2001 Donruss The Rookies

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2001 Donruss The Rookies is a 105-card factory set that was distributed via a unique redemption program. Randomly inserted into packs of 2001 Donruss Baseball -- at the rate of 1:72/packs -- was a coupon that allowed the bearer to purchase the 2001 Donruss The Rookies (DTR) set directly from Donruss-Playoff for $24.99. It is believed that 10,000 such coupons were inserted into packs of '01 Donruss, but neither the coupon, nor the set are serial numbered.

The July 2006 edition of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly estimates that 46,000 sets were produced; however some in The Hobby have disputed this figure, and claim that the actual figure is much lower.

Each factory set included one of five Rookie Diamond King "inserts." The entire 105-card set, along with all five Rookie Diamond Kings, were also thrown into the Baseball's Best factory set.

The key rookie cards are of Mark Prior and Mark Teixeira. Both of these cards are notable as the Prior is one of only two non-short-printed rookie cards of the Cubs pitcher (the other is in Fleer Platinum XRC), and the Teixeira is his only non-SPed RC.

In addition to Prior, Teixeira, and just about every AA-level reliever and backup catcher you could possibly imagine, there are also big money cards of Ichiro Suzuki and Albert Pujols. Since both Ichiro and Pujols were included in the regular Donruss set, neither are considered "True" rookie cards.


Base Set

Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=dba41979-f5e3-4f82-af3e-35349720b314&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ichiro-Suzuki.jpg?id=dba41979-f5e3-4f82-af3e-35349720b314&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • R1 Adam Dunn
  • R2 Ryan Drese RC
  • R3 Bud Smith RC
  • R4 Tsuyoshi Shinjo RC
  • R5 Roy Oswalt
  • R6 Wilmy Caceres RC*
  • R7 Willie Harris RC
  • R8 Andres Torres RC
  • R9 Brandon Knight RC
  • R10 Horacio Ramirez RC
  • R11 Benito Baez RC
  • R12 Jeremy Affeldt RC
  • R13 Ryan Jensen RC
  • R14 Casey Fossum RC
  • R15 Ramon Vazquez RC
  • R16 Dustan Mohr RC
  • R17 Saul Rivera RC
  • R18 Zach Day RC
  • R19 Erik Hiljus RC
  • R20 Cesar Crespo RC
  • R21 Wilson Guzman RC*
  • R22 Travis Hafner RC
  • R23 Grant Balfour RC
  • R24 Johnny Estrada RC
  • R25 Morgan Ensberg RC
  • R26 Jack Wilson RC
  • R27 Aubrey Huff
  • R28 Endy Chavez RC
  • R29 Delvin James RC
  • R30 Michael Cuddyer
  • R31 Jason Michaels RC
  • R32 Martin Vargas RC*
  • R33 Donaldo Mendez RC
  • R34 Jorge Julio RC
  • R35 Tim Spooneybarger RC
  • R36 Kurt Ainsworth
  • R37 Josh Fogg RC
  • R38 Brian Reith RC
  • R39 Rick Bauer RC
  • R40 Tim Redding
  • R41 Erick Almonte RC
  • R42 Juan A. Pena RC*
  • R43 Ken Harvey
  • R44 David Brous RC*
  • R45 Kevin Olsen RC
  • R46 Henry Mateo RC
  • R47 Nick Neugebauer RC
  • R48 Mike Penney RC*
  • R49 Jay Gibbons RC
  • R50 Tim Christman RC
  • R51 Brandon Duckworth RC
  • R52 Brett Jodie RC
  • R53 Christian Parker RC
  • R54 Carlos Hernandez
  • R55 Brandon Larson RC
  • R56 Nick Punto RC
  • R57 Elpidio Guzman RC*
  • R58 Joe Beimel RC
  • R59 Junior Spivey RC
  • R60 Will Ohman RC
  • R61 Brandon Lyon RC
  • R62 Stubby Clapp RC
  • R63 Justin Duchscherer RC
  • R64 Jimmy Rollins
  • R65 David Williams RC
  • R66 Craig Monroe RC
  • R67 Jose Acevedo RC
  • R68 Jason Jennings
  • R69 Josh Phelps
  • R70 Brian Roberts RC
  • R71 Claudio Vargas RC
  • R72 Adam Johnson
  • R73 Bart Miadich RC
  • R74 Juan Rivera
  • R75 Brad Voyles RC
  • R76 Nate Cornejo
  • R77 Juan Moreno RC
  • R78 Brian Rogers RC*
  • R79 Ricardo Rodriguez RC
  • R80 Geronimo Gil RC
  • R81 Joe Kennedy RC
  • R82 Kevin Joseph RC
  • R83 Josue Perez RC*
  • R84 Victor Zambrano RC
  • R85 Josh Towers RC
  • R86 Mike Rivera RC
  • R87 Mark Prior RC
  • R88 Juan Cruz RC
  • R89 Dewon Brazelton RC
  • R90 Angel Berroa RC
  • R91 Mark Teixeira RC
  • R92 Cody Ransom RC
  • R93 Angel Santos RC
  • R94 Corky Miller RC
  • R95 Brandon Berger RC
  • R96 Corey Patterson
  • R97 Albert Pujols
  • R98 Josh Beckett
  • R99 C.C. Sabathia
  • R100 Alfonso Soriano
  • R101 Ben Sheets
  • R102 Rafael Soriano
  • R103 Wilson Betemit RC
  • R104 Ichiro Suzuki
  • R105 Jose Ortiz


Rookie Diamond Kings

Albert-Pujols.jpg?id=fbfe0f5b-c6ef-4bfc-9e92-10b68a660e45&size=original&side=front&.jpg Albert-Pujols.jpg?id=fbfe0f5b-c6ef-4bfc-9e92-10b68a660e45&size=original&side=back&.jpg

One of these five Rookie Diamond Kings was inserted into each factory set. The design is identical to the 2001 Donruss Diamond Kings, however these cards are not serial numbered.

The same issue of Beckett that estimates the production run of '01 DTR at 46,000 factory sets, also estimates that 9200 copies of each "RDK" were printed. Again, the figures quoted by Beckett have been disputed.

  • RDK-1 Diamond King - C.C. Sabathia
  • RDK-2 Tsuyoshi Shinjo
  • RDK-3 Albert Pujols
  • RDK-4 Diamond King - Roy Oswalt
  • RDK-5 Ichiro Suzuki