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1997 Flair Showcase

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1997 Flair Showcase box


1997 Flair Showcase (produced by Fleer) was a 540-card fractured set released that summer and consisted of 180 players on three different levels/"Rows", with each Row featuring a unique front design:

  • Row 2: "Style" design
  • Row 1: "Grace" design
  • Row 0: "Showcase" design

The Row 2 cards were easiest to find, while the Row 0 cards were the toughest.

Each "Row" was then sub-divided into three, 60-card sub-sections featuring a different cardback icon:

  • Showtime: Baseball icon
  • Showstopper: Batter icon
  • Showpiece: Glove icon

Each of the 180 players in the set had one card in each of the three rows, with a specifically assigned cardback icon per Row, meaning each player had 3 base cards total. The "Seat" number on back represented the card number in the set.

1997 Flair Showcase was most notable for introducing "Masterpieces", the first ever "true" one-of-one parallel.


24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99). Hobby only. 67,500 boxes produced.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Showtime Showpiece Showstopper
Style (Row 2) 1-60 (1.5:1) 61-120 (1:1.5) 121-180 (1:1)
Grace (Row 1) 61-120 (1:2) 121-180 (1:3) 1-60 (1:2.5)
Showcase (Row 0) 120-180 (1:5) 1-60 (1:24) 61-120 (1:12)

Although the odds are not listed on the box, a typical 24-pack Hobby box should yield four Showcase Showtime cards, two Showcase Showstoppers and one Showcase Showpiece card.

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Legacy Collection 540 100 1:30
Masterpiece 540 one-of-one 1:3000
Wave of the Future 27 - 1:4
Diamond Cuts 20 - 1:20
Hot Gloves 15 - 1:90
Million Dollar Moments 45 - one-per-pack
Alex Rodriguez Emerald Exchange 1 25 1:64,800





A three-card "strip" was distributed to dealers and the Hobby media a few months prior to the release of 1997 Flair Showcase. The strip contained reprints of the three Alex Rodriguez base cards later issued in packs and featured "PROMOTIONAL SAMPLE" text diagonally across the front and back.

NNO Alex Rodriguez

Base Set (Section 1)

  • Row 2 (Style front; Showpiece back)

Marty-Cordova.jpg?id=5dec31c6-62a1-4ab0-a927-a9782f8e1034&size=original&side=front&.jpg Marty-Cordova.jpg?id=5dec31c6-62a1-4ab0-a927-a9782f8e1034&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • Row 1 (Grace front; Showstopper back)

Jermaine-Dye.jpg?id=66f4a88d-c54f-421f-a1ef-a6fbfea59960&size=original&side=front.jpg Jermaine-Dye.jpg?id=66f4a88d-c54f-421f-a1ef-a6fbfea59960&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • Row 0 (Showcase front; Showtime back)

Mariano-Rivera.jpg?id=9707c406-9eb2-4d33-8bab-de05f10ec216&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mariano-Rivera.jpg?id=9707c406-9eb2-4d33-8bab-de05f10ec216&size=original&side=back&.jpg

For brevity's sake, only one "Row" is listed below. The checklist for all three Rows is identical. Also note that only Row 2 cards are considered "true" rookie cards for those players. All base cards are labeled "Section 1" on the back, distinguishing them from the parallel sets, which were labeled "Section 0" on the back.

1 Andruw Jones

2 Derek Jeter

3 Alex Rodriguez

4 Paul Molitor

5 Jeff Bagwell

6 Scott Rolen

7 Kenny Lofton

8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

9 Brady Anderson

10 Chipper Jones

11 Todd Greene

12 Todd Walker

13 Billy Wagner

14 Craig Biggio

15 Kevin Orie

16 Hideo Nomo

17 Kevin Appier

18 Bubba Trammell

19 Juan Gonzalez

20 Randy Johnson

21 Roger Clemens

22 Johnny Damon

23 Ryne Sandberg

24 Ken Griffey, Jr.

25 Barry Bonds

26 Nomar Garciaparra

27 Vladimir Guerrero

28 Ron Gant

29 Joe Carter

30 Tim Salmon

31 Mike Piazza

32 Barry Larkin

33 Manny Ramirez

34 Sammy Sosa

35 Frank Thomas

36 Melvin Nieves

37 Tony Gwynn

38 Gary Sheffield

39 Darin Erstad

40 Ken Caminiti

41 Jermaine Dye

42 Mo Vaughn

43 Raul Mondesi

44 Greg Maddux

45 Chuck Knoblauch

46 Andy Pettitte

47 Deion Sanders

48 Albert Belle

49 Jamey Wright

50 Rey Ordonez

51 Bernie Williams

52 Mark McGwire

53 Mike Mussina

54 Bob Abreu

55 Reggie Sanders

56 Brian Jordan

57 Ivan Rodriguez

58 Roberto Alomar

59 Tim Naehring

60 Edgar Renteria

61 Dean Palmer

62 Benito Santiago

63 David Cone

64 Carlos Delgado

65 Brian Giles

66 Alex Ochoa

67 Rondell White

68 Robin Ventura

69 Eric Karros

70 Jose Valentin

71 Rafael Palmeiro

72 Chris Snopek

73 Dave Justice

74 Tom Glavine

75 Rudy Pemberton

76 Larry Walker

77 Jim Thome

78 Charles Johnson

79 Dante Powell

80 Derrek Lee

81 Jason Kendall

82 Todd Hollandsworth

83 Bernard Gilkey

84 Mel Rojas

85 Dmitri Young

86 Bret Boone

87 Pat Hentgen

88 Bobby Bonilla

89 John Wetteland

90 Todd Hundley

91 Wilton Guerrero

92 Geronimo Berroa

93 Al Martin

94 Danny Tartabull

95 Brian McRae

96 Steve Finley

97 Todd Stottlemyre

98 John Smoltz

99 Matt Williams

100 Eddie Murray

101 Henry Rodriguez

102 Marty Cordova

103 Juan Guzman

104 Chili Davis

105 Eric Young

106 Jeff Abbott

107 Shannon Stewart

108 Rocky Coppinger

109 Jose Canseco

110 Dante Bichette

111 Dwight Gooden

112 Scott Brosius

113 Steve Avery

114 Andres Galarraga

115 Sandy Alomar, Jr.

116 Ray Lankford

117 Jorge Posada

118 Ryan Klesko

119 Jay Buhner

120 Jose Guillen

121 Paul O'Neill

122 Jimmy Key

123 Hal Morris

124 Travis Fryman

125 Jim Edmonds

126 Jeff Cirillo

127 Fred McGriff

128 Alan Benes

129 Derek Bell

130 Tony Graffanino

131 Shawn Green

132 Denny Neagle

133 Alex Fernandez

134 Mickey Morandini

135 Royce Clayton

136 Jose Mesa

137 Edgar Martinez

138 Curt Schilling

139 Lance Johnson

140 Andy Benes

141 Charles Nagy

142 Mariano Rivera

143 Mark Wohlers

144 Ken Hill

145 Jay Bell

146 Bob Higginson

147 Mark Grudzielanek

148 Ray Durham

149 John Olerud

150 Joey Hamilton

151 Trevor Hoffman

152 Dan Wilson

153 J.T. Snow

154 Marquis Grissom

155 Yamil Benitez

156 Rusty Greer

157 Darryl Kile

158 Ismael Valdes

159 Jeff Conine

160 Darren Daulton

161 Chan Ho Park

162 Troy Percival

163 Wade Boggs

164 Dave Nilsson

165 Vinny Castilla

166 Kevin Brown

167 Dennis Eckersley

168 Wendell Magee, Jr.

169 John Jaha

170 Garret Anderson

171 Jason Giambi

172 Mark Grace

173 Tony Clark

174 Moises Alou

175 Brett Butler

176 Cecil Fielder

177 Chris Widger

178 Doug Drabek

179 Ellis Burks

180 Shigetoshi Hasegawa

Parallels (Section 0)

All 540 base cards (180 players from all three "Rows") are available in a Legacy or Masterpiece parallel. These parallels are distinctive from the base cards as both feature a black and white background and labeled "Section 0" on the cardback, differing from all base cards which are labeled "Section 1".

Legacy Collection

Tony-Graffanino.jpg?id=ccd0403e-1243-48dc-971c-93d7de8a8541&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tony-Graffanino.jpg?id=ccd0403e-1243-48dc-971c-93d7de8a8541&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Legacy Collection parallels are recognizable for the use of a distinctive and reflective-blue foil on the player's nameplate (front and back of card), Flair Showcase logo (front), "Legacy Collection" logo (front), and serial-number stamp (back). However, the player photos, Row design, and holographic finish were the same as the base versions. All Legacy Collections were serial-numbered to 100 copies.


Dan-Wilson.jpg?id=5fd7fa58-3c36-4233-9439-0b0735b97d27&size=original&side=front&.jpg Dan-Wilson.jpg?id=5fd7fa58-3c36-4233-9439-0b0735b97d27&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Masterpiece parallels are recognizable for the use of a distinctive and reflective-purple foil on the player's nameplate (front and back of card), Flair Showcase logo (front), "Legacy Collection" logo (front), and serial-number stamp (back). However, the player photos, Row design, and holographic finish were the same as the base versions. All Masterpieces were stamped: "The Only 1 of 1 Masterpiece" on the back.

The Masterpiece parallel was a notable set in Hobby history as it was the first set to reduce a print run to only a single set. At a time when scarcity and serial-numbered inserts/parallels was at its peak, the creation of the one-of-one was a landmark concept that forever changed the Hobby. It was the ultimate chase card as it was the only one of its kind. Masterpieces brought almost as much criticism as it did praise from collectors as it effectively eliminated player collectors' chances to procure one copy of every card of their favorite star. Nonetheless, in response, other card companies developed their own one-of-one parallels in the subsequent months and following years and has remained a Hobby staple today.


Wave of the Future

Bubba-Trammell.jpg?id=0dea2a8d-0451-4168-b034-be9603c54682&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bubba-Trammell.jpg?id=0dea2a8d-0451-4168-b034-be9603c54682&size=original&side=back&.jpg

NOTE: Cards #WF1 and #WF2 were added late in the production run. All of the other cards are sequentially-numbered "X of 25".

1 Todd Greene

2 Andruw Jones

3 Randall Simon

4 Wady Almonte

5 Pat Cline

6 Jeff Abbott

7 Justin Towle

8 Richie Sexson

9 Bubba Trammell

10 Bob Abreu

11 David Ortiz (billed as "David Arias-Ortiz" on front)

12 Todd Walker

13 Orlando Cabrera

14 Vladimir Guerrero

15 Ricky Ledee

16 Jorge Posada

17 Ruben Rivera

18 Scott Spiezio

19 Scott Rolen

20 Emil Brown

21 Jose Guillen

22 T.J. Staton

23 Eli Marrero

24 Fernando Tatis

25 Ryan Jones

WF1 Hideki Irabu

WF2 Jose Cruz, Jr.

Diamond Cuts

1997flairdc.jpg Frank-Thomas.jpg?id=24925226-58a2-463f-bd9b-89d438612147&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Jeff Bagwell

2 Albert Belle

3 Ken Caminiti

4 Juan Gonzalez

5 Ken Griffey, Jr.

6 Tony Gwynn

7 Todd Hundley

8 Andruw Jones

9 Chipper Jones

10 Greg Maddux

11 Mark McGwire

12 Mike Piazza

13 Derek Jeter

14 Manny Ramirez

15 Cal Ripken, Jr.

16 Alex Rodriguez

17 Frank Thomas

18 Mo Vaughn

19 Bernie Williams

20 Matt Williams

Hot Gloves

Barry-Larkin.jpg?id=2e95c20b-2faf-47d5-bb32-05130a6d7201&size=original&side=front.jpg Barry-Larkin.jpg?id=2e95c20b-2faf-47d5-bb32-05130a6d7201&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1997 was the last time Flair's staple, Hot Glove insert was produced in the decade as it was not featured in the 1998 Flair Showcase or 1999 Flair Showcase products. It featured a die-cut design of fire (instead of a die-cut glove in previous years) that was heat-sensitive. The fire design all around the card would change from bright red-orange to light-orange and white when exposed to heat, via touch or other heating methods.

1 Roberto Alomar

2 Barry Bonds

3 Juan Gonzalez

4 Ken Griffey, Jr.

5 Marquis Grissom

6 Derek Jeter

7 Chipper Jones

8 Barry Larkin

9 Kenny Lofton

10 Greg Maddux

11 Mike Piazza

12 Cal Ripken, Jr.

13 Alex Rodriguez

14 Ivan Rodriguez

15 Frank Thomas

Million Dollar Moments

See 1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments

Autographs & Game-Used

Alex Rodriguez Emerald Exchange

Twenty-five Alex Rodriguez Emerald Exchange cards (good for an autographed Rodriguez fielding glove) were randomly seeded into packs. The card fronts were similar in design to the regular Row 2 card, except for green foil accents. The cardback, however, consisted entirely of text explaining prize guidelines. The deadline to exchange the card was 8/1/98