1974 Topps Traded

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1974 Topps Traded is a 44-card set containing 43 player cards and one unnumbered checklist card. The fronts have the word "traded" in block letters and the backs are designed in newspaper style.

The cards were inserted in 1974 Topps packs toward the end of the production run. They were produced in large enough quantity that they are no scarcer than the regular Topps cards.

Card numbers are the same as in the regular set except they are followed by a "T." No known scarcities exist for this set.


Randomly inserted into all late-run 1974 Topps packs.

Included with the J.C. Penny's catalog-exclusive Factory Set.



Base Set

Traded---Lou-Piniella.jpg?id=0da4b136-4064-49b2-97f5-ff28167c67dd&size=original&side=front&.jpg Traded---Lou-Piniella.jpg?id=0da4b136-4064-49b2-97f5-ff28167c67dd&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 23T Craig Robinson
  • 42T Claude Osteen
  • 43T Jim Wynn
  • 51T Bobby Heise
  • 59T Ross Grimsley
  • 62T Bob Locker
  • 63T Bill Sudakis
  • 73T Mike Marshall
  • 123T Nelson Briles
  • 139T Aurelio Monteagudo
  • 151T Diego Segui
  • 165T Willie Davis
  • 175T Reggie Cleveland
  • 182T Lindy McDaniel
  • 186T Fred Scherman
  • 249T George Mitterwald
  • 262T Ed Kirkpatrick
  • 269T Bob Johnson
  • 270T Ron Santo
  • 313T Barry Lersch
  • 319T Randy Hundley
  • 330T Juan Marichal
  • 348T Pete Richert
  • 373T John Curtis
  • 390T Lou Piniella
  • 428T Gary Sutherland
  • 454T Kurt Bevacqua
  • 458T Jim Ray
  • 485T Felipe Alou
  • 486T Steve Stone
  • 496T Tom Murphy
  • 516T Horacio Pina
  • 534T Eddie Watt
  • 538T Cesar Tovar
  • 544T Ron Schueler
  • 579T Cecil Upshaw
  • 585T Merv Rettenmund
  • 612T Luke Walker
  • 616T Larry Gura
  • 618T Jim Mason
  • 630T Tommie Agee
  • 648T Terry Crowley
  • 649T Fernando Gonzalez
  • NNO Traded Checklist