1976 Topps Traded

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1976 Topps Traded is a 44-card set featuring players who were traded after the Topps regular set was printed. A "Sports Extra" heading design is found on each picture and is also used to introduce the biographical section of the reverse. Each card is numbered according to the player's regular 1976 Topps card with the addition of "T" to indicate his new status.

As with 1974 Topps Traded, the cards were inserted in all packs toward the end of the production run. According to published reports at the time, they were not released until April, 1976. Because they were produced in large quantities, they are no scarcer than the basic cards.

This set includes the seminal Oscar Gamble "Afro" card (#74T).




Base Set

Traded---Oscar-Gamble.jpg?id=81dba373-69a8-4c51-9b05-77d1287d5fd7&size=original&side=front&.jpg Traded---Oscar-Gamble.jpg?id=81dba373-69a8-4c51-9b05-77d1287d5fd7&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 27T Ed Figueroa
  • 28T Dusty Baker
  • 44T Doug Rader
  • 58T Ron Reed
  • 74T Oscar Gamble
  • 80T Jim Kaat
  • 83T Jim Spencer
  • 85T Mickey Rivers
  • 99T Lee Lacy
  • 120T Rusty Staub
  • 127T Larvell Blanks
  • 146T George Medich
  • 158T Ken Reitz
  • 208T Mike Lum
  • 211T Clay Carroll
  • 231T Tom House
  • 250T Fergie Jenkins
  • 259T Darrel Chaney
  • 292T Leon Roberts
  • 296T Pat Dobson
  • 309T Bill Melton
  • 338T Bob Bailey
  • 380T Bobby Bonds
  • 383T John Ellis
  • 385T Mickey Lolich
  • 401T Ken Brett
  • 410T Ralph Garr
  • 411T Bill Singer
  • 428T Jim Crawford
  • 434T Morris Nettles
  • 464T Ken Henderson
  • 497T Joe McIntosh
  • 524T Pete Falcone
  • 527T Mike Anderson
  • 528T Dock Ellis
  • 532T Milt May
  • 554T Ray Fosse
  • 579T Clay Kirby
  • 583T Tommy Helms
  • 592T Willie Randolph
  • 618T Jack Brohamer
  • 632T Rogelio Moret
  • 649T Dave Roberts
  • NNO Traded Checklist