2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Factory Sealed Baseball Hobby Box
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2004 Upper Deck Play Ball

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2004 Upper Deck Play Ball hobby box


2004 Upper Deck Play Ball is a 233-card set. The first 183 cards were issued in the Play Ball product in April, 2004. The set consists of two serial-numbered subsets: Rookie Portfolio (Cards #133-#162) and Classic Combos (#163-#183). Each 24-pack Hobby box will yield four serial-numbered cards, one die-cut card, eight parallels, two game-used memorabilia cards, and one autograph.

The last 50 cards in the set (cards #184-#233) are known as the Update Series and were distributed exclusively as a factory set inside Hobby boxes of 2004 Upper Deck Series Two. Each Series Two Hobby box came with an unmarked and shrink-wrapped Update Set box from one of four possible 2004 Upper Deck early-season products: Vintage, Play Ball, Reflections and SP Game Used Patch. Collectors had to break the shrink wrap to figure out which set they received. The odds of finding the Play Ball Update set were 1:4/sets.

The 1:6 Blue inserts utilize alternate player images than the base cards and numbered parallels. The "Red" die-cut parallel, numbered to /175, actually features Gray/Silver frames.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $4). 14 boxes per case.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 183 - ?
short set 132 - 4:1
Rookie Portfolio 30 2004 1:16
Classic Combos 21 1999 1:24
Blue 132 - 1:6
Red/Die Cut 132 175 ?
Green 132 15 ?
Purple 132 one-of-one ?
Home Run Heroics 40 - 1:24
Apparel Collection 42 - 1:24
Artist's Touch Jersey 34 250 ?
Artist's Touch Jersey 50 35 50 ?
Tools of the Stars Bat Card 14 - 1:48
Tools of the Stars Bat Card Level 1 14 250 ?
Tools of the Stars Bat Card Level 2 11 25 ?
Rookie Portfolio Signature 30 - 1:30
Signature Portfolio Black Ink 6 100 ?
Signature Portfolio Blue Ink 6 25 ?
Signature Portfolio Red Ink 6 10 ?
Signature Portfolio Gold w/Black Ink 6 10 ?
Signature Portfolio Gold w/Blue Ink 6 5 ?
Signature Portfolio Gold w/Red Ink 6 one-of-one ?


Base Set

1 Hideo Nomo

2 Curt Schilling

3 Barry Zito

4 Nomar Garciaparra

5 Yogi Berra

6 Randy Johnson

7 Jason Giambi

8 Sammy Sosa

9 David Ortiz

10 Derek Jeter

11 Warren Spahn

12 Mark Prior

13 Roger Clemens

14 Mike Piazza

15 Nolan Ryan

16 Joe DiMaggio

17 Alfonso Soriano

18 Brandon Webb

19 Shawn Green

20 Bob Feller

21 Mike Schmidt

22 Mark Teixeira

23 Pedro Martinez

24 Vladimir Guerrero

25 Rafael Furcal

26 Derrek Lee

27 Carlos Delgado

28 Mickey Mantle

29 Dontrelle Willis

30 Ted Williams

31 Vernon Wells

32 Alex Rodriguez

33 Brooks Robinson

34 Tom Seaver

35 Ernie Banks

36 Bob Gibson

37 Jim Thome

38 Mike Mussina

39 Eric Chavez

40 Roy Halladay

41 Eric Gagne

42 Jose Reyes

43 Jeff Bagwell

44 Rich Harden

45 Jeff Kent

46 Lance Berkman

47 Adam Dunn

48 Richie Sexson

49 Andruw Jones

50 Ichiro Suzuki

51 Edgar Renteria

52 Rocco Baldelli

53 Jim Edmonds

54 Magglio Ordonez

55 Austin Kearns

56 Garret Anderson

57 Manny Ramirez

58 Roy Oswalt

59 Gary Sheffield

60 Mark Mulder

61 Ben Sheets

62 Scott Rolen

63 Greg Maddux

64 Jose Contreras

65 Miguel Cabrera

66 Hank Blalock

67 Miguel Tejada

68 Albert Pujols

69 Hideki Matsui

70 Mike Lowell

71 Tim Hudson

72 Bret Boone

73 Ivan Rodriguez

74 Josh Beckett

75 Todd Helton

76 Brian Giles

77 Orlando Cabrera

78 Carlos Beltran

79 Jason Schmidt

80 Kerry Wood

81 Preston Wilson

82 Troy Glaus

83 Kevin Brown

84 Rafael Palmeiro

85 Chipper Jones

86 Reggie Sanders

87 Cliff Floyd

88 Corey Patterson

89 Kevin Millwood

90 Aaron Boone

91 Darin Erstad

92 Richard Hidalgo

93 Dmitri Young

94 Jeremy Bonderman

95 Larry Walker

96 Edgar Martinez

97 Jerome Williams

98 Luis Gonzalez

99 Roberto Alomar

100 Jerry Hairston Jr.

101 Luis Matos

102 Andy Pettitte

103 Frank Thomas

104 Rondell White

105 Jody Gerut

106 Bartolo Colon

107 Johnny Damon

108 Ryan Klesko

109 Geoff Jenkins

110 Jorge Posada

111 Melvin Mora

112 Bernie Williams

113 Shannon Stewart

114 Bobby Abreu

115 Jose Guillen

116 Brandon Phillips

117 Jose Vidro

118 Mike Sweeney

119 Jacque Jones

120 Josh Phelps

121 Milton Bradley

122 Torii Hunter

123 Carl Crawford

124 Javier Vazquez

125 Juan Gonzalez

126 Travis Hafner

127 Ken Griffey Jr.

128 Phil Nevin

129 Trot Nixon

130 Carlos Lee

131 Javy Lopez

132 Jay Gibbons


Rookies are serial-numbered to 2004.

133 Brandon Medders

134 Colby Miller

135 Dave Crouthers

136 Dennis Sarfate

137 Donald Kelly

138 Frank Brooks

139 Chris Aguila

140 Greg Dobbs

141 Ian Snell

142 Jake Woods

143 Jamie Brown

144 Jason Frasor

145 Jerome Gamble

146 Jesse Harper

147 Josh Labandeira

148 Justin Hampson

149 Justin Huisman

150 Justin Leone

151 Lincoln Holdzkom

152 Mike Bumatay

153 Mike Gosling

154 Mike Johnston

155 Mike Rouse

156 Nick Regilio

157 Ryan Meaux

158 Scott Dohmann

159 Sean Henn

160 Tim Bausher

161 Tim Bittner

162 Alec Zumwalt


Combos are serial-numbered to 1999.

163 Aaron Boone/Bret Boone/Barry Zito/Geoff Jenkins/Mark Prior

164 Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols/Edgar Renteria

165 Alfonso Soriano/Sammy Sosa

166 Bobby Abreu/Jim Thome

167 John Olerud/Ichiro/Bret Boone

168 Alfonso Soriano/Derek Jeter

169 Eric Chavez/Miguel Tejada

170 Troy Glaus/Garret Anderson/Jim Edmonds

171 Hank Blalock/Alex Rodriguez

172 Alex Rodriguez/Mark Teixeira/Michael Young/Rafael Palmeiro

173 Dontrelle Willis/Ivan Rodriguez

174 Jason Giambi/Derek Jeter

175 Joe DiMaggio/Mickey Mantle

176 Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams/Joe DiMaggio

177 Joe DiMaggio/Ted Williams

178 Nomar Garciaparra/Alfonso Soriano

179 Jason Giambi/Nomar Garciaparra 180 Paul LoDuca / Hideo Nomo

181 Rafael Palmeiro / Alex Rodriguez / Michael Young

182 Ralph Kiner / Ted Williams

183 Aaron Boone / Derek Jeter / Kaz Matsui RC

Update Series

184 Jerry Gil RC

185 Jose Capellan RC

186 Tim Hamulack RC

187 Renyel Pinto RC

188 Carlos Vasquez RC*

189 Enemencio Pacheco RC*

190 Ronny Cedeno RC

191 Mariano Gomez RC*

192 Carlos Hines RC*

193 Mike Vento RC

194 David Aardsma RC

195 Hector Gimenez RC

196 Fernando Nieve RC

197 Chris Saenz RC

198 Shawn Hill RC

199 Angel Chavez RC

200 Scott Proctor RC

201 William Bergolla RC

202 Justin Germano RC

203 Onil Joseph RC*

204 Rusty Tucker RC*

205 Justin Knoedler RC

206 Casey Daigle RC

207 Edwin Moreno RC

208 Chad Bentz RC

209 Ryan Wing RC*

210 Shawn Camp

211 Eddy Rodriguez RC

212 Roman Colon RC

213 Jason Bartlett RC

214 Jorge Vasquez RC

215 Ivan Ochoa RC

216 Akinori Otsuka RC

217 Merkin Valdez RC

218 Shingo Takatsu RC

219 Chris Oxspring RC

220 Kevin Cave RC*

221 Ramon Ramirez RC

222 Orlando Rodriguez RC*

223 Lino Urdaneta RC

224 Franklyn Gracesqui RC

225 Mike Wuertz RC

226 Jorge Sequea RC*

227 Luis A. Gonzalez RC

228 Jason Szuminski RC

229 John Gall RC

230 Freddy Guzman RC

231 Jeff Bennett RC

232 Roberto Novoa RC


The first 132 cards in the base set are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue
  • Green (serial-numbered to 15 copies)
  • Purple (one-of-one)


The first 132 cards in the base set are available in a parallel that is serial-numbered to 175 copies. Cards #1-#42 have a Red border; while cards #43-#132 are Die-Cut.


Home Run Heroics

HH-AB Aaron Boone

HH-AR Alex Rodriguez

HH-AS Alfonso Soriano

HH-BM Bill Mueller

HH-CD Carlos Delgado

HH-CR Cal Ripken Jr.

HH-EB Ernie Banks

HH-EM Eddie Mathews

HH-FR Frank Robinson

HH-HB Hank Blalock

HH-HK Harmon Killebrew

HH-HM Hideki Matsui

HH-JD Joe DiMaggio

HH-JG Jason Giambi

HH-KG Ken Griffey Jr.

HH-MC Miguel Cabrera

HH-MM Mickey Mantle

HH-MS Mike Schmidt

HH-RH Rickey Henderson

HH-RJ Randy Johnson

HH-RP Rafael Palmeiro

HH-RS Red Schoendienst

HH-SG Shawn Green

HH-SM Stan Musial

HH-SS Sammy Sosa

HH-TW Ted Williams

HH-WM Willie McCovey

HH-AR1 Alex Rodriguez

HH-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.

HH-HM1 Hideki Matsui

HH-JD1 Joe DiMaggio

HH-KG1 Ken Griffey Jr.

HH-MM1 Mickey Mantle

HH-MM2 Mickey Mantle

HH-SS1 Sammy Sosa

HH-SS2 Sammy Sosa

HH-SS3 Sammy Sosa

HH-TW1 Ted Williams

HH-TW2 Ted Williams

HH-TW3 Ted Williams

Autographs & Game-Used

Apparel Collection

AC-AD Adam Dunn

AC-AP Albert Pujols

AC-AR Alex Rodriguez

AC-AS Alfonso Soriano

AC-BE Josh Beckett

AC-BH Bo Hart

AC-BW Bernie Williams

AC-BZ Barry Zito

AC-CD Carlos Delgado

AC-CJ Chipper Jones

AC-CS Curt Schilling

AC-DJ Derek Jeter

AC-DW Dontrelle Willis

AC-HA Roy Halladay

AC-HM Hideki Matsui

AC-HN Hideo Nomo

AC-IS Ichiro

AC-JB Jeff Bagwell

AC-JD Joe DiMaggio

AC-JG Jason Giambi

AC-JP Jorge Posada

AC-JT Jim Thome

AC-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

AC-KW Kerry Wood

AC-LB Lance Berkman

AC-ML Mike Lowell

AC-MM Mickey Mantle

AC-MP Mark Prior

AC-MR Manny Ramirez

AC-MU Mike Mussina

AC-PI Mike Piazza

AC-PM Pedro Martinez

AC-RB Rocco Baldelli

AC-RF Rafael Furcal

AC-RH Rich Harden

AC-RJ Randy Johnson

AC-RO Roy Oswalt

AC-RP Rafael Palmeiro

AC-SS Sammy Sosa

AC-TG Troy Glaus

AC-TH Torii Hunter

AC-TW Ted Williams

Artist's Touch Jersey Card

Each Artist's Touch Jersey is serial-numbered to 250 copies, with a parallel numbered to 50 also available. Card #AT-ML is only available in the "50" set.

AT-AP Albert Pujols

AT-AR Alex Rodriguez

AT-AS Alfonso Soriano

AT-BH Bo Hart

AT-BW Bernie Williams

AT-BZ Barry Zito

AT-CD Carlos Delgado

AT-CJ Chipper Jones

AT-DJ Derek Jeter

AT-DW Dontrelle Willis

AT-HA Roy Halladay

AT-HM Hideki Matsui

AT-HN Hideo Nomo

AT-IS Ichiro

AT-JB Josh Beckett

AT-JG Jason Giambi

AT-JP Jorge Posada

AT-JT Jim Thome

AT-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

AT-KW Kerry Wood

AT-LB Lance Berkman

AT-ML Mike Lowell

AT-MM Mike Mussina

AT-MP Mark Prior

AT-MR Manny Ramirez

AT-PI Mike Piazza

AT-PM Pedro Martinez

AT-RB Rocco Baldelli

AT-RF Rafael Furcal

AT-RJ Randy Johnson

AT-RO Roy Oswalt

AT-RP Rafael Palmeiro

AT-SS Sammy Sosa

AT-TG Troy Glaus

AT-TH Torii Hunter

Tools of the Stars Bat Card

Each Tools of the Stars Bat Card is also available in the following parallels.

  • Level 1 (serial-numbered to 250 copies)
  • Level 2 (serial-numbered to 25 copies)

Level 1 parallels are sequentially-numbered "TS-XX1" while Level 2 parallels are numbered "TS-XX2".

Cards #TS-CD2, #TS-KW2, and #TS-PI2 do not exist in the Level 2 set.

TS-AP Albert Pujols

TS-AR Alex Rodriguez

TS-AS Alfonso Soriano

TS-CD Carlos Delgado

TS-CJ Chipper Jones

TS-DJ Derek Jeter

TS-HM Hideki Matsui

TS-HN Hideo Nomo

TS-IS Ichiro

TS-JB Josh Beckett

TS-JT Jim Thome

TS-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

TS-KW Kerry Wood

TS-PI Mike Piazza

Rookie Portfolio Signature

RP-AZ Alec Zumwalt

RP-BI Tim Bittner

RP-BM Brandon Medders

RP-CA Chris Aguila

RP-CM Colby Miller

RP-DC Dave Crouthers

RP-DK Donald Kelly

RP-DS Dennis Sarfate

RP-FB Frank Brooks

RP-GD Greg Dobbs

RP-HA Justin Hampson

RP-HU Justin Huisman

RP-IS Ian Snell

RP-JB Jamie Brown

RP-JF Jason Frasor

RP-JG Jerome Gamble

RP-JH Jesse Harper

RP-JL Josh Labandeira

RP-JW Jake Woods

RP-LE Justin Leone

RP-LH Lincoln Holdzkom

RP-MB Mike Bumatay

RP-MG Mike Gosling

RP-MJ Mike Johnston

RP-MR Mike Rouse

RP-NR Nick Regilio

RP-RM Ryan Meaux

RP-SD Scott Dohmann

RP-SH Sean Henn

RP-TB Tim Bausher

Signature Portfolio

Each Signature Portfolio is signed in Black Ink and serial-numbered to 100 copies. All are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue Ink (serial-numbered to 25 copies)
  • Red Ink ( serial-numbered to ten)
  • Golds w/Black Ink (serial-numbered to ten)
  • Gold w/Blue Ink (serial-numbered to five)
  • Gold w/Red Ink (one-of-one)

SP-BZ Barry Zito

SP-CR Cal Ripken, Jr.

SP-CY Carl Yastrzemski

SP-HM Hideki Matsui

SP-KG Ken Griffey, Jr.

SP-TS Tom Seaver