1

CHAR-SM Stan Musial S1

CHAR-TG Tony Gwynn S1

CHAR-WM Willie McCovey S1

CHAR-AP Andy Pettitte S2

CHAR-BP Brandon Phillips S2

CHAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez S2

CHAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. S2

CHAR-DS Darryl Strawberry S2

CHAR-DW David Wright S2

CHAR-FJ Fergie Jenkins S2

CHAR-GS Gary Sheffield S2

CHAR-HA Hank Aaron S2

CHAR-JK Jason Kipnis S2

CHAR-JS John Smoltz S2

CHAR-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

CHAR-MH Matt Holliday S2

CHAR-MS Mike Schmidt S2

CHAR-MT Mark Trumbo S2

CHAR-NR Nolan Ryan S2

CHAR-PF Prince Fielder S2

CHAR-TG Tony Gwynn S2

CHAR-YD Yu Darvish S2

CHAR-ZC Zack Cozart S2

CHAR-CW C.J. Wilson US

CHAR-DF David Freese US

CHAR-DS Duke Snider US

CHAR-JP Jurickson Profar US

CHAR-MC Miguel Cabrera US

CHAR-MM Manny Machado US

CHAR-PF Prince Fielder US

CHAR-RB Ryan Braun US

CHAR-SM Shelby Miller US

CHAR-TC Tony Cingrani US

Chasing the Dream


CDR-AR Anthony Rizzo

CDR-BH Bryce Harper

CDR-BIB Billy Butler

CDR-BL Brett Lawrie

CDR-BP Buster Posey

CDR-BRB Brandon Beachy

CDR-CS Chris Sale

CDR-DA Dustin Ackley

CDR-DF David Freese

CDR-DG Dee Gordon

CDR-DH Derek Holland

CDR-DJ Desmond Jennings

CDR-DP Drew Pomeranz

CDR-EA Elvis Andrus

CDR-GG Gio Gonzalez

CDR-JAP Jarrod Parker

CDR-JM Jesus Montero

CDR-JPA J.P. Arencibia

CDR-JR Josh Reddick

CDR-JSM Justin Smoak

CDR-JT Jacob Turner

CDR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

CDR-LL Lance Lynn

CDR-MA Matt Adams

CDR-MAM Matt Moore

CDR-MAT Mark Trumbo

CDR-MB Madison Bumgarner

CDR-MIM Mike Morse

CDR-MIT Mike Trout

CDR-MMO Mike Moustakas

CDR-NF Neftali Feliz

CDR-PG Paul Goldschmidt

CDR-TM Tommy Milone

CDR-WM Will Middlebrooks

CDR-WMI Wade Miley

CDR-WR Wilin Rosario

CDR-YA Yonder Alonso

CDR-YC Yoenis Cespedes

CDR-YD Yu Darvish


CDA-AR Anthony Rizzo

CDA-BH Bryce Harper

CDA-BL Brett Lawrie

CDA-BP Brad Peacock

CDA-CS Chris Sale

CDA-DG Dee Gordon

CDA-DH Drew Hutchison

CDA-EA Elvis Andrus

CDA-FD Felix Doubront

CDA-GS Giancarlo Stanton

CDA-JP Jarrod Parker

CDA-MAM Matt Moore

CDA-MB Madison Bumgarner

CDA-MT Mike Trout

CDA-PG Paul Goldschmidt

CDA-TB Trevor Bauer

CDA-TM Tommy Milone

CDA-WP Wily Peralta

CDA-YA Yonder Alonso

CDA-YD Yu Darvish

Autograph Relics

Each Chasing the Dream Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CDAR-AR Anthony Rizzo

CDAR-BH Bryce Harper

CDAR-BP Buster Posey

CDAR-JM Jesus Montero

CDAR-JP Jarrod Parker

CDAR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann

CDAR-MAT Mark Trumbo

CDAR-MIT Mike Trout

CDAR-YA Yonder Alonso

CDAR-YD Yu Darvish

Cut to the Chase


Each Cut to the Chase Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CTCR-3 Derek Jeter S1

CTCR-5 Paul Molitor S1

CTCR-6 Carlos Gonzalez S1

CTCR-9 Ted Williams S1

CTCR-10 Adam Jones S1

CTCR-15 Dustin Pedroia S1

CTCR-16 Nelson Cruz S1

CTCR-17 Matt Cain S1

CTCR-18 Tony Gwynn S1

CTCR-19 Mike Schmidt S1

CTCR-21 Andrew McCutchen S1

CTCR-AB Albert Belle S2

CTCR-AK Al Kaline S2

CTCR-AP Albert Pujols S2

CTCR-AR Alex Rodriguez S2

CTCR-BP Buster Posey S2

CTCR-JW Jered Weaver S2

CTCR-MH Matt Holliday S2

CTCR-PF Prince Fielder S2

CTCR-RD R.A. Dickey S2

CTCR-RH Rickey Henderson S2


Each Cut to the Chase Autograph is serial-numbered to ten copies.

CTCA-2 Ken Griffey, Jr. S1

CTCA-5 Paul Molitor S1

CTCA-6 Carlos Gonzalez S1

CTCA-7 Stan Musial S1

CTCA-14 David Price S1

CTCA-DS Duke Snider S2

CTCA-JW Jered Weaver S2

CTCA-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

CTCA-MT Mike Trout S2

CTCA-RK Ralph Kiner S2

Autograph Relics

Each Cut to the Chase Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to five copies.

CTCAR-10 Adam Jones S1

CTCAR-16 Nelson Cruz S1

CTCAR-17 Matt Cain S1

CTCAR-18 Tony Gwynn S1

CTCAR-19 Mike Schmidt S1

CTCAR-AB Albert Belle S2

CTCAR-CR Cal Ripken, Jr. S2

CTCAR-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

CTCAR-MT Mike Trout S2

CTCAR-RH Rickey Henderson S2

The Greats


Each The Greats Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

TGR-AP Albert Pujols

TGR-AR Alex Rodriguez

TGR-BG Bob Gibson

TGR-BR Babe Ruth

TGR-CB Craig Biggio

TGR-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.

TGR-DJ Derek Jeter

TGR-EB Ernie Banks

TGR-JB Johnny Bench

TGR-JF Jimmie Foxx

TGR-JS John Smoltz

TGR-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.

TGR-MS Mike Schmidt

TGR-NR Nolan Ryan

TGR-PM Pedro Martinez

TGR-RC Roberto Clemente

TGR-RH Rickey Henderson

TGR-RHA Roy Halladay

TGR-RJA Reggie Jackson

TGR-SK Sandy Koufax

TGR-SM Stan Musial

TGR-TG Tony Gwynn

TGR-TW Ted Williams

TGR-WM Willie Mays

TGR-WMC Willie McCovey


Each The Greats Autograph is serial-numbered to ten copies.

TGA-BG Bob Gibson

TGA-CB Craig Biggio

TGA-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.

TGA-HA Hank Aaron

TGA-JB Johnny Bench

TGA-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.

TGA-MS Mike Schmidt

TGA-NR Nolan Ryan

TGA-PM Pedro Martinez

TGA-REJ Reggie Jackson

TGA-RH Rickey Henderson

TGA-SK Sandy Koufax

TGA-SM Stan Musial

TGA-TG Tony Gwynn

TGA-WMA Willie Mays

Autograph Relics

Each The Greats Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to five copies.

TGAR-BG Bob Gibson

TGAR-CB Craig Biggio

TGAR-EB Ernie Banks

TGAR-JB Johnny Bench

TGAR-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.

TGAR-MS Mike Schmidt

TGAR-PM Pedro Martinez

TGAR-SK Sandy Koufax

TGAR-SM Stan Musial

TGAR-WM Willie Mays

Calling Cards


Each Calling Cards Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

CCR-CCS CC Sabathia

CCR-DO David Ortiz

CCR-KY Kevin Youkilis

CCR-MT Mark Teixeira

CCR-NG Nomar Garciaparra

CCR-PF Prince Fielder

CCR-PS Pablo Sandoval

CCR-RAD R.A. Dickey

CCR-TL Tim Lincecum

CCR-WB Wade Boggs


Each Calling Cards Autograph is serial-numbered to ten copies.

CCA-CCS CC Sabathia

CCA-JB Jay Buhner

CCA-NG Nomar Garciaparra

CCA-PF Prince Fielder

CCA-WB Wade Boggs

Autograph Relics

Each Calling Cards Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to five copies.

CCAR-CB Craig Biggio

CCAR-DO David Ortiz

CCAR-NG Nomar Garciaparra

CCAR-PS Pablo Sandoval

CCAR-RAD R.A. Dickey

1972 Mini


Each 1972 Mini Relic is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

TMR-AG Adrian Gonzalez S1

TMR-AJ Adam Jones S1

TMR-BH Bryce Harper S1

TMR-CK Craig Kimbrel S1

TMR-CR Colby Rasmus S1

TMR-CS Chris Sale S1

TMR-IK Ian Kennedy S1

TMR-JC Johnny Cueto S1

TMR-JR Jose Reyes S1

TMR-JV Joey Votto S1

TMR-MH Matt Holliday S1

TMR-RB Ryan Braun S1

TMR-SC Starlin Castro S1

TMR-TG Tony Gwynn S1

TMR-YD Yu Darvish S1

TMR-AP Albert Pujols S2

TMR-BP Brandon Phillips S2

TMR-DO David Ortiz S2

TMR-DP David Price S2

TMR-GB George Brett S2

TMR-GS Gary Sheffield S2

TMR-JH Josh Hamilton S2

TMR-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. S2

TMR-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

TMR-MCA Matt Cain S2

TMR-RC Robinson Cano S2

TMR-RD R.A. Dickey S2

TMR-RH Roy Halladay S2

TMR-SS Stephen Strasburg S2

TMR-TT Troy Tulowitzki S2


Each 1972 Mini Autograph is serial-numbered to ten copies.

TMA-AE Andre Ethier S1

TMA-BP Buster Posey S1

TMA-CB Craig Biggio S1

TMA-DP Dustin Pedroia S1

TMA-DU Dan Uggla S1

TMA-EL Evan Longoria S1

TMA-GS Giancarlo Stanton S1

TMA-NR Nolan Ryan S1

TMA-TG Tony Gwynn S1

TMA-YD Yu Darvish S1

TMA-BP Brandon Phillips S2

TMA-DB Dylan Bundy S2

TMA-DW David Wright S2

TMA-EB Ernie Banks S2

TMA-JB Johnny Bench S2

TMA-JH Jason Heyward S2

TMA-KG Ken Griffey, Jr. S2

TMA-MC Miguel Cabrera S2

TMA-MM Manny Machado S2

TMA-YC Yoenis Cespedes S2

World Series Champions


Each World Series Champions Relic is serial-numbered to 100 copies.

WCR-AP Angel Pagan

WCR-BB Brandon Belt

WCR-BC Brandon Crawford

WCR-BP Buster Posey

WCR-BW Brian Wilson

WCR-BZ Barry Zito

WCR-HP Hunter Pence

WCR-MB Madison Bumgarner

WCR-MC Matt Cain

WCR-MS Marco Scutaro

WCR-PS Pablo Sandoval

WCR-RT Ryan Theriot

WCR-RV Ryan Vogelsong

WCR-TL Tim Lincecum

WCR-XN Xavier Nady


Each World Series Champions Autograph is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

WCA-BC Brandon Crawford

WCA-BP Buster Posey

WCA-MB Madison Bumgarner

WCA-MC Matt Cain

WCA-PS Pablo Sandoval

Autograph Relics

Each World Series Champions Autograph Relic is serial-numbered to 50 copies.

WCAR-BC Brandon Crawford

WCAR-BP Buster Posey

WCAR-MB Madison Bumgarner

WCAR-MC Matt Cain

WCAR-PS Pablo Sandoval

In The Name

Each In The Name relic is taken from the back of each player's jersey. Each card is serial-numbered "1/1," however there is one unique card for each letter in the player's last name (i.e. Prince Fielder has seven cards in this set).

ITN-AB Adrian Beltre

ITN-AC Asdrubal Cabrera

ITN-ACH Aroldis Chapman

ITN-AD Adam Dunn

ITN-AJ Adam Jones

ITN-AM Andrew McCutchen

ITN-BB Billy Butler

ITN-BH Bryce Harper

ITN-BL Bryan LaHair

ITN-BP Buster Posey

ITN-CB Carlos Beltran

ITN-CCS CC Sabathia

ITN-CG Carlos Gonzalez

ITN-CGR Curtis Granderson

ITN-CH Cole Hamels

ITN-CJ Chipper Jones

ITN-CK Clayton Kershaw

ITN-CKI Craig Kimbrel

ITN-CP Chris Perez

ITN-CR Carlos Ruiz

ITN-CS Chris Sale

ITN-CW C.J. Wilson

ITN-DF David Freese

ITN-DJ Derek Jeter

ITN-DO David Ortiz

ITN-DP David Price

ITN-DU Dan Uggla

ITN-DW David Wright

ITN-EA Elvis Andrus

ITN-FR Fernando Rodney

ITN-GG Gio Gonzalez

ITN-IK Ian Kinsler

ITN-JA Jose Altuve

ITN-JB Jay Bruce

ITN-JBA Jose Bautista

ITN-JH Josh Hamilton

ITN-JHA Joel Hanrahan

ITN-JJ Jim Johnson

ITN-JM Joe Mauer

ITN-JN Joe Nathan

ITN-JP Jake Peavy

ITN-JP Jonathan Papelbon

ITN-JV Joey Votto

ITN-LL Lance Lynn

ITN-MAC Matt Cain

ITN-MB Michael Bourn

ITN-MC Miguel Cabrera

ITN-MEC Melky Cabrera

ITN-MH Matt Holliday

ITN-MK Matt Kemp

ITN-MN Mike Napoli

ITN-MT Mike Trout

ITN-MTR Mark Trumbo

ITN-PF Prince Fielder

ITN-PK Paul Konerko

ITN-PS Pablo Sandoval

ITN-RB Ryan Braun

ITN-RC Ryan Cook

ITN-RCA Robinson Cano

ITN-RD R.A. Dickey

ITN-RF Rafael Furcal

ITN-SC Starlin Castro

ITN-SS Stephen Strasburg

ITN-WM Wade Miley

ITN-YD Yu Darvish

Triple Crown

Each of these cards packed out as redemptions.


TCR-1 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-2 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-3 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-4 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-5 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-6 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-7 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-8 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-9 Miguel Cabrera

TCR-10 Miguel Cabrera

Autograph Relics

TCAR-1 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-2 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-3 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-4 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-5 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-6 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-7 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-8 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-9 Miguel Cabrera

TCAR-10 Miguel Cabrera


Each Autograph features a base card with a sticker autograph. Each is limited to only five copies.

16 Andre Ethier S1

27 Mike Trout S1

128 Buster Posey S1

324 Cameron Maybin S1

400 David Wright S1

1 Bryce Harper S2

11 Yu Darvish S2

27 Mike Trout S2

595 David Ortiz S2

661 Hyun-Jin Ryu S2

Chasing History Cut Autographs

Each is a one-of-one

CHCS-AL Al Lopez S1

CHCS-BD Bobby Doerr S1

CHCS-BF Bob Feller S1

CHCS-BJ Bucky Jacobs S1

CHCS-BL Buck Leonard S1

CHCS-BLE Bob Lemon S1

CHCS-BM Bobby Murcer S1

CHCS-BT Bill Terry S1

CHCS-CG Charlie Gehringer S1

CHCS-CH Carl Hubbell S1

CHCS-CHU Cal Hubbard S1

CHCS-CK Cal Koonce S1

CHCS-CS Casey Stengel S1

CHCS-DC Don Cardwell S1

CHCS-DD Dizzy Dean S1

CHCS-DG Dick Groat S1

CHCS-DL Don Landrum S1

CHCS-DS Dick Sisler S1

CHCS-DSN Duke Snider S1

CHCS-DW Dick Williams S1

CHCS-ES Enos Slaughter S1

CHCS-GK George Kell S1

CHCS-HC Happy Chandler S1

CHCS-HG Hank Greenberg S1

CHCS-HK Harry Kalas S1

CHCS-HW Hoyt Wilhelm S1

CHCS-JB Jack Brickhouse S1

CHCS-JC John Callison S1

CHCS-JL Jim Lemon S1

CHCS-JR Jackie Robinson S1

CHCS-JRE Jimmie Reese S1

CHCS-JS Joe Sewell S1

CHCS-LB Lou Boudreau S1

CHCS-LD Leon Day S1

CHCS-LF Linus Frey S1

CHCS-LM Lee MacPhail S1

CHCS-RB Ray Boone S1

CHCS-RC Roy Campanella S1

CHCS-RCO Rip Collins S1

CHCS-RR Robin Roberts S1

CHCS-RS Ron Santo S1

CHCS-RSC Red Schoendienst S1

CHCS-SA Sparky Anderson S1

CHCS-SB Steve Boros S1

CHCS-TS Tris Speaker S1

CHCS-TW Ted Williams S1

CHCS-TW2 Ted Williams S1

CHCS-WC Walker Cooper S1

CHCS-WH Waite Hoyt S1

CHCS-WS Willie Stargell S1

The Ultimate Chase

Each is a one-of-one

TUC-1 Babe Ruth

TUC-2 Willie Mays

TUC-3 Nolan Ryan

TUC-4 Ernie Banks

TUC-5 Johnny Bench

TUC-6 Roberto Clemente

TUC-7 Bob Gibson

TUC-8 Tony Gwynn

TUC-9 Reggie Jackson

TUC-10 Al Kaline

TUC-11 Mike Schmidt

TUC-12 Sandy Koufax

TUC-13 Tom Seaver

TUC-14 Pedro Martinez

TUC-15 Jim Palmer

TUC-16 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TUC-17 Jackie Robinson

TUC-18 Al Kaline

TUC-19 Joe Morgan

TUC-20 Tony Gwynn

TUC-21 Roberto Clemente

TUC-22 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TUC-23 Tony Gwynn

TUC-24 Nolan Ryan

TUC-25 Don Sutton

TUC-26 Reggie Jackson

TUC-27 Al Kaline

TUC-28 Mike Schmidt

TUC-29 Stan Musial

TUC-30 Pedro Martinez

TUC-31 Willie Mays

TUC-32 Jackie Robinson

TUC-33 Ted Williams

TUC-34 Stan Musial

TUC-35 Mike Trout

TUC-36 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TUC-37 Johnny Bench

TUC-38 Don Mattingly

TUC-39 Mike Trout

TUC-40 Rickey Henderson

TUC-41 Reggie Jackson

TUC-42 Frank Robinson

TUC-43 Buster Posey

TUC-44 Cal Ripken, Jr.

TUC-45 Yu Darvish

TUC-46 Nolan Ryan

TUC-47 Miguel Cabrera

TUC-48 Mike Schmidt

TUC-49 Ken Griffey, Jr.

TUC-50 Mike Trout