2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

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2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions hobby box


2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions is a 210-card set (231 cards if 21 mini-exclusive cards are also included) released on June 29, 2011. Although billed by Upper Deck as a "baseball" set, only 59 of the 231 cards are of baseball players; the remainder featuring athletes from various sports and historical figures. The set is not licensed by MLB Properties or the MLBPA, and as such will not feature any current Major League players or MLB trademarks.

Each 20-pack Hobby box will include three of the following:

  • Autograph card
  • Memorabilia cards
  • Embroidered patch cards
  • Printing plates

Each Hobby box will also include 10 mini-sized cards, one "Figures of Sport" die-cut insert, one "Goodwin Citizens" insert, and a 5" X 7" "World Traveler" box-topper.


Hobby: 20 packs per box, five cards per pack. 16 boxes per case.

Retail: 12 4-card packs per $19.99 blaster box. Boxes contain 6 mini-cards each, on average.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 210 - ? ?
Short Set 150 - ? ?
Low-Number Short Prints 40 - 1:3 ?
High-Number Short Prints 20 - ? ?
Mini Exclusive Short Prints 21 - ? ?
Mini 171 - 1:3 ?
Silver Foil Mini 171 - ? ?
Black-Bordered Lady Luck Mini 171 - ? ?
Black-Bordered Magician Mini 171 9 ? ?
Gold-Bordered Presidential Mini 171 1 ? ?
Goodwin Citizens 11 - 1:20 ?
Figures of Sport 18 - 1:20 ?
Presidential Series 44 10 ? ?
Animal Kingdom Patches 100 - 1:62 ?
Lightning Variations 15 - 1:160 ?
Autographs 84 - 1:20 ?
Memorabilia 51 - 1:13 ?
Dual Memorabilia Series 11 - 1:320 ?
Museum Collection Relics 9 - 1:2237 ?
Landmark Relics ? - ? ?
Entomology ? - ? ?
Thoroughbred Hair Cuts ? - ? ?
Sport Royalty ? - ? ?


Base Set

File:2011 Kelly Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #1: King Kelly Front
File:2011 Kelly Upper Deck Goodwin Champions B.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #1: King Kelly Back
File:2011 Curlin Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #81: Curlin Front
File:2011 Erving Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #138: Julius Erving
File:2011 Liukin Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini #27: Nastia Liukin Front
File:2011 Liukin Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini B.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini #27: Nastia Liukin Back
File:2011 Robinson Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini Black F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini Black #69: Wilbert Robinson Front
File:2011 Robinson Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini Black B.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini Black #69: Wilbert Robinson Back

1 King Kelly BASEBALL

2 John Havlicek BASKETBALL

3 Marion Jones TRACK & FIELD

4 Bobby Orr HOCKEY

5 Cam Neely HOCKEY



8 Walt Frazier BASKETBALL

9 Gordie Howe HOCKEY

10 Natalie Gulbis GOLF

11 Greg Maddux BASEBALL

12 Robert Johnson MUSICIAN

13 Bode Miller SKIING

14 Abby Wambach SOCCER

15 Bo Jackson BASEBALL

16 Don Mattingly BASEBALL

17 King Clancy HOCKEY

18 Brandi Chastain SOCCER

19 Lou Brock BASEBALL (w/J. Carter)

20 Dan Marino FOOTBALL

21 Tiger Woods GOLF

22 Greg Louganis DIVING

23 Michael Jordan BASKETBALL

24 Miller Huggins BASEBALL

25 Manny Machado BASEBALL

26 John L. Sullivan BOXING

27 Nastia Liukin GYMNASTICS

28 Paul Rabil LACROSSE

29 Bubba Watson GOLF

30 Evgeni Malkin HOCKEY

31 Annika Sorenstam GOLF

32 Eric Lindros HOCKEY

33 Cynthia Cooper BASKETBALL

34 Gretchen Bleiler SKIING

35 Hakeem Olajuwon BASKETBALL

36 Jake Locker FOOTBALL

37 Larry Bird BASKETBALL

38 Nolan Ryan BASEBALL

39 Addie Joss BASEBALL

40 Troy Aikman FOOTBALL

41 Whitey Ford BASEBALL

42 Bonnie & Clyde OUTLAWS

43 Stan Musial BASEBALL

44 Alonzo Mourning BASKETBALL

45 John Stockton BASKETBALL

46 Ryne Sandberg BASEBALL

47 John Mallinger GOLF

48 Drew Brees FOOTBALL

49 Cammi Granato HOCKEY

50 Steve Carlton BASEBALL

51 Hope Solo SOCCER

52 Brittany Linciome GOLF

53 Bill Laimbeer BASKETBALL

54 Dennis Rodman BASKETBALL

55 Bill Walton BASKETBALL

56 Jim Rice BASEBALL

57 Barry Sanders FOOTBALL

58 Mia Hamm SOCCER

59 Steve Yzerman HOCKEY

60 Bill Russell BASKETBALL

61 Nancy Kerrigan ICE SKATING

62 Amanda Beard SWIMMING

63 Cristie Kerr GOLF

64 Johnny Bench BASEBALL

65 Mark Ingram FOOTBALL

66 Landon Donovan SOCCER

67 Mike Smith JOCKEY

68 Hugh Jennings BASEBALL

69 Wilbert Robinson BASEBALL

70 Ray Borque HOCKEY

71 John Elway FOOTBALL

72 Joe Sakic HOCKEY

73 Steve Stamkos HOCKEY

74 John Dillinger GOLF

75 Hayley Wickenheiser HOCKEY

76 Julia Mancuso SKIING

77 John Tavares HOCKEY

78 Cam Newton FOOTBALL

79 Howie Morenz HOCKEY

80 Aaron Rodgers FOOTBALL


82 Earl Campbell FOOTBALL

83 Jerry Rice FOOTBALL

84 C.J. Hodgood SURFING

85 Damien Hobgood SURFING

86 James Worthy BASKETBALL

87 Sidney Crosby HOCKEY

88 Jerry West BASKETBALL

89 Alex Ovechkin HOCKEY

90 Magic Johnson BASKETBALL

91 Tyson Gay TRACK & FIELD

92 Bruce Jenner TRACK & FIELD

93 Layne Beachley SURFING

94 Ozzie Smith BASEBALL

95 Wee Willie Keeler BASEBALL

96 Laffit Pincay, Jr. JOCKEY

97 Super Saver HORSE RACING

98 Anthony Kim GOLF

99 Wayne Gretzky HOCKEY

100 Candace Parker BASKETBALL

101 Michelle Wie GOLF

102 Billy Sims FOOTBALL

103 Rube Waddell BASEBALL

104 Steve Young FOOTBALL

105 David Robinson BASKETBALL

106 Tim Hardaway BASKETBALL

107 Kasey Keller SOCCER

108 Billy the Kid OUTLAW

109 Julio Jones FOOTBALL

110 Jesse James OUTLAW

111 Derrick Rose BASKETBALL

112 Mike Schmidt BASEBALL

113 A.J. Green FOOTBALL

114 Greg Monroe BASKETBALL

115 Von Miller FOOTBALL

116 John Lamb BASEBALL

117 Johnny Miller GOLF

118 Dwayne De Rosario SOCCER

119 Cap Anson BASEBALL

120 Tony Perez BASEBALL

121 Russell Westbrook BASKETBALL

122 Brodie Merrill LACROSSE

123 Rudolph Valentino ACTOR

124 Hunter Mahan GOLF

125 Mike Weir GOLF

126 Jose Canseco BASEBALL

127 Matt Poskay LACROSSE

128 Bob Gibson BASEBALL

129 Janet Evans SWIMMING

130 Mario Lemieux HOCKEY

131 Randy Couture MMA FIGHTER

132 Christine Sinclair SOCCER

133 Harry Vardon GOLF

134 Patrick Roy HOCKEY

135 Anfernee Hardaway BASKETBALL

136 Igor Larinov HOCKEY

137 Chris Paul BASKETBALL

138 Julius Erving BASKETBALL

139 Jon "Bones" Jones MMA FIGHTER

140 John McGraw BASEBALL

141 Matt Danowski LACROSSE

142 Mark Spitz SWIMMING

143 Derrick Favors BASKETBALL

144 Harry Houdini MAGICIAN

145 Clyde Drexler BASKETBALL

146 Carlton Fisk BASEBALL

147 Grant Hill BASKETBALL

148 Mark Messier HOCKEY

149 DeMarcus Cousins BASKETBALL

150 Gentleman Jim Corbett BOXING

Short Prints

Short Prints have blue coloring instead of the red coloring of the base set. Cards 192 and above have a black bottom border.

File:2011 Chesbro Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #152: Jack Chesbro Front
File:2011 Victoria Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #182: Queen Victoria
File:2011 Sitting Bull Upper Deck Goodwin Champions F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #192: Sitting Bull

151 Mahatma Gandhi POLITICIAN

152 Jack Chesbro BASEBALL

153 P.T. Barnum SHOWMAN

154 Franklin Delano Roosevelt PRESIDENT

155 Terry Sawchuk HOCKEY

156 Abraham Lincoln PRESIDENT

157 George Gershwin COMPOSER

158 Charles Comiskey BASEBALL

159 Bob Fitzsimmons BOXING

160 Wyatt Earp LAWMAN

161 Jules Verne AUTHOR

162 Charles Dickens AUTHOR

163 Ed Delahanty BASEBALL

164 Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris GOLF

165 Isaac Murphy JOCKEY


167 Robert E. Lee GENERAL

173 Amy Rodriguez SOCCER

174 Claude Monet ARTIST

175 Wong Fei-Hung MARTIAL ARTS

176 Manfred Von Richthofen AVIATOR

177 Eddie Shore HOCKEY

178 Dennis Oil Can Boyd BASEBALL

179 Grover Cleveland PRESIDENT

180 Theodore Roosevelt PRESIDENT

181 Buck Ewing BASEBALL

182 Queen Victoria ENGLISH ROYALTY

183 Edgar Allen Poe AUTHOR

184 Dan Brouthers BASEBALL

185 Harry Truman PRESIDENT

186 Amber & Angela Cope AUTO RACERS

187 W.G. Grace CRICKET


189 Eddie Plank BASEBALL

190 Tom Mix ACTOR

191 George Custer GENERAL

192 Sitting Bull INDIAN CHIEF

193 Woodrow Wilson PRESIDENT

194 Rube Foster BASEBALL

195 John Ward BASEBALL

196 Thomas Edison INVENTOR

197 Vincent Van Gogh ARTIST

198 Grigori Rasputin MYSTIC

199 Annie Oakley SHARPSHOOTER

200 Pierre Lueders BOBSLED

201 John Philip Sousa COMPOSER

202 Kip Turner LACROSSE

203 Lord Stanley GOVERNOR


205 Alexander Graham Bell INVENTOR

206 Walter Camp FOOTBALL

207 James Naismith BASKETBALL

208 James Creighton HOCKEY

209 Albert Spalding BASEBALL

210 Abner Doubleday BASEBALL

Mini-Exclusive Short Prints

Like the 2009 set, the final 21 cards (#211-#231) will only be available in the mini-sized format. All 21 of the Mini-Exclusives are of minor league baseball players.

File:2011 Brown Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini #212: Gary Brown Front
File:2011 Brown Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini B.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini #212: Gary Brown Back

211 Matt Packer

212 Gary Brown

213 Ramon Morla

214 Aaron Crow

215 Ryan Lavarnway

216 Michael Choice

217 Matt Lipka

218 Aaron Hicks

219 Peter Tago

220 Jurickson Profar

221 Cody Hawn

222 Carolz Perez

223 Robinson Yambati

224 Mike Olt

225 Levon Washington

226 Kyle Parker

227 Jonathan Garcia

228 Yordano Ventura

229 Delino DeShields

230 Collin Cowgill

231 Kyle Skipworth


Lightning Background

Eleven cards have a variation where the background is dark with lightning bolts.

1 King Kelly (different photo)

21 Tiger Woods

23 Michael Jordan

29 Bubba Watson

46 Ryne Sandberg

71 John Elway

81 Curlin

101 Michelle Wie

126 Jose Canseco

113 A.J. Green

147 Grant Hill

Different Photo

19 Lou Brock (with Jimmy Carter)


Only cards 1-150 (short set) and 211-231 (Mini Exclusive Short Prints) are available as parallels.

  • Mini
  • Silver Foil Mini
  • Black Bordered Lady Luck Mini
  • Black-Bordered Magician Mini /9
  • Gold-Bordered Presidential Mini /1
  • Printing Plates


World Traveler

The World Traveler cards measure 5" X 7" and are seeded at the rate of one-per-Hobby box as a chiptopper.

ET-1 EARTH - Third Rock from the Sun, Milky Way Galaxy

ET-2 MUIR WOODS REDWOODS - Marin County, California, United States


ET-4 EL CAPITAN - Yosemite National Park, United States

ET-5 SAHARA DESERT - North Africa




ET-9 MOUNT EVEREST - Himalaya Mountains, Nepal/Tibet




ET-13 CHICHEN ITZA - Yucatan, Mexico

ET-14 Angel Falls


ET-16 GREAT BARRIER REEF - Coral Sea, Australia

ET-17 EASTER ISLAND - Pacific Ocean

ET-18 CLIFFS OF DOVER - Dover, England




ET-22 AMAZON RAIN FOREST - Amazon Basin, South America

ET-23 WAVE ROCK - Hyden, Western Australia

ET-24 EL ARCO DE CABO SAN LUCAS - San Lucas, Mexico

ET-25 MACHU PICCHU - Urubamba Valley, Peru

Goodwin Citizens

GC-1 Jules Verne

GC-2 Mahatma Gandhi

GC-3 Vincent van Gogh

GC-4 Louis Vuitton

GC-5 John Pemberton

GC-6 Herman Melville

GC-7 Walt Whitman

GC-8 Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky

GC-9 Louis Pasteur

GC-10 Alfred Nobel

GC-11 Gustave Eiffel

Figures of Sport

The cards are normal sized but die cut on the corners to make the card resemble a cylinder.

File:2011 Wie Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Figures of Sport F.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Figures of Sport #FS-4: Michelle Wie Front
File:2011 Wie Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Figures of Sport B.jpg
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Figures of Sport #FS-4: Michelle Wie Back

FS-1 LeBron James

FS-2 Jerry Rice

FS-3 Mia Hamm

FS-4 Michelle Wie

FS-5 Tyson Gay

FS-6 Randy Couture

FS-7 Bobby Orr

FS-8 Cam Newton

FS-9 Landon Donovan

FS-10 Sidney Crosby

FS-11 Bo Jackson

FS-12 Ozzie Smith

FS-13 Paul Rabil

FS-14 Curlin

FS-15 Michael Jordan

FS-16 Tiger Woods

FS-17 Nolan Ryan

FS-18 Wayne Gretzky

Presidential Series

GMPS-1 George Washington

GMPS-2 John Adams

GMPS-3 Thomas Jefferson

GMPS-4 James Madison

GMPS-5 James Monroe

GMPS-6 John Quincy Adams

GMPS-7 Andrew Jackson

GMPS-8 Martin Van Buren

GMPS-9 William H Harrison

GMPS-10 John Tyler

GMPS-11 James Polk

GMPS-12 Zachary Taylor

GMPS-13 Millard Fillmore

GMPS-14 Franklin Pierce

GMPS-15 James Buchanan

GMPS-16 Abraham Lincoln

GMPS-17 Andrew Johnson

GMPS-18 Ulysses S Grant

GMPS-19 Rutherford B Hayes

GMPS-20 James Garfield

GMPS-21 Chester A. Arthur

GMPS-22 Grover Cleveland

GMPS-23 Benjamin Harrison

GMPS-24 Grover Cleveland

GMPS-25 William McKinley

GMPS-26 Theodore Roosevelt

GMPS-27 William Taft

GMPS-28 Woodrow Wilson

GMPS-29 Warren G. Harding

GMPS-30 Calvin Coolidge

GMPS-31 Herbert Hoover

GMPS-32 Franklin Roosevelt

GMPS-33 Harry Truman

GMPS-34 Dwight Eisenhower

GMPS-35 John F Kennedy

GMPS-36 Lyndon Johnson

GMPS-37 Richard Nixon

GMPS-38 Gerald Ford

GMPS-39 Jimmy Carter

GMPS-40 Ronald Reagan

GMPS-41 George H. Bush

GMPS-42 Bill Clinton

GMPS-43 George H.W. Bush

GMPS-44 Barack Obama

Manufactured Relics

Animal Kingdom Patches

The checklist for this ground-breaking 100-card set is structured upon the actual endangered species status of each animal provided on the back of the card (ranging from Least Concern to Extinct).

Least Cconcern

AK-1 Bald Eagle

AK-2 Emperor Penguin

AK-3 Koala Bear

AK-4 Platypus

AK-5 Robin

AK-6 Cougar

AK-7 Nine-Banded Armadillo

AK-8 Caribbean Flamingo

AK-9 Grizzly Bear

AK-10 Fennec Fox

AK-11 Ocelot

AK-12 Red-eyed Tree Frog

AK-13 Western Diamondback

AK-14 Swamp Wallaby

AK-15 Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

AK-16 Blue Footed Booby

AK-17 Texas Longhorn

AK-18 Mustang

AK-19 Zebra

AK-20 Canada Goose

AK-21 Orca

AK-22 Pacific Walrus

AK-23 Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

AK-24 Jaguarundi

AK-25 Humpback Whale

AK-26 Flying Fox

AK-27 Baltimore Oriole

AK-28 Ruby Throated Hummingbird

AK-29 Blue Jay

AK-30 Monarch Butterfly

AK-31 Black Mamba

AK-32 Moray Eel

AK-33 Fire Salamander

AK-34 Greenbottle Blue Tarantula

AK-35 Bighorn Sheep

AK-36 Salt Water Crocodile

AK-37 Howler Monkey

AK-38 Warthog

AK-39 Wildebeest

AK-40 American Badger

AK-41 North American Porcupine

AK-42 Three-Toed Sloth

AK-43 Atlantic Puffin

AK-44 Wolverine

AK-45 Peacock

AK-46 Mandarin Duck

AK-47 Ostrich

AK-48 King Cobra

AK-49 Stoat

AK-50 Meerkat

AK-51 North American Moose

AK-52 Springbok

AK-53 Peregrine Falcon

AK-54 Eurasian Lynx

AK-55 Praying Mantis

AK-56 Raccoon

AK-57 Toco Tucan

AK-58 Chameleon

AK-59 Timber Wolf

Not Threatened

AK-60 American Bison

AK-61 Beluga Whale

AK-62 Sand Cat

AK-63 Margay

AK-64 Giant Anteater

AK-65 Okapi


AK-66 Galapagos Tortoise

AK-67 Great White Shark

AK-68 Cheetah

AK-69 Slow Loris

AK-70 Komodo Dragon

AK-71 African Elephant

AK-72 Mandrill

AK-73 Amazonian Manatee

AK-74 I’iwi Bird

AK-75 African Lion


AK-76 North Island Brown Kiwi

AK-77 Northern Spotted Owl

AK-78 Giant Panda

AK-79 Sea Otter

AK-80 Lar Gibbon

AK-81 Snow Leopard

AK-82 Bengal Tiger

AK-83 Pygmy Hippopotamus

AK-84 Bornean Orangutan

AK-85 Whooping Crane

AK-86 Great Hammerhead Shark

AK-87 Tasmanian Devil

AK-88 African Wild Dog

AK-89 Egyptian Vulture

AK-90 Red Ruffed Lemur

AK-91 Takahe


AK-92 Black Rhino

AK-93 California Condor

AK-94 Hawaiian Monk Seal

AK-95 Western Gorilla

AK-96 Spix’s Macaw

AK-97 Mountain Pygmy Possum


AK-98 Saber-Toothed Cat

AK-99 Do-Do Bird

AK-100 Chupacabra

Autographs & Game-Used


Group A

A-AO Alexander Ovechkin

A-DR David Robinson

A-FR Walt Frazier

A-GH Grant Hill

A-JB Johnny Bench

A-LB Larry Bird

A-MA Magic Johnson

A-NR Nolan Ryan

A-OL Hakeem Olajuwon

A-RC Randy Couture

A-RD Derrick Rose

A-TW Tiger Woods

Group B

A-CF Carlton Fisk

A-HA Mia Hamm

A-IL Igor Larionov

A-JA Bo Jackson

A-JT John Tavares

A-LO Lou Brock

A-MU Stan Musial

A-PA Chris Paul

A-RO Dennis Rodman

A-RS Ryne Sandberg

A-WF Whitey Ford

A-WG Wayne Gretzky

Group C

A-AB Amanda Beard

A-BM Bode Miller

A-BO Jon “Bones” Jones

A-BW Bill Walton

A-CA Steve Carlton

A-CN Cam Neely

A-HO Gordie Howe

A-LD Landon Donovan

A-LJ LeBron James

A-MJ Michael Jordan

A-MM Manny Machado

A-MW Michelle Wie

A-SC Sidney Crosby

Ggrop D

A-AS Annika Sorenstam

A-GL Greg Louganis

A-JM Julia Mancuso

A-JR Jim Rice

A-NL Nastia Liukin

A-OR Bobby Orr

A-RL Ryan Lavarnway

A-TP Tony Perez

A-WA Bubba Watson

Group E

A-AW Abby Wambach

A-BE Layne Beachley

A-BL Bill Laimbeer

A-CP Candace Parker

A-DH Damien Hobgood

A-HS Hope Solo

A-HW Hayley Wickenheiser

A-LP Laffit Pincay Jr.

A-LW LeVon Washington

A-MD Matt Danowski

A-ML Johnny Miller

A-OC Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd

A-PR Paul Rabil

A-SM Mike Smith

A-SP Mark Spitz

A-TG Tyson Gay

A-TH Tim Hardaway

Group F

A-AA Amber & Angela Cope

A-BS Billy Sims

A-CG Cammi Granato

A-CH Cody Hawn

A-CJ C.J. Hobgood

A-GB Gretchen Bleiler

A-HM Hunter Mahan

A-JE Janet Evans

A-JG Jonathan Garcia

A-JL John Lamb

A-JO Marion Jones

A-KK Kasey Keller

A-KV Kolbrin Vitek

A-LI Brittany Lincicome

A-MO Mike Olt

A-PE Carlos Perez

A-PL Pierre Lueders

A-PT Peter Tago

A-RM Ramon Morla

A-RY Robinson Yambati

A-YV Yordano Ventura


Group A

M-FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt

M-HT Harry Truman

M-TR Theodore Roosevelt

Group B

M-CD Clyde Drexler

M-DR David Robinson

M-JL Julius Erving

M-RD Dennis Rodman

M-RO Derrick Rose

M-SC Sidney Crosby

M-SY Steve Yzerman

M-TW Tiger Woods

M-WG Wayne Gretzky

Group C

M-AI Troy Aikman

M-AM Alonzo Mourning

M-AO Alexander Ovechkin

M-AW Abby Wambach

M-BS Barry Sanders

M-EH Earl Campbell

M-GH Grant Hill

M-OL Hakeem Olajuwon

M-HO Hope Solo

M-JE John Elway

M-JM Johnny Miller

M-JO Magic Johnson

M-JR Jerry Rice

M-LB Larry Bird

M-LJ LeBron James

M-MD Matt Danowski

M-ME Mark Messier

M-MJ Michael Jordan

M-ML Mario Lemieux

M-PR Paul Rabil

M-RY Patrick Roy

M-YO Steve Young

Group D

M-BJ Bo Jackson

M-CN Cam Neely

M-CP Chris Paul

M-DD DeWayne DeRosario

M-EL Eric Lindros

M-IL Igor Larionov

M-KK Kasey Keller

M-KS Kyle Skipworth

M-LD Landon Donovan

M-MC Michael Choice

M-MH Hunter Mahan

M-MM Manny Machado

M-NG Natalie Gulbis

M-PT Peter Tago

M-RB Ray Bourque

M-RW Russell Westbrook

M-TA John Tavares

Memorabilia Dual-Swatch

Group A

M2-TR Theodore Roosevelt

Group B

M2-TW Tiger Woods

Group C

M2-AO Alexander Ovechkin

M2-SY Steve Yzerman

Group D

M2-JE John Elway

M2-LD Landon Donovan

M2-MJ Michael Jordan

M2-SC Sidney Crosby

Group E

M2-JM Johnny Miller

M2-LJ LeBron James

M2-MM Manny Machado

Museum Collection

Group A

MR-AL Abraham Lincoln (Desk)

MR-AO Annie Oakley (Gun Handle)

MR-WHP The White House (Plaque)

Group B

MR-NB Napoleon Bonaparte (Chair)

MR-WHB The White House (Wood)

Group C

MR-LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson (Jacket)

MR-LN Lord Horatio Nelson (Battle Flag)

MR-SS Spirit of St. Louis (Medical Gauze)

Group D

MR-EV Edward VIII (Handkerchief)

Landmark Relics


These cards are redemption cards.

Thoroughbred Hair Cuts

TH-CUR Curlin

TH-SS Super Saver

Sport Royalty

SRA-BG Bob Griese

SRA-GR Glen Rice

SRA-JE Julius Erving

SRA-SC Sasha Cohen