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<b>April 25</b>
<b>April 25</b>
* [[2018 Bowman]]
* [[2018 Bowman]]
<b>May 16</b>
* [[2018 Topps Tier One]]
<b>May 23</b>
<b>May 23</b>

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Set of the Month

1997 Circa (produced by Fleer/SkyBox) is a 400-card set released in May, 1997. Billed as a set for the "serious" youth collector, the fronts feature new "in-your-face" graphics that lift the player off the card. The backs carry in-depth player statistics and "Did you know" information.

An Alex Rodriguez promo card (P100) was distributed to dealers.

Previous Sets of the Month

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone - 2004 Bowman - 1998 Topps Stars - 1992 Score - 2006 Topps Chrome - 1993 Donruss Elite Dominators - 1991 Bazooka - 1978 Hostess - 2005 SPx - 1966 Bazooka - 1993 Select - 2007 SP Authentic - 1998 E-X 2001 - 1997 Pinnacle Inside - 2009 O-Pee-Chee - 1997 Studio - 2000 Pacific Invincible - 2003 Victory - 1994 Upper Deck The American Epic - 2003 Topps 205 - 1992 Topps - 1999 UD Choice - 2003 Fleer Avant - 1999 Topps Traded - 1992 Leaf - 1973 O-Pee-Chee - 1977 Kellogg's - 1994 Church's Hometown Stars - 1990 Score McDonald's - 1998 Topps TEK - 1982 Topps

Just released

2017 Bowman's Best was released December 20th. The base set is 65 cards and is supplemented by a 35-card Prospects set. Each 12-pack Hobby box will yield four autographs and an Atomic Refractor parallel.

2017 Panini Flawless was released December 20th. Each ten-card box will include two gem-encrusted base cards or parallels serial-numbered to 20 copies or fewer, two memorabilia cards, and six autographs.

2017 Topps Transcendent was released December 13th. Only 87 sets were produced.

Each factory set, which is packaged in a wooden case contains the following:

  • One complete 50-card set -- each serial-numbered to 87 copies.
  • One complete 65-card MLB Moments Sketches set -- also serial-numbered to 87 copies.
  • One of the 65 sketches used to create the Sketch Reproductions OR a one-of-a-kind sketched baseball.
  • 50 Framed Autographs -- all serial-numbered to 25 copies or less.
  • One one-of-one Aaron Judge autograph, done in the style of a Topps Baseball base set designs -- 87 total.
  • One one-of-one MVP Autograph, Dual MVP Autograph, or MVP Cut Signature.
  • One one-of-one Oversized Cut Signature Box Topper.
  • One invitation to a VIP party in Atlanta, featuring an appearance by Hank Aaron in 2018.

2017 Bowman Draft is a 200-card set scheduled for release December 6th. Once again, the brand will feature both 2017 MLB Draft picks and assorted prospects.

Also, just like last year, the conventional Hobby waxbox has been shelved in favor of Jumbo and Super Jumbo boxes.

2017 Panini Elite Extra Edition was released December 6th, 2017. The set features players selected in the 2017 MLB Draft and other prominent prospects. New for 2017 are prospects from the Dominican League.

Each five-pack Hobby box will yield six autographs, two game-used cards, a Future Threads Silhouette Autograph, and either another autograph or game-used card.

2017 Panini Chronicles is a 150-card set released November 22nd. The new product is a new spin on the tradition post-season "update" set, with an original base set along with inserts based off other Panini brands -- including the first Panini Prizm cards since 2015. Each pack will contain either a serial-numbered card, an autograph, or a game-used card.

2017 Topps Dynasty was released November 22nd. As in past years, each box will contain one encapsulated autographed patch card serial-numbered to ten copies or fewer.

After a 12 year absence, Topps Gallery returns the week of November 17th. The 200-card base set will feature newly commissioned artwork on every card and will be exclusive to Walmart stores.

2017 Topps High Tek was released November 15th. As usual, all cards are printed on acetate with multiple background pattern parallels. As part of a new configuration for the brand, each 40-card box will contain two autographs.

2017 Topps Chrome Update was released, with little notice or fanfare, exclusively to Target stores the week of November 6th. As with previous iterations of this product, it is an abbreviated chromium-stock rendition of the Topps Update set, and is packaged in seven-pack "Mega Boxes." Unlike past Chrome Update Mega Boxes (which had a mix of Topps Update and Topps Chrome Update packs), the 2017 Mega Boxes have Chrome Update packs only.

2017 Topps Luminaries was released November 8th. Each box contains one card, an autograph serial-numbered to 15 copies or fewer.

We estimate that only 525 12-box cases will be produced.

2017 Topps Five Star was released November 1st. All cards are autographed, and each box will contain two.

2017 Bowman High Tek is a 56-card set scheduled for release October 25th. Like the Topps High Tek revival product of recent years, all cards are printed on acetate with multiple background variations. As the name suggests, the base set consists exclusively of prospects. Each ten-card box will yield four autographs and a parallel.

2017 National Treasures was released October 25th. All cards are autographs or game-used memorabilia cards. Each eight-card box will contain one "booklet."

2017 Topps Archives Signature Series was released October 25th. As with previous editions of this product, each box contains one sealed autographed buyback. Unlike previous iterations, all cards and autographs are of active players.

2017 Topps Diamond Icons was released October 18th. Each ten-card box will yield seven autographs, a relic, and two autographed relics. All cards are serial-numbered to 25 copies or fewer.

2017 Topps Heritage Minor League is a 220-card set released October 18th. Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield one relic and one autograph.

2017 Topps Update was released October 18th.

2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks is a 59-card set released October 4th. As the name suggests, the product focuses on, but is not exclusive to, players selected in the 2017 MLB Draft. The product features players primarily in their college uniform, and is licensed by The Collegiate Licensing Company.

The product does NOT have any active Major League players and as such, despite having an MLBPA license, is not licensed by the MLB Players Association.

Each pack contains an autograph.

2017 Bowman Chrome is a 100-card set, supplemented by a 100-card Prospects set, released September 29th. Each 12-pack Hobby box (two, six-pack mini boxes) will yield two autographs, two 2016 Arizona Fall League inserts, and one Hobby-exclusive Prospect Shimmer Refractor parallel.

New for 2017 are HTA Choice boxes which contain three autographs. HTA Choice boxes will NOT contain any base cards or inserts; just autographs.

2017 Topps Fire is a 200-card set released exclusive to Target stores the week of September 27th.

2017 Topps Gold Label is a 300-card set released September 20th. As with the Gold Label sets of the late-90s, the set features 100 different players on three different "Class" cards: 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately, the holo-foil plastic cardstock the brand was known for in the 90s was not used -- regular paper stock was used instead.

Each box will yield one Framed Autograph.

2017 Triple Threads is a 100-card set released September 20th. As usual, each seven-card Hobby pack will contain three base cards, two parallels, one triple Relic card serial-numbered to 36 copies or fewer, and an autograph serial-numbered to 99 copies or fewer.

2017 Topps Definitive Collection was released August 30th. An all "hit" product, each eight-card box will yield six on-card autographs and two Relics.

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