1999 Fleer Spectra Star

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1999 Fleer Spectra Star is a six-card set that was packaged with an MLB-licensed Spectra Star toy kite. These 28″ sled style toy kites were made by Spectra Star/Marvel back in 1999 and feature a giant Fleer Tradition baseball card printed on them. Inside each package you will also find a standard sized 1999 Fleer Tradition card too.

The six cards (and kites) share the same design and photograph as the player's corresponding 1999 Fleer Tradition base card. Unfortunately, the cards are not marked as coming from this set. The sole determinant is the card's sequential number as all are numbered "X of 6" on the reverse side.




1 Mark McGwire

2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

3 Derek Jeter

4 Greg Maddux

5 Mike Piazza

6 Sammy Sosa