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1998 E-X 2001 was produced by Fleer/SkyBox and was a 100-card set distributed exclusively to Hobby outlets. Continuing with this brand's theme of depth established from previous years, each base card was again multi-layered; however, in contrast to last year, the 1998 set utilized more acetate and the different layers were more visible. The result: The top layer featured the player photo over a silver, holographic "shading"-foil design that resembled the 1998 Flair Showcase Row 1 design and covered roughly 1/3 of the card. The middle layer was all acetate and featured a colored, curved opaque portion in the middle of the card that accented a player's team colors and a completely transparent, uncolored portion where the "E-X 2001" logo, nameplate, team, and jersey number were housed in gold foil. The bottom layer was exclusive to the card backs and did not feature any foil variations.

An unnumbered Kerry Wood exchange card was distributed into packs at the rate as any other base card. However, unlike the acetate base cards, the Wood exchange card was printed on paper stock and could be redeemed until March 31st, 1999 for an acetate, regular base card of Kerry Wood (number 101). A set is considered complete without this card.

The numbering of the base set was subjectively arranged to have top current stars in the game featured first in the set, semi-stars next, minor-stars after, and the young stars featured last - this arrangement was key to the serial-numbering rationale for the Essential Credentials parallel sets. There are no key Rookie Cards in this set.


24 packs per box, two cards per pack (MSRP: $3.99). Hobby only.

6 boxes per case.

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 100 - ?
Kerry Wood Card #101 Exchange 1 - ?
Essential Credentials Now 100 varies ?
Essential Credentials Future 100 varies ?
Star Date 2001 15 - 1:12
Cheap Seat Treats 20 - 1:24
Destination Cooperstown 15 - 1:720
Signature 2001 17 - 1:60



Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=2a53040d-5442-4020-bb28-e34cdd276e98&size=original&side=front&.jpg Alex-Rodriguez.jpg?id=2a53040d-5442-4020-bb28-e34cdd276e98&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Two different Alex Rodriguez promo cards were produced. The more common of the two was distributed to dealers and the Hobby media. It is identical to his base card except for the text "PROMOTIONAL SAMPLE" printed diagonally across the card back.

The other A-Rod promo card was distributed to industry leaders at the 13th Annual Hawaii Trade Show in late February, 1998. Like the other promo, it has the words "PROMOTIONAL SAMPLE" on the back. However, a small gold foil "Hawaii XIII" stamp with a palm tree on the left-hand side of the card front distinguishes this promo from the more common one. Fleer/SkyBox produced approximately 200 non-serial numbered copies of this card.

Base Set

Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=bf18c297-6d91-4366-89e1-0dd5606b4c7a&size=original&side=front.jpg Ken-Griffey-Jr.jpg?id=bf18c297-6d91-4366-89e1-0dd5606b4c7a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Alex Rodriguez

2 Barry Bonds

3 Greg Maddux

4 Roger Clemens

5 Juan Gonzalez

6 Chipper Jones

7 Derek Jeter

8 Frank Thomas

9 Cal Ripken, Jr.

10 Ken Griffey, Jr.

11 Mark McGwire

12 Hideo Nomo

13 Tony Gwynn

14 Ivan Rodriguez

15 Mike Piazza

16 Roberto Alomar

17 Jeff Bagwell

18 Andruw Jones

19 Albert Belle

20 Mo Vaughn

21 Kenny Lofton

22 Gary Sheffield

23 Tony Clark

24 Mike Mussina

25 Barry Larkin

26 Moises Alou

27 Brady Anderson

28 Andy Pettitte

29 Sammy Sosa

30 Raul Mondesi

31 Andres Galarraga

32 Chuck Knoblauch

33 Jim Thome

34 Craig Biggio

35 Jay Buhner

36 Rafael Palmeiro

37 Curt Schilling

38 Tino Martinez

39 Pedro Martinez

40 Jose Canseco

41 Jeff Cirillo

42 Dean Palmer

43 Tim Salmon

44 Jason Giambi

45 Bob Higginson

46 Jim Edmonds

47 Dave Justice

48 John Olerud

49 Ray Lankford

50 Al Martin

51 Mike Lieberthal

52 Henry Rodriguez

53 Edgar Renteria

54 Eric Karros

55 Marquis Grissom

56 Wilson Alvarez

57 Darryl Kile

58 Jeff King

59 Shawn Estes

60 Tony Womack

61 Willie Greene

62 Ken Caminiti

63 Vinny Castilla

64 Mark Grace

65 Ryan Klesko

66 Robin Ventura

67 Todd Hundley

68 Travis Fryman

69 Edgar Martinez

70 Matt Williams

71 Paul Molitor

72 Kevin Brown

73 Randy Johnson

74 Bernie Williams

75 Manny Ramirez

76 Fred McGriff

77 Tom Glavine

78 Carlos Delgado

79 Larry Walker

80 Hideki Irabu

81 Ryan McGuire

82 Justin Thompson

83 Kevin Orie

84 Jon Nunnally

85 Mark Kotsay

86 Todd Walker

87 Jason Dickson

88 Fernando Tatis

89 Karim Garcia

90 Ricky Ledee

91 Paul Konerko

92 Jaret Wright

93 Darin Erstad

94 Livan Hernandez

95 Nomar Garciaparra

96 Jose Cruz, Jr.

97 Scott Rolen

98 Ben Grieve

99 Vladimir Guerrero

100 Travis Lee

NNO Kerry Wood

Kerry-Wood.jpg?id=f9457561-d336-4ba0-a5af-03ea262d319b&size=original&side=front.jpg Kerry-Wood.jpg?id=f9457561-d336-4ba0-a5af-03ea262d319b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

101 Kerry Wood EXCH


Essential Credentials

There were two types of Essential Credentials parallels: Now and Future. In total, each player had 101 serial-numbered Essential Credentials cards produced; however, the specific number of Now and Future versions produced for each player varied.

For example, Curt Schilling is card #37 in the set. Just like any player in the set, Schilling has 101 total Essential Credentials cards that are serial-numbered. Specifically, Schilling had 37 Essential Credential Nows (matching his card number in the set) and 64 Essential Credentials Futures (101 - 37 = 64) produced.

Essential Credentials Now:

Gary-Sheffield.jpg?id=47a77903-6edf-40d1-9021-1a0ed9ac10eb&size=original&side=front.jpg Gary-Sheffield.jpg?id=47a77903-6edf-40d1-9021-1a0ed9ac10eb&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The serial-numbering for the Essential Credentials Now parallel set mirrored numbering of the base set such that card #1 in the set was serial-numbered to 1, #2 was serial numbered to 2, etc. The arrangement of players in the base set placed the top current stars in the game first, semi-stars next, minor-stars after, and the young stars last - thus, the established players who were starring "Now" in the game featured the lowest serial-numbering in the Essential Credentials Now set.

Essential Credentials Now featured a neon yellow-green theme finish to the card. For each player in this parallel, the silver, holographic "shading" foil from the base design was holographic neon-yellow, the opaque acetate portion was yellow-green, and the transparent acetate portion was neon yellow. "Essential Credentials Now" was also printed in black text on the transparent acetate portion of the card front and the serial number was on the back.

Essential Credentials Future:

Gary-Sheffield.jpg?id=9eb8192f-7479-4113-bac5-fb55b297a0c1&size=original&side=front.jpg Gary-Sheffield.jpg?id=9eb8192f-7479-4113-bac5-fb55b297a0c1&size=original&side=back&.jpg

The serial-numbering for the Essential Credentials Future parallel was determined by subtracting the player's card number in the base set from 101. Again, due to the arrangement of players in the base set, the top current stars were featured first while the young stars were featured last - thus, the potential "Future" stars of the game featured the lowest serial-numbering in the Essential Credentials Future set.

Essential Credentials Future featured a neon magenta-purple theme finish to the card. For each player in this parallel, the silver, holographic "shading" foil from the base design was holographic neon purple, the opaque acetate portion was neon red, and the transparent acetate portion was magenta. "Essential Credentials Future" was also printed in black text on the transparent acetate portion of the card front and the serial number was on the back.

For the sake of brevity, the individual serial-number production figures for each card are not listed here.


Star Date 2001

This 15-card set highlighted the top young players in the game at the time that could be stars by 2001. Each card was printed on layered acetate featuring one of seven possible space-themed backgrounds.

Magglio-Ordonez.jpg?id=4b705055-af7f-44c9-9122-bdf9ce75bf7c&size=original&side=front&.jpg Magglio-Ordonez.jpg?id=4b705055-af7f-44c9-9122-bdf9ce75bf7c&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Travis Lee

2 Jose Cruz, Jr.

3 Paul Konerko

4 Bobby Estalella

5 Magglio Ordonez

6 Juan Encarnacion

7 Richard Hidalgo

8 Abraham Nunez

9 Sean Casey

10 Todd Helton

11 Brad Fullmer

12 Ben Grieve

13 Livan Hernandez

14 Jaret Wright

15 Todd Dunwoody

Cheap Seat Treats

This 20-card set featured some of the top power hitters that could launch baseballs into the "cheap seats" of a stadium. Each card was uniquely die-cut to resemble a baseball stadium chair that could fold down like an actual seat.

Mike-Piazza.jpg?id=158713f7-31be-4fe4-83d6-b20d43c983df&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mike-Piazza.jpg?id=158713f7-31be-4fe4-83d6-b20d43c983df&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Frank Thomas

2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

3 Mark McGwire

4 Tino Martinez

5 Larry Walker

6 Juan Gonzalez

7 Mike Piazza

8 Jeff Bagwell

9 Tony Clark

10 Albert Belle

11 Andres Galarraga

12 Jim Thome

13 Mo Vaughn

14 Barry Bonds

15 Vladimir Guerrero

16 Scott Rolen

17 Travis Lee

18 Dave Justice

19 Jose Cruz, Jr.

20 Andruw Jones

Destination Cooperstown

This 15-card set featured players destined for the Hall of Fame. Each card was die-cut resemble a slightly holographic luggage tag with an actual string. These cards were inserted at a rate of 1 in every 6 cases.

Tony-Gwynn.jpg?id=ed4ff862-6ff6-457c-a3a6-e2832bab5011&size=original&side=front.jpg Tony-Gwynn.jpg?id=ed4ff862-6ff6-457c-a3a6-e2832bab5011&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Alex Rodriguez

2 Frank Thomas

3 Cal Ripken, Jr.

4 Roger Clemens

5 Greg Maddux

6 Chipper Jones

7 Ken Griffey, Jr.

8 Mark McGwire

9 Tony Gwynn

10 Mike Piazza

11 Jeff Bagwell

12 Jose Cruz, Jr.

13 Derek Jeter

14 Hideo Nomo

15 Ivan Rodriguez

Autographs & Game-Used

Signature 2001

This 17-card, unnumbered set featured autographs of various players that Fleer/Skybox secured for signings. The Alex Rodriguez autographed card was short printed.

David-Ortiz.jpg?id=740a9473-0ee5-4fd1-9546-75670b374f49&size=original&side=front&.jpg David-Ortiz.jpg?id=740a9473-0ee5-4fd1-9546-75670b374f49&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Ricky Ledee

Derrick Gibson

Mark Kotsay

Kevin Millwood

Brad Fullmer

Todd Walker

Ben Grieve

Tony Clark

Jaret Wright

Randall Simon

Paul Konerko

Todd Helton

David Ortiz

Alex Gonzalez

Bobby Estalella

Alex Rodriguez SP

Mike Lowell