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2010 Bowman Platinum

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2010 Bowman Platinum hobby box


2010 Bowman Platinum is a new, prospect-laden, product that was released exclusively to retail outlets the week of December 6, 2010. The Hobby version was released January 7, 2011. The base set consists of 100 veterans and rookies with a 50 card Prospects set. The 100 veterans were printed on foil-board while the Prospects were on chromium stock.

Each 24-pack Hobby box should yield two Autographed Chrome Prospect Refractors, one autographed patch card, and a redemption card good for an additional autograph. Each pack will include three base cards. Hobby packs will include two Chrome Prospects, and retail packs only one.


Hobby: 24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP $5).

Retail: 4 cards per pack, single packs (MSRP: $2.99) and 8-pack blasters (MSRP: $19.99).

Rack: Three, 4-card, retail packs plus three exclusive Purple Refractors per pack (MSRP: $8.99).


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds Retail Odds
Base 100 - 3:1 3:1
Prospects 50 - 2:1 1:1
Platinum Refractor 100 999 ? 1:3
Platinum Gold Refractor 100 539 ? 1:11
Prospects Purple Refractor 50 - N/A *
Prospects Thick-Stock Refractor 50 999 ? 1:87
Prospects Thin-Stock Refractor 50 999 ? ?
Prospects Thick-Stock Gold Refractor 50 539 ? ?
Prospects Thin-Stock Gold Refractor 50 539 ? ?
Prospects Green Refractor 50 499 1:38 1:174
Prospects Blue Refractor 50 99 1:192 1:873
Prospects Red Refractor 50 25 1:765 1:3,400
Prospects SuperFractor 50 1 1:14,500 N/A
Prospects Printing Plates 50 4 1:3,626 N/A
Autographed Prospects Refractor 41 - 1:14 1:26
Autographed Prospects Green Refractor 41 199 1:173 1:346
Autographed Prospects Blue Refractor 41 99 1:349 1:690
Autographed Prospects Red Refractor 41 10 1:3,440 1:6,850
Autographed Prospects SuperFractor 41 one-of-one 1:20,146 N/A
Autographed Prospects Printing Plate 41 four-for-each 1:5,063 N/A
Dual Autograph Prospects Refractor 12 99 1:787 1:4,000
Dual Autograph Red ? 10 1:7,700 1:39,5000
Dual Autograph One-of-One ? 1 1:60,440 N/A
Triple Autograph 10 89 1:1,130 1:4,300
Triple Autograph Red 10 1 1:9,800 1:39,500
Triple Autograph One-of-One 10 1 1:72,525 N/A
Relic Autographs Refractor 39 740 1:32 1:200
Relic Autographs Green Refractor 39 199 1:115 1:700
Relic Autographs Blue Refractor 39 50 1:456 1:2,825
Relic Autographs Red Refractor 39 10 1:9,800 1:14,200
Relic Autographs SuperFractor 39 one-of-one 1:18,597 N/A
Dual Autograph Relic Refractor 12 99 1:842 1:3,250
Dual Autograph Relic Red Refractor 12 10 1:8,000 1:25,500
Dual Autograph Relic SuperFractor 12 1 1:60,440 N/A
Hexagraph Book Autograph 4 6 1:20,150 N/A
MLB Logo Patch 5 50 1:2,900 N/A

* Each retail rack pack contained a pack of three Prospects Purple Refractors.


Base Set

1 Stephen Strasburg RC

2 Derek Jeter

3 Felix Doubront RC

4 Miguel Cabrera

5 Albert Pujols

6 Dominic Brown RC

7 Ryan Braun

8 Justin Upton

9 Dustin Pedroia

10 Shin-Soo Choo

11 Jake Arrieta RC

12 Hanley Ramirez

13 Matt Kemp

14 Joe Mauer

15 Joey Votto

16 Andrew Cashner RC

17 Josh Hamilton

18 Buster Posey RC

19 Ubaldo Jimenez

20 Peter Bourjos RC

21 CC Sabathia

22 Alfonso Soriano

23 Carlos Santana RC

24 Kevin Youkilis

25 Brian McCann

26 Troy Tulowitzki

27 Hunter Pence

28 Jay Sborz (RC)

29 Andre Ethier

30 Kendry Morales

31 Brian Matusz RC

32 Vladimir Guerrero

33 Prince Fielder

34 J.P. Arencibia RC

35 Roy Halladay

36 Mark Teixeira

37 Ryan Kalish RC

38 Tim Lincecum

39 Andrew McCutchen

40 Johan Santana

41 Josh Bell (RC)

42 Daniel Nava RC

43 Manny Ramirez

44 Ichiro

45 Pablo Sandoval

46 Chris Coghlan

7 Mike Leake RC

48 Adrian Gonzalez

49 Torii Hunter

50 Brennan Boesch RC

51 Justin Verlander

52 Matt Holiday

53 Evan Longoria

54 Adam Jones

55 Wade Davis (RC)

56 Jose Reyes

57 Martin Prado

58 Brad Lincoln RC

59 Billy Butler

60 Mat Latos

61 Logan Morrison RC

62 Ryan Howard

63 Cliff Lee

64 Adam Dunn

65 David Ortiz

66 Ike Davis RC

67 Victor Martinez

68 Josh Johnson

69 Dayan Viciedo RC

70 Jimmy Rollins

71 Jered Weaver

72 Robinson Cano

73 Madison Bumgarner RC

74 Clayton Kershaw

75 Tommy Hanson

76 Carl Crawford

77 Trevor Plouffe (RC)

78 Roy Oswalt

79 Austin Jackson RC

80 Dan Haren

81 Gordon Beckham

82 Zack Greinke

83 Neil Walker (RC)

84 Vernon Wells

85 Lance Berkman

86 Mike Stanton RC

87 Ryan Zimmerman

88 Nick Markakis

89 Jose Tabata RC

90 Chipper Jones

91 Jason Heyward RC

92 Alex Rodriguez

93 Matt Cain

94 Justin Morneau

95 Jon Lester

96 Starlin Castro RC

97 Chase Utley

98 Felix Hernandez

99 Wilson Ramos RC

100 David Wright



PP1 Jerry Sands

PP2 Desmond Jennings

PP3 Jeremy Hellickson

PP4 Jesus Montero

PP5 Mike Trout

PP6 Dustin Ackley

PP7 Zach Britton

PP8 Adeinis Hechavarria

PP9 Mike Moustakas

PP10 Aroldis Chapman

PP11 Lonnie Chisenhall

PP12 Mike Montgomery

PP13 Freddie Freeman

PP14 Kyle Drabek

PP15 Grant Green

PP16 Brett Jackson

PP17 Slade Heathcott

PP18 Mike Minor

PP19 Austine Romine

PP20 Kyle Gibson

PP21 Chris Withrow

PP22 John Lamb

PP23 J.D. Martinez

PP24 Donovan Tate

PP25 Shelby Miller

PP26 Jose Iglesias

PP27 Hak-Ju Lee

PP28 Miguel Sano

USA Baseball National Collegiate Team

PP29 Tyler Anderson

PP30 Matt Barnes

PP31 Jackie Bradley Jr.

PP32 Gerrit Cole

PP33 Alex Dickerson

PP34 Jason Esposito

PP35 Nolan Fontana

PP36 Sean Gilmartin

PP37 Sonny Gray

PP38 Brian Johnson

PP39 Andrew Maggi

PP40 Mikie Mahtook

PP41 Scott McGough

PP42 Brad Miller

PP43 Brett Mooneyham

PP44 Peter O’Brien

PP45 Nick Ramirez

PP46 Noe Ramirez

PP47 Steve Rodriguez

PP48 George Springer

PP49 Kyle Winkler

PP50 Ryan Wright


All 100 base cards and all 50 Chrome Prospect inserts are available in the following parallels.

  • Platinum Refractors (numbered to 999)
  • Platinum Gold Refractors (numbered to 539)

Chrome Prospect Refractors

All 50 Chrome Prospect cards are available in the following Refractor parallels.

  • Purple Refractor (exclusive to retail rack packs)
  • Thick-Stock Refractor (numbered to 999)
  • Thin-Stock Refractor (serial-numbered to 999 copies)
  • Thick-Stock Gold Refractor (serial-numbered to 539 copies)
  • Thin-Stock Gold Refractor (serial-numbered to 539 copies)
  • Green Refractor (numbered to 499)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 99)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 25)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby only)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each, Hobby only)

Manufactured Relics

MLB Logoman Patch

See 2010 Topps Manufactured MLB Logoman Patch

Autographs & Game-Used

Autographed Relic Refractors

Each Autographed Relic Refractor is serial-numbered to 740 copies and available in the following parallels.

  • Green Refractor (numbered to 199)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 50)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 10)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby Only)

NOTE: Despite the fact that all cards in this set have the words "GAME-WORN JERSEY" on the front; many, but not all, of the Autographed Relic Refractors contain a swatch of jersey patch material instead. In an effort to combat tampering, some card companies (including Topps) have begun to label game-used cards as either "jersey" or "patch." Fortunately, due to the fact that there are so many patch cards in this set, potential patch tampering has been all but thwarted.

PAR-RH Ryan Howard

PAR-PF Prince Fielder

PAR-RC Robinson Cano

PAR-JH Jason Heyward

PAR-JT Jose Tabata

PAR-ID Ike Davis

PAR-BL Brad Lincoln

PAR-SS Stephen Strasburg

PAR-CC Chris Coghlan

PAR-SC Starlin Castro

PAR-NC Nelson Cruz

PAR-CY Chris Young

PAR-AJ Austin Jackson

PAR-MG Matt Garza

PAR-CP Carlos Pena

PAR-AC Andrew Cashner

PAR-CS Carlos Santana

PAR-JH Josh Hamilton

USA Baseball Autographed Relic Refractors

PAR-TA Tyler Anderson

PAR-MB Matt Barnes

PAR-JB Jackie Bradley Jr.

PAR-GC Gerrit Cole

PAR-AD Alex Dickerson

PAR-JE Jason Esposito

PAR-NF Nolan Fontana

PAR-SG Sean Gilmartin

PAR-SGR Sonny Gray

PAR-BJ Brian Johnson

PAR-AM Andrew Maggi

PAR-MM Mikie Mahtook

PAR-SM Scott McGough

PAR-BM Brad Miller

PAR-BMO Brett Mooneyham

PAR-PO Peter O’Brien

PAR-NR Nick Ramirez

PAR-NRA Noe Ramirez

PAR-SR Steve Rodriguez

PAR-GS George Springer

PAR-KW Kyle Winkler

PAR-RW Ryan Wright

Prospect Dual Autograph Refractors

Each Prospect Dual Autograph Refractor is serial-numbered to 99 copies.

BPDA-BD Jackie Bradley Jr. / Alex Dickerson

BPDA-CB Gerrit Cole / Matt Barnes

BPDA-GE Sonny Gray / Jason Esposito

BPDA-GW Sean Gilmartin / Kyle Winkler

BPDA-JM Brett Jackson / Jared Mitchell

BPDA-JM Brian Johnson / Brett Mooneyham

BPDA-MA Scott McGough / Tyler Anderson

BPDA-MF Mikie Mahtook / Nolan Fontana

BPDA-MS Brad Miller / George Springer

BPDA-OR Peter O'Brien / Steve Rodriguez

BPDA-RR Nick Ramirez / Noe Ramirez

BPDA-WM Ryan Wright / Andrew Maggi

Dual Autograph Relic Refractors

Each Dual Autograph Relic Refractor is serial-numbered to 99 copies, and available in the following parallels.

  • Red (numbered to 10)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby only)

PDAR-AJ Tyler Anderson / Brian Johnson

PDAR-BM Matt Barnes / Scott McGough

PDAR-BS Jackie Bradley Jr. / George Springer

PDAR-DM Alex Dickerson / Andrew Maggi

PDAR-ER Jason Esposito / Steve Rodriguez

PDAR-FM Nolan Fontana / Mikie Mahtook

PDAR-GC Sonny Gray / Gerrit Cole

PDAR-GM Sean Gilmartin / Brett Mooneyham

PDAR-MW Brad Miller / Ryan Wright

PDAR-OR Peter O'Brien / Nick Ramirez

PDAR-RW Noe Ramirez / Kyle Winkler

PDAR-SH Stephen Strasburg / Jason Heyward

Triple Autographs

Each Triple Autograph is serial-numbered to 89 copies.

BPTA-AJM Tyler Anderson / Brian Johnson / Brett Mooneyham

BPTA-CBG Gerrit Cole / Matt Barnes / Sonny Gray

BPTA-CVM David Wright / Josh Vitters / Michael Moustakas

BPTA-MMF Andrew Maggi / Mikie Mahtook /Nolan Fontana

BPTA-MOW Brad Miller / Peter O'Brien / Ryan Wright

BPTA-REG Nick Ramirez / Jason Esposito / Sean Gilmartin

BPTA-RWM Noe Ramirez / Kyle Winkler / Scott McGough

BPTA-SBD George Springer / Jackie Bradley Jr. / Alex Dickerson

BPTA-SPM Carlos Santana / Buster Posey /Jesus Montero

BPTA-TRU Chris Tillman / Nolan Reimold / Koji Uehara

Prospect Autograph Refractors

Each Prospect Autograph Refractor is also available in the following Refractor parallels.

  • Green Refractor (numbered to 199)
  • Blue Refractor (numbered to 99)
  • Red Refractor (numbered to 10)
  • SuperFractor (one-of-one, Hobby only)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each, Hobby only)

BPA-AC Alexander Colome

BPA-ACH Aroldis Chapman

BPA-AH Adeiny Hechavarria

BPA-AW Alex Wilson

BPA-AWE Allen Webster

BPA-CA Chris Archer

BPA-CD Chase D’Arnaud

BPA-CO Chris Owings

BPA-DM Dan Merklinger

BPA-ET Eric Thames

BPA-FF Freddie Freeman

BPA-FM Fabio Martinez

BPA-IK Ian Kroll

BPA-JDM J.D. Martinez

BPA-JH Jordan Henry

BPA-JJ Jake Jefferies

BPA-JK Joe Kelly

BPA-JM Jesus Montero

BPA-JMA Justin Marks

BPA-JMC Jake McGee

BPA-JMI Jiovanni Mier

BPA-JR Javier Rodriguez

BPA-JS Jerry Sands

BPA-JS Jonathan Singleton

BPA-KSA Keyvius Sampson

BPA-LC Lonnie Chisenhall

BPA-LS Logan Schafer

BPA-MR Matt Rizzotti

BPA-MS Miguel Sano

BPA-MT Mike Trout

BOA-NB Nick Barnese

BPA-NN Nick Noonan

BPA-NT Nate Tenbrink

BPA-PC Pat Corbin

BPA-PG Paul Goldschmidt

BPA-RC Ryan Chaffee

BPA-RP Rich Poythress

BPA-RU Rudy Owens

BPA-SG Steve Garrison

BPA-SH Steven Hensley

BPA-TS Tony Sanchez

Hexagraphs Book Autographs

Each Hexagraph is serial-numbered to six copies.

PHA-1 Ryan Howard / Albert Pujols / Alex Rodriguez / David Wright / Robinson Cano / Prince Fielder

PHA-2 Stephen Strasburg / Jason Heyward / Carlos Santana / Mike Staton / Starlin Castro / Buster Posey

PHA-3 Alex Rodriguez / David Wright / Ryan Zimmerman / Josh Vitters / Michael Moustakas / Lonnie Chisenhall

PHA-4 Gerrit Cole / Matt Barnes / Sonny Gray / George Springer / Brad Miller / Jackie Bradley Jr.

PHA-5 Noe Ramirez / Kyle Winkler / Scott McGough / Tyler Anderson / Brian Johnson / Brett Mooneyham

PHA-6 Andrew Maggi / Mikie Mahtook / Nolan Fontana / Nick Ramirez / Ryan Wright / Peter O'Brien

Box-Loader Redemption Autographs

As a late addition, each sealed 24-pack Hobby box contained a redemption card good for an autograph of one of the players listed below. The redemptions are also available in the following Refractor parallels.

  • Refractor
  • Green Refractor
  • Blue Refractor
  • Red Refractor
  • SuperFractor
  • Printing Plates

NOTE: The redemption cards make no mention which card the collector is to receive.

Freddie Freeman

Gorkys Hernandez

Graham Hicks

Lonnie Chisenhall

J.D. Martinez

Jarrod Parker

Josh Lindblom

Chris Archer

Javier Rodriguez

Mauricio Robles

Kyle Wieland