Glossy Set

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Glossy Set: In 1987, Fleer produced a high-end version of their base and update sets, not unlike Topps' Tiffany set. Officially called the "Custom Coated Collector's Edition," these cards (like the Topps Tiffanies) were printed on a premium white card stock and finished with a high glossy coating. Unlike the Tiffanies, the Fleer Glossies were packaged in a rather spiffy looking tin box, which is why many collector's refer to it as either the "Glossy" set, or the "Tin" set.

1989 was the last year Fleer produced a Glossy Tin set, however Fleer resurrected the idea in 2000. Limited to only 10,000 factory sets, 2000 Fleer Tradition Glossy set featured all 450 cards from the award winning 2000 Fleer Tradition set, a game-used bat card, as well as five cards from a Glossy exclusive 50 card serial-numbered "prospects" subset. Since these cards are numbered as part of the base set, Beckett does recognize them as "rookie cards." This despite the fact that most of these players were not included in either the regular Tradition set, or the update set.

In it's debut year of 1988 Score also produced a Glossy version of both it's base set and Rookie/Traded set. However, it was discontinued after only one year.