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Bowman AFLAC is a series of card sets released in conjunction with the All-American Classic, an annual all-star game featuring some of the best high school players. The first game was played in 2003 and has been played every summer ever since. The American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) was the game's presenting sponsor from 2003-2010. Perfect Game, which organizes the All-American Classic, picked up the sponsorship in 2011.

From 2004 to 2013 Topps was a sponsor of the AFLAC/Perfect Game All-American Classic and produced a card set for each game -- including on-card autographs. Since all players in the game were entering their senior year of high school, Topps could not release the autographs until after they had signed a professional contract (and not all players did).

For the 2004 and 2005 games, Topps seeded into packs of that year's Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects redemption cards good for an AFLAC set. Fulfillment of these sets could not begin until after the players had graduated, been drafted, and signed with an MLB team. As a result, the 2004 set was not fulfilled until January 2006 and the 2005 set until January 2007.

Beginning with the 2006 game, the unsigned version of the AFLAC/Perfect Game set has only been available to attendees of the All-American Classic game. Since the actual game is sparsely attended, the print runs on these cards are extremely scarce (Topps also gives each player an allotment of his own card). As part of Topps's sponsorship of the game, each player was required to autograph a number of cards (usually no more than 250) which would then be saved and used as inserts in various Bowman products, as soon as the player signed a professional contract.

A number of AFLAC autographs were used as cut signature inserts in 2010 and 2011 Topps Pro Debut.

2013 was the final year Topps produced this set as Leaf Trading Cards picked up the license.



See 2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.


See 2005 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.


Production of the 2006 Topps AFLAC set has been estimated at 250 copies, with each player receiving 100 of his own card. This was the only year in which the design of the Topps flagship baseball set was used for the AFLAC set.

NOTE: A "Promo" version of the 2006 set exists. Each Promo has the phrase "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY" printed on the front and has a game-action photo of the player.

  • BB Blake Beavan
  • BK Brett Krill
  • CC Christian Colon
  • CR Cameron Rupp
  • DB Drake Britton
  • DD Derek Dietrich
  • DM D.J. LeMahieu
  • DR Danny Rams
  • ED Evan Danieli
  • EG Erik Goeddel
  • FF Freddie Freeman
  • GP Greg Peavey
  • HM Hunter Morris
  • JG Jon Gilmore
  • JH Jason Heyward
  • JJ Justin Jackson
  • JL Joe Leftridge
  • JS Josh Smoker
  • JT John Tolisano
  • JV Josh Vitters
  • KB Kyle Blair
  • KD Kentrail Davis
  • KK Kevin Keyes
  • MB Madison Bumgarner
  • MB2 Michael Burgess
  • MH Matt Harvey
  • MM Michael Main
  • NN Nick Noonan
  • NR Neil Ramirez
  • PD Paul Demny
  • RP Rick Porcello
  • RS Robert Stock
  • SB Steven Brooks
  • SR Sam Runion
  • SS Sequoyah Stonecipher
  • TA Tim Alderson
  • TR Tanner Robles
  • YG Yasmani Grandal


Autographs from the 2006 Topps AFLAC set were held by Topps and used as inserts in 2008, 2009, and 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.

NOTE: Collectors should be advised when purchasing 2006 Topps AFLAC cards that are autographed but not serial-numbered.

Beginning with cards inserted into 2009 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects (with the exception of 2011), Topps began to serial-number all pack-inserted AFLAC autographs as a security measure. Because the autographs inserted into 2008 Bowman Draft were not serial-numbered, there is no way to distinguish between the pack-inserted cards (which have genuine autographs) and autographs that did not pass through Topps' hands (which may or not be genuine). Theoretically, a collector could have attended the 2006 AFLAC game and had the card(s) he/she received at the door autographed by the player right then and there. Then again, it is also possible that someone could have bought an unautographed AFLAC card off eBay and forged a signature.

It is advised that collectors buy from a reputable source or a professionally graded card.

  • BB Blake Beavan 08BDPP
  • CC Christian Colon 10BDPP 49
  • CR Cameron Rupp 10BDPP 43
  • DB Drake Britton 08BDPP
  • DM D.J. LeMahieu 09BDPP 142
  • DR Danny Rams 08BDPP
  • FF Freddie Freeman 08BDPP
  • JG Jon Gilmore 08BDPP
  • JH Jason Heyward 08BDPP
  • JS Josh Smoker 08BDPP
  • JT John Tolisano 08BDPP
  • JV Josh Vitters 08BDPP
  • MB Madison Bumgarner 08BDPP
  • MH Matt Harvey 10BDPP 230
  • MM Michael Main 08BDPP
  • NN Nick Noonan 08BDPP
  • NR Neil Ramirez 09BDPP 240
  • PD Paul Demny 08BDPP
  • RP Rick Porcello 08BDPP
  • RS Robert Stock 09BDPP 236
  • SS Sequoyah Stonecipher 09BDPP 248
  • TA Tim Alderson 08BDPP
  • YG Yasmani Grandal 10BDPP 230


Once again a Promo set exists featuring game-action photography. Also, cards of coaches were made.

  • AB Andy Burns
  • AF Anthony Ferrara
  • AH Aaron Hicks
  • AM Alex Meyer
  • AN Adrian Nieto
  • AW Austin Wright
  • BD Brett DeVall
  • BH B.J. Hermsen
  • BN Billy Nicholson CO
  • BW Brett Warren
  • CA Chris Amezquita
  • CE Cecil Espy CO
  • CM Clark Murphy
  • DH Destin Hood
  • DM Daniel Marrs
  • EM Ethan Martin
  • GC Gerrit Cole
  • GL Garrison Lassiter
  • HM Harold Martinez
  • IG Isaac Galloway
  • JA Jack Armstrong
  • JC Jarred Cosart
  • JS Jordan Swagerty
  • KM Kevin Maris CO
  • KS Kyle Skipworth
  • MH Manny Hermosillo CO
  • MP Michael Palazzone
  • MS Mike Sheppard, Jr. CO
  • QM Quinton Miller
  • RO Ricky Oropesa
  • ROS Ryan O'Sullivan
  • SG Sonny Gray
  • SS Scott Silverstein
  • TB Tim Beckham
  • TH Taylor Hightower
  • TM Tim Melville
  • WF Wesley Freeman
  • WK Walker Kelly
  • XA Xavier Avery


Autographs were inserted into packs of 2008, 2009, and 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, and 2012 Bowman. As with the 2006 set, cards held over for 2008BDP&P were not serial-numbered.

  • AF Anthony Ferrara 08BDPP
  • AN Adrian Nieto 08BDPP
  • BH B.J. Hermsen 10BDPP 127
  • GC Gerrit Cole 12BOW 225
  • IG Isaac Galloway 08BDPP
  • JS Jordan Swagerty 12BOW 210
  • QM Quinton Miller 08BDPP
  • SG Sonny Gray 12BOW 200
  • TB Tim Beckham 10BOW 127
  • WF Wesley Freeman 09BDPP 231
  • XA Xavier Avery 08BDPP


  • AM Austin Maddox
  • AS Andrew Susac
  • BG Brian Goodwin
  • BL Braxton Lane
  • BP Brooks Pounders
  • BW Beau Wright
  • CJ Christopher Jenkins
  • CT Chad Thompson
  • DN David Nick
  • DS Drew Steckenrider
  • DT Donovan Tate
  • DTU Daniel Tuttle
  • EC Ethan Carter
  • EW Everett Williams
  • IK Ian Krol
  • JM Jiovanni Mier
  • JMO Jacob Morris
  • JS Jonathan Singleton
  • JT Jacob Thompson
  • JTU Jacob Turner
  • JW Jonathan Walsh
  • KH Kyrell Hudson
  • KS Keyvius Sampson
  • LB Luke Bailey
  • LW LeVon Washington
  • MD Matt Davidson
  • MG Mychal Givens
  • MGR Matt Graham
  • MH Michael Heller
  • MP Matthew Purke
  • MS Max Stassi
  • MZ Michael Zunino
  • RS Richie Shaffer
  • SG Scooter Gennett
  • SGR Scott Griggs
  • SH Slade Heathcott
  • TM Tyler Matzek
  • ZQ Zack Wheeler


Autographs from the 2008 set were inserted into packs of 2009 and 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects and 2012 Bowman. All pack-inserted autographs were serial-numbered.

  • AS Andrew Susac 12BOW 210
  • BP Brooks Pounders 09BDPP 240
  • DN David Nick 09BDPP 243
  • DT Donovan Tate 10BDPP 244
  • DTU Daniel Tuttle 10BDPP 102
  • EW Everett Williams 10BDPP 127
  • IK Ian Krol 10BDPP 127
  • JM Jiovanni Mier 09BDPP 245
  • JS Jonathan Singleton 10BDPP 127
  • JTU Jacob Turner 10BDPP 22
  • KS Keyvius Sampson 10BDPP 127
  • LB Luke Bailey 10BDPP 230
  • MD Matt Davidson 09BDPP 206
  • MG Mychal Givens 10BDPP 230
  • MP Matthew Purke 12BOW 230
  • MS Max Stassi 09BDPP 174
  • MZ Michael Zunino 12BDPP 225
  • SG Scooter Gennett 10BDPP 230
  • SH Slade Heathcott 10BDPP 81
  • TM Tyler Matzek 09BDPP 244
  • ZW Zack Wheeler 09BDPP 244


  • AC Andrew Cole
  • AS Aaron Sanchez
  • AV A.J. Vanegas
  • AW Austin Wilson
  • BH Bryce Harper
  • BR Brian Ragira
  • BS Brandon Stephens
  • CB Cameron Bedrosian
  • CC Chevez Clarke
  • CG Conrad Gregor
  • CN Connor Narron
  • DC Dylan Covey
  • DS DeAndre Smelter
  • JJ Jacoby Jones
  • JL Jared Lakind
  • JO Justin O'Conner
  • JS Josh Sale
  • JT Jameson Taillon
  • KB1 Krey Brasten
  • KB2 Kris Bryant
  • KC Kaleb Cowart
  • KG Kevin Gausman
  • KS Kellen Sweeney
  • KW Karsten Whitson
  • MA Michael Arencibia
  • ML1 Matt Lipka
  • ML2 Marcus Littlewood
  • ML3 Michael Lorenzen
  • PT Peter Tago
  • RA Robert Aviles
  • RG Reggie Golden
  • SA Stetson Allie
  • SR Shane Rowland
  • SS Stefan Sabol
  • TA Tyler Austin
  • TG Trey Griffin
  • TS Tyler Shreve
  • TW Tony Wolters
  • YC Yordy Cabrera
  • ZA Zach Alvord


Autographs from the 2009 Bowman AFLAC set were inserted into packs of 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, 2014 Bowman and 2014 Bowman Chrome.

  • AS Aaron Sanchez 10BDPP 38
  • AW Austin Wilson 14BowChro 225
  • BH Bryce Harper 10BDPP 230
  • CC Chevez Clarke 10BDPP 35
  • JJ Jacoby Jones 14BowChro 225
  • JO Justin O'Conner 10BDPP 230
  • JS Josh Sale 10BDPP 230
  • JT Jameson Taillon 10BDPP 230
  • KB2 Kris Bryant 13BDPP 235
  • KC Kaleb Cowart 10BDPP 230
  • KG Kevin Gausman 12BDPP 225
  • ML1 Matt Lipka 10BDPP 37
  • PT Peter Tago 10BDPP 230
  • SA Stetson Allie 12BOW 230


This was the last year the All-American Classic game was sponsored by AFLAC.


Autographs from the 2010 Bowman AFLAC set were inserted into packs of 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, 2012 and 2014 Bowman and 2014 Bowman Chrome.

NOTE: Autographs inserted into packs of 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects were NOT serial-numbered. To placate collectors who pulled such cards, Topps offered to have them professionally graded by PSA at no charge provided they were sent back to Topps by July 1, 2012. Cards sent back to Topps as part of this program would be notated as having been pack-pulled on the label by PSA.


NOTE: 2011 was the first year Perfect Game sponsored the All-American Classic game.


Autographs from the 2011 Perfect Game set were inserted into packs of 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, 2013 and 2014 Bowman and 2014 and 2015 Bowman Chrome.



Autographs from the 2012 Bowman Perfect Game set were inserted into packs of 2012 and 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, 2014 and 2015 Bowman, and 2014 Bowman Chrome.


2013 was the final year Topps sponsored the AFLAC/Perfect Game All-American Classic game.


The first batch of autographs were inserted into packs of 2014 Bowman Draft.