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The 2010 SP Authentic Baseball set was originally scheduled for release in April, 2010; however, on March 3, 2010, as part of a settlement with Major League Baseball Properties, Upper Deck agreed not to release any baseball card products "in the pipeline" -- to include 2010 SP Authentic.

Each Hobby box was to have yielded three autographs, two of which will be signed By the Letter manufactured patch cards; two Holoview F/X insert cards; four serial-numbered cards; twelve short printed base set cards including Faces of the Game and Horizontal SP’s. Case hits include: one Exquisite Card; either a Chirography hard-signed card, or a Sign of the Times dual, triple, quad, six, seven, or eight signed card; and two Mystery Rookie Redemption serial-numbered autograph cards.

It should be noted that one of Upper Deck's main selling points for the canceled April SP Authentic release was the return of Holoview cards.



Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Hobby Odds
Base 322 -
short set 200 - ?
Horizontal Short-Prints 40 - ?
Future Watch Rookie Cards 10 Variable Numbering ?
Faces of the Game 20 ? ?
Future Watch Flashbacks 12 Variable Numbering ?
Future Watch Autographs 30 Variable Numbering ?
Future Watch Mystery Rookie Redemptions 10 Variable Numbering ?
2000 SP Authentic 10th Anniversary Update ? 350 ?
Lithogram Holoview F/X cards ? ? Two Per Hobby Box
Lithogram Holoview F/X cards Red Die-Cut ? ? One Per Hobby Case
Platinum Power ? 649 ?
Sign of the Times ? ? ?
Chirography ? Variable Numbering ?
By the Letter Patch Autographs ? Varied Numbering ?
By the Letter Rookie Patch Autographs ? Varied Numbering ?
Exquisite ? ? One per hobby case!


Base Set

short set

Horizontal Short-Prints

Future Watch

Faces of the Game

Future Watch Flashbacks

Future Watch Autographs

Future Watch Mystery Rookie Redemptions



2000 SP Authentic 10th Anniversary Update

Lithogram Holoview F/X

Also available as a Red Die-Cut

Platinum Power

Autographs & Game-Used

Sign of the Times Autographs

Chirography Signatures

By the Letter Patch Autographs

By the Letter Rookie Patch Autographs