2002 Upper Deck Rookie Debut

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2002 Upper Deck Rookie Debut is a retail-exclusive, "bundled" update set. Like with the similarly-structured to the Hobby-only Rookie Update, there is no "Rookie Debut" set. Instead, Rookie Debut updates three 2002 UD sets released primarily to mass-market retail outlets: Honor Roll, Ovation, and Victory. And just like with Rookie Update, Rookie Debut features a number of autographs game-used cards that are not part of any of the three previously released sets.

On average, each six-card pack should yield one Ovation, two Honor Roll, and three Victory cards. Each 24-pack box should yield one game-jersey card and three, serial-numbered Ovation World Premiere cards.


24 packs per box, six cards per pack (MSRP $1.99). Retail only.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Solid Contact Bat Relic ? - 1:24
Climbing the Ladder ? 25 ?
Elite Company ? 25 ?
Making their Mark ? 25 ?
Honor Roll Dream Moments Gold ? 50 ?
Honor Roll UD Prospects Gold ? 50 ?
Ovation World Premiere rookies Gold ? 50 ?


Autographs & Game-Used

Solid Contact

Fred-McGriff.jpg?id=75b95175-c885-4f52-b02a-7dabe56df7fc&size=original&side=front&.jpg Fred-McGriff.jpg?id=75b95175-c885-4f52-b02a-7dabe56df7fc&size=original&side=back&.jpg

AR Alex Rodriguez

BA Bob Abreu

BG Brian Giles

BL Barry Larkin

BW Bernie Williams

CD Carlos Delgado SP

CE Carl Everett

DM Doug Mientkiewicz

EA Edgardo Alfonzo

EM Edgar Martinez

FM Fred McGriff

FT Frank Thomas

GS Gary Sheffield

IR Ivan Rodriguez

JC Jose Cruz, Jr.

JE Jim Edmonds

JG Jason Giambi SP 50

JK Jason Kendall

JO John Olerud

JP Jorge Posada

JT Jim Thome

KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

MA Moises Alou

MO Magglio Ordonez

MW Matt Williams

OV Omar Vizquel

RA Roberto Alomar

SS Sammy Sosa

TA Fernando Tatis

TH Todd Helton

Climbing the Ladder

Each Climbing the Ladder card is serial-numbered to 25 copies.

AR Alex Rodriguez 25

GM Greg Maddux 25

GO Juan Gonzalez 25

IS Ichiro Suzuki 25

JG Jason Giambi 25

JT Jim Thome 25

KG Ken Griffey, Jr. 25

LW Larry Walker 25

MM Mark McGwire 25

RP Rafael Palmeiro 25

SG Shawn Green 25

SS Sammy Sosa 25

Making Their Marks

Each Making Their Marks card is autographed and serial-numbered to 25 copies.

BG Brian Giles 25

BZ Barry Zito 25

DM Doug Mientkiewicz 25

HB Hank Blalock 25

LB Lance Berkman 25

MB Mark Buehrle 25

MP Mark Prior 25

MS Mike Sweeney 25

RS Richie Sexson 25

SB Sean Burroughs 25

TO Tomo Ohka 25

TR Tim Redding 25

Elite Company

Both Elite Company cards are autographed and serial-numbered to 25 copies.

MM Mark McGwire 25

SS Sammy Sosa 25