1992 Topps Traded

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1992 Topps Traded set consists of 132 cards numbered 1T - 132T. The set is checklisted in alphabetical order by player's name. For the second straight year, Topps Traded includes all 25 members of the USA Baseball National Team as well as their manager.

Topps also issued a Parallel Gold edition limited to 6,000 sets. The cards are identical to the regular Traded set but with Gold-Foil strips on the front.

Notable Rookies include Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek.


Factory set only.

Gold: Factory set only, limited to 6000 sets.



Base Set

Andres-Galarraga.jpg?id=19ba3072-795c-411c-abdf-9bc9b92305a0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andres-Galarraga.jpg?id=19ba3072-795c-411c-abdf-9bc9b92305a0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

  • 1T Willie Adams USA RC
  • 2T Jeff Alkire USA RC*
  • 3T Felipe Alou MGR
  • 4T Moises Alou
  • 5T Ruben Amaro, Jr.
  • 6T Jack Armstrong
  • 7T Scott Bankhead
  • 8T Tim Belcher
  • 9T George Bell
  • 10T Freddie Benavides
  • 11T Todd Benzinger
  • 12T Joe Boever
  • 13T Ricky Bones
  • 14T Bobby Bonilla
  • 15T Hubie Brooks
  • 16T Jerry Browne
  • 17T Jim Bullinger
  • 18T Dave Burba
  • 19T Kevin Campbell
  • 20T Tom Candiotti
  • 21T Mark Carreon
  • 22T Gary Carter
  • 23T Archi Cianfrocco RC
  • 24T Phil Clark
  • 25T Chad Curtis RC
  • 26T Eric Davis
  • 27T Tim Davis USA RC
  • 28T Gary DiSarcina
  • 29T Darren Dreifort USA
  • 30T Mariano Duncan
  • 31T Mike Fitzgerald
  • 32T John Flaherty RC
  • 33T Darrin Fletcher
  • 34T Scott Fletcher
  • 35T Ron Fraser USA CO RC
  • 36T Andres Galarraga
  • 37T Dave Gallagher
  • 38T Mike Gallego
  • 39T Nomar Garciaparra USA RC
  • 40T Jason Giambi
  • 41T Danny Gladden
  • 42T Rene Gonzales
  • 43T Jeff Granger USA
  • 44T Rick Greene USA RC
  • 45T Jeffrey Hammonds USA
  • 46T Charlie Hayes
  • 47T Von Hayes
  • 48T Rick Helling USA
  • 49T Butch Henry RC
  • 50T Carlos Hernandez
  • 51T Ken Hill
  • 52T Butch Hobson
  • 53T Vince Horsman
  • 54T Pete Incaviglia
  • 55T Gregg Jefferies
  • 56T Charles Johnson USA
  • 57T Doug Jones
  • 58T Brian Jordan RC
  • 59T Wally Joyner
  • 60T Daron Kirkreit USA RC*
  • 61T Bill Krueger
  • 62T Gene Lamont MGR
  • 63T Jim Lefebvre MGR
  • 64T Danny Leon
  • 65T Pat Listach RC
  • 66T Kenny Lofton
  • 67T Dave Martinez
  • 68T Derrick May
  • 69T Kirk McCaskill
  • 70T Chad McConnell USA RC*
  • 71T Kevin McReynolds
  • 72T Rusty Meacham
  • 73T Keith Miller
  • 74T Kevin Mitchell
  • 75T Jason Moler USA RC*
  • 76T Mike Morgan
  • 77T Jack Morris
  • 78T Calvin Murray USA RC
  • 79T Eddie Murray
  • 80T Randy Myers
  • 81T Denny Neagle
  • 82T Phil Nevin USA
  • 83T Dave Nilsson
  • 84T Junior Ortiz
  • 85T Donovan Osborne
  • 86T Bill Pecota
  • 87T Melido Perez
  • 88T Mike Perez
  • 89T Hipolito Pichardo RC
  • 90T Willie Randolph
  • 91T Darren Reed
  • 92T Bip Roberts
  • 93T Chris Roberts USA
  • 94T Steve Rodriguez USA
  • 95T Bruce Ruffin
  • 96T Scott Ruskin
  • 97T Bret Saberhagen
  • 98T Rey Sanchez RC
  • 99T Steve Sax
  • 100T Curt Schilling
  • 101T Dick Schofield
  • 102T Gary Scott
  • 103T Kevin Seitzer
  • 104T Frank Seminara RC
  • 105T Gary Sheffield
  • 106T John Smiley
  • 107T Cory Snyder
  • 108T Paul Sorrento
  • 109T Sammy Sosa
  • 110T Matt Stairs RC
  • 111T Andy Stankiewicz
  • 112T Kurt Stillwell
  • 113T Rick Sutcliffe
  • 114T Bill Swift
  • 115T Jeff Tackett
  • 116T Danny Tartabull
  • 117T Eddie Taubensee
  • 118T Dickie Thon
  • 119T Michael Tucker USA RC
  • 120T Scooter Tucker
  • 121T Marc Valdes USA RC
  • 122T Julio Valera
  • 123T Jason Varitek USA RC
  • 124T Ron Villone USA RC
  • 125T Frank Viola
  • 126T B.J. Wallace USA RC*
  • 127T Dan Walters
  • 128T Craig Wilson USA
  • 129T Chris Wimmer USA
  • 130T Dave Winfield
  • 131T Herm Winningham
  • 132T Checklist 1T-132T



Nomar-Garciaparra.jpg?id=b205462a-cf9c-4989-85e8-cc2555b9164f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Nomar-Garciaparra.jpg?id=b205462a-cf9c-4989-85e8-cc2555b9164f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1992 Topps Traded Gold parallels Topps Traded. Similar to the "Topps Tiffany" sets of the 80s, Topps Traded Gold was distributed exclusively to The Hobby and was limited to 6000 factory sets. Each individual card is gold-foil stamped on the front, with the words "Topps Gold" ghosted on the back.

The Topps Traded checklist card was replaced with a card of Kerry Woodson in the Gold edition

  • 132T Kerry Woodson