1994 Post Canada

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1994 Post Canada is an 18-card set, distributed in boxes of Canadian Post Alpha-Bits, Honeycomb, Sugar-Crisp, and Marshmallow Alpha-Bits. The cards are slightly narrower than standard-size, measuring 2 1/2" by 3 3/8".

Randomly inserted throughout the boxes were Joe Carter Gold parallel cards; 1000 of these were autographed by Carter.

The entire set was available through a mail-in offer for 7 UPC's and C$3.49 for postage and handling. An album to display the cards was offered for 2 UPC's and C$5.99, plus C$4.50 for postage and handling.


One card per box of cereal.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 18 - 1:1
Joe Carter Gold 1 - 1:16
Joe Carter Autographed Gold 1 1,000 1:3,000


Base Set

1 Joe Carter

2 Paul Molitor

3 Roberto Alomar

4 John Olerud

5 Dave Stewart

6 Juan Guzman

7 Pat Borders

8 Larry Walker

9 Moises Alou

10 Ken Griffey, Jr.

11 Barry Bonds

12 Frank Thomas

13 Cal Ripken, Jr.

14 Mike Piazza

15 Juan Gonzalez

16 Lenny Dykstra

17 Dave Justice

18 Kirby Puckett


1 Joe Carter

Autographed Gold

1,000 copies were made.

1 Joe Carter