2018 Topps Industry Conference

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The weekend of February 18th-20th, 2018, Topps held their first Industry Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. As Topps decided not to participate in the Beckett-run Industry Summit, Topps threw their own similar event. Attendees received a wide variety of Industry Conference-exclusive cards.



Ian-Happ.jpg?id=e1670b1a-36d5-4dfd-ba99-90e1ce0f954d&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ian-Happ.jpg?id=e1670b1a-36d5-4dfd-ba99-90e1ce0f954d&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Autograph is encased in a magnetic holder and sealed -- similar to a Topps Archives Signature Series card. Each is serial-numbered to the figures listed below.

TSUM-AB Adrian Beltre

TSUM-ABR Alex Bregman 25

TSUM-AR Amed Rosario

TSUM-AV Alex Verdugo 15

TSUM-BR Brendan Rodgers 15

TSUM-CJ Chipper Jones

TSUM-CK Clayton Kershaw

TSUM-CS Curt Schilling

TSUM-DJ Derek Jeter

TSUM-DM Don Mattingly

TSUM-DO David Ortiz 6

TSUM-FT Frank Thomas

TSUM-GM Greg Maddux

TSUM-GS Gary Sanchez 25

TSUM-GT Gleyber Torres 20

TSUM-IH Ian Happ 25

TSUM-MK Michael Kopech 15

TSUM-MP Mike Piazza 5

TSUM-MT Mike Trout 5

TSUM-NS Noah Syndergaard 25

TSUM-PM Pedro Martinez

TSUM-RJ Randy Johnson 5

TSUM-SK Sandy Koufax

TSUM-VG Vladimir Guerrero

TSUM-VR Victor Robles 25


Each Autograph is also available in a one-of-one Black parallel.

TSUM-IH Ian Happ

TSUM-MK Michael Kopech

TSUM-GT Gleyber Torres

TSUM-VR Victor Robles

TSUM-VG Vladimir Guerrero 5

TSUM-SK Sandy Koufax

TSUM-PM Pedro Martinez 3

TSUM-NS Noah Syndergaard

TSUM-MT Mike Trout

TSUM-MP Mike Piazza

TSUM-RJ Randy Johnson 3

TSUM-CJ Chipper Jones

TSUM-BR Brendan Rodgers

TSUM-AV Alex Verdugo 5

TSUM-AR Amed Rosario 5

TSUM-ABR Alex Bregman 5

TSUM-AB Adrian Beltre

TSUM-GS Gary Sanchez

TSUM-GM Greg Maddux 3

TSUM-FT Frank Thomas

TSUM-DO David Ortiz

TSUM-DM Don Mattingly

TSUM-DJ Derek Jeter 5

TSUM-CS Curt Schilling 5

TSUM-CK Clayton Kershaw 3

Autograph Relics

Like the Autographs, each Autograph Relic is also encased in a magnetic holder and sealed. Each is a one-of-one.

TSAR-AB1 Adrian Beltre

TSAR-AB2 Adrian Beltre

TSAR-ABR1 Alex Bregman

TSAR-ABR2 Alex Bregman

TSAR-ABR3 Alex Bregman

TSAR-ABR4 Alex Bregman

TSAR-AR1 Amed Rosario

TSAR-AR2 Amed Rosario

TSAR-AV1 Alex Verdugo

TSAR-AV2 Alex Verdugo

TSAR-AV3 Alex Verdugo

TSAR-AV4 Alex Verdugo

TSAR-BR1 Brendan Rodgers

TSAR-BR2 Brendan Rodgers

TSAR-CJ1 Chipper Jones

TSAR-CJ2 Chipper Jones

TSAR-CK1 Clayton Kershaw

TSAR-CK2 Clayton Kershaw

TSAR-CS1 Curt Schilling

TSAR-CS2 Curt Schilling

TSAR-DM1 Don Mattingly

TSAR-DM2 Don Mattingly

TSAR-DO1 David Ortiz

TSAR-DO2 David Ortiz

TSAR-FT1 Frank Thomas

TSAR-FT2 Frank Thomas

TSAR-GM1 Greg Maddux

TSAR-GM2 Greg Maddux

TSAR-GS1 Gary Sanchez

TSAR-GS2 Gary Sanchez

TSAR-GT1 Gleyber Torres

TSAR-GT2 Gleyber Torres

TSAR-IH1 Ian Happ

TSAR-IH2 Ian Happ

TSAR-MK1 Michael Kopech

TSAR-MK2 Michael Kopech

TSAR-MP1 Mike Piazza

TSAR-MP2 Mike Piazza

TSAR-MT1 Mike Trout

TSAR-MT2 Mike Trout

TSAR-NS1 Noah Syndergaard

TSAR-NS2 Noah Syndergaard

TSAR-PM1 Pedro Martinez

TSAR-PM2 Pedro Martinez

TSAR-RJ1 Randy Johnson

TSAR-RJ2 Randy Johnson

TSAR-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero

TSAR-VG2 Vladimir Guerrero

TSAR-VR1 Victor Robles

TSAR-VR2 Victor Robles

Bowman Hunter Greene Autograph

Hunter-Greene.jpg?id=132cb554-1ec6-45fb-8542-e3d289b7e18f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Hunter-Greene.jpg?id=132cb554-1ec6-45fb-8542-e3d289b7e18f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Conference attendees got to meet-and-greet Hunter Greene, the second overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. In addition, each attendee received one of three different Greene cards (all Bowman branded), each serial-numbered to 50 copies. All cards were signed by Greene at the event.

TS-HG1 Hunter Greene

TS-HG2 Hunter Greene

TS-HG3 Hunter Greene

Topps Home Run Challenge Paul Goldschmidt Autograph

Paul-Goldschmidt.jpg?id=ac0a183d-b9d3-43d9-8409-200645d7dec7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Paul-Goldschmidt.jpg?id=ac0a183d-b9d3-43d9-8409-200645d7dec7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Conference attendees went to an Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training game and got to meet-and-greet Paul Goldschmidt. Like with Hunter Greene, each attendee received one of three different Goldschmidt autographed cards, each serial-numbered to 50 copies.

PG-1 Paul Goldschmidt

PG-2 Paul Goldschmidt

PG-3 Paul Goldschmidt