2010 Topps Tribute

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2010 Topps Tribute hobby box


Dubbed the "Dynasties & Rivalries Edition," 2010 Topps Tribute was released the week of July 19, 2010. Each five card pack yielded either an autograph or relic card and a parallel serial-numbered to 399 copies or less. All autographs will either be cuts or on stickers.

The base set, like last year, will consist of 100 cards including a 15-card "Tribute to the Stars" subset (all done in the style of the 2003 Topps 205 set), and a ten-card "Greatest Rivalries Revisited" subset. The Greatest Rivalries Revisited subset will mark the first time Topps has included non-baseball-related subjects in Tribute.

Use of Stadium Seats as Relics

On January 24, 2010 Topps confirmed that five prominent 2009 Topps Tribute memorabilia cards included pieces of stadium seats in lieu of a game-used bat. (Nowhere on any Topps Tribute card does it mention exactly what the relics are from, nor was the use of stadium seats mentioned by Topps on the sell-sheets.) The first images of 2010 Topps Tribute, as posted to The Beckett Blog, also use the ambiguous "Topps Certified Memorabilia" phrase to describe wood-based relics.

It is unclear if the wood-based "relics" Topps will be using in 2010 Tribute will be from bats or seats.

Late Addition of Stephen Strasburg

On June 7, 2010, the day before what would be his Major League debut, Topps announced on their corporate blog that, "(Stephen) Strasburg rookie cards will appear in the remainder of Topps 2010 baseball products." Although unannounced, Topps Tribute packed out with redemption cards good for an autographed single relic and an autographed dual-relic Strasburg card. These cards are listed in the checklist below.


Six packs per box, five cards per pack for $50. Hobby Exclusive.


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Stale Gum

Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base Set 100 - ?
Blue 100 399 ?
Black 100 99 1:7
Black & White 100 99 1:7
Gold 100 50 1:13
Red 100 one-of-one 1:656
Framed Printing Plate 100 four-for-each 1:161
Franchise Feats Buyback Relic ? ? 1:167
MLB Logo Patch 5 50 1:258
Autographed Relic ? 99 1:7
Autographed Dual Relic ? 99 1:35
Autographed Triple Relic ? 99 varies
Franchise Tributes Autograph Cuts ? one-of-one 1:6170
Relic ? 99 1:7
Dual Relic ? 99 1:33
Triple Relic ? 99 1:66
Rivalries Revisited Autograph Cuts ? one-of-one 1:6170
Legendary Lineups ? one-of-one 1:12,340
Franchise Feats Relic ? ? 1:259
Franchise Feats Relic Red ? one-of-one 1:6170


Base Set

1 Babe Ruth

2 Walter Johnson

3 Ty Cobb

4 Tris Speaker

5 Thurman Munson

6 Roy Campanella

7 Rogers Hornsby

8 Orlando Cepeda

9 Jackie Robinson

10 Mel Ott

11 Johnny Mize

12 Jimmie Foxx

13 Honus Wagner

14 Pee Wee Reese

15 Christy Mathewson

16 Carlton Fisk

17 Yogi Berra

18 Lou Gehrig

19 Jim Bunning

20 Reggie Jackson

21 Tony Gwynn

22 Al Kaline

23 Roger Maris

24 Harmon Killebrew

25 Eddie Mathews

26 Willie McCovey

27 Joe Morgan

28 Eddie Murray

29 Jim Palmer

30 Tony Perez

31 Gaylord Perry

32 Phil Rizzuto

33 Robin Roberts

34 Brooks Robinson

35 Nolan Ryan

36 Ryne Sandberg

37 Mike Schmidt

38 Red Schoendienst

39 Tom Seaver

40 Ozzie Smith

41 Warren Spahn

42 Willie Stargell

43 Stan Musial

44 Cy Young

45 Bob Gibson

46 Dizzy Dean

47 Frank Robinson

48 Hank Greenberg

49 Johnny Bench

50 Mickey Mantle

51 Albert Pujols

52 Ichiro

53 Alex Rodriguez

54 Prince Fielder

55 Joe Mauer

56 Tim Lincecum

57 Hanley Ramirez

58 Chase Utley

59 Roy Halladay

60 Adrian Gonzalez

61 Manny Ramirez

62 Chipper Jones

63 Grady Sizemore

64 Mariano Rivera

65 Miguel Cabrera

66 Johan Santana

67 Ryan Braun

68 Zack Greinke

69 Ryan Howard

70 Dustin Pedroia

71 Ian Kinsler

72 Evan Longoria

73 David Wright

74 Vladimir Guerrero

75 Derek Jeter

Tribute to the Stars

76 Lou Gehrig

77 Ichiro

78 Jackie Robinson

79 Cy Young

80 Derek Jeter

81 Ty Cobb

82 Mickey Mantle

83 Nolan Ryan

84 Joe Mauer

85 Honus Wagner

86 Frank Robinson

87 Albert Pujols

88 Tim Lincecum

89 Babe Ruth

90 Tom Seaver

Greatest Rivalries Revisited

GR-91 Hatfields vs. McCoys

GR-92 David vs. Goliath

GR-93 Moby Dick vs. Captain Ahab

GR-94 Billy the Kid vs. Pat Garrett

GR-95 John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon

GR-96 Barack Obama vs. John McCain

GR-97 Abraham Lincoln vs. Jefferson Davis

GR-98 Montagues vs. Capulets

GR-99 USA vs. Russia (Race to Space)

GR-100 The Tortoise vs. The Hare


  • Blue (numbered to 399)
  • Black (numbered to 99)
  • Black & White (numbered to 99)
  • Gold (numbered to 50)
  • Red (one-of-one)
  • Printing Plates (four-for-each)

Autographs & Game-Used


All Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TR-LA Luis Aparicio

TR-RA Richie Ashburn

TR-JB Johnny Bench

TR-LBR Lou Brock

TR-JBU Jim Bunning

TR-RC Rod Carew

TR-OC Orlando Cepeda

TR-BD Bobby Doerr

TR-DE Dennis Eckersley

TR-BF Bob Feller

TR-RF Rick Ferrell

TR-RFI Rollie Fingers

TR-CF Carlton Fisk

TR-CH Jim "Catfish" Hunter

TR-MI Monte Irvin

TR-RJ Reggie Jackson

TR-FJ Fergie Jenkins

TR-AK Al Kaline

TR-GK George Kell

TR-HK Harmon Killebrew

TR-RK Ralph Kiner

TR-BL Bob Lemon

TR-JM Juan Marichal

TR-EM Eddie Mathews

TR-BM Bill Mazeroski

TR-WM Willie McCovey

TR-JMO Joe Morgan

TR-EMU Eddie Murray

TR-HN Hal Newhauser

TR-PN Phil Niekro

TR-TP Tony Perez

TR-GP Gaylord Perry

TR-PR Phil Rizzuto

TR-RR Robin Roberts

TR-BR Brooks Robinson

TR-NR Nolan Ryan

TR-RS Ryne Sandberg

TR-EB Ernie Banks

TR-MS Mike Schmidt

TR-RSC Red Schoendienst

TR-TS Tom Seaver

TR-ES Enos Slaughter

TR-OS Ozzie Smith

TR-WS Warren Spahn

TR-WST Willie Stargell

TR-BS Bruce Sutter

TR-DS Don Sutton

TR-HW Hoyt Wilhelm

TR-BW Billy Williams

TR-EW Early Wynn

TR-RY Robin Yount

TR-CY Carl Yastrzemski

TR-BG Bob Gibson

TR-FR Frank Robinson

TR-GC Gary Carter

TR-HG Hank Greenberg

TR-JPI Jimmy Piersall

TR-MM Mickey Mantle

TR-RM Roger Maris

TR-PM Paul Molitor

TR-SM Stan Musial

TR-SC Steve Carlton

TR-BRU Babe Ruth

TR-LG Lou Gehrig

TR-JR Jackie Robinson

TR-TM Thurman Munson

TR-MO Mel Ott

TR-HWA Honus Wagner

TR-JF Jimmie Foxx

TR-RCA Roy Campanella

TR-RH Rogers Hornsby

TR-TC Ty Cobb

TR-TSP Tris Speaker

TR-TG Tony Gwynn

TR-JMI Johnny Mize

TR-AP Albert Pujols

TR-JMA Joe Mauer

TR-IS Ichiro

TR-AR Alex Rodriguez

TR-CU Chase Utley

TR-RHO Ryan Howard

TR-GS Grady Sizemore

TR-CJ Chipper Jones

TR-TL Tim Lincecum

TR-VG Vladimir Guerrero

TR-MT Mark Teixeria

TR-MC Miguel Cabrera

TR-HR Hanley Ramirez

TR-CS CC Sabathia

TR-MR Mariano Rivera

TR-MRA Manny Ramirez

TR-DW David Wright

TR-RB Ryan Braun

TR-AD Adrian Gonzalez

TR-PF Prince Fielder

TR-EL Evan Longoria

TR-DJ Derek Jeter

TR-DJ2 Derek Jeter

TR-DJ3 Derek Jeter

TR-DJ4 Derek Jeter

Dual Relics

All Dual Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TDR-NR Nolan Ryan

TDR-MS Mike Schmidt

TDR-TG Tony Gwynn

TDR-OS Ozzie Smith

TDR-JB Johnny Bench

TDR-RA Richie Ashburn

TDR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury

TDR-AR Alex Rodriguez

TDR-VM Victor Martineez

TDR-CS CC Sabathia

TDR-KY Kevin Youkilis

TDR-JP Jorge Posada

TDR-JPA Jim Palmer

TDR-CF Carlton Fisk

TDR-MR Mariano Rivera

TDR-DW David Wright

TDR-RB Ryan Braun

TDR-RH Ryan Howard

TDR-MT Mark Teixeira

TDR-DP Dustin Pedroia

TDR-DJ Derek Jeter

Triple Relics

All Triple Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TTR-JM Justin Morneau

TTR-RP Rick Porcello

TTR-TM Thurman Munson

TTR-BM Bobby Murcer

TTR-TG Tony Gwynn

TTR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.

TTR-PM Paul Molitor

TTR-RY Robin Yount

TTR-RA Richie Ashburn

TTR-RJ Reggie Jackson

TTR-DJ Derek Jeter

Franchise Feats Relics

Each Franchise Feats Relics card is serial-numbered to 25 copies, with a Red one-of-one parallel.

FF-BR04 Johnny Damon - David Ortiz - Manny Ramirez - Jason Varitek - Orlando Cabrera - Kevin Millar

FF-NY09 Jorge Posada - Robsinson Cano - Alex Rodriguez - Nick Swisher - Melky Cabrera - Hideki Matsui

FF-SL06 Albert Pujols - Yadier Molina

FF-NY98 Andy Pettitte - Mariano Rivera

FF-BO66 Brooks Robinson - Frank Robinson

FF-SM01 Ichiro - Mike Cameron

FF-TR08 Josh Hamilton - Marlon Byrd - Ian Kinsler - Hank Blalock - Michael Young - Milton Bradley

FF-BD47 Jackie Robinson - Pee Wee Reese

FF-CC03 Carlos Zambrano - Kerry Wood

FF-NY61 Roger Maris - Mickey Mantle

Autographed Relics

All Autographed Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TAR-AJ Adam Jones

TAR-TH Tommy Hanson

TAR-CF Chone Figgins

TAR-AI Akinori Iwamura

TAR-JL Jon Lester

TAR-ML Mat Latos

TAR-BM Brian McCann

TAR-BM Bengie Molina

TAR-BM2 Bengie Molina

TAR-GC Gary Carter

TAR-GC2 Gary Carter

TAR-JG Joe Girardi

TAR-JG2 Joe Girardi

TAR-BC Bobby Cox

TAR-BC2 Bobby Cox

TAR-DS Darryl Strawberry

TAR-DS2 Darryl Strawberry

TAR-OC Orlando Cabrera

TAR-OC2 Orlando Cabrera

TAR-DP Dustin Pedroia

TAR-DP2 Dustin Pedroia

TAR-DP3 Dustin Pedroia

TAR-DP4 Dustin Pedroia

TAR-RP Rick Porcello

TAR-RP2 Rick Porcello

TAR-RP3 Rick Porcello

TAR-RP4 Rick Porcello

TAR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

TAR-RZ2 Ryan Zimmerman

TAR-RZ3 Ryan Zimmerman

TAR-RZ4 Ryan Zimmerman

TAR-MS Max Scherzer

TAR-MS2 Max Scherzer

TAR-MS3 Max Scherzer

TAR-MS4 Max Scherzer

TAR-CK Clayton Kershaw

TAR-CK2 Clayton Kershaw

TAR-CK3 Clayton Kershaw

TAR-CK4 Clayton Kershaw

TAR-PS Pablo Sandoval

TAR-PS2 Pablo Sandoval

TAR-PS3 Pablo Sandoval

TAR-PS4 Pablo Sandoval

TAR-AD Andre Dawson

TAR-AD2 Andre Dawson

TAR-AD3 Andre Dawson

TAR-AD4 Andre Dawson

TAR-GS Gary Sheffield

TAR-GS2 Gary Sheffield

TAR-GS3 Gary Sheffield

TAR-GS4 Gary Sheffield

TAR-DS Duke Snider

TAR-DS2 Duke Snider

TAR-DS3 Duke Snider

TAR-DS4 Duke Snider

TAR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

TAR-TT2 Troy Tulowitzki

TAR-TT3 Troy Tulowitzki

TAR-TT4 Troy Tulowitzki

TAR-MK Matt Kemp

TAR-MK2 Matt Kemp

TAR-MK3 Matt Kemp

TAR-MK4 Matt Kemp

TAR-CL Cliff Lee

TAR-CL2 Cliff Lee

TAR-CL3 Cliff Lee

TAR-CL4 Cliff Lee

TAR-JH Josh Hamilton

TAR-JH2 Josh Hamilton

TAR-JH3 Josh Hamilton

TAR-JH4 Josh Hamilton

TAR-NM Nick Markakis

TAR-NM2 Nick Markakis

TAR-NM3 Nick Markakis

TAR-NM4 Nick Markakis

TAR-ADU Adam Dunn

TAR-ADU2 Adam Dunn

TAR-ADU3 Adam Dunn

TAR-ADU4 Adam Dunn

TAR-RK Ralph Kiner

TAR-JHE Jason Heyward

TAR-SS Stephen Strasburg EXCH

TAR-MCA Miguel Cabrera

TAR-AH Aaron Hill

TAR-CP Carlos Pena

TAR-ST Starlin Castro

TAR-ST2 Starlin Castro

TAR-ST3 Starlin Castro

TAR-ST4 Starlin Castro

TAR-RC Robinson Cano

TAR-RC2 Robinson Cano

TAR-RC3 Robinson Cano

TAR-RC4 Robinson Cano

TAR-DGO Dwight Gooden

TAR-DGO2 Dwight Gooden

TAR-DGO3 Dwight Gooden

TAR-PF Prince Fielder

TAR-CS Curt Schilling

TAR-TL Tony LaRussa

TAR-TL2 Tony LaRussa

Autographed Dual Relics

All Autographed Dual Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TADR-EL Evan Longoria

TADR-DW David Wright

TADR-MH Matt Holliday

TADR-TH Tommy Hanson

TADR-GB Gordon Beckham

TADR-RB Ryan Braun

TADR-RP Rick Porcello

TADR-AJ Adam Jones

TADR-PF Prince Fielder

TADR-JU Justin Upton

TADR-MT Miguel Tejada

TADR-GK George Kell

TADR-GC Gary Carter

TADR-WM Willie McCovey

TADR-DO David Ortiz

TADR-JH Jason Heyward

TADR-SS Stephen Strasburg EXCH

TADR-JHA Josh Hamilton

TADR-MK Matt Kemp

TADR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

Autographed Triple Relic Cards

All Autographed Triple Relics are serial-numbered to 99 copies and are available in the following parallels.

  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Black (numbered to 50)
  • Gold (numbered to 25)
  • Red (one-of-one)

TATR-AP Albert Pujols

TATR-CR Cal Ripken

TATR-RC Rod Carew

TATR-NM Nick Markakis

TATR-AR Alex Rodriguez

TATR-RH Ryan Howard

TATR-RCA Robinson Cano

TATR-DS Duke Snider

TATR-EL Evan Longoria

TATR-DW David Wright

TATR-MR Manny Ramirez

TATR-MC Miguel Cabrera

TATR-HR Hanley Ramirez

TATR-VG Vladimir Guerrero

Legendary Line-Ups Cuts

This multi-panel "book" card features cut signatures of the starting line-up of the 1927 Yankees.

1927 E. Combs/M. Koenig/B. Ruth/L. Gehrig/B. Meusel/T. Lazzeri/J. Dugan/P. Collins/W. Hoyt

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

1933 American League All-Star Team

1961 New York Yankees

1934 St. Louis Cardinals

Rivalries Revisited Cuts

Each Rivalries Revisited Cut is a one-of-one.

RRAC-OM B. Obama/J. McCain

RRAC-KN J. F. Kennedy/R. Nixon

RRAC-KC J. F. Kennedy/F. Castro

RRAC-RC R. Reagan/K. Chernenko

RRAC-LD A. Lincoln/J. Davis

RRAC-RV N. Ryan/R. Ventura

RRAC-MR J. Marichal/J. Roseboro

RRAC-MF T. Munson/C. Fisk

RRAC-TB B. Thompson/R. Branca

RRAC-MRI B. Mazeroski/B. Richardson

Topps Franchise Tributes Cuts

Each Franchise Tribute Cut is a one-of-one.

FTCS-WF Whitey Ford

FTCS-SM Stan Musial

FTCS-JM Juan Marichal

FTCS-JB Jim Bunning

FTCS-BR Brooks Robinson

FTCS-FR Frank Robinson

FTCS-WH Whitey Herzog

FTCS-SB Sal Bando

FTCS-BM Bill Mazeroski

FTCS-AK Al Kaline