1972 Topps Cloth Sticker

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1972 Topps Cloth Sticker, is an extremely rare 33-card "test issue" that was never formally released to the public. The set is, essentially, a 33-card partial-parallel of the 1972 Topps set. The backs of each sticker are blank and the set is not sequentially-numbered.

It is believed that the only Cloth Stickers that made it out of the Topps factory were in un-cut sheet form, with four, 33-card, sets per sheet. Some single stickers do exist, and some have been slabbed by the professional grading houses. PSA has noted on each '72 Topps Cloth Sticker that they have graded, that the sticker was "hand cut."


Uncut sheets only.


Hank Aaron

Luis Aparicio In Action

Ike Brown

Johnny Callison

Checklist 264-319

Roberto Clemente In Action

Dave Concepcion

Ron Cook

Willie Davis

Al Fitzmorris

Bobby Floyd

Roy Foster

Jim Fregosi Boyhood Photo

Danny Frisella In Action

Woody Fryman

Terry Harmon

Frank Howard

Ron Klimkowski

Joe Lahoud

Jim Lefebvre

Elliott Maddox

Marty Martinez

Willie McCovey

Hal McRae

Syd O'Brien

Red Sox Team

Aurelio Rodriguez

Al Severinsen

Art Shamsky

Steve Stone

Stan Swanson

Bob Watson

Roy White

  • Checklist CL 264-319
  • Hank Aaron
  • Luis Aparicio
  • Ike Brown
  • Johnny Callison
  • Roberto Clemente
  • Dave Concepcion
  • Ron Cook