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2001 Topps Reserve

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2001 Topps Reserve is a 151-card "Bonus Box" product released in August 2001. The final 51 cards make up a rookie subset with each serial-numbered. Cards #101-#145 and #151 are each serial-numbered to 1500 copies; while cards #146-150 were exclusive to retail packs and numbered to only 1170.

The first 555 copies of cards #101-#145 were submitted by Topps to PSA for grading then seeded into Hobby boxes as a chiptopper. Prior to encapsulation, Topps had each player autograph the slab's label "flip."

In addition to the pre-graded rookie card, each Hobby box also contained an autographed rookie baseball.


Hobby: 10 packs plus one pre-graded autographed rookie card and an autographed baseball per box, five cards per pack.

Retail: 24 packs per box, four cards per pack.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 151 - ? ?
short set 100 - ? ?
Rookies 46 1500 1:5 1:52
Retail Exclusive Rookies 5 1170 N/A 1:54
Game Bats 14 - 1:5* ?
Game Jerseys 20 - 1:5* ?
Rookie Autographs 45 varies N/A 1:96


Base Set

Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=3aee3232-7af2-4884-ab75-ebcdce5ded46&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=3aee3232-7af2-4884-ab75-ebcdce5ded46&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Darin Erstad

2 Moises Alou

3 Tony Batista

4 Andruw Jones

5 Edgar Renteria

6 Eric Young

7 Steve Finley

8 Adrian Beltre

9 Vladimir Guerrero

10 Barry Bonds

11 Juan Gonzalez

12 Jay Buhner

13 Luis Castillo

14 Cal Ripken, Jr.

15 Bob Abreu

16 Ivan Rodriguez

17 Nomar Garciaparra

18 Todd Helton

19 Bob Higginson

20 Jorge Posada

21 Tim Salmon

22 Jason Giambi

23 Jose Cruz

24 Chipper Jones

25 Jim Edmonds

26 Gerald Williams

27 Randy Johnson

28 Gary Sheffield

29 Jeff Kent

30 Jim Thome

31 John Olerud

32 Cliff Floyd

33 Mike Lowell

34 Phil Nevin

35 Scott Rolen

36 Alex Rodriguez

37 Ken Griffey, Jr.

38 Neifi Perez

39 Cristian Guzman

40 Mariano Rivera

41 Troy Glaus

42 Johnny Damon

43 Rafael Furcal

44 Jeromy Burnitz

45 Mark McGwire

46 Fred McGriff

47 Matt Williams

48 Kevin Brown

49 J.T. Snow

50 Kenny Lofton

51 Al Martin

52 Antonio Alfonseca

53 Edgardo Alfonzo

54 Ryan Klesko

55 Pat Burrell

56 Rafael Palmeiro

57 Sean Casey

58 Jeff Cirillo

59 Ray Durham

60 Derek Jeter

61 Jeff Bagwell

62 Carlos Delgado

63 Tom Glavine

64 Richie Sexson

65 J.D. Drew

66 Ben Grieve

67 Mark Grace

68 Shawn Green

69 Robb Nen

70 Omar Vizquel

71 Edgar Martinez

72 Preston Wilson

73 Mike Piazza

74 Tony Gwynn

75 Jason Kendall

76 Manny Ramirez

77 Pokey Reese

78 Mike Sweeney

79 Magglio Ordonez

80 Bernie Williams

81 Richard Hidalgo

82 Brad Fullmer

83 Greg Maddux

84 Geoff Jenkins

85 Sammy Sosa

86 Luis Gonzalez

87 Eric Karros

88 Jose Vidro

89 Rich Aurilia

90 Roberto Alomar

91 Mike Cameron

92 Mike Mussina

93 Barry Zito

94 Mike Lieberthal

95 Brian Giles

96 Pedro Martinez

97 Barry Larkin

98 Jermaine Dye

99 Frank Thomas

100 Dave Justice


Ronnie-Corona.jpg?id=5aaf8c84-8394-4361-a698-0761b21b22d7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ronnie-Corona.jpg?id=5aaf8c84-8394-4361-a698-0761b21b22d7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • Cards #101-#145 and #151 are all serial-numbered to 1500 copies.
  • Cards #146-#150 are exclusive to retail packs and serial-numbered to 1170 copies.
  • The first 555 copies of cards #101-#145 were sent to PSA for grading (see below).

101 Gary Johnson RC

102 Matt Ford RC

103 Albert Pujols RC

104 Brad Cresse

105 Valentino Pascucci RC

106 Bob Keppel RC

107 Luis Torres RC*

108 Tony Blanco RC

109 Ronnie Corona RC

110 Phil Wilson RC*

111 John Buck RC

112 Jim Journell RC

113 Victor Hall RC*

114 Jeff Andra RC*

115 Greg Nash RC*

116 Travis Hafner RC

117 Casey Fossum RC

118 Miguel Olivo

119 Elpidio Guzman RC*

120 Jason Belcher RC*

121 Esix Snead RC

122 Joe Thurston RC

123 Rafael Soriano RC

124 Ed Rogers RC

125 Omar Beltre RC

126 Brett Gray RC

127 Deivi Mendez RC*

128 Freddie Bynum RC

129 David Krynzel

130 Blake Williams RC*

131 Reggie Abercrombie RC

132 Miguel Villilo RC*

133 Ryan Madson RC

134 Matt Thompson RC

135 Mark Burnett RC*

136 Andy Beal RC*

137 Ryan Ludwick RC

138 Roberto Miniel RC*

139 Steve Smyth RC

140 Ben Washburn RC*

141 Marvin Seale RC*

142 Reggie Griggs RC*

143 Seung Song RC*

144 Chad Petty RC*

145 Noel Devarez RC*

146 Matt Butler RC*

147 Brett Evert RC*

148 Cesar Izturis

149 Troy Farnsworth RC*

150 Brian Schmitt RC*

151 Ichiro Suzuki RC

Autographs & Game-Used

Game Bats

Barry-Bonds.jpg?id=49412e9b-60c4-4144-93fd-4b9802e22519&size=original&side=front&.jpg Barry-Bonds.jpg?id=49412e9b-60c4-4144-93fd-4b9802e22519&size=original&side=back&.jpg

TRR-ARI Alex Rodriguez

TRR-BBI Barry Bonds

TRR-BW Bernie Williams

TRR-CDI Carlos Delgado

TRR-CJI Chipper Jones

TRR-DE Darin Erstad

TRR-IRI Ivan Rodriguez

TRR-JB Jeff Bagwell

TRR-JEI Jim Edmonds

TRR-MP Mike Piazza

TRR-NG Nomar Garciaparra

TRR-RFI Rafael Furcal

TRR-TGI Tony Gwynn

TRR-VG Vladimir Guerrero

Game Jerseys

Greg-Maddux.jpg?id=df73fb93-f383-4986-8513-48258dd7e220&size=original&side=front&.jpg Greg-Maddux.jpg?id=df73fb93-f383-4986-8513-48258dd7e220&size=original&side=back&.jpg

TRR-AR Alex Rodriguez

TRR-BB Barry Bonds

TRR-CD Carlos Delgado

TRR-CJ Chipper Jones

TRR-DJ Dave Justice

TRR-FT Frank Thomas

TRR-GM Greg Maddux

TRR-IR Ivan Rodriguez

TRR-JE Jim Edmonds

TRR-JG Juan Gonzalez

TRR-NP Nomar Garciaparra

TRR-PM Pedro Martinez

TRR-RA Roberto Alomar

TRR-RJ Randy Johnson

TRR-RP Rafael Palmeiro

TRR-SG Shawn Green

TRR-SR Scott Rolen

TRR-TG Tony Gwynn

TRR-TH Todd Helton

TRR-VG Vladimir Guerrero

Rookie Autographs

Travis-Hafner.jpg?id=5cffa7c1-152f-4fd1-9c7d-69e0da5c3aed&size=original&side=front&.jpg Travis-Hafner.jpg?id=5cffa7c1-152f-4fd1-9c7d-69e0da5c3aed&size=original&side=back&.jpg

This 50-card set parallels the rookie subset (cards #101-#150) and exclusive to retail packs. Each card is limited, but not serial-numbered, to the production figures listed below.

NOTE: The design is identical to that of the base cards; however, unlike a conventional parallel, the set is sequentially-numbered differently. Also, a number of fake Albert Pujols autographs are known to exist.

TRA-1 Gary Johnson 160

TRA-2 Matt Ford 160

TRA-3 Albert Pujols 160

TRA-4 Brad Cresse 160

TRA-5 Valentino Pascucci 160

TRA-6 Bob Keppel 160

TRA-7 Luis Torres 160

TRA-8 Tony Blanco 160

TRA-9 Ronnie Corona 160

TRA-10 Phil Wilson 160

TRA-11 John Buck 160

TRA-12 Jim Journell 160

TRA-13 Victor Hall 160

TRA-14 Jeff Andra 160

TRA-15 Greg Nash 160

TRA-16 Travis Hafner 160

TRA-17 Casey Fossum 160

TRA-18 Miguel Olivo 160

TRA-19 Elpidio Guzman 160

TRA-20 Jason Belcher 160

TRA-21 Esix Snead 160

TRA-22 Joe Thurston 160

TRA-23 Rafael Soriano 160

TRA-24 Ed Rogers 160

TRA-25 Omar Beltre 160

TRA-26 Brett Gray 160

TRA-27 Deivi Mendez 160

TRA-28 Freddie Bynum 160

TRA-29 David Krynzel 160

TRA-30 Blake Williams 160

TRA-31 Reggie Abercrombie 160

TRA-32 Miguel Villilo 160

TRA-33 Ryan Madson 160

TRA-34 Matt Thompson 160

TRA-35 Mark Burnett 160

TRA-36 Andy Beal 160

TRA-37 Ryan Ludwick 160

TRA-38 Roberto Miniel 160

TRA-39 Steve Smyth 160

TRA-40 Ben Washburn 160

TRA-41 Marvin Seale 160

TRA-42 Reggie Griggs 160

TRA-43 Seung Song 160

TRA-44 Chad Petty 160

TRA-45 Noel Devarez 160

TRA-46 Matt Butler 330

TRA-47 Brett Evert 330

TRA-48 Cesar Izturis 330

TRA-49 Troy Farnsworth 330

TRA-50 Brian Schmitt 330

Graded Autographed Rookies

Dave-Krynzel.jpg?id=8a4977ff-c270-4c8d-aef0-035c5290a489&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dave-Krynzel.jpg?id=8a4977ff-c270-4c8d-aef0-035c5290a489&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The first 555 copies of each rookie subset card (cards #101-#145) were sent to PSA for grading. Each card is graded no worse than PSA 8. In addition, Topps had each player autograph the label before encapsulation.

One graded autographed card was inserted into each Hobby box, and redemption cards were seeded into each retail pack.

101 Gary Johnson

102 Matt Ford

103 Albert Pujols

104 Brad Cresse

105 Valentino Pascucci

106 Bob Keppel

107 Luis Torres

108 Tony Blanco

109 Ronnie Corona

110 Phil Wilson

111 John Buck

112 Jim Journell

113 Victor Hall

114 Jeff Andra

115 Greg Nash

116 Travis Hafner

117 Casey Fossum

118 Miguel Olivo

119 Elpidio Guzman

120 Jason Belcher

121 Esix Snead

122 Joe Thurston

123 Rafael Soriano

124 Ed Rogers

125 Omar Beltre

126 Brett Gray

127 Deivi Mendez

128 Freddie Bynum

129 David Krynzel

130 Blake Williams

131 Reggie Abercrombie

132 Miguel Villilo

133 Ryan Madson

134 Matt Thompson

135 Mark Burnett

136 Andy Beal

137 Ryan Ludwick

138 Roberto Miniel

139 Steve Smyth

140 Ben Washburn

141 Marvin Seale

142 Reggie Griggs

143 Seung Song

144 Chad Petty

145 Noel Devarez

NNO Mystery Exchange

Rookie Autographed Baseballs

Inserted into each Hobby box is a baseball autographed by a 2001 MLB rookie. Each ball is a standard MLB-issue baseball, but with a special Topps Reserve "TR" logo printed on one side panel and a black Topps hologram sticker on the other panel. Balls were packaged in a clear plastic cube and sealed with a Topps "FACTORY SEALED" sticker. The player is identified by a clear sticker affixed to the outside of the cube.

Two of the balls were only available as exchange cards that were exclusive to retail packs.

Reggie Abercrombie

Jeff Andra

Andy Beal

Omar Beltre

Tony Blanco

Mark Burnett

Freddie Bynum

Fernando Cabrera RETAIL EXCH

Ronnie Corona

Brad Cresse

Noel Devarez

Matt Ford

Casey Fossum

Brett Gray

Reggie Griggs

Elpidio Guzman

Travis Hafner

Victor Hall

Gary Johnson

Jim Journell

Bob Keppel

David Krynzel

Ryan Ludwick

Ryan Madson

Deivi Mendez

Roberto Miniel

Greg Nash

Miguel Olivo

Valentino Pascucci

Chad Petty

Albert Pujols

Ed Rogers

Marvin Seale

Steve Smyth

Esix Snead

Seung Song

Rafael Soriano

Matt Thompson

Joe Thurston

Luis Torres

Miguel Villilo

Ben Washburn

Blake Williams

Phil Wilson