2015 Topps Industry Summit Autographs

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This 15-card set was distributed to attendees of the 2015 Las Vegas Industry Summit. In addition to baseball players, the set also includes NFL players and UFC fighters. Each card is hand-numbered to ten copies.




Robinson-Cano.jpg?id=5d6fc76b-70c1-471e-bf50-c4d9727c8fbc&size=original&side=front&.jpg Robinson-Cano.jpg?id=5d6fc76b-70c1-471e-bf50-c4d9727c8fbc&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • LV-AL Andrew Luck
  • LV-AS Anderson Silva
  • LV-BB Byron Buxton
  • LV-BL Brock Lesnar
  • LV-EL Evan Longoria
  • LV-ES Emmitt Smith
  • LV-FT Frank Thomas
  • LV-JC Jadeveon Clowney
  • LV-JE John Elway
  • LV-JN Joe Namath
  • LV-MP Mike Piazza
  • LV-MR Mariano Rivera
  • LV-OS Ozzie Smith
  • LV-RC Robinson Cano
  • LV-SW Sammy Watkins
  • LV-TB Tom Brady
  • LV-TG Tom Glavine
  • LV-TS Tom Seaver