1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Factory Sealed HOBBY Box
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1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Factory Sealed HOBBY Box
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1999 SP Authentic

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1999 SP Authentic is a 135-card set, released by Upper Deck, in the summer of 1999. As with the previous year's product, each 24-pack Hobby box yields one on-card autograph. Unlike previous years, the base set contains short-printed base cards; however, there are no rookies.


24 packs per box, five cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99). Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 135 - ?
short set 90 - 4:1
Future Watch 30 2700 1:12
Season to Remember 15 2700 1:24
Home Run Chronicles 70 - one-per-pack
Home Run Chronicles Die-Cut 70 70 ?
Epic Figures 30 - 1:7
Reflections 30 - 1:23
Chirography 43 - 1:24
Chirography Gold 43 varies ?
UD Authentic Redemptions 10 varies 1:864
Ernie Banks A Piece of History 500 Home Run Club 1 350 ?
Ernie Banks A Piece of History 500 Home Run Club Autographed 1 20 ?


Base Set

Mo-Vaughn.jpg?id=f851762f-e3f1-48b1-8e32-865e12b1c98b&size=original&side=front&.jpg Mo-Vaughn.jpg?id=f851762f-e3f1-48b1-8e32-865e12b1c98b&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 Mo Vaughn

2 Jim Edmonds

3 Darin Erstad

4 Travis Lee

5 Matt Williams

6 Randy Johnson

7 Chipper Jones

8 Greg Maddux

9 Andruw Jones

10 Andres Galarraga

11 Tom Glavine

12 Cal Ripken, Jr.

13 Brady Anderson

14 Albert Belle

15 Nomar Garciaparra

16 Donnie Sadler

17 Pedro Martinez

18 Sammy Sosa

19 Kerry Wood

20 Mark Grace

21 Mike Caruso

22 Frank Thomas

23 Paul Konerko

24 Sean Casey

25 Barry Larkin

26 Kenny Lofton

27 Manny Ramirez

28 Jim Thome

29 Bartolo Colon

30 Jaret Wright

31 Larry Walker

32 Todd Helton

33 Tony Clark

34 Dean Palmer

35 Mark Kotsay

36 Cliff Floyd

37 Ken Caminiti

38 Craig Biggio

39 Jeff Bagwell

40 Moises Alou

41 Johnny Damon

42 Larry Sutton

43 Kevin Brown

44 Gary Sheffield

45 Raul Mondesi

46 Jeromy Burnitz

47 Jeff Cirillo

48 Todd Walker

49 David Ortiz

50 Brad Radke

51 Vladimir Guerrero

52 Rondell White

53 Brad Fullmer

54 Mike Piazza

55 Robin Ventura

56 John Olerud

57 Derek Jeter

58 Tino Martinez

59 Bernie Williams

60 Roger Clemens

61 Ben Grieve

62 Miguel Tejada

63 A.J. Hinch

64 Scott Rolen

65 Curt Schilling

66 Doug Glanville

67 Aramis Ramirez

68 Tony Womack

69 Jason Kendall

70 Tony Gwynn

71 Wally Joyner

72 Greg Vaughn

73 Barry Bonds

74 Ellis Burks

75 Jeff Kent

76 Ken Griffey, Jr.

77 Alex Rodriguez

78 Edgar Martinez

79 Mark McGwire

80 Eli Marrero

81 Matt Morris

82 Rolando Arrojo

83 Quinton McCracken

84 Jose Canseco

85 Ivan Rodriguez

86 Juan Gonzalez

87 Royce Clayton

88 Shawn Green

89 Jose Cruz, Jr.

90 Carlos Delgado

Future Watch

Eric-Chavez.jpg?id=ea9159a3-b1d7-4b6d-8d30-ac0ce4ec46a8&size=original&side=front&.jpg Eric-Chavez.jpg?id=ea9159a3-b1d7-4b6d-8d30-ac0ce4ec46a8&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Future Watch is serial-numbered to 2,700 copies.

91 Troy Glaus

92 George Lombard

93 Ryan Minor

94 Calvin Pickering

95 Jin Ho Cho

96 Russell Branyan

97 Derrick Gibson

98 Gabe Kapler

99 Matt Anderson

100 Preston Wilson

101 Alex Gonzalez

102 Carlos Beltran

103 Dermal Brown

104 Jeremy Giambi

105 Angel Pena

106 Geoff Jenkins

107 Corey Koskie

108 A.J. Pierzynski

109 Michael Barrett

110 Fernando Seguignol

111 Mike Kinkade

112 Ricky Ledee

113 Mike Lowell

114 Eric Chavez

115 Matt Clement

116 Shane Monahan

117 J.D. Drew

118 Bubba Trammell

119 Kevin Witt

120 Roy Halladay

Season to Remember

Tom-Glavine.jpg?id=a966b1c2-2d1f-489a-b23b-297d7ef7dda5&size=original&side=front&.jpg Tom-Glavine.jpg?id=a966b1c2-2d1f-489a-b23b-297d7ef7dda5&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Season to Remember is serial-numbered to 2,700 copies.

121 Mark McGwire

122 Mark McGwire / Sammy Sosa

123 Sammy Sosa

124 Ken Griffey, Jr.

125 Cal Ripken, Jr.

126 Juan Gonzalez

127 Kerry Wood

128 Trevor Hoffman

129 Barry Bonds

130 Alex Rodriguez

131 Ben Grieve

132 Tom Glavine

133 David Wells

134 Mike Piazza

135 Scott Brosius


Home Run Chronicles

Sammy-Sosa.jpg?id=d1b20f7b-aee2-4c8b-a856-bbbac3d3fa07&size=original&side=front&.jpg Sammy-Sosa.jpg?id=d1b20f7b-aee2-4c8b-a856-bbbac3d3fa07&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Home Run Chronicles card is also available in a die-cut parallel, which is serial-numbered to 70 copies.

HR1 Mark McGwire

HR2 Sammy Sosa

HR3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

HR4 Mark McGwire

HR5 Mark McGwire

HR6 Albert Belle

HR7 Jose Canseco

HR8 Juan Gonzalez

HR9 Manny Ramirez

HR10 Rafael Palmeiro

HR11 Mo Vaughn

HR12 Carlos Delgado

HR13 Nomar Garciaparra

HR14 Barry Bonds

HR15 Alex Rodriguez

HR16 Tony Clark

HR17 Jim Thome

HR18 Edgar Martinez

HR19 Frank Thomas

HR20 Greg Vaughn

HR21 Vinny Castilla

HR22 Andres Galarraga

HR23 Moises Alou

HR24 Jeromy Burnitz

HR25 Vladimir Guerrero

HR26 Jeff Bagwell

HR27 Chipper Jones

HR28 Javy Lopez

HR29 Mike Piazza

HR30 Andruw Jones

HR31 Henry Rodriguez

HR32 Jeff Kent

HR33 Ray Lankford

HR34 Scott Rolen

HR35 Raul Mondesi

HR36 Ken Caminiti

HR37 J.D. Drew

HR38 Troy Glaus

HR39 Gabe Kapler

HR40 Alex Rodriguez

HR41 Ken Griffey, Jr.

HR42 Sammy Sosa

HR43 Mark McGwire

HR44 Sammy Sosa

HR45 Mark McGwire

HR46 Vinny Castilla

HR47 Sammy Sosa

HR48 Mark McGwire

HR49 Sammy Sosa

HR50 Greg Vaughn

HR51 Sammy Sosa

HR52 Mark McGwire

HR53 Sammy Sosa

HR54 Mark McGwire

HR55 Sammy Sosa

HR56 Ken Griffey, Jr.

HR57 Sammy Sosa

HR58 Mark McGwire

HR59 Sammy Sosa

HR60 Mark McGwire

HR61 Mark McGwire

HR62 Mark McGwire

HR63 Mark McGwire

HR64 Mark McGwire

HR65 Mark McGwire

HR66 Sammy Sosa

HR67 Mark McGwire

HR68 Mark McGwire

HR69 Mark McGwire

HR70 Mark McGwire

Epic Figures

Paul-Molitor.jpg?id=c0d4aefe-5c6c-471d-b67b-5e0cb71a297e&size=original&side=front&.jpg Paul-Molitor.jpg?id=c0d4aefe-5c6c-471d-b67b-5e0cb71a297e&size=original&side=back&.jpg

E1 Mo Vaughn

E2 Travis Lee

E3 Andres Galarraga

E4 Andruw Jones

E5 Chipper Jones

E6 Greg Maddux

E7 Cal Ripken, Jr.

E8 Nomar Garciaparra

E9 Sammy Sosa

E10 Frank Thomas

E11 Kerry Wood

E12 Kenny Lofton

E13 Manny Ramirez

E14 Larry Walker

E15 Jeff Bagwell

E16 Paul Molitor

E17 Vladimir Guerrero

E18 Derek Jeter

E19 Tino Martinez

E20 Mike Piazza

E21 Ben Grieve

E22 Scott Rolen

E23 Mark McGwire

E24 Tony Gwynn

E25 Barry Bonds

E26 Ken Griffey, Jr.

E27 Alex Rodriguez

E28 J.D. Drew

E29 Juan Gonzalez

E30 Kevin Brown


Andres-Galarraga.jpg?id=05680d5e-1dc3-4456-b7f2-e4dc417420c3&size=original&side=front&.jpg Andres-Galarraga.jpg?id=05680d5e-1dc3-4456-b7f2-e4dc417420c3&size=original&side=back&.jpg

R1 Mo Vaughn

R2 Travis Lee

R3 Andres Galarraga

R4 Andruw Jones

R5 Chipper Jones

R6 Greg Maddux

R7 Cal Ripken, Jr.

R8 Nomar Garciaparra

R9 Sammy Sosa

R10 Frank Thomas

R11 Kerry Wood

R12 Kenny Lofton

R13 Manny Ramirez

R14 Larry Walker

R15 Jeff Bagwell

R16 Paul Molitor

R17 Vladimir Guerrero

R18 Derek Jeter

R19 Tino Martinez

R20 Mike Piazza

R21 Ben Grieve

R22 Scott Rolen

R23 Mark McGwire

R24 Tony Gwynn

R25 Barry Bonds

R26 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R27 Alex Rodriguez

R28 J.D. Drew

R29 Juan Gonzalez

R30 Roger Clemens

Autographs & Game-Used


Kerry-Wood.jpg?id=861c8748-137d-437d-b452-1d457a5bb79a&size=original&side=front&.jpg Kerry-Wood.jpg?id=861c8748-137d-437d-b452-1d457a5bb79a&size=original&side=back&.jpg

Each Chirography card is also available in a Gold parallel which is hand-numbered to the player's uniform jersey number as listed below.

Redemption cards were inserted for four players, which expired February 24, 2000.

AG Alex Gonzalez 22

BC Bruce Chen 48

BF Brad Fullmer 20

BG Ben Grieve 14

CB Carlos Beltran 36

CJ Chipper Jones 10

CK Corey Koskie 47

CP Calvin Pickering 6

CR Cal Ripken, Jr. EXCH 8

EC Eric Chavez 30

GK Gabe Kapler 51

GL George Lombard 26

GM Greg Maddux 31

GMJ Gary Matthews, Jr. 68

GV Greg Vaughn 23

IR Ivan Rodriguez 7

JD J.D. Drew 8

JG Jeremy Giambi 15

JR Ken Griffey, Jr. EXCH 24

JT Jim Thome 25

KW Kevin Witt 6

MA Matt Anderson 14

MK Mike Kinkade 33

ML Mike Lowell 60

NG Nomar Garciaparra 5

RB Russell Branyan 66

RH Richard Hidalgo 15

RL Ricky Ledee 38

RM Ryan Minor 10

RR Ruben Rivera EXCH 28

SM Shane Monahan 12

SR Scott Rolen EXCH 17

TG Tony Gwynn 19

TGL Troy Glaus 14

TH Todd Helton 17

TL Travis Lee 16

TW Todd Walker 12

VG Vladimir Guerrero 27

KW Kerry Wood 34

UD Authentic Redemption Cards

This ten-card set features hand-numbered cards that could be redeemed for various UD Authentic autographed items. Each card expired March 1st, 2000.

1 Ken Griffey, Jr. AU JSY 25

2 Ken Griffey, Jr. AU BALL 75

3 Ken Griffey, Jr. AU Sports Illustrated 75

4 Ken Griffey, Jr. AU Mini Helmet 75

5 Mark McGwire AU Ticket Stub 62 HR Game 1

6 Mark McGwire AU Ticket Stub 70 HR Game 3

7 Ken Griffey, Jr. Standee 300

8 Ken Griffey, Jr. GLV 200

9 Ken Griffey, Jr. Cel Card 346

10 Ken Griffey, Jr. SI Cover 200

Ernie Banks A Piece of History 500 Home Run Club

See Upper Deck A Piece of History 500 HR Club.