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1999 SP Top Prospects

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1999 SP Top Prospects is a 126-card minor league set released by Upper Deck and fully licensed by Minor League Baseball (MiLB).

Card #93 was pulled from production as, at the time, while a prospect in the New York Yankees farm system, Drew Henson was also the starting quarterback for the University of Michigan. The card was pulled over fears that it might affect Henson's NCAA eligibility. #93 was not pulled until very late in the production run, and as such, is rather easy to find.


24 packs per box, eight cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99). Hobby only.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 126 - ?
President's Edition 126 10 ?
Great Futures 30 - 1:4
Retrospectives 10 - 1:13
Destination The Show 30 100 1:92
Chirography 30 - 1:8
Retrospectives Autographs 2 10 ?


Base Set

Top 10 Prospects Checklists

Lance-Berkman.jpg?id=94c239dd-29fa-4943-bb06-546096201db8&size=original&side=front&.jpg Lance-Berkman.jpg?id=94c239dd-29fa-4943-bb06-546096201db8&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1 J.D. Drew

2 Matt Clement

3 Alex Gonzalez

4 Rick Ankiel

5 Alex Escobar

6 Eric Chavez

7 Lance Berkman

8 Russell Branyan

9 Gabe Kapler

10 Bruce Chen

Roy-Halladay.jpg?id=46efd5f9-b5dc-4cb5-a53e-7803db83f016&size=original&side=front&.jpg Roy-Halladay.jpg?id=46efd5f9-b5dc-4cb5-a53e-7803db83f016&size=original&side=back&.jpg

11 Chuck Abbott

12 Ryan Anderson

13 Rick Ankiel

14 Michael Barrett

15 Carlos Beltran

16 Bucky Jacobsen

17 Kris Benson

18 Lance Berkman

19 Ryan Brannan

20 Russell Branyan

21 Dermal Brown

22 Roosevelt Brown

23 Juan LeBron

24 Brent Butler

25 Ross Gload

26 Eric Chavez

27 Bruce Chen

28 Matt Clement

29 Adonis Harrison

30 Francisco Cordero

31 David Cortes

32 Paxton Crawford

33 Joe Crede

34 Bobby Cripps

35 Michael Cuddyer

36 John Curtice

37 Mike Darr

38 Ben Davis

39 Glenn Davis

40 Matt DeWitt

41 Shea Hillenbrand

42 Adam Eaton

43 Mario Encarnacion

44 Chris Enochs

45 Pat Burrell

46 Kyle Farnsworth

47 Nelson Figueroa

48 Shawn Gallagher

49 Chad Hutchinson

50 Marcus Giles

51 J.D. Drew

52 Alex Gonzalez

53 Chad Green

54 Jason Grilli

55 Seth Etherton

56 Roy Halladay

57 Tyrone Hartshorn

58 Al Hawkins

59 Chad Hermansen

60 Ramon Hernandez

61 Mark Johnson

62 Doug Johnston

63 Jacque Jones

64 Adam Kennedy

65 Cesar King

66 Brendan Kingman

67 Mike Kinkade

68 Corey Koskie

69 Mike Kusiewicz

70 Mike Colangelo

71 Jason LaRue

72 Joe Lawrence

73 Carlos Lee

74 Jeff Liefer

75 Mike Lincoln

76 George Lombard

77 Mike Lowell

78 Alex Escobar

79 Sam Marsonek

80 Ruben Mateo

81 Brian Benefield

82 Gary Matthews

83 Joe Mays

84 Jackson Melian

85 Juan Melo

86 Chad Meyers

87 Matt Miller

88 Damon Minor

89 Ryan Minor

90 Mike Mitchell

91 Shea Morenz

92 Warren Morris

93 Drew Henson

94 Todd Noel

95 Pablo Ozuna

96 John Patterson

97 Josh Paul

98 Angel Pena

99 Juan Pena

100 Danny Peoples

101 Santiago Perez

102 Tommy Peterman

103 Ben Petrick

104 Calvin Pickering

105 John Powers

106 Gabe Kapler

107 Rob Ramsay

108 Luis Figueroa

109 Grant Roberts

110 Fernando Seguignol

111 Juan Sosa

112 Dernell Stenson

113 John Stephens

114 Mike Stoner

115 Reggie Taylor

116 Justin Towle

117 Carlos Villalobos

118 Vernon Wells

119 Jayson Werth

120 Jake Westbrook

121 Matt White

122 Ricky Williams

123 Kevin Witt

124 Dewayne Wise

125 Ed Yarnall

126 Mike Zywica


Each base card is also available in a President's Edition parallel, which is serial-numbered to only ten copies.


Great Futures

JD-Drew.jpg?id=1e83d07b-70cc-4fd7-b28d-a27c474f13a4&size=original&side=front&.jpg JD-Drew.jpg?id=1e83d07b-70cc-4fd7-b28d-a27c474f13a4&size=original&side=back&.jpg

GF1 Ryan Anderson

GF2 Rick Ankiel

GF3 Lance Berkman

GF4 Russell Branyan

GF5 Dermal Brown

GF6 Brent Butler

GF7 Eric Chavez

GF8 Bruce Chen

GF9 Matt Clement

GF10 Ed Yarnall

GF11 Mike Darr

GF12 Chris Enochs

GF13 J.D. Drew

GF14 Chad Hermansen

GF15 Ramon Hernandez

GF16 Cesar King

GF17 Mike Kinkade

GF18 Carlos Lee

GF19 George Lombard

GF20 Ruben Mateo

GF21 Gary Matthews

GF22 Jackson Melian

GF23 Ryan Minor

GF24 Warren Morris

GF25 John Patterson

GF26 Ben Petrick

GF27 Jayson Werth

GF28 Matt White

GF29 Francisco Cordero

GF30 Mike Stoner


Michael-Jordan.jpg?id=2ab2f601-87aa-4834-b6cf-dd53ea01ca8f&size=original&side=front&.jpg Michael-Jordan.jpg?id=2ab2f601-87aa-4834-b6cf-dd53ea01ca8f&size=original&side=back&.jpg

R1 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R2 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R3 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R4 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R5 Ken Griffey, Jr.

R6 Michael Jordan

R7 Michael Jordan

R8 Michael Jordan

R9 Michael Jordan

R10 Michael Jordan

NNO Ken Griffey, Jr.

Destination The Show

Each Destination The Show card is serial-numbered to 100 copies.

D1 Ryan Anderson

D2 Rick Ankiel

D3 Lance Berkman

D4 Russell Branyan

D5 Juan Melo

D6 Alex Gonzalez

D7 Eric Chavez

D8 Bruce Chen

D9 Matt Clement

D10 Ed Yarnall

D11 Dernell Stenson

D12 Corey Koskie

D13 J.D. Drew

D14 Chad Hermansen

D15 Ramon Hernandez

D16 Cesar King

D17 Mike Kinkade

D18 Carlos Lee

D19 George Lombard

D20 Ruben Mateo

D21 Gary Matthews

D22 Pat Burrell

D23 Ryan Minor

D24 Warren Morris

D25 Gabe Kapler

D26 Mike Lowell

D27 Jayson Werth

D28 Matt White

D29 Pablo Ozuna

D30 Mike Stoner



Ryan-Minor.jpg?id=8cc7a0a9-941e-4bd7-976a-4fbe71cc81a0&size=original&side=front&.jpg Ryan-Minor.jpg?id=8cc7a0a9-941e-4bd7-976a-4fbe71cc81a0&size=original&side=back&.jpg

BB Brent Butler

BC Bruce Chen

BP Ben Petrick

CE Chris Enochs

CH Chad Hermansen

CK Cesar King

CL Carlos Lee

DB Dermal Brown

DC David Cortes

EC Eric Chavez

EY Ed Yarnall

FC Francisco Cordero

GL George Lombard

GM Gary Matthews

JM Juan Melo

JP John Patterson

JW Jayson Werth

LB Lance Berkman

MC Matt Clement

MD Mike Darr

MK Mike Kinkade

ML Mike Lowell

MW Matt White

RA Ryan Anderson

RH Ramon Hernandez

RM Ruben Mateo

WM Warren Morris

JAM Jackson Melian

RIA Rick Ankiel

RYM Ryan Minor

NNO Ken Griffey, Jr.

Retrospectives Autographs

Both Ken Griffey, Jr. and Michael Jordan autographed ten cards from the Retrospectives insert.