1993 Baseball Cardtoons sealed wax box
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1993 Cardtoons Baseball Card Parodies Sealed Wax Box 36 packs 8 card/pack
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1993 Baseball Cardtoons sealed wax box
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1993 Cardtoons

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Cardtoons is a 95-card parody set intended for release in 1993, but not issued until over a year later. This completely unlicensed set uses cartoon caricatures on its fronts to parody then-active MLB players. The backs carry comical "career highlights" within silver-colored panels on the left sides and team logo caricatures on the right sides.

This product was the subject of a seven-year long court battle between the producers and the MLB Players Association -- a case eventually won by Cardtoons.


36 packs per box, eight cards per pack (MSRP: $1.29)


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 95 - ?
Field of Greed 9 - one-per-pack
Politics of Baseball 11 - 1:2
Grand Slam Etched Foil 10 - 1:9
Big Bang Bucks 20 - 1:9
Cardtoons Award Set Redemption 8 - 1:36



P-1 Day-Glo Sabo

P-2 Dennis Excellency

P-3 Pledge of Allegiance

Base Set

1 Hey Abbott

2 Robin Adventura

3 Roberto Alamode

4 Don Battingly

5 Cow Belle

6 Jay Bellhop

7 Fowl Boggs

8 Treasury Bonds

9 True Brett

10 Wild Pitch Mitch

11 Balou's Brothers

12 Charlie Bustle

13 Brett Butter

14 Rambo Canseco

15 Roberto Cementie

16 Roger Clemency

17 Will Clock

18 David Clone

19 Tom Clowning

20 Mr. Club

21 Joe Crater

22 Doolin' Daulton

23 Chili Dog Davis

24 Doug Drawback

25 Dennis Excellency

26 Silly Fanatic

27 Wand Gonzales

28 Amazing Grace

29 Tom Grapevine

30 Marquis Gruesome

31 Homerin' Hank

32 Kevin Happier

33 Pete Harness

34 Charlie Haze

35 Egotisticky Henderson

36 Sayanora Infielder

37 Snoozin' Ted & Tarzan Jane

38 Cloud Johnson

39 Sandy K-Fax

40 The Say What Kid

41 Tommy Lasagna

42 Greg Maddogs

43 Stamp the Man

44 Mark McBash

45 Fred McGruff

46 Mount Mick

47 Pat Moustache

48 Ozzie Myth

49 Bob Nukesbury

50 Reggie October

51 Doctor OK

52 Rafael Palmist

53 Lose Piniella

54 Vince Poleman

55 Charlie Puff

56 Rob Quibble

57 Darryl Razzberry

58 Cal Ripkenwinkle

59 Budge Rodriguez

60 Ryne Sandbox

61 Steve Saxophone

62 Harry Scaray

63 Scary Sheffield

64 Ruben Siesta

65 Dennis Smartinez

66 Lee Smite

67 Ken Spiffy, Jr.

68 Nails Spikestra

69 The Splendid Spinner

70 Toad Stottlemyre

71 Raging Tartabull

72 Robbery Thompson

73 Alan Trampoline

74 Monster Truk

75 Shawon Tungsten

76 Tony Trynn

77 Andy Van Tyke

78 Derrick Ventriloquist

79 Frankie Violin

80 Rap Winfielder

81 Robinhood Yount

82 Swift Justice

83 Brat Saberhagen

84 Mike Pizzazz

85 Andres Colorado

86 Money Bagswell

87 Video Nomo

88 Out of the Park

89 Tim Wallet

90 Checklist

91 Greenback Jack

92 Mighty Matt Power Hitter

93 Frankenthomas

94 Neon Peon Slanders

95 Just Air Jordan


Grand Slam Etched Foil

F-6 E.T. McGee

F-5 Carlton Fist

F-4 Steve Bravery

F-2 Andre Awesome

F-1 Bo Action

F-9 Sir Noble Ryan

F-8 Jose Rheostat

F-3 Bobby Bonus

F-7 Kirby Plunkit

F-10 Day-Glo Sabo

Cardtoons Awards

This eight-card set was available exclusive through a redemption card that was seeded into packs at the rate of about one per box.

R-8 Most Virtuous Player

R-7 Comedown Player of Year

R-6 Can't Get No Relief Award

R-5 Corkville Slugger Award

R-4 Golden Glove Award

R-3 1994 World Series Champs

R-2 Forrest Grump Award

R-1 No-Ball Peace Prize

Field of Greed

FOG-9 Strike 9: Pending

FOG-8 Strike 8: 1994 Strike

FOG-7 Strike 7: 1990 Lockout

FOG-6 Strike 6: 1985 Strike

FOG-5 Strike 5: 1981 Strike

FOG-4 Strike 4: 1980 Strike

FOG-3 Strike 3: 1976 Lockout

FOG-1 Strike 1: 1972 Strike

FOG-2 Strike 2: 1973 Lockout

Politics in Baseball

S-7 Throwing Out the First Contract

S-6 Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h

S-5 The Slide

S-4 Umpires Convention

S-3 Slick Willie

S-2 The Wave

S-1 Pledge Of Allegiance

S-11 Role Model

S-8 Babe Rush

S-10 Let's Play Ball

S-9 Hot Prospect

Big Bang Bucks

BB-20 John Smileyface

BB-16 Jimmy Kiwi

BB-1 Treasury Bonds

BB-2 Sayanora Infielder

BB-3 Cal Ripkenwinkle

BB-4 Bobby Bonus

BB-5 Joe Crater

BB-6 Kirby Plunkit

BB-7 David Clone

BB-8 Ken Spiffy, Jr.

BB-9 Ruben Siesta

BB-10 Greg Maddogs

BB-11 Mark McBash

BB-12 Rafael Palmist

BB-13 Roberto Alamode

BB-14 Greenback Jack

BB-15 Raging Tartabull

BB-17 Roger Clemency

BB-18 Rambo Canseco

BB-19 Tom Grapevine